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  2. Thank you! When I have my meals they do follow the template with plenty of vegetables and fat and protein. With me not cooking as much, the challenge to keep things interesting has been high. I love my avocados and oils! I will be more time-minded with my meals for the next few days. I work sometimes six to seven hours straight with dinners at 11 pm or 12 am. If I can get that time better, I will! Thanks for the info about the extinction burst. I tried some dried black mission figs as part of the green bean recipe and boy was it Close to being a no brakes moment. Thank you for your kindness and fast response!
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  4. @Rochelle Baron I started out doing Mel Jouwan's meal prep too. It's kind of morphed into my own now, but hers is a great place to start. For instance tonight I made a curry for supper. I had huge bags of veggies I bought from Costco. I just went for it and chopped the large container of mushrooms, 3 bell peppers, 2 large onions, 2 huge sweet potatoes, one small head of cabbage, 3 medium zucchini. The rest of the veggies I bought washed/pre cut (also from Costco), broccoli, cauliflower, green beans - I don't always do this but it is a huge time saver and I'm just a household of 1.5. I took the amount of veggies I needed for the curry, and the rest went into containers for me to grab from for the week. It probably took an extra 3 minutes to chop the extra veggies. Tomorrow I'll be having chicken for supper - I'll roast two chickens for sure. Eat off of one and the rest will get eaten probably by the end of the week. I don't do a ton of preprepped protein, but whole chickens, big chuck roasts, and pork shoulders are some good ideas to do lots of for left overs or to feed an army - with minimal effort. Ill be having kale for breakfast in the morning so I'll wash, destem and steam both big bunches I bought today.... you get the picture, whenever I go to chop something, I just chop it all, or a big portion anyways. I seem to spread my prep out over a few days rather than doing it all in one day, and that helps me not dread prep or end up in the kitchen for too long. I have an instant pot pressure cooker (consider getting one, it's great) - I often make a stew or soup in it while I'm cooking another meal on my stovetop, by the time I've eaten supper, that second meal is done, just pop it in the fridge for another day. I don't usually have anything left at the end of the week, but if I do of course it gets frozen. I even freeze raw cut up veggies, they are fine once thrown into a stew or soup. Just date/label every container because frozen foods become mysteries really quickly. It all takes practice, but you will find a groove!
  5. Thinking of you all @MeadowLily - drive safe & take care............................
  6. Hey there & welcome to the Forum! So the two things I've highlighted won't be helping. Eating breakfast within an hour of wakening helps to regulate the hormones - these hormones are linked to appetite and if they are out of whack they can and do mess with satiety signals, hunger signals & of course cravings. Eating fruit on it's own can keep the sugar dragon alive. Even naturally occurring sugars feed those cravings and encourage them to continue. Yes nuts are a fat source, and fat usually slows down absrption of nutrients which *should* help with the impact of the sugar on the system, but nuts are also pretty carb dense, and are also tough to absorb so the sugar does it's damage regardless. On top of that there a thing called an 'Extinction Burst'. This is basically the brain's last ditch effort to get you to cave in and give it that quick fix of dopamine it knows it will get from sugar. Your brain is fighting with you & trying to trick you into returning to old habits. Stay strong. It will really help if your meals are composed as per the template - with adequate protein, lots of veg, and a serving of fat.. On the subject of fat; fat is pleasureable to the brain. It provides the same kind of high as the chemical high you get from sugar, but without the pain. So if a craving strikes that you're struggling to get past with a distraction technique then reach for some fat. Nothing else will work like fat will. Fat is your friend
  7. Please don't hate me, but I have to say I haven't been bored at all and in fact have never truly enjoyed what I was eating as much as I have these past few weeks. And I really haven't been yearning for anything in particular from my former life. I may be heading for a rude awakening down the road, but so far so good, as the guy falling from the 100 story building said as he passed the 50th floor!
