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  2. Okeedokee... first, what is 'should be eating enough'? We don't care about what other people think of the volume of food here... take a look at Melissa's instagram... her meals are amazing and certainly not small by any stretch. Second, your M1 has no fat... how much chicken sausage? If you estimate, was it a palm worth of protein or more? (width x length x thickness). Second, were the greens about 2-3 cups after being steamed or wilted down? Was the ground pork at least a palm worth? Was the veggies 2-3 cups? Where was the fat? M3 looks like it has fat which is good but again, I'd ask the same question about the protein. The potatoes are great and a fist sized serving at least once a day is the recommendation. What other veggies will you be eating to make up the rest of the 'FILL your plate with veggies' recommendation? If you're active, a woman on or near her period or a person with a tendancy toward mood disorder, you can add more starch... try a fist sized serving at two meals. So basically ya, you're not eating enough. It looks like you're on the right track... glad to see there's no fruit, nuts, nut butters etc... on their own so that's great, but just try and make your meals match the template... it's where the magic is!
  3. First, the smoked salmon is probably not a good bet, it likely has sugar or a sugar substitute (maple syrup, brown sugar) so you'll want to check that. Don't worry about being a high maintenance orderer... the ordering process, since you've done your homework will only be about 30 seconds. 'Does the salmon have sugar in it? Okay great! I'll have the XYZ salad with the salmon, olive oil on the side and no cheese please'. If you want to make it shorter, call there in the morning when you get to work and ask them about the protein options/ingredients and let them help you work through the menu. And all that aside, so what if you have to ask a few questions.. she's your business partner, not the person who has to live in your body... so ask what you need, she will absolutely not be going back to the office whispering about what a weirdo you are!
  4. I am starting on the 28th! I'm scared, nervous and excited! Good luck ladies!
  5. Vegetable oils are ONLY approved for eating out when it's the only option. Any oils with soy in them are out. You can cook with olive oil as long as you stay under the smoke point of each oil - google the smoke points if you don't know them. You can use ghee (home made or bought) but not butter. You can also use animal fats, avocado oil, coconut oil, sesame oil (for drizzling, the smoke point of sesame is extremely low).
  6. If you want people to advise on a product, it's generally expected that you would put a link to the product or at least list the ingredients. That said, googled and what I found, assuming it's the product you're referring to, has sugar in it. Please read the rules, the sneaky sugars sheet and the common additives, all linked in my signature below to familiarize yourself with the different terms for sugar and what is and is not allowed. Pre and post workout recommendations are listed in the meal template also linked in my signature below.
  7. Hi I'm on day two of the program . Was wondering if I can have c4 pre workout? I have not been taking it but if anyone could help out I would really appreciated.
  8. Hi--I'm totally new, and researching how the heck I'm going to start Whole30, and just read the whole Whole30 cookbook cover to cover, but I'm still really confused about what fats/oils are suggested/allowed. Should I be prioritizing ghee/coconut oil for cooking over vegetable oils? Which one's better--ghee or coconut? Also, I thought you're not supposed to cook with olive oil...I've been using safflower oil, sunflower oil, or butter to cook with my whole adult life and not sure how to make that transition. I know that's a lot of questions...thanks everyone!
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  10. Totally forgot tomorrow I have a lunch meeting with a business partner who I have never met before. She asked me to pick the restaurant so I found a place that does offer salad options. I was going to do the kale salad with pickled cabbage, red onion and some protein (the options are smoked salmon and pulled chicken so we'll go smoked salmon I think...). And instead of their honey lemon dressing I will ask for some olive oil on the side. The menu does not suggest there is cheese on the salad but I will make sure. What do we think? I'm so annoyed I forgot about this but also stuff will always come up and I need to know how to get through it successfully. I'm also a little nervous because like I said, a business partner I have never met before and I'm going to be a high maintenance orderer.
  11. Nah - not sour. Just plain damn delicious and complex. I love it ........ cannot overdo it - messes with sleep. One glass with dinner can be divine.
