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  2. If her crockpot chicken with "gravy" recipe is on the app, you've got to try that. I use leeks rather than onions and it's amazing. Happy Day 5! I'm off to work again today, but just wanted to say that I finally found sugar-free Kimchi! My Whole Foods is stocking a new brand now. I typically eat cold sauerkraut a few days a week with my breakfast for the probiotics and now I can add kimchi into the mix. Have a great day everyone.
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  4. Fish, potatoes, green beans with speck (bacon). The fish was raw and the speck a bit too plentiful but this is a pretty normal german meal in certain regions. A bigger portion than I usually eat but a good option when my friends all had schnitzel and beer!
  5. here's a couple of mine Bacon and avocado salad
  6. Yes this is what I am thinking also. My binge eating and cravings are/were so severe at times that by comparison W30 almost feels freeing. Not necessarily the case when you haven't had eating disorders, but to just have some time without thinking of food makes a massive difference in my life already
  7. Your husband might feel better if he had a full meal at 6 am -- the sardines, the nuts or other fat, and then a plate full of vegetables (some of which could be starchy if he wanted more carbs, and if he's active all day, carbs are not a bad thing -- the starchy vegetables would probably stay with him longer than the fruit will. Because fruit tends to have a higher sugar content, it can cause blood sugar spikes and drops, which can lead to more hunger). Four to five hours later, he'd have another full meal -- Eggs and other protein is fine, tomato or other veg is fine (remember that the meal template says to fill your plate with vegetables), but do add a little more fat in addition to what you're cooking in -- some olives, some avocado, a sauce or dip or some kind. Usually we'd tell people their meals should last them 4-5 hours. If he's going from 10 am to 6 pm with no food at all, no wonder he's tired and hungry -- can he take some kind of small thing with him to eat around 2-3 in the afternoon? Preferably some combo of protein, fat, and veg, or at least two of the three. Really, if you look at the meal template I linked to above, you should be eating a lot more veg than protein. It still may be more protein than he's used to, but it really shouldn't be huge amounts of it.
  8. day 20 here and feeling really pooped!
  9. Before the Whole30, my husband had a very lightly sweetened grain free, sugar free, dairy free fruit crumble (crisp in some countries) for breakfast with cashew cream. Paleo Crumble for short. Cashew cream is wonderful. Very easy to make if you have a high speed blender. But if you don't, you can get a very nearly smooth texture by soaking cashews for a few hours (much longer in a warm air temp and they can start to go slimy). This is because the cashew is very rarely truly raw. Long story, you can research it. Anyways, you will need a food processor, blender, or Nutribullet etc. We use 1 cup cashews, water barely to cover and that's it. Sometimes I might add a tiny pinch of salt. Blend until creamy. Some people put a tiny drop or two of lemon juice in once blended, as they say this causes the cream to thicken. I find a little thickening happens naturally anyway in the fridge. This lasts my husband five mornings. He likes it more like a pourable cream. We also use this as the basis for our mayonnaise, as we don't like homemade mayo. No matter how we make it, the aftertaste is incredibly bitter. No matter which oil we deem healthy, or how fresh. And I refuse to use any oils I consider to be in the "no no" basket. So it's cashew mayo or french dressing or just a squeeze of lemon juice with a handful of dry fried sunflower and pumpkin seeds on salad for us. Day 9 or 10 for us.
  10. Major NSV yesterday - I went to a Board meeting between 6-8.30pm yesterday evening which meant that we ended up having a family tea before 5.30 (way better than waiting until after the meeting to eat). All good. I took two packets of biscuits with me as it has become a meeting habit to have them whilst we are there as it cuts across dinner time for most of the attendees; it didn’t bother me that I wasn’t going to eat them but I like to play my part in the ’team’ element of the board. I arrived just on 6pm and had to take the only available seat which was next to the existing packets of biscuits and chocolate bars that others had brought. I sat for the entire meeting alongside them, passed a few of them around and even gathered up the spare ones at the end without eating one of them or even wanting to. The reason I’m writing this down is because biscuits, chocolate bars and crisps are all food without brakes for me. An "open packet of jaffa cakes is almost certainly an empty packet of jaffa cakes" is a mantra I have repeated, laughed about and made a reality on too many occasions. Whether it is a mental or physical response to Whole30, I can truly leave all of these foods alone whilst eating a Whole30 way but have found almost impossible beyond the 30 days as the sugar addiction kicks back in. So, today I’m reflective about this NSV and about how it didn’t make me feel deprived not to indulge during the meeting, it didn’t make me feel anything other than aware of the difference in biscuit behaviour between the December Board meeting and the January Board meeting. How is everyone else doing?