  8. Hi! This is my first post here. I am 37, and this is my first Whole30. My PA (attentive, seemingly knowledgeable) asked me to try Whole30 for 2 months--the first time I laughed and said no (years before I had tried something similar and every meal felt like a panic attack as I tried to find something to eat with little guidance). Then he suggested it my next visit and I agreed. My bloodwork was fine, some low Vitamin D and B12, for which I am taking supplements, no hormonal abnormalities, but I have been sitting in the prediabetes zone for about 10 years now and want to make a permanent change for the better. Of course I started this program without finishing so much as 10 pages of the book. I was eager to get going. I continued to read, and even read some posts on here from people who started Apr 1 (I started the day before). Things have been going mostly well--I followed the plan nutrition-wise and am thinking about extending it to a Whole45. But...and isn't there always one? body's responses did not line up with the average person's experience. I did feel better, more clear-headed. My acne is (frustratingly slowly) disappearing; I sleep better. I have lost weight (hooray!). My cravings have been all across the board, as in completely absent for week 1; strong in week 2; absent for week 3; and two days ago they began again, subtley, then the next day they were stronger. I have nightmares of eating the wrong thing and allowing these off-plan foods suddenly transforms into a license to go crazy on All The Forbidden Foods. WHY is this still an issue? I never got the Tigerblood, and I kinda wanted it. I do have moments later in the day when I have energy surges and I am ready to dance. Honestly, I want to extend to a Whole45 just to be in a better place psychologically when I begin reintroduction. I was a chronic any-excuse-for-sugar person before Whole30, with a history of good diets for a few weeks then those transitions turned into an eventual weight gain and return to old habits. Some things working in my favor: I work at a salad bar with lots of protein options; good support network; a more positive attitude without sugar. Things working against me: I rarely cook at home due to work hours and the availability of food at work; stress; history of psychological triggers for food; lots of desserts at work that only seem appealing when my cravings kick in. My breakfasts are not always happening within an hour of waking; it is usually eggs with a variety of vegetables. Today I had some curry I made the night before with chicken, squash, bell pepper, cauliflower, onion, garlic, salt, pepper. Lunches are usually a salad with protein but there were days when it was just fruit and nuts (maybe 4 times?). Dinners are always salads with steak and/or chicken; broccoli or asparagus; beets; olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tonight is was a burger with lettuce, onion, tomato, mushrooms, half an avocado, and lots of kimchi and pickles on the side. i don't know if can go for a whole45. Advice? Does anyone else struggle with cravings this late in the game? Is 45 advisable? Thank you PS I know this is the longest post in the world
  9. Hey everyone. Hope all of my new best friends are doing well. It is a little late to post but I still have 15 min in the day for my update. Today is Day 3 for me and has been (mostly) another success - food and exercise wise. It was tricky because I really felt hungry for the middle part of the day. In a low moment I found and ate a mini twix bar in my desk... the moment of weakness really bugs me so I wanted to own up here. Either way, I rallied this evening. Great dinner & super long walk. Am making sure tomorrow goes more smoothly: making a crockpot full of carrot / ginger soup, got some compliant sausages, and better waters to drink (unsweetened seltzers). Good luck tomorrow! Even if it does not get easier, we are all getting stonger.
  10. Hey there! Congrats on your success so far! I just finished day 3. I've had no headache, but I am starting to feel a little tired. That could possibly be for other reasons and not so much because of no bread/carbs, so we'll see. So far, so good, I'm on track. I am anxious to start making some of the recipes, which I will do this weekend, when I have more time to take my time with the grocery shopping. We can do this!!! #wegotthis Pam
  11. I agree with the food boredom. It's pretty meh right now. I'm thinking about what I have actually missed, and I would say corn (taco shells, tortillas, popcorn) tops the list. I can't think of anything that I really missed that much besides that.
  12. First timer here and starting May 1st too! Nervous but excited about this journey. I've had years of hormonal related problems, chronic joint pain/imflamation and sinus/allergy issues. I've always tried to eat fairly healthy but I'm sure I have sensitivities to dairy and gluten. Can't wait to see how I feel without them. Need all the support I can get!
  13. Asian fish soup - I use my own chicken stock and pour the hot soup over raw greens or zucchini cut to resemble noodles. Lots of ginger, lots of garlic, raw cilantro and finely diced hot peppers on top.
  14. I am proud of myself for getting to day 26, but boredom with my cooking has set in! the end us near and I can't wait to see how my body reacts to hummus- I have been missing it
  15. I do what Mel Joulwan does - see the link in Shannon's response above - except I don't pre-cook anything. When it's time to eat, I heat up the frying pan and start to improvise - and if the red cabbage in my refrigerator looks a little wilted, my meal will be heavy on the red cabbage. I prep vegetables soon after I buy them - I listen to podcasts in the kitchen and just wash and chop until I have a LOT of veg in containers ready to cook with. It goes fast and makes me feel great to have done myself this great kindness. That said, it's only me I'm prepping for, not 8 people! If I were you, I would be making things that they could eat over pasta or rice, and I could eat over raw greens or zucchini noodles. Curry works that way, and so does tomato sauce with ground beef. Good luck!
  16. How was everyone's day today?
  17. Cooking fat often doesn't count because you don't always actually eat it -- a lot of times it stays in the pan, or if you've used a tablespoon of oil to cook multiple servings of something, it gets divided up so you're not necessarily having that much fat from it. So it counts some, but only as much as you actually eat. Mayo is great, and really versatile -- you can dip your vegetables in it, coat lean fish in it and cook it like in this recipe (obviously sub ghee or olive oil for the butter it calls for), make potato salad or coleslaw. You can also make sauces to put over meat or vegetables, like pesto or chimichurri or hollandaise or the Moroccan Dipping Sauce in this chicken recipe. Or look for salad dressing recipes that you can use to dip food in, like this creamy Italian or this tahini dressing. And don't forget that any form of coconut is a fat, so you could use coconut milk in soups or curries and add toasted coconut flakes to your vegetables and salads, or just eat them as a side with your meal.