  12. Day 2 down- felt hungry especially during the late afternoon. Then dinner took forever to get on and done, and I found myself getting cranky with the kids (may be unrelated to W30 though!). Still not digging the coffee- tried with some Almond milk and coconut oil this morning, meh. I bought some coconut cream today at the grocery store and will try that tomorrow. Shocked that the sugar cravings haven't been too harsh, definitely manageable. I'm waiting for that to hit the fan... M1 - Sausage mixed in with 2 scrambled eggs. Definitely filling - think my sausage portion may have been a little large. I couldn't finish. M2 - Finished my leftover sausage and eggs, banana with almond butter, and leftover chicken leg with about 1/4 cup of leftover baked sweet potato cubes. Doesn't seem to go together at all, but that is really the way my lunches seem to come together a lot of times- dig around and see what is left in the fridge S1 - Couldn't hold out til dinner, had an emergency Lara bar M3 - Instant pot butter chicken and Indian spiced riced cauliflower. Still feel good and full. Bonus is there is some leftover for lunch tomorrow. As a side bonus, I found compliant bacon at my grocery store today, yay!
  13. I might start with reintroducing molasses and then a few days later on the 4th try having an alcoholic organic cider. As far as the 7th and beyond, I haven't decided yet. I'm in no rush. I do keep wondering how much SWYPO would be acceptable at that point.
  14. Well, I just finished dinner which makes me feel like day 27 is done. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to accidentally go out and buy some junk food on my way to bed so I'll call this day another success. 3 days/9 meals to go until the start of the intro phase. I put the rest of my chili in the freezer after lunch because I think I've had enough of it for this week. lol I rubbed a steak with lots of salt and cocoa powder plus a dash of cumin and let it sit out for about an hour before pan searing/frying it in bacon grease from this morning's breakfast. It was a big steak so I only ate half of it but it sure was delicious and I am looking forward to having the other half tomorrow. I made a little sauce with mayo and tarragon for it since I wasn't sure the fat in the steak was enough. Green beans were my dinner veggies of choice to go with my steak.
  15. I just began Whole 30 yesterday and I'm pretty optimistic, though I have spent most of these last two days with MAJOR sugar cravings. I know I have a serious sugar addiction, and so one of my goals for this month is to get that in check. Another is to try to get my symptoms of PCOS and chronic pain under control as well. And of course, I'd love to lose weight. In the middle of my 30 -- like, exactly in the middle! -- I am having back surgery to remove part of a herniated disc. I will be in the hospital overnight. I'm a little stressy about how I'm going to eat at the hospital (2-3 meals are most likely during my stay) without just leaving half the food on the tray (and likely going hungry! lol) And I can't control the foods I get beyond perhaps choosing from a couple options on a menu and they are probably alllllllllll processed and I bet most have noncompliant ingredients in them. I'm worried that halfway into it this is going to happen and I'm going to have problems. Can anyone shed light on what a day of hospital meals will mean? Does it undermine the whole process? I'm bummed out thinking that halfway into my 30 days, I'm going to "mess up." I know that no matter what, it'll be a healthier diet than anything I've ever eaten and it's actually teaching me how to cook because I don't have a choice now! ha... But the idea of the thing is to make it 30 days so you can see what your body feels like without all the crap and see if you have any sensitivities when you reintro... and I am really just going to be going 2 weeks (twice). I'm a little bummed thinking that I might have to just restart the clock after surgery and do 30 days then, because I REALLY miss chocolate, lol.
  16. Day 2 done and dusted. M1. Baby bella mushroom and cabbage scrambled in 3 eggs and 2 Tbsp EVOO. Ghee and coconut milk with my coffee. M2. Shredded smoked white fish with red leaf lettuce leaves, tomato and olives 1 Tbsp CP avocado oil. M3. Chopped New England Boiled Dinner Hash made with white turnips instead of potatoes and uncured (salted) corned beef. 2 Tbsp pastured pork lard. Got in 14 glasses of water, 2 tsp pink sea salt spread through the day. No headaches no constipation or cramping. Satisfying and yummy if I do say so myself. Magoo
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  18. @AlpineViking I hope you are on the mend soon. It's no fun to be sick when you are rocking a whole30! @sojurabbit I just found thrive too! Seems way cheaper aside from the fee to join after 30 days, so at this point I will just stick to the free 30 day trial! Nutpods were way cheaper than Amazon has them. Primal pantry items seemed quite a bit cheaper too. Today was/ is crappy for me. I overdid it on hazelnuts tonight. Literally after dinner I sat watching a show with my kids and ate half a bag of trader joe's oregon hazelnuts. They are not even that good. Seriously. Think I'm getting bored with my meals or something. I have a hard time finding the time to cook with my 3 kids being out of school for the summer. I'm usually throwing something together an hour before dinner and then it ends up being really not that great. Anyone have any (easy) crockpot meals they really loved? @lilakay How was the pizza boat recipe? Maybe I'll give that go.. Breakfast was eggs with spinach, green peppers, avocado cooked in ghee. Lunch was a giant chicken salad and dinner was sweet potato and beef hash. On a positive note, feeling WAY less bloated and definitely have less inflammation. I have knee pain that bothers me quite a bit and I've noticed that has really improved since starting whole30.
