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    On the weekend, my MIL kept asking why I'm doing this, hinting that it's not healthy and that I should be checking my vitals weekly since it's basically Atkins and Atkins is unhealthy and only for losing weight. Last night, my husband told me that even though I told him I'm not doing this for the weight, he's asked around and everyone says it's for the weight, that this is the reason people do the Whole 30. Then he asked me why I'm doing this, since I'm healthy already so saying it's for health doesn't make sense to him either. Both of these exchanges bothered me tremendously, and I see now that it is because I didn't have a clear answer for them (or me) as to WHY I'm doing this. So here is my attempt to sum up why I chose to do a Whole 30, and why on Day 16 I remain committed. I will come back to this list when I wane in motivation, which is sometimes hourly :-) 1) Connecting with my food connects me to the earth and to what is really important for me. Choosing to eat only whole foods for 30 days nourishes not only my body, but my mind and spirit as well. 2) The Whole 30, for me, is a celebration of how far I've come with food. I have a history of eating disorders (which may explain why my family is concerned), but I do not feel at all that my Whole 30 is about losing weight (which I don't need to do). It is about celebrating food, eating when I'm hungry and as much as I need to feel satiated, eating lots of fats, and eating animal protein and being ok with that after various failed attempts to become vegetarian when in my heart I knew it just wasn't for me. 3) The Whole 30 is about saying YES to me, and kindly being firm with others when they try to tell me what to do (in overt or subtle ways). I have always been a people-pleaser, and while I already know sugar, white flour and alcohol are not good for me, I often partake because it's the social thing to do or because I know others will feel better if I have something with them (my mom - sweets, my husband - alcohol). This time is all about ME, and asserting that I don't have to eat or drink things I don't really want to to make others feel better. 4) The veggie, protein and fat combo is delicious and satisfying. I've been trying Whole 30 recipes at home and the whole family loves them. I have discovered new combinations of foods, new foods altogether, and rediscovered foods that I had overlooked (hello tahini and shredded coconut!) 5) I recently made a big decision in my life, choosing to step down from a management job and stay at a more comfortable job in order to have more space and time for myself, my family, and my passions. Doing the Whole 30 at this time feels like a RESET. Starting fresh, becoming new again, recommitting to the things that are most important to me. 6) It is only 30 days. I do miss whole grains and the occasional sweet, but I know that soon enough I will be able to partake if I really want to. Yet it is more than 30 days. Getting so crystal clear on what my body needs and likes will help me be more conscious of my choices going forward. I love Melissa's questions around whether to eat something post Whole 30 - something like - Is this a special occasion? Will it make me feel terrible after? Do I really want it? Do I really want it is key for me, and will help me make good food decisions going forward. 7) The community. I love the book, the website, the Forum! I feel like I've connected with like-minded people who are committed to good food, to taking care of themselves, and to working for something they believe in despite of what others may think. It's all about tuning in to what is right, and to working with others to help you see that when it is not clear. 8) Although I feel I am now a normal eater after many years of eating disorders, I still fall to sugar, white flour and alcohol when I am stressed or depressed, and was falling into that habit again before Whole 30. The Whole 30 is a good way to just stop those bad habits and remind myself that the short-term pleasure is not worth the lethargy, low mood and negative thoughts that I fall into when I'm back on a daily sugar hit. 9) On Day 16, I've hit Tiger Blood. I feel connected, refreshed, energized, and able to make good decisions about food and life. Having an experience like this reminds me of what's possible, and that happiness is an inside job. 10) Last year I went off anti-depressants, and good food was a big part of that. Kelly Brogan's book, "A Mind of Your Own" uses food as the first way to reconnect with yourself and heal depression, and her dietary guidelines are very much aligned with Whole 30 - lots of good quality proteins and fat, lots of fruits and veggies, no sugar, flour, alcohol. When Dr. Brogan works with patients, she has them do a 30 day food reset eliminating grains, legumes, white potatoes (resistant starch), and processed food, so doing this is something I had been thinking about, and I'm already seeing improvements in my mood. So there you have it! My top 10 reasons WHY I'm doing the Whole 30. I will send this to my hubby :-) What about you? Why are you YOU doing the Whole 30? Lots of love, Paula
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    Hi Everyone, My name is Dawn and I am so excited/scared to be starting May 1 and would love to hear from anyone else starting on May 1st. I am running around this week and next week trying to get all the non-Whole30 food out of my house and get all the Whole30 foods and meals ready to help the transition. My biggest motivation for starting Whole30 is autoimmune issues (officially diagnosed and too many to list) which I have realized are partly due to my dietary choices. At this point, my doctors have decided that my only option is to stay on the Prednisone and oral chemo pills indefinitely for relief from my symptoms and I want to try Whole30 as a less toxic alternative before committing to that. I wish everyone success on their Whole30 journey! Dawn
