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  2. Hello-I'm starting my first whole30 on Monday. Does anyone have tips or suggestions? Also, I'm having a hard time finding red wine vinegar without sulfites. TJ's has some but it has sulfites. Is that okay to have?
  3. I like that idea! I actually think I have a pretty good relationship with food, and am not worried about the psychological effects. If gluten ends up bothering me I will have to check out that recipe! I am impressed that you are going to go so long without either grains or dairy. I don't think I could do it. I'm basically counting down the days until my reintro.
  4. OK. So I am feeling tired today! It has been the hardest day for me so far to not go to food to give me an extra "umph" of "energy". I just took a short nap. It felt fabulous. As I was laying down, I was reminding myself that I was taking care of my tiredness in a real, kind way rather than trying to fix it with sugar and caffeine. I am hopeful that this lack of energy will pass. I have had to be super intentional to NOT pick up those few pieces of whatever food is left on plates as I clean the kitchen or cookie crumbs on the counter after my daughter baked. I was concerned about being the only one in my family doing this and therefore still having lots of food in the house that I cannot eat, but it has been OK...a small miracle. It helps to know that i can't even take a taste. Hope you are all doing OK on day 7!! I made a chili today for lunch that hit the spot after eating mostly chicken and eggs as my protein. Keep going!!! I just read some more about people who have made it all the way through and it wasn't until about week three that they really started seeing/feeling the positive results!
  5. Day 7! We have almost completed a full week on Whole30!
  6. Good Afternoon! I also started my Whole 30 on February 20th! I am very excited about this program. I have to say I was really surprised learing just how many processed foods I was eating. I am on this journey to eliminate type two diabetes before it becomes a long term problem. I am very excited to see what numbers come back after the first 30. I am also in this to lose weight and be healthy. I weigh 260 lbs right now. Planning is absolutely Critical to this program. I'd love to share stories and swap tips and tricks. I am honest with myself that this will be a difficult because of my old eating habits. Good Luck everyone!
  7. Try sauteing your greens in bacon. I cut up bacon and cook it down then add a finely sliced onion, cook until translucent. Add greens, salt and pepper. Delicious. You can also dress it with some balsamic vinegar if you like a little sweetness.
  8. I make zucchini/onions with eggs. Instead of ketchup throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes cut in half when you are sautéing your vegtables. It makes it very moist with a nice flavor.
  9. I'm in the same situation. I started low carb July 11, 2016. I've lost 54 pounds & am stalled. I recently joined the gym & have worked out daily for 30 days (treadmill as cardio, abs daily, alternating leg & upper body days). I need to lose 20-30 more pounds with most around my stomach area. I also have T2 Diabetes & am experiencing my lowest fasting blood sugar readings ever since going low carb & adding exercise. I'm concerned about how Whole30 will impact that. I won't be eating fruit or potatoes at all. Also, I have to keep my carbs low. Carbs are carbs when you're T2, regardless of the source. I also drink Plexus Slim every morning. It's not a meal replacement. I've read that it's not compliant & others have said that benefits may be from other changes. But I made no other changes & I sleep comfortably through the night now for the first time in years. My energy level is good & I feel good. So I am still trying to determine how I'll handle that. I'm aiming for March 1 start date.
  10. @ShannonM816Thanks for your advice on how to handle this bump in the program road. I guess I'll just be careful what I choose when eating there and concentrate on the foods not sautéed in oil. Thanks!
  11. How would they know what to pick and choose without the book? Many learn as they tool along. The downside of that is eating non-compliant items and then asking afterwards if they are allowed, followed by the usual drill of having to start over. However, might as well jump in today. The water is fine.
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  13. Greetings! I'm starting the Whole 30 this weekend (doctors orders for high cholesterol) and I'm hoping to connect with others who can join me on my journey! I've got friends, family, and a well meaning boyfriend who say they are doing this with me, but I am pretty sure they are going to pick and choose what parts they do. I really want to do this right and by the book! Speaking of - has anyone done this without reading the literature at all? Anyone else doing this with a history of high cholesterol and diabetes in their family? Excited to motivate each other and check in with you guys!! ~~ Theresa
  14. Take a wide mouth thermos of homemade soup with you. Shannon taught me that idea. Portable, doable, easily eaten at sporting events, anywhere. No opening wrappers or tins of fish. A wide mouth thermos for big mouth billy bass.