  18. Thank you! Yes I did google it but couldn't seem to find a straight up answer :/ and I won't put a Lara bar in my meal again cause I see now that it is frowned upon. Some people are saying that having it in a meal is not compliant but, I did check the book multiple times and it just says that it is not recommended except for emergencies( not that it's against the rules) and not to use it to satisfy a craving. So I don't feel I broke any rules, but I will keep it out of my meals because I do understand that there are better options. Thanks for listening. I'm only on day 4 but starting to feel the stress of the rules:
  19. Dinner wasn't an emergency. Lots of things are technically compliant but eating them won't bring you the best results. Follow the rules AND the recommendations (including the meal template) if you want to see the most benefits. For more calories, eat more protein, fat and starchy vegetables. For more flavor, break out the spices.
  20. Awesome people! Not sure whether to keep this thread going or start fresh but happy to roll with this one. I am only day 2 and as with my attempt at round 1 which I won't classify as a completed round, I was very positive at the end of the day. I absolutely slept like a baby last night. One thing I did attempt in round one was to drop all caffeine as well, which I know isn't a rule - but was trying to not rely on it as much so thought why not get rid of that too - this time, and this morning only, I tried to have long black. I didn't enjoy it all that much so will stick to the herbal teas which I am enjoying, particularly peppermint. I am definitely a bit more hungry today already - looking at the clock thinking come on 1pm! It's when I try and wait to have lunch... otherwise I get too hungry before dinner and snack. Last time I tried, I was also better with the exercise and I am used to exercising 5 times per week, but between work being crazy, a recent move/relocation and 2 crazy kids who are now further away from school and daycare, it is hard to fit in. But I do recall it being hard to lift my legs last time so perhaps not a bad thing. Would still like to try and manage something today but will wait and see. Anyway - always looking for inspiration for food and meals that are easy to prep in advance. I need to get most of my breakfasts cooked and lunches cooked on a Sunday and the slow cooker and oven get a work out during the week for whole/big pieces of meat and chicken etc with steamed veg or salad. Tonight is slow cooked lamb shoulder with a heap of root veg like swede, carrot, parsnip, celery, onion, garlic and some crushed tomatoes and rosemarry salt and pepper. Fingers crossed it turns out ok because I think it will be breakfast tomorrow! That's one thing I love about this whole30 - is that it doesn't matter was time of day, it changed my perception of what I should have for breakfast and what I need to have for breakfast. No toast or cereals, doesn't need to be sweet... some lovely quality meat and veg is a fine way to start the day! And warning - there will be days where I want to throw it in and convince myself I don't need to do this, that I can do it anytime... just not now - so feel free to stop me!
  21. Also, for extra flavor, turn to fats and veggies--not Larabars, which are sugar bombs. How about a chipotle mayo or dump ranch dressing or grilled or roasted veggies drizzled with olive oil and your spices of choice or a spicy guacamole or ? ? ?
  22. In the book it says they are not recommended except for emergencies, but it doesn't say that we can't have them in a meal.. that we just shouldn't eat them for a sugar craving. So having it as part of the meal doesn't seem to be against the rules according the book. Only commenting cause I had half of one with my dinner cause I needed more calories/flavors with dinner tonight. But I read that part of the book multiple times to make sure... so has it changed?
  23. Just frowned upon - it's technically compliant. BTW - if you google Polysorbate 80 and Whole 30, you will find all sorts of posts about this.
  24. On May 5th I will be two months sober. I figured May 1st would be a great time to start Whole 30 since I'm already in the habit of saying no to alcohol. It's a personal lifestyle choice and I think Whole 30 will be a good compliment. I'm addicted to food and sugar right now. I consistently over eat, feel tired, and get hangry. I can't wait to see what this program does for me and I'm lucky to have my boyfriend joining me.
  25. I also started today. I would love to be a part of your group.
  26. As others have noted, mayo can go with everything. But I particularly like it in tuna salad, egg salad and deviled eggs, as a tarter sauce or baked on top of salmon, and in "dump ranch" dressing (you'll find the recipe online; I take mine in a dill direction).
  27. Hi! this is day 4 of whole 30 for me and I was looking for some extra flavor with dinner tonight. So I had salmon, mushrooms ,cauliflower rice, and 1/2 a Larabar (yes it was compliant and no it wasn't for a sugar craving..just to get more flavors on my plate). But I ate half of a pickle before reading the insert in the book.. is polysorbate 80 non compliant or just frowned upon? ( I stopped eating it anyway when I found out it was a chemical) I just want to know if i messed up my Whole 30 cause I get stressed out about making sure I'm following exact rules. Thanks for any feedback
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