  11. I found that article too and it made me a bit disheartened at the beginning of my journey!
  12. I started this program on January 18th but I have no support. I haven't been able to get up the nerve to tell anyone I am starting yet ANOTHER food program. So, baby steps and I will start here. I work night shift and am finding it impossible not to snack at this stage. I hate to cook and I can never find time for it. I am a single parent with two picky kids at home, so I don't know how this is going to work. I bought the book and about $200 worth of W30 compliant food. I am going to try to cook a pot roast with potatoes, onions and carrots in the slow cooker when I get home and see if the kids will tolerate it without canned soup. 28 days to go...!
  13. I started this program on January 18th but I have no support. I haven't been able to get up the nerve to tell anyone I am starting yet ANOTHER food program. So, baby steps and I will start here. I work night shift and am finding it impossible not to snack at this stage. I hate to cook and I can never find time for it. I am a single parent with two picky kids at home, so I don't know how this is going to work. I bought the book and about $200 worth of W30 compliant food. I am going to try to cook a pot roast with potatoes, onions and carrots in the slow cooker when I get home and see if the kids will tolerate it without canned soup. 28 days to go...!
  14. It's not going to hurt you to eat lots of vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats, and could make you healthier. There's no reason to think it would interfere with the pills you're taking, although if any of your meds have side effects like nausea or vomiting or if they cause things to taste weird, those can certainly make it harder to do this. As far as the cooking, you don't have to follow a bunch of recipes all the time. I grill or bake chicken, usually with a little oil of some kind on it and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder, brown ground beef with similar seasonings, sometimes adding chili powder and cumin for a more Mexican flavor, or sometimes I brown it and then let it simmer in a store bought marinara sauce. I open a can of tuna and mix it with tomatoes, pickles and homemade mayonnaise (I like this recipe -- do check with your doctor about this since it uses raw egg, since some cancer treatments do weaken the immune system. You might need to look for pasteurized eggs (not all eggs are), or google ways to pasteurize them yourself, or look for egg-free mayo recipes) for a tuna salad. I roast vegetables or saute them. None of these things are complicated. Every now and then I like to try new recipes, but the reality is, I don't like spending huge amounts of time cooking things, so I keep it simple most of the time. I try to do a weekly cookup of enough food to get me through most of the week, kind of like what is described here. And there's several ideas here for putting together some basic things you can keep on hand that might help you think of things you could do too -- you don't have to follow her suggestions exactly, but just the basic idea of how she does it (although most of her recipes I've ever tried, I've liked, so you probably can't go wrong if any of them sound good to you). If you're not really sure whether you want to commit to a Whole30 right now, you could start cooking most of your meals following Whole30 guidelines, start replacing things like mayonnaise or salad dressings or ketchup that you probably have on hand in your pantry or fridge with compliant versions as they run out, and see how that goes. If you decide it doesn't seem too stressful, then you can commit to starting a Whole30, or if it still seems like too much stress, try to figure out what exactly is making it stressful and come back here and post in the forum, and maybe someone will have suggestions to make it less stressful.
  15. My husband is the same. He is heading for 65 and fencing all day long, digging postholes and pulling rolls of wire out by hand and the rest. We came to the Whole30 as a way to support a work colleague who wanted some help. We are on Day 10. So, my husband is not overweight, but was keen to see how he went off the Paleo baking we have been eating for three or four years now. We also chose to go off white potatoes, because, well, they are a red flag for him, and he can get through kilos and kilos of roast potatoes a week. Before Whole30 he was having a barely sweetened (with coconut nectar or honey) Paleo fruit crisp (called a crumble in out current country of residence) with cashew cream. That was at 6am. Then after four hours total active on the go work, he would come in at 10am and have a cup of dandelion coffee with a piece or two of Paleo baking of some sort or other: Bliss Balls, Muffins made with coconut flour etc. Now, the Whole30 breakfast is a snack at 6am of sardines in tomato sauce (compliant) and a piece of fruit and a closed fistful of almonds, cashews, pecans and of course brazils from Brazil (for selenium) with a cup of rooibos. A closed fistful of nuts is 31 for him. Then at 10am a cooked brunch of eggs, some kind of protein, a tomato or two fried in coconut oil or leftover veg from the night before. But he is really struggling, can't get satisfied. By the time he comes in at 6pm he is very tired. So he usually has a snack meal of a piece of fruit and another handful of nuts. Then a while later a Whole30 compliant meal. He finishes the night with a cup of rooibos tea, which he enjoys. So he is really having four meals a day. And he is finding the protein is too much for him, he would rather have more complex carbohydrates than the larger servings of protein each day. We are all SO unique and individual! I hope that is helpful in some way.
