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  2. I would say to go back to whole30 until it normalizes and then start reintro again. Grains/gluten can do this. Soy can do this. Of course see your Dr if you are worried.....we are not medics.
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  4. Things have been going well this week. I am actually enjoying cooking and have some staples to help me around the afternoon cravings - which I can't seem to kick. I ate too much fruit yesterday and didn't feel well but today is better. @KelliW you have been such a champion for this group - stick with it. I had to restart several times before I found foods that were compliant. I should have finished yesterday but too many mistakes with ingredients (and then I went off course wildly because I felt like I had failed anyway) had me officially restart with this group. So now I have 21 practice days under my belt and 11 honest Whole30 days. I feel great and even my tight pants are loose. NSV! This weekend will be hard as we do a big Memorial celebration with my family so it will be hard to turn down a lot of the foods and desserts, beverage and snacks. I have will power this time which is new and different. Thanks everyone for continuing to post your experiences!
  5. Generally, ignore cooking fats. The 1-2 thumbs (or equivalent) is an add-on. Fat is important on Whole30 for satsfaction and alertness. Don't skimp on your fats.
  6. I'm a little confused about the meal template.... if we have a portion of animal cooking fat with our meal, is that the only fat we should have? Or is it ok to add an avocado or other fat source in addition to the cooking fat?
  7. @KelliW I'm sorry to hear about your day yesterday. But, good for you, making the decision to start over and stick with it, I can imagine it would have been frustrating to come to those realizations, but it takes guts to admit it and start over.
  8. Kelli, don't let it throw you. You need to find how it can work for you. As I said before, it has to be hard for those who work and have a family. Wish I had some shortcuts for you but it's all new to me too. Keep on plugging! Dreamed I ate brownies last night. Thank goodness it was a dream. Scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes and strawberries with my coffee and almond milk for breakfast. Protein salad for lunch. I bought mejool dates at the store this morning. I ate one and put them away. They could be a trigger so I think I'll leave them alone for now. I had a deviled egg for my pre workout snack. I hit the wall last week at Pilates so decided to try a snack. It was better. Dinner was spaghetti squash, pesto and shrimp. I've had more energy today so I'm counting on things being better. Thankfully, no Memorial Day plans.
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  10. Thanks @ArtFossil and @ladyshanny! LOL at the pterodactyl comment. I'll have to check next time to make sure it's really chicken. I realized I may have slightly overestimated the amount of meat I got. I forgot I added a celery stalk, some onion, a few grapes + mayo to my chicken before trying to stuff it into the 2-cup container. Still, it barely fit and there was no airspace left in that container at all. I ate about 3/4 for lunch around 1PM and it held me very well until 6:30 today, so I think that was a good serving for me.
  11. What?! I don't think "stroke" and "heartrate" and consider it positive. I assume I'm missing something.
  12. Hi All, I am 41, a mom of 3, a wife, a caregiver to my 93 year old grandmother and work full time. I need this change in my life. I'm overweight, depressed, anxious and tired. The biggest hurdle for me will be my husband. He has said he will do this program with me (he is diabetic and overweight, High BP, cholesterol, triglycerides), but he is not always one to follow through and be the best support. I hope I can lean on you when needed. I have a group from work who have used this program before... they introduced me to this and have themselves done the program and know the benefits of it. My second challenge... a small out of town vacation with my mom and sisters... gosh, i am already not looking forward to the amount of food that will be available. Heaven help me keep on track and be able to find what I need in the options given. Thanks for reading my intro. I hope to get to know some of you and make some new friends... we can support each other!
  13. I'm having some unexpected trouble with my reintroduction. Of course all of the physical stuff to be expected, dairy has been a huge flop, feeling a bit lethargic getting used to normal food again from time to time, happy to have wine back when I want it. My major concern is that my head is really hazy. I'm having a lot of trouble focusing, sometimes on simple tasks, and get distracted or lose words in the middle of a sentence. For what it's worth, I'm 30 and there is no history of memory related mental illness in my family. Is this something to be concerned about? I'm planning on talking to my doctor about it in the near future, but I just wanted to see if this could be an issue related to the re-introduction.
  14. I highly recommend what I cooked last night...I doubled the recipe and it took way more than 20 minutes, but it was worth it. Ate it with the mashed cauliflower recipe from the Whole30 cookbook. Delicious! So far I'm not feeling the kill-all-the-things feelings I felt last time around. That's nice. But we'll see what happens tomorrow...
