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  2. Oh good grief. I was so focused on looking for hidden sugar in the earlier lists I didn't even see the part about milk! Thanks... this gets easier right? lol I am so afraid to misread a label and have to start over. I am mostly eating things with no label like meat and produce but there are so many things to re-evaluate that you usually don't really think about that it's a little overwhelming.
  3. It can happen... make sure to keep eating template meals... leave off the fruit, nut butter, nuts etc... if you can't eat much, you should be eating protein and fat and nutrient dense veggies
  4. Would you like to share what you've been eating, what your training is like, what your pre and post workout meals are like, what your expectations are? It's pretty hard for us to help you with zero info...
  5. Well the package says 'contains milk' so nope. Also, we'd really recommend you don't use this kind of stuff during your 30 days. We want you to know your hunger, energy, satiety signals based on eating 3 meals a day, not some concotion mixed with water 'anytime you need a pick me up'.
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  7. I just got my Young Living order and got some of these Nitro packets for free. I am brand new (Day 1 is almost over) and am still working on the label reading. Is this compliant? And if not, why?
  8. Look up the menu online, check the ingredients against the rules, sneaky sugars, common additives (all pdf's linked in my signature below) and then when you have something you think might work, call the restaurant and ask.
  9. Day 9 and I'm noticing a smaller appetite ... dinner was just a pepper with guacamole and an apple with some almond butter and coconut. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. I am on week 2 of whole30 and my marathon training is suffering. Please help!!!
  11. Does anybody know if anything from the California Fish Grill Menu is compliant?
  12. I'm curious? Is red wine always sour?? I usually stick with tequila. I'm a two pot screamer so I'm in bed after two shots. Cheap date my husband always says. But it happens only at Chrissie. I'm allowed Ha! I miss beans sometimes but similar to tequila. In sort of afraid to reintroduce because I don't want the right fitting clothes, the health worries and the basic blah feelings. This comes from doing W30 a few times now. I'll just have to pull my head in after this big trip, then, won't I. ☺️
  13. I can relate in some ways. My circus comes to town regularly but with a LOT of to do made about it. Cramps, bloating, kill every one and thing and my boobs, good lord painful to put it nicely. This month. Nothing, nada, just quietly waltzed in (3 days early) and even more quietly breezed right out. Alrighty, then! Are people thinking about reintroduction items yet? If so, what are they? Im not really keen to reintroduce but I know it's that or go hungry on this huge camping trip...
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  15. Hello, everyone! My name is Lindsy, and I'm a 27 year old grad student in Texas about to start the VegWhole30! I've started a blog to chronicle the experience, and would be honoured if you checked it out! Wishing us all the best!
  16. Ok first post here, please forgive me if this has been covered. I make my own jerky at home. Usually its with soy sauce, i know soy is not whole 30 compliant. Anyone out there have a decent home made marinade maybe vinegar based with oils they can pass along? Thanks in advance. Keith
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  18. Day 1 has been...meh. M1 at 8am: Chicken sausage and greens for breakfast. I gagged on my first bite of my greens for some reason and the sausages were too salty for my liking. M2 at 1pm: Ground pork in lettuce cups with tomato sauce and a side of veggies. It was fine. I felt hungry for lunch, so I suppose that was a good thing. I'm disappointed I had to use lettuce cups instead of portobello mushrooms as planned. M3 about to happen at 7:30ishpm: Pork carnitas with guacamole and some roasted potatoes. I think I was really excited for my food to be delicious and it was all just okay or edible. I'm thinking I might try a sweet potato hash for breakfast next week. I guess the important thing is I packed all my lunch and drank water which I have not done in a while! Here's hoping my dinner will be enjoyable!
  19. Can I have organic apple cider vinaigrette? It seems okay. Ingredients are purified water, organic apple cider vinegar, organic apple juice concentrate, organic onion, organic black pepper, and natural xanthan.
  20. Just a note on coffee. I was a coffee and cream person for 30 years. Still needed coffee on Whole 30, so my solution is Organic whole fat coconut milk(just the white fat on the top 3 inches)1 Tbsp and ghee 1/2 Tblsp. Awesome and satiating and I only have one cup a day instead of 4. The floating ghee may put some people off, but I think it is the shizel. YRMV Magoo Day 1 in the books, good going all. Keep those smoothies at bay! Slice up the veggies and have a breakfast salad instead with lots of EVOO. "First, do no harm."
  21. Yes use plain water to can fruits and veggies. I never put salt in tomatoes or green beans etc either. I do not mind if someone wants to email me a question. I am certified in Food Preservation thru Cornell County Ext. Took their class a year ago
  22. Had an emergency out of town, wasnt the best day 1 but was still compliant. I did not get the cooking done that I wanted to do except some chicken in the crockpot. Of course DH did not eat enough since I wasnt home. Better tomorrow.
  23. @whywhy that's amazing that metformin worked so well for you! In recent years my norm was bleeding more rather than less but with metformin my cycles became MUCH longer. My ovulation has been patchy, we got pregnant 2 years ago with no help but sadly lost the baby and haven't gotten pregnant again since. I've been off the metformin for 2 weeks and my period came today - whole30 day 26 and cycle day 39... 9 days sooner than previous cycle. We've been referred to fertility so will no doubt have blood work coming to see if I'm ovulating but willing to give diet and exercise the chance on its own. Although looking at supplementing with myo-inositol as I've heard great things about it. Great that fertility aside Whole30 goes a long way to lessening symptoms!
  24. @CaylaNotCarla I think this is a great goal to have! I sometimes think the understanding is easier than the practice tho. Good luck I'm trying the wholistic approach myself. Please share any strategies you are using alongside the W30 food guidelines. 27 June -Day 2 today and it's cold and overcast where I am. But this little duck has planned ahead and I have bone broth so I can throw some veges and meat in and call it soup! OR i'll have it as a coffee/tea substitute. But the plan for today is: Meal 1: spinach omelette with half avo (2 handfuls fresh spinach, 3 eggs and 1 tsp ghee) Meal 2: spicy fried chicken thigh and big salad including: lettuce, carrot, shredded cabbage, tomato, capsicum, 2 eggs, and 1 tb mayo plus squeeze lemon. Plus 1 tb of probiotic pickled veg on the side cos I love it. Meal 3: homemade meatloaf with homemade tomato sauce and mixed veg tossed in ghee and s&p. Today is definitely a day for my fave coffee (hazelnut flavoured and compliant) with a splash of coconut milk for afternoon tea. Good luck all!
  25. So I forgot my dressing for my salad and really wasn't looking forward to eating mixed greens with nothing on it. I just happened to throw in a Gallo squash just in case I got hungry as an emergency food. So this is my creation with my tuna salad the tuna has celery, chopped black olives, chopped homemade pickles, compliant mayo call on top of yellow squash and cucumbers with the seeds taken out. It's actually quite tasty
  26. That's great to hear, HopingtoHeal! I'm so happy for you! Yea! I just wanted to say that for me, I really believe it was the _combination_ of Whole30 diet and Metformin ER that helped with my fertility situation. I am a really big believer in the Metformin. For example, I was saying in my original post that I only get periods about 1-2 times a year (and often aren't even ovulating despite having a period). But with Metformin, I started getting periods every month and once I stopped breastfeeding after my first child, also started ovulating. I was doing progesterone blood work every month to check my ovulation, so that's how I know. I attribute the many positive symptoms to Whole30, but don't think the natural fertility machine would have kicked into full gear without the Metformin. Just my 2 cents.
  27. Day 1 in the bag here in the U.K. Tough, but actually really enjoying upping my awareness levels again and being mindful about my food. Need to work on my pre-work out fuelling (forgot today - it's so alien to me!) so will aim to nail it tomorrow... hope everyone else is having a great day and crushing it!
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