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    I did it guys!!! I went through an 8-hour party where people drank like fools and ate like crap without partaking at all. Thanks for all the messages of support! i made sure I started my day with a really good breakfast with tons of veggies. Same at lunch - lots of protein and fat. I think that really helped set me up to not be hungry and not have too many temptations. I stuck with sparkling water with lime at the party... brought along a grapefruit lacroix to mix things up. I didn't eat anything (just do not trust bar food) so at one point I was getting hungry and having major temptations for dessert but I was able to get over those thoughts quickly. Luckily the party was close to home so I had a quick dinner break at home and then kept the party going, all said I lasted 8 hours surrounded by party-goers and stayed compliant the entire time. And I definitely didn't miss out on anything by not drinking or eating crappy food. I did really want some wine by the end but was perfectly content with just water and enjoying everyone's company. Homestly im shocked that it was so painless. Proud of myself! And I know I'll feel amazing in the morning and SUPER hydrated so wins all around
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    I've changed my question a bit. Now instead of "is it worth it?" (because that answer is 157% YES every time chocolate, sugar or baked goods are involved, much to my own detriment) the question is now "Will this improve my happiness factor?". And more often than not, the answer has been no. It's working for me so far. Insomuch as I have actually taken a cookie out, went to sit down on the couch with it, asked the question to myself and and handed the cookie over to my husband, unbitten and said "this is not going to improve my current happiness". And then the cookie mysteriously disappears and I feel empowered and good with my decision.
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    Hey everyone! Looking for some accountability for my Whole 30 starting May 22nd and will be more than happy to keep others accountable too! Thinking maybe a post a day on this forum or something like that. My Sugar Dragon has been roaring lately and I'm tired of feeling out of control. Any tips on making it to Day 30?? About me: I have completed one successful Whole 30 in the past, followed by a bunch of half hearted attempts and most recently lasted until day 24 on a Whole 30 in January. I love Whole 30 and want to transition to Food Freedom but I keep derailing on the way. I'm an Registered Nurse that works all hours in the ER.
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    Yes, you're right. Once you're fat adapted there's no more "hangry". No stabbing, shooting stomach pains. It's more like you're just ready to eat. Not to say people don't get hungry or that their stomach doesn't start to feel hungry, mine does right now! It's just not as noticeable as "I MUST EAT RIGHT NOW OR PEOPLE WILL DIE!". Sometimes if people don't recognize the hunger as being valid because it's not as intense, they decide they don't need to eat and that can morph into nausea as well as general appetite reduction. It becomes a viscous cycle. That's why, whether you necessarily think you FEEL hungry at the 4-5 hour mark or not, we tell people to eat.
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    Day 1. Not as worried about Day 1 as posting to the forum. Doing this with my hubbie so I do have some support. I have chronic back pain stemming from scoliosis which is aggravated by my slowly increasing weight. Yes you got it, a vicious cycle. It hurts to move so you don't move. You don't move, you gain weight and it hurts more. It's depressing and that doesn't help. I've gotten to the point where I resent my body. Since I have to live with this body the rest of my life, I think I better work on our relationship!
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    This is completely normal! When we can no longer use food to numb our feelings (which is basically the underpinning of emotional eating), we're forced to feel them... the sadness right now might be because you're actually sad, or it could be another emotion that you want to supress and when you don't, you can end up grieving your old coping mechanisms... again, totally normal! The fact that you're noticing this is actually a huge opportunity for you! Pay attention to how you feel, be curious about the feelings and emotions... if you write, write down how you were feeling, what happened when this came up, how you would normally deal with it, what it feels like etc... this is personal growth! So exciting!
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    Wow you are very nice. If he were my fiancé I'd tell him he could eat what I was eating or fend for himself!
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    For the lovely ladies who have chosen to continue on with their Whole 30 (60? 90? 120?) Journeys! Mine started April 24, 2017, and will go for 120 days til August 21st. @EKuhl @aussiegal @Potion One ... Let's do this! Anyone else who is continuing their journey, no matter where you're at, please join!