  15. We completed the Whole 30 on April 26 - have been easing back into some added sugars (but not much), and still avoiding dairy, legumes, gluten-containing grains, and alcohol. My husband seems to do better with grains in general, but I'm happy to avoid almost all of them now. I was gluten-free for more than 10 years before I started the Whole 30. We're especially pleased to have broken our nightly "drink" habit. Also, I wanted to get soy out of my life, and this helped me accomplish that too. We are eating a lot more vegetables than before. And all fruits seem to be sweeter to us now that we stay away from other kinds of desserts. We also are saving money by not going out to eat as much - hard to find restaurants that are "compliant". One place that works here in Colorado is Wahoo Fish Tacos; they have a "paleo" plate with two GF proteins, citrus slaw, fajita veggies, and guacamole. Yum.
  16. Hi, sounds like most of us are hanging in there but having our own 'struggles'. I'm grateful for this group. @Steph the Desert Rat - I too am really not that hungry at most meals but feel like I need to eat. Hard to explain. You'd think we'd be really hungry after 5-6 hours (from a grazing background I still find it hard to believe I can go that long without eating). Good luck camping - sounds like a challenge but at least you have some moral support in your SIL. @emilyelowe - don't fall off. We need you - you have the BEST most positive outlook of anyone! So refreshing. Think of your date-discovery as a NSV. I mean that's why we are doing this - to learn what works and doesn't work for us, right? I know my first W30 I ate alot of honeycrisp apples and almond butter. It was compliant (I kind of misunderstood the part about not snacking that time around). I think that did a number on my stomach after while. And, so weird about the mid-night poo. Sorry, just remembered you wrote that. I had a few blackberries today and they were almost too sweet. I have to say I'm not having tiger blood either. At some point in my life, I need to cut back on caffeine. I know that it's out of my system by late afternoon and once the stress levels from work settled down, I'm left with no energy. I think without that 2-3 cups of coffee each morning, my energy levels would be more stable. Oh, but I just love it. Even black. I just so enjoy that first cup each morning before everyone else is up. Hang in there each of you. Here's a photo my son took 2 days ago in northern MN. Yes, we have wicked cold winters and terrible mosquitos in the summer, but it's still so pretty with all the lakes. For sure, not as cute as Emily's dog but still hope it brightens your day.
  17. You are NOT a loser or a failure and I will challenge whomever to a duel if need be! LOL. Seriously though, this program isn't a walk in the park and you are not the first or last person who made a decision that caused your Whole30 to end. But you're back here now and if you can look back and assess the situation of what got the best of you, what the emotions were, what sorts of meals you'd previously eaten, was there social pressure, were you tired etc. you'll be able to navigate past that. Most of Whole30, besides the food elimination, is learning new food habits and relationships. This one you didn't win but that doesn't mean you can't and it does NOT mean you failed. Press on!
  18. Hi, I was 24 days in the stress of a long work day, not wanting to cook and cravings and almost being done got the better of me. I broke and had some wine other foods that are totally off plan. I decided today to start over. I feel good about my decision but also feel like a loser and failure. And just when I was starting to see and feel results. I have to be honest, the past 24 days have not been easy but I am determined. Has anyone else started over on a Whole30? Did you feel as crappy as I do?
  19. I'm late to the party here, but I started my whole30 journey on Monday! I'm just now getting a moment to log in and see the forum and catch up on what I've been missing out on. I am very excited about this and definitely need this to help me slay my sugar dragon!!!
  20. You can also use them for a stuff pork loin. Carmelize an onion, add 6 finely chopped dates, rosemary, and thyme. Pound a pork loin flat (about 1/4"), spread the onion mixture inside, roll the pork loin and use kitchen twine to hold it close. Place in 350 oven until internal temp reaches your desired doneness. Salt and Pepper to taste.
  21. Eggs as protein are as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping; 3-4 as a start for most people. Or less number of eggs and another protein. Did youhave vegetables or fat with your breakfast? How does 4oz of chicken or 6 oz of meat relate to the size of your palm? Did you add fat to either your lunch or your dinner? Check out the meal template linked below (or google "Whole30 meal template" if you're on mobile device) and make your meals to match. If you are going to eat salad, you need a veritable wheelbarrow full. We recommend the 2-3 cups of veggies per meal be cooked and/or sturdy. Salad greens are great but they don't really cut it unless you add other things to them. Eating this little amount of food would cause a headache. For me anyway.
