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  2. Hi – I’m on Day 17 and am 6 ½ weeks pregnant. I’m exhausted and craving fat/meat. I’m wondering if anyone can provide some advice to tweak my meals to help with these cravings. Here’s what I typically eat: Meal 1 – two fried eggs, half a plate of cooked veggies with ghee, palm sized amount of hashbrowns and ½ avocado ‘ OR 1-2 pieces of veggie and egg frittata (so~about 1.5 eggs in that), 1 HB egg, ½ avocado and half a plate of cooked veggies with ghee Meal 2 – large salad (mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, bacon) with compliant dressing and a palm sized amount of cooked spaghetti squash and 1-2 palms of meat and mushroom spaghetti sauce on the side OR cucumber slices and 1-2 palms of compliant chicken salad with homemade mayo Meal 3 – taco salad (grd turkey meat, plantain chips, romaine, avocado, tomatoes, and cucumbers) OR Grilled chicken, half plate of veggies with ghee and ½ sweet potato with ghee OR salmon, ½ plate of cooked veggies with ghee and ½ baked potato with ghee By the end of the night I’m craving fat/protein (coconut milk ice cream, greasy burgers, steaks, fries, fatty cheeses, fried chicken, etc). These are foods I typically wouldn’t normally crave (ok, maybe the ice cream), but not the meats. Can you provide suggestions for ways to tackle this craving? Am I missing something in my meals? Thank you!
  3. I'm diving in today and thought it would be nice to team up with some people! So far so good, but I guess that's easy to say barely 12 hours in...
  4. September 18 start date

    I'm going to follow this thread as well. I'm starting today (20th) and would like to get some inspiration from you guys as you head out of the brain fog ahead of me!
  5. Vital Proteins Collagen

    I actually use a different brand, but assume it would be about the same -- there's not really a strong flavor, but you know it's there. I'm not sure how else to explain it. It won't make the flavor awful, but it may be a little different.
  6. Backpacking Trip- possible?

    madness knocked this one out of the park, but I'll add a couple of favorites of mine on the trail. Epic bars RXbars packets of nut butter baby food pouches of beets/sweet potato/butternut squash dried fruit Go for it!
  7. anyone starting Sept 11???

    You got this Margot! I feel you on the stress. Take some time for yourself to just breathe.
  8. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 10! I'm feeling good. My run last night and lifting this morning has really boosted my spirits. I'm grateful to have exercise as a comfort over food. It took me awhile to get that way, but it makes staying healthy easier. Although this seems to be going by so fast, I still feel like I want to go off compliance some days. And I keep dreaming that I have broken the 30 and I wake up and it takes me a bit to realize I don't have to start over. I'm thinking I may already be tapping into that Tiger blood, but we shall see. I am still having trouble with fueling my runs. I will get some nut butter to have on some sweet potato with a banana for my run saturday and see how I do. I don't want a repeat of last week.
  9. Steak n Shake victory!

    Yes there is. In the allergens doc Laura linked.
  10. Great, thanks for the help
  11. Electrolytes and Cramps

    You can also use Elete electrolytes.
  12. Steak n Shake victory!

    The burgers are grilled with the liquid margarine. Listed in the allergens doc you linked. Liquid Margarine (for Grilling) Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Soybean Lecithin, TBHQ and Citric Acid (added to protect flavor), Artificially flavored, Colored with Beta Carotene, and Dimethylpolysiloxane (antifoaming agent). Contains: soy
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  14. Winston Churchill’s chief attributes as a leader was his capability of inspiring people, regardless of circumstances. The source of this inspiration was his own character. Churchill perpetually demonstrated enthusiasm, determination, and optimism—if not at all times in private, then at least always in public. That's a breath of fresh air. A palate cleanser. I'm making Extra Eggs. Food prepping makes me feel like I know what I'm doing with my life. Wake. Pray. Slay. It's worth it to keep breaking the cycles of food addiction so you can heal. Every fiber of your being doesn't want you to give up sugar. IF and self-induced starving only puts you deeper in the hole. Set some much needed boundaries. Don't be fearful of pulling what you need from lots of different sources. I fall back on the wisdom of my elders. Don't just go on the hearsay of others. Learn to think and stand on your own two feet. Use your head besides something to part your ears with. Truth is not the author of confusion. Everything around you is confusing... you're in the wrong place. Someone tells you stay inside of a place but your gut is in knots, get out of there. That is all. From the Whole-N-The-Wall. Much Love. Tanto Amore. I lurve Bruno.
  15. Vital Proteins Collagen