  15. So ... Dr visit last week, showed a decrease in A1C from 7.7% in November 2016, to 5.1% in February 2017. I attribute most of that improvement to what I was doing in January, as my daily BC tests showed huge swings once I started Whole30. In discussing Whole30 with my Dr, he agreed that proteins, fats, limited veggies (2 cups or less per meal) and VERY limited fruit (1/2 cup of a low GI fruit per day) would be appropriate for a T2 Diabetic, and thought that if I wanted to follow Whole30 in that fashion, he wouldn't have a problem with it. His comment that stuck with me was ... "You have to remember that as a Type 2 Diabetic, there are no longer "good carbs" and "bad carbs" for you, there are only carbs. If you eat a bushel of broccoli, it's just as bad for you as pizza. Even the "good carbs" of the broccoli, if eaten in excess, will cause your sugar levels to spike." In the last week, I have had no readings over 100mg/dl - both before breakfast, and 2 hours after dinner. In fact, I haven't had a reading above 90mg/dl in the last 2 days. The difference between how I am eating now, and how I was eating in January boils down to this - now, I am eating more fats (Basic Mayo, Whole30 ranch dressing [spiced up with cayenne, chili powder, etc,], olive oil, ghee) and more seeds (raw sunflower and raw pumpkin seeds). than I was in January, and eating no dairy (I was eating a lot of cheese and cottage cheese) nor any type of artificial sweetener (was eating sugar free candy, protein shakes and protein bars as snacks). The Dr said he'd like to see me move to more to a South Beach type of diet when I am done with Whole30. That's probably where I'll be heading in 14 days ... And BTW ... not sure why, but sweet potatoes appear to to be the one veggie I can eat a LOT of and not have it affect my BC tests! I spiral slice them into chips and put them in the AirFryer with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder to crisp them into chips. I ate a HUGE sweet potato cooked that way last night with smoked Chicken breast and my BC was 89 two hours later.
  16. Yes, I agree that you should do this... don't let the sickness linger and since you're so early in the game, it's easy enough to add a few days on to the end and essentially do a Whole35 instead.
  17. I am on Day 2 and I got a Strep Throat diagnosis yesterday (yes, on day 1) yesterday so I started taking the antibiotic (and probiotics) as prescribed, cuz doctors orders trump whole30. It has been STRONGLY suggested (by a non-whole30 friend who frequently gets strep) that I take Zicam to help as well. I am think that Zicam it is not 100% compliant ... I am just thinking that I should kick this in the butt while being 98% compliant then add on an extra 5 days at the end ... thoughts/suggestions/alternatives? Yes, I am doing bone broth and throat coat tea and apple cider vinegar ... thanks.
  18. @Kelley Flees kale chips are a fab idea, thanks!!
  19. If you know you're likely to be out and about at meal time, it's probably easiest to get yourself a small cooler and just pack a meal that you can stop and eat. If you're wanting things that will keep well indefinitely in a purse or car or desk drawer at work for emergencies, pouches or cans of tuna, salmon, or sardines -- remember to keep a can opener if you need one and a fork or spoon. Olives -- I've seen them in small single serving pouches. Jerky or Epic bars. If you're out somewhere, you can probably find a place to get a dry salad with just vegetables to have some vegetables if you need a full meal.
  20. My spa lunch included a salad with homemade mayo. Chef added a couple of secret ingredients. I think it was dill and tarragon. It was served with freshly roasted turkey.They wouldn't share the secret but I could drink it for a daily mini-meal. It was not msg or anything like that. It was wicked good. I had hooch booch, too. A blueberry one. It was a fab day. I'm not used to so much self-care. The pedi, heels have never looked so good. I've got to stop walking around barefoot. Fancy green teas and other tiddlywinks, no multi-crap. I have painted toenails, golden bronze. Fingernails are a parrot yellow. Everything is coming up roses... if only I could figure out that homemade mayo recipe.
  21. Hi MO, I think I'm going through something similar to what you're experiencing. I'm on day 7 now...did you notice any abatement of your pain eventually?
  22. So this may not be the greatest idea if one has a poor relationship with foods/treats, but I like to find recipes and look for ways I intend to reintroduce some treats after 30 days while keeping compliant ingredients. (I don't consider myself out of control around treats, but I'm sure I spend way too much time reading about food! ... most of it is to find W30-compliant meals, and I get sidetracked...) I won't post the link just so it's not here looking like it's being endorsed as a Whole 30 item, but just look up "yuca pizza crust Predominantly Paleo" to find a grain-and-nut-free alternative with great reviews in case you want to try it before reintroducing grains/gluten. I'm planning to go dairy-free and grain-free for at least a couple more months. My head and sinuses are feeling really clear. We can do it! Stay strong!
  23. Day 30! I am very stressed today due to some outside issues. My food and nutrition are on point and, at least, I feel in control of that area today. My body is a bit different, but I have also been taking barre classes this past month in addition to my running. I will do my curiosity weighing and measuring then I will go back to mostly ignoring the scale. Legumes tomorrow!
  24. Thanks, I just want to go into this realistically. I kinda figured it will end up extending things...but that's okay. I feel better eating this way, so I don't think it'll be a hardship.
  25. Awarner, congratulations! I hope all goes well with your pregnancy. There is the Whole30 pregnancy section, so I hope that is of some use for you.
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