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    Hi, sounds like most of us are hanging in there but having our own 'struggles'. I'm grateful for this group. @Steph the Desert Rat - I too am really not that hungry at most meals but feel like I need to eat. Hard to explain. You'd think we'd be really hungry after 5-6 hours (from a grazing background I still find it hard to believe I can go that long without eating). Good luck camping - sounds like a challenge but at least you have some moral support in your SIL. @emilyelowe - don't fall off. We need you - you have the BEST most positive outlook of anyone! So refreshing. Think of your date-discovery as a NSV. I mean that's why we are doing this - to learn what works and doesn't work for us, right? I know my first W30 I ate alot of honeycrisp apples and almond butter. It was compliant (I kind of misunderstood the part about not snacking that time around). I think that did a number on my stomach after while. And, so weird about the mid-night poo. Sorry, just remembered you wrote that. I had a few blackberries today and they were almost too sweet. I have to say I'm not having tiger blood either. At some point in my life, I need to cut back on caffeine. I know that it's out of my system by late afternoon and once the stress levels from work settled down, I'm left with no energy. I think without that 2-3 cups of coffee each morning, my energy levels would be more stable. Oh, but I just love it. Even black. I just so enjoy that first cup each morning before everyone else is up. Hang in there each of you. Here's a photo my son took 2 days ago in northern MN. Yes, we have wicked cold winters and terrible mosquitos in the summer, but it's still so pretty with all the lakes. For sure, not as cute as Emily's dog but still hope it brightens your day.
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    I love this idea, and I'll tell you what else has worked for me in the past.... that is giving myself, ah, what should I call them? ... treats or blessings or something UP FRONT. Things I get to do or have that I don't have to earn, because (for me, anyway) that's what food is about anyway.... I feel deprived or undeserving so I "treat" myself with a candy bar. Instead I am learning to love myself and treat myself with... an inexpensive hair band, 10 minutes on a game app, a weekly bouquet of flowers, giving myself a foot massage, an extra half hour sitting in the sun doing nothing. Rewards are very helpful and appropriate, but there's also something about getting something "just because I'm worth it" that takes the emotional edge off of food cravings. Good luck!
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    I love that we have such a big group now!! Let's all make it to the end and we can use this thread to keep accountable and share ideas and motivation. Welcome to day 1! Anyone have any great menu items today? I still have to run this morning to stock my fridge with veggies ... my weekend was too busy, but I'm not letting that deter from starting today!! Eggs, black coffee, strawberries for breakfast. Salsa crock pot chicken for dinner and a spinach salad for lunch with homemade dressing. Woo!
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    I need to celebrate my successes this weekend. My family owns a campground with a fairly decent sized gift shop - I work another job outside of the campground which means I am primarily there on weekends. So a weekend surrounded by easy access to candy, pop and other not so good stuff. Plus we had cupcakes around and 2 graduation open houses. And due to the crazy schedule I watched my brother eat cheese balls from Culver's. And not one bad thing entered my mouth!!! Yeah me!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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    I started today after contemplating and procrastinating. Would love to join your journey! I cut out alcohol two years ago after my hangovers got my more severe with less and less alcohol (just not worth it any more), so I'm wondering if I have an allergy I don't know about. Lately, I've been gaining weight around my waist and have been having indigestion and bloating (so much I went to the doctor to see if I might be pregnant or have an underlying issue - nope, just getting older, she said. Hoping the Whole30 journey can help me get my digestion issues under control.
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    Hi everyone!!! I am starting tomorrow too, can I get in on the action??? This is my second time attempting Whole30...last time I only made it a few days, but I feel incredibly determined this time around. How will we keep up with each other...on this thread or is there another place in the forums for us to talk during the 30 days??