  19. Day 1 and day 2 were exactly the same: M1 at 8am: Chicken sausage and greens for breakfast. I gagged on my first bite of my greens for some reason and the sausages were too salty for my liking. M2 at 1pm: Ground pork in lettuce cups with tomato sauce and a side of veggies. It was fine. I felt hungry for lunch, so I suppose that was a good thing. I'm disappointed I had to use lettuce cups instead of portobello mushrooms as planned. M3 about to happen at 7:30ishpm: Pork carnitas with guacamole and some roasted potatoes. Your input is appreciated! I tried my best to incorporate enough fat and food in general (I'm definitely fearing gaining weight, haha). It feels like I should be eating enough, I guess. I know I didn't get enough sleep last night (I usually don't sleep enough) and I'm wondering if the lack of starches/grains are just causing me to feel it more.
  20. Very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to do that, and recommend alternative options
  21. Hi! Like all of you I am sure, I am scared of failing. I have tried everything to get healthy and lose weight but i feel like i have disease where I have to be eating or habe something in my mouth all the time. I think for me it is very psychological. I absolutely need to get sugar out of my diet but it is like drugs. Anyway, I will be needing a lot of support so I am sure I will be looking to all of you strong people for help. Thank you!
  22. Hi! I have tried the W30 once before a few months ago and only lasted two weeks. This time, my fiancé is going to do it with me, and I re-read the material and am looking to really dive into it and get the support and be involved. I'm hoping to link up with some other July W30-ers to encourage each other!
  23. @Amanda M - I had a feeling that's what it was. The ingredients are broken out into two sections on their website and all the flavours that I checked also contain: Other Ingredients:Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Maltodextrin, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium These would be out for your Whole30. Sorry. Fruit juice or fruit infusion it is!
  24. Eat more. Seriously... if you're feeling like crap with weakness and bingey and you think it might not be a sugar/junk craving then you're probably light on your meals. Lets nip that in the bud here on day 2 so you don't carry on with not eating enough. What did you eat yesterday and today?
  25. Omg Day 2 is sucking right now. By 2pm I was crashing so hard I wanted to just keel over. I had a slight headache in the morning but my body just feels weak. I'm also feeling very bingey right now. I had to very conscious not to reach for some snap pea snacks my coworker was eating. And then I came home and wanted to eat a lot of almond butter before dinner. And now I just want to curl up and eat bread, hahah. What's weird is I would not consider my diet poor before. I'm not a big junk food person (especially not sugar or candy), I don't eat a lot of processed foods. Just goes to show you. I hope everyone else is feeling better than me!
  26. Thank you for posting. The packets are ideal boost and contain the following: Fiber, Niacin, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Sodium, Slendesta, green tea, raspberry keytones, green coffee bean, caffeine, niacinamide(vitaminB3) pyridoxine HCI(vitaminB6) and cyanocobalamin(VitaminB12) I am not a coffee drinker and used to rely a lot on energy drinks. I found these as a better alternative and love to mix a packet with water in the morning. I drink much more water throughout the day. I am new to whole30 and appreciate your feedback with the fruit juice. I've tried infusing water with lemon/cucumbers/mint- but doesn't keep me interested. I'll try the fruit juice idea though!
  27. Day 2 done! Easier today, even with travelling and being a muppet - forgot to take my protein stash out of my suitcase, checked it in and then the flight was delayed . Had olives and some fruit to avoid getting hangry and then made a chicken salad when I got got to the hotel. Literally 25% luggage was compliant food to get me through three days away from home... M1 - eggs scrambled with ghee and ham hock, Spinach and guacamole. Grapefruit. M2 - sausage salad with olives and nuts and strawberries and guacamole. M3 - chicken salad with some nut butter and carrot sticks. Apple and some olives. (Plus a pre-work out hard boiled egg... *gags* - at least I remembered to try and eat something before I hit the gym today!!) keep crushing it people!
  28. I would highly suspect that there is some type of sweetener in the flavour packet which is what makes it palatable. Can you mention what the brand is or what the ingredients are listed as? Honestly, it's probably not your best choice on a plan that wants you eating whole foods. You can put a splash of 100% fruit juice in your water or try infusing water with real fruits.
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