  16. So I survived the lunchdate by ordering a bunless burger (no cheese of course), and trimmings - lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms. Funny thing was I was STARVING by dinnertime and ended up eating an extra baked sweet potato with ghee and cinnamon (one of my new favorite things since starting this plan). I guess restaurant food can't hold a candle to what I'm making at home to keep me full between meals ..I find this very interesting.
  17. Sherry, how did day 2 go? I got a headache in the afternoon which is unusual for me. 2 down, 28 to go!
  18. I have never posted (or even been on) a forum (I'm a dinosaur when it comes to electronic media). So if I am doing this incorrectly or am breaking some rule in my posting, please forgive. With that said, I am wondering if Whole20 would be the right program for me at this time. I dealt with breast cancer a few years back leading to an intensive regiment of chemotherapy. Now I am dealing with the effects of the chemo on my body. I take a lot of drugs (both for the cancer and for the negative effects of the chemo) and a number of vitamins too. So my first query is whether this would be a good time to start this program given the cancer and the pills. My second concern is that I don't cook. I purchased the Whole30 Cookbook and am worried that the recipes require more time and skill then I have. I'd appreciate any input. Thank you.
  19. A drink sweetened in any manner would not be compliant. The way you're talking about using dates/date paste would be acceptable. You do note that you've been on Whole30 for a year. Perhaps it's time for you to ride your own bike... it's not Whole365 as has been so famously said by the creators of the program... after a year, you should be wanting to figure out what works for you and doesn't work so that you can relax about things that are not problematic for you. I would really encourage you to poke around the forums and google with the term 'ride your own bike' and 'life after whole30' and see what you can figure to make a Wholehrh plan going forward.
  20. Salad greens are almost nothing when chewed down so they don't exactly provide the bulk needed to keep the system moving. You can try more cooked/roasted veggies and more of a variety and that should help with constipation. Also, ensure you're drinking 1/2oz of water per pound of your body weight, so if you weigh 200 pounds, you're drinking 100oz of water at minimum (not including workouts). The pills from Trader Joes would not be compliant due to the oat bran (no matter the amount). Most people who suffer from constipation find relief with a magnesium supplement like Natural Calm (the unsweetened one is compliant).
  21. Yes, but as with any nut or seed, we recommend limiting your intake... think a closed handful every other day at most.
  22. hrh is correct, if the coconut sap or nectar is fermented, then it's fine (as long as all other ingredients are fine). If it is not called out as fermented, then it's not okay.
  23. I have BPPV and know exactly what you describe. This time of year I have to take allergy or sinus meds to keep the ear pressure down. Google the Epley maneuver. It really does work. There is also a new exercise that I have seen that incorporates a somersault like exercise to scoot things back into place in the inner ear. I will have bouts and then it vanishes for years...only to return. I think the Whole 30 would be excellent to keep inflammation at bay. I also always have Meclizine on hand.
  24. We suggest for the most part to add fat to your meal and to not count cooking fat... often cooking fat is divided into the portions and the majority is left in the pan. As far as fruit, the recommendation is up to 2 fist sized servings a day... that means either 0, 1 or 2. You don't have to eat fruit at all but if you do want to, it's recommended to be eaten with a meal, not on it's own as a snack. Hope that helps
  25. I made a big old egg dish for my next few breakfasts. Onion, garlic, carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, baby kale and compliant sausage with eggs. It smells so good in here! I am going to try your recipe!
  26. Hi! I just started on Tuesday so we will not be too far apart on our start dates. Good luck to you!
  27. Hi Everyone, My name is Christina & I started the Whole 30 on 1/17. I've followed a paleo diet several years ago & for the past few years it has been off & on, really more off than on. I am really excited about this program, since it focuses more on feeling better and being in good health. I absolutely am looking forward to the added benefit of losing weight, but I'm trying not focus on that too much, as that is what has gotten me discouraged in the past. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you all. I wish you all the best of luck! Lets Do This!!! Christina
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