  22. No. No sweeteners, real or artificial.
  23. Do you consider this BBQ sauce/ingredients to be Whole 30 Compliant?
  24. Food Addiction is very similar to the lifecycle of a star. It can start out in the nursery with HFCS added to your baby formula and end up in a black hole. When food addiction hits the red supergiant phase, it will take the jaws of life to get yourself free. Once that fusion begins, the red supergiant expands between 10 and 1000 X larger than the sun.That's a mighty big son-uva-bee-sting. This fusion takes energy rather than giving it off. As all of your energy is lost, suxing the life right outta you, gravity wins and the core collapses in a massive explosion. It's instant and it blows away all of the star's outer layers. Supernova. Sigh and alas, you are approaching the big black hole stage. What happens in the black hole, stays in the black hole. Just like Vegas. Then one day, you crawl out of the black hole. You begin to understand the gravity of the situation. You are no longer phased by the pull of the black hole of food addiction. One spark can change everything. You make a promise to yourself that you will become stronger than all of the sadness of existing in the black hole of food addiction. It will take more than supernova willpower. Willpower will only get you so far. You have to want change with everything within your being. Ernest Hemingway said it well. "Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. But what happens in all the other days that every come depend on what you do today." If you wait for ideal conditions before you start a Whole 30 or anything, they don't really exist. You must keep sailing through sugary sharky seas and have a strategy when you land on barbarous coasts. William Shakespeare said it's not in the seas that hold our destiny but in ourselves.
  25. Avocado serving is half-to-whole avocado. No need to really measure that guy. Olives and coconut products are 1-2 heaping handfuls. Coconut milk is 1/4 - 1/2 can. Oils and oil based sauces/dressings are what the thumb refers to. You just sort of.....blur your eyes and see if your thumb and your serving are around the same size. Same with protein. Just sort of eyeball it. It's really just a starting point anyway, you'll get to know how much food and what composition YOU need to go 4-5 hours and fuel you throughout whatever activities you have in your day. The fact that you are on Day 25, don't seem to be experiencing anything negative like pervasive hunger or lethargy means that you are probably doing just fine, however it is you are managing to "measure".
  26. Hey there! First, I"m sorry you feel belittled, I can say with 100% certainty that it is not the intention of the mods or the creators of the program to belittle you. Second, you're not the only person with this concern, so you're not alone. The palm and thumb are guidelines so you don't need to touch raw chicken and match it up to your palm. Plus, we talk about serving sizes of cooked food that you're going to actually eat With that said, you want your meals to last you 4-5 hours... so we play around with portion sizes and composition until that happens. Lets say you have two chicken thighs (cooked), two heaping handfuls of olives and some roasted brussels sprouts and green beans... make note of how you feel in 2 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours... if you're starving before 4 or 5 rolls around, then you would need to increase your intake. The reason I'm saying this is because it's personal to each person and you definitely don't have to fill a glove with water and then measure that out for oil... use a generous glug of cooking oil and then add some avocado, olives, dressing to your meal.... Does that make better sense? There isn't really a 'palm = X' because everyone's palms are different, but if you use it as a guide instead of a specific measurement, that might help. IF none of this helps, please respond back and we can keep chatting and try and figure out what works best for you. You're smart and capable and awesome for doing this and definitely no one thinks less of you or endeavors to belittle you because of the way your mind works Promise! One other thing, not all fats are measured by thumb... avocado are 1/2 to a whole as a serving, olives are open heaping handfuls, nuts are closed fistful (limited... don't eat every day), coconut milk is a 1/4 to 1/2 can etc...
  27. I assume you have to eat these as finger foods because you're driving? Some ideas might be: Hard boiled eggs cooked and peeled in advance. Chopped veggies packed in a container. Nuts. Fruits peeled and chopped if needed. You might want to prep this food on the weekends in some of those divided containers. You could make it like those "to go" snack-y meals the coffee shops have--a couple of hardboiled eggs, some compliant meat or meat sticks, chopped veggies, some nuts or coconut flakes, and maybe a little fruit--try to get everything on the template in there. Ziploc makes these containers so you don't even have to spend much money on them. Also, can you take 10 minutes to heat something you've already prepped (egg and veggie frittata, for one, keeps a few days in the fridge) and sit and eat it before leaving for work? Is there a way to tweak this lifestyle even by a few minutes for the sake of your healthy eating?
  28. Hi there! Thanks for the feedback. As for meals, I have had 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast, about 4 oz of chicken for lunch with either a side salad or steamed broccoli. Dinners are about 6 oz of meat with vegetables. I've also had a handful of carrots and as well as fruit. That was another question I had in how much meat/overall protein should be consumed in a day?
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