    Does it have much of a flavor? I also have a tub but haven't yet used it! I'm honestly a little nervous... If I add it to a mild tea, is it going to make the flavor awful?
  16. Day 22: Can't sleep

    Thanks for the thorough writeup. You are doing so much good for yourself! My first thought is add Natural Calm (or another form of) Magnesium citrate to your diet. Original Natural Calm is W30 compliant (watch the flavored ones, I don't think any of them are). Start with 2 tsp in a short glass of water an hour before bed each night and increase as tolerated. This should help with both sleep and with being more regular. Eating some high carb veggies in Meal 3 is also a good idea - let us know how the sweet potato addition worked out. Carb-rich veggies late in the day can also help with sleep. Finally, if you need a snack, try to make it a mini-meal with protein and fat, and steer clear of fruit all alone.
  17. Vital Proteins Collagen

    I usually just mix it in my coffee, but there are some recipes here: -- there's a link toward the beginning of that to an article with more general info like how much to use.
  18. We really are stuck in a time warp. I ran into a young buck world champion cowboy and he was listening to Glen Campbell. A tender shoot cowgirl told me that John Denver was still her favorite artist. I was relieved because no one worries about running with the pack or traveling with the herd out here in the sagebrush. The wild, wild west isn't anything like she used to be. Working ranches and farms are being turned into dude ranches. I don't know who's going to manage the livestock or put grassfed beef and bison on your table. Those of us who've watched this happen don't take anything for granted. If multi-crap ever really hits the fan, the caretakers of this land, livestock and wildlife will be more relevant than ever before. These skill sets and abilities will be called upon. History is written by the victors. My grandpaw spent his entire lifetime making sure his kids knew how to survive. This has been a year to remember and it's not over yet. WWWD? I've been thinking alot about him, lately.
  19. Getting Enough Veggies at Breakfast

    The only way I can do cooked greens in the morning is to put a handful or two of spinach in the blender with my eggs and blend them, then just cook them like scrambled eggs. Turns the eggs green, but it changes the texture so I don't feel like I'm eating slimy cooked greens, which is what bothers me so much, especially first thing in the morning.
  20. September 18 start date

    Hi all. I started on Monday the 18th as well....working thru day 3. The Hangover is real! This is my second Whole30, although first one was back in 2015.
  21. Starting Sept 18th!

    Hi Mike - how are you and your wife doing on the plan
  22. Crockpot/Instant Pot Recipes

    Hey @skyhill412 - crockpot & instapot recipes have been discussed at length on the forum. The best way to search is via Google. Try typing 'Whole30 slow cooker' or 'Whole30 Instapot' into Google and see what you come up with
  23. I will try all of that, thanks for the help! (it is kinda silly I tried to eat cooked greens, but I saw someone do it on Instagram and it LOOKED good...but no, no, no.)
  24. That actually sounds feasible! I will try something like that, thanks for the suggestion. I also like that I could make this in advance and just warm it up.
  25. Vital Proteins Collagen

    Hi All! Looking for suggestions on how you use your Vital Proteins Collagen supplement? Just recently bought a tub!
  26. Maybe someone else can weigh in on Wegmans, we don't have those here, but could you ask the restaurant for oil and either lemon slices or vinegar to dress the salad with? In the store, look in the refrigerated produce section and see if they have Tessemae's brand. Not all of theirs are compliant but they have several that are, and some stores do carry it. Or alternately, look for a compliant guacamole that you could put on the salad instead of dressing. Wholly Guacamole brand makes some that are compliant. They'll be in a refrigerated section, maybe near the produce as well.
  27. September 18 start date

    Glad to hear everyone made it through Day 2! I had an RX bar yesterday after my workout because I was so hungry and that is all I had in my purse and just could not wait until I got home. I felt like it was a slip-up because even though it is technically compliant, it did quiet down my sugar dragon. It is almost as though my brain could not tell the difference between an Rx Bar and a cookie. That just confirmed to me that while some foods may be compliant, what is more important is if they're within the 'spirit" of the Whole 30. Just thought I would share that. @Brad Cif you're active, the meal template says that the pre/post work-out meal is a special bonus meal that does not replace breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a necessary source of additional calories. Pre-workout is 15-75 mins before and should be a small amount of protein and a small amount of fat ( no fruit/ carb-dense vegetables). Post-work out would be 15-30 mins after and should be a lean protein + carb dense vegetable with little to no fat. It also says not to use fruit as a post-work out snack. Under forums sections of the website, there is a whole section dedicated to athletes and there are good tips and information for fueling appropriately.
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