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    Today marks day 33 of my Whole 30 journey and I am super excited to share my results. I apologize in advance for the length of this post but happy to share. This is just the beginning of a new & healthier lifestyle. Weight Lost: 13 pounds Waist: down 3” R Bicep: down .25” Chest: down 1.75” Hips: down 2.5” R Thigh: down 2.5” **21 visits to my crossfit gym & several PR’s hit #CrossfitCoMo Secrets to success: · Thoroughly read the Whole 30 materials online and book “It Starts with Food” prior to first day · Carried the Whole 30 approved list while grocery shopping and asked Siri lots of questions while at the store · Did Whole 30 with a friend. Shared recipes, shopping lists, even cooked together · Signed up for Whole 30 daily email – so encouraging and great information at just the right times! · Bought the Whole 30 Cookbook and tried so many wonderful & new recipes! · Crossfit 3-5 times per week and PR’d several Olympic lifts (21 days in April to be exact) · Willpower was spot on; I had committed to the Whole 30 on April 3 and knew I wasn’t budging or being defeated · Went to the movies and brought nuts and club soda/lemon to eat/drink · Always tried to stay prepared with a healthy snack or hard boiled eggs · Drank SO MUCH WATER! · Saved money on not eating out and alcohol! What Could have gone better: · Got out more. I stayed in most weekends and happily grocery shopped and cooked. Went to a concert and drank club soda. Otherwise, I stuck close to home most of the 30 days in order to not be tempted. Now I’m more confident that I can be tempted and still make the right decisions. · Grocery shopping for Whole 30 is a bit expensive but worth it in my opinion What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better: · Purchase the book “Food Freedom Forever” · Shop at the Columbia Farmers Market · Reintroduce foods as prescribed by the program Continue with the healthy eating & really ask myself if I want the processed food or not (this is probably mainly in the area of wine, I'm a wine lover, but don't need to drink just because it's Friday, or because it's sunny outside, etc. etc. What feels great: · Clothes fit so much better · Sleeping sound and getting 8 plus hours even on weekends · Skin is clear and soft · More energy and have PR’d several lifts at Crossfit this past month · The food tastes so much better. I truly enjoy finding new compliant recipes and experimenting Thank you Melissa and Dallas for sharing your knowledge with the world! I'm hooked!
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    Since starting eating the Whole30 way, many of my friends have asked questions, and for advice as they consider it too. Here's a getting started summary, based solely on my own experience. First, you are considering this for any number of reasons... for some it's the hope of weight-loss, for others, health issues such as allergies, inflammatory responses and other ailments that might be addressed by learning through the process which foods your body does not do well with. I can tell you that I don't think I have any allergies to foods and didn't have any digestive issues plaguing me. But I have terrible eating habits. I love healthy food, but also ate way too many snacks and foods that were just empty, very tasty, but empty calories. I have been successful with Weight Watchers in the past, several times. Get that? SEVERAL times. So, I was tired of the yo-yo weight issue I lived with as a result of not changing my HABITS, and that was my real motivator for trying the Whole30. I didn't want to count calories or points all my life, but understood that weight was a direct result of too many calories in and not enough burned off. What I didn't understand is the way a healthy body burns calories, and mine was way off wack from a lifetime of splurging and self-denial. The process is that the body goes first to sugars for fuel, and I had plenty of those coursing through my system! Some of it, it turns out, I wasn't responsible for, or even aware. It wasn't just the sweets I chose to eat, but I've learned that sugar is added to the craziest things you'd never dream of, and as a result, we ingest way more of it than we should, all day long. I wasn't choosing all of that, but it was going in my body every day! So, the short of it is, our body uses those sugars and leaves the rest of it, until needed. And the way I was eating, the rest was never needed, staying on as extra pounds unless I deprived myself for a period of time - in a DIET. After that time, of course, it would all come back because I was going back to eating the way I'd known for all my life. So, for ME, and for my husband Dan too, we lost weight just by eating compliant to the Whole30 Plan of healthy proteins, vegetables, healthy fats and some fruit three times a day, and being sure that we were not leaving the table hungry. I'm talking measurable, significant amounts of weight. Also, I lost some of the hip, knee and foot pain that was pretty much with me all the time. Is it just that the lower body mass was easier on my joints, or was I eating in a way that kept those areas inflamed? I don't know. But I know I'm eating compliant still most of the time, with small indulgences here and there, and I don't miss the weight OR the pains!! (lol) It's not a once and done, either. I was looking for something I can live with, forever. And I think I found it. Eating well, feeling satisfied, and never having to DIET again. It's a learning process of eating mindfully, sliding back into old habits, and bringing yourself into check again when you see it happening. I think of it as a re-structuring of a lifetime of habits and way of thinking about foods as "good or bad", or worse yet, yourself for eating them! I am still learning, and it will take many cycles before I can achieve what Whole30 calls "Food Freedom Forever", but I am closer now than I've ever been in my life, and I feel great too along the way! OK, some tips to make it easier: BUY these books and read them. They will HELP YOU on this journey. 1) 'It Starts with Food', 2) 'Whole30 - 30 Day Guide to TOTAL HEALTH and FOOD FREEDOM', and 3) 'Food Freedom Forever'. You CAN do this without the books, but they are great resources, and isn't your health worth a little investment? NO, I am not a spokesperson for them and I don't get any commission if you buy. Book #2 has a sample week's menu that I used as my base when I started new. It also has many recipes, some for some things I've never done before, like making my own mayonnaise! Participate in this Whole30 online forum. There are many there who are more experienced than me, who are very generous with their knowledge, get you through some tough moments, and, most of your questions have probably been asked and answered there. It's a great resource and source of support! PLAN your meals. Failure to plan = a "screw it" attitude when your belly is talking to you and you don't know what you are going to put on your plate. Consider utilizing a meal planner. I subscribed to RealPlans.com, which integrates with Whole30. This has a shopping list feature that is fantastic, tied to the menus selected for the upcoming week, has a supported facebook page/forum, and it lets me import my own favorite recipes too. PRE-COOK as much as you can, weekly or bi-weekly. This is especially important for those that really hate to cook. I don't hate it, but I hate to use my time cooking. Some, really HATE it. But we've got to eat. Might as well make it as easy on yourself as possible. You've got to have 3 good meals x 7 days/week... in my mind...forever, which means I wanted to learn as much from this first 30 days experience as possible. But only concern yourself about the next 30 days for now. Some of what you are eating for dinner can be in breakfast tomorrow, or lunch the next day, or a full meal that you cooked double or triple of and froze for dinners next week, or weeks from now! Cook large portions of protein, parcel them to servings, and freeze. You can change up the menu by serving them as part of another grouping of vegetables and whole different set of spices, and it won't have to be the same-old, same-old. Speaking of spices - there are many good sources online for mixing up new combinations to keep your tastebuds VERY happy. I'm loving this part. I rely on what I call "skillet meals" a lot - I love bringing raw or pre-cooked proteins and veg's, even fruit sometimes, together in layers in a pan on the stove, cooking in a healthy fat. I never get tired of them, and Dan loves them too. Fritattas, started on the stove and finished up with the eggs on top and browning under the broiler - YUM!!!! This recipe is SO versatile - anything goes!! TRY NEW FOODS that you thought you didn't like. Be open-minded. Once you start eating un-processed foods, you will be surprised at what fills you up, and what tastes good together, and you want to have as much variety of healthy, satisfying foods as you can get your hands on, so you won't ever get hungry or bored. PLAN your meals... and don't think of them as breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are meal #1, #2 & #3, and all foods are good at every hour of the day, not only the way you've been thinking of them your whole life. Yes, even salmon (for me anyway)... great left-over in an egg frittata first thing in the morning! Don't give in and snack while on the Whole30 - just don't do it. Eat to fullness at each meal, and you won't. Plan and serve foods that you like at each meal, and you won't. Try not to snack AFTER the 30 days too - keep that bad habit from coming back. Let your body work to process in a balanced nourishment cycle rather than peaks and valleys of too much/too little food intake. Staples in my pantry - reading labels to be sure anything packaged, canned or bottled is compliant to Whole30: Coconut Aminos Chicken and Beef Broth Coconut Oil Olive Oil Coconut Milk Sweet Potatoes Russet Potatoes Canned Sliced Potatoes Shredded frozen Potatoes Unsweetened Apple Sauce Canned Diced Tomatoes Salsa Canned Tuna Vinegars Nuts! (Yum!! Great, & healthy in recipes!) Vegetables of all kinds - fresh when possible, canned and frozen also though! Spiralized vegs - yes - it makes a difference - these are GREAT sauteed in a skillet! Riced Cauliflower - I've bought mine frozen from Whole Foods - usually 10-12 bags at a time, because I'm not there often. Onions Mushrooms Peppers Avocados (didn't know just how much I loved these!! Yum!!) Eggs Spinach (fresh baby spinach - great nutrients and cook down from a big pile into tasty bites in your meal - I use it in fritattas, always) Squashes Turnip Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish, Frozen Shrimp Some becomes smoked and shredded, some cooked fast in pressure cooker, some cooked in slow cookers, some pre-assembled in patties, often with portions frozen for many, MANY future meals. