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  9. as with any product, its all about the ingredient list. Why would you want to use these? And the ingredient list I looked at included fructose and xylitol, so definitely not those ones.
  10. Can I use any of the LIMU product line while on Whole30? Mainly asking about LIMU Original, BluFrog2 and BURN. (Info on the products can be found at
  11. @Alisha Alexander and @Lunarose, it is so odd that you both wrote that because that is almost exactly how I felt today. I actually got on this forum twice today to talk to you guys, but I was feeling so grumpy, I couldn't think of anything positive to say so I didn't type anything. I also felt really tired no matter what I ate and was completely unexcited about any food options I had in my kitchen. I was thinking things like, "if I could just have cheese, this would be better". I have spent so much money on things like Coconut Aminos, coconut milk, Ranch chia dressing, etc. and I can't seem to find those amazing recipes they keep saying you'll find if you just try new things. The book said food boredom is normal for this phase and so is the feeling of just wanting to be done, but I didn't see anything describing my tiredness today. Here is what is keeping me going: There are several people that know I am doing this and I refuse to put myself in a situation where I have to say I only made it to ____ day of the program! I must get to Day 30 just so I can say I did!!! Another funny part of this is that since I am pretty overweight (starting weight 210 lbs), I can tell that a lot of people don't think I'll be able to finish this thing...I really want to prove them wrong! I know those are all extrinsic reasons, but they are helping! Now that work has started back up, I am having a terrible time preparing meals in advance and an even harder time getting in 3 meals a day. I am sort of doing something similar to what you are doing with the potatoes, but with this amazing pineapple orange juice I discovered. I have been thinking soooooo much about the reintroduction days and I really want to do it right, but it is so hard to not eat all my favorite things on Day 31 (Pancakes, Pecan Pie and Chicken Alfredo, anyone?). I am going to have to come up with a really solid plan before that day comes so that I don't ruin everything I have worked for. I have to admit, overall, I really do feel better and have much more energy throughout the day. I don't want that to go away. Also, lots of people have told me I look skinnier...that helps. Have either of you heard that from other people? I hope we all get some Tiger's Blood back tomorrow. We really can do this!!! Sarah
  12. Hey there - There's an entire forum category dedicated to doing Whole30 with kids... I'm moving your post there so hopefully you'll get some responses, but feel free to look through that category and see what you can find.
  13. Wow, you didn't see ANY improvement in AC1? I drastically improved mine in about 45 days, but about half of that was just "mostly" W30 and the other half I was trying but still was eating (unknowingly) a couple of non-compliant items. No idea why we got such different results. I'm no help except suggesting you find a nutritionist to consult with...
  14. aug2017w30 - I'm dreading the tight pants, like seriously dreading it (grin face). However, BRING ON the Tiger Blood! That, I cannot wait to hit.
  15. @Alisha Alexander girl, I feel you! these past few days have been non stop for me so I haven't had time to make healthy meals, and I just have been feeling like I'm either starving all the time, or not eating very healthy.. I have also been relying a lot on chicken wings and potatoes, haha. One "food hack" I read about to make meals healthier is to add spinach. If it's a hot meal you can just put it under that and it will wilt it, or you can take one of those big boxes of baby spinach, and once it's sauteed it cooks down to a one-meal portion. Instant nutrition! This evening I was so tempted to just stop and get fast food somewhere - I was stuck in traffic, hungry, tired, and fed up. But I didn't do it! I feel like we are so close, it is best to just take it one day at a time and do your best with it. I know *for sure* that if I ever do this again, I am definitely going to make a bunch of freezer meals ahead of time. Because you can only plan so much, and things come up in our schedules that we don't have any control over, and it is dang near impossible to find compliant foods when you're on the go! I am also realizing why they say you should really eat 3 full meals per day. With rushing around, I sometimes I have had just one meal and maybe a snack until dinner time, and it is definitely not enough. Anyways, if you have been keeping a journal or wrote down goals for your Whole 30, it might be good to go back and look at those. I hope the next few days are easier for you - in a few days there will only be one more week! And maybe for re-introduction, pick out the one food category you miss the most and start with that? So you don't go all out haha. I want to stay up til midnight on the 30th day and have champagne and ice cream (okay, maybe that is two categories).
  16. Rottiegirl2017- THANK YOU and YOU Too. Your posts certainly are an inspiration as well. Breakfast has been sweetpotato with unsweetened coconutflakes and 1/2 a W30 compliant sausage. Eating meat in the morning was a challenge but hey we are in this for reasons. I am starting to turn the bend on being hit by a truck. Waiting for the tight pants and tiger blood.. Hope everyone had a strong weekend.
  17. So how are you guys feeling? Day 19, tomorrow we'll be 2/3 of the way through! I struggled this weekend. I don't know how to describe it, but cravings and poor attitude I guess. I almost feel like giving up. I know this isn't supposed to be a diet or be about restriction but that's how it feels to me right now. So because I feel really restricted with the foods I'm allowed to eat, I'm eating more of other foods (that are on plan) to satisfy my cravings, but now I'm overdoing it on things like potatoes and chicken wings (I LOVE potatoes). This doesn't seem like a healthy thing to be doing! I'm kinda nervous I'm not going to make it through the 30 days, but also that on day 31 I will just totally blow my reintroduction phase and eat a bunch of crap food. I know this is all mindset and hopefully I will snap out of it, but I'm just wondering how you guys are feeling and where your mindset is at? Remind me why we're doing this haha
  18. So, day 14 is coming to an end. Today I felt like all my clothes were too tight....ugh and sigh. I hope tomorrow is better. I made the pork carnitas for dinner tonight and every one loved it. I did add some jalapeno to add a bit of kick too it. There is plenty left over for freezing and for lunch tomorrow too. I hope everyone has a great week and remember....dont look directly at the eclipse or ya won't be able to see to post anymore!
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  20. I am new to Whole30. I have planned to do this for quite some time and finally am biting the bullet. I have been struggling with dairy and wheat for awhile and this seems to check all my boxes. As I was sharing this with my sister, my 10 year old grandson asked if he could do it too? I was pleasantly surprised as we have eliminated dairy from his diet. He has been having belly issues for awhile and after some thought, figured we would cut dairy out of his diet and lo and behold, his belly aches have gone away. I am wondering, has anyone tried to do this with younger children? My grandson lives with me so I could easily incorporate his meals also but is there any reason why a 10 year old should not do this? Honestly, I can't think of any but wanted to see if I am missing something? Thanks for any input. We plan to start tomorrow August 21 on Solar Eclipse Day. Sid will be packing his school lunches and wanting to make sure we do it right. If any of you have some fun things that we could put in his lunches, we are open for suggestions.
  21. Day 27 and the struggle is real. It's getting to that time where my brain decides to go into anarchy mode because it's been given the opportunity to think about off plan things. We had family over for breakfast yesterday and my sister in law brought a coffee cake which no one ate but she left, so that's been staring at us for a day. Plus we had a ton of leftover french toast which is great for reintroducing gluten Thursday but not so great to have around today. And oh the sweet cravings! All my kingdom for a cookie! As usual, I'm disappointed that all these cravings are still here but my husband made a good point that he's OK with the cravings still being present because he's proud of himself for being able to say no. So I guess I need to look at it like that. I have definitely thought about eating some of these things early though because "no one would know," but that's how I give food it's power. It makes me want to lie and then the shame of the lie piles on top of the shame I already had about eating it in the first place and WE ARE JUST NOT GOING THERE RIGHT NOW. Not today, Satan. So that's where I'm at. Still struggling with the potato vs. digestion thing but we have leftover broccoli, asparagus, and bacon frittata that I'll be having for breakfast so hopefully that will help. Making some cube steaks for dinner now and there will be leftovers qand we have white chicken chili in the slow cooker. Hopefully that will keep me focused for 3 more days! I feel like the thread has gotten really quiet. I hope everyone is doing great!
  22. Just so you're clear that it's not a whole 30 anymore and you can't expect the same benefits. (Which is not to say that it wouldn't have its own potential benefits.) What don't you like about cooking meat? There are canned meats (like salmon) that are compliant, but just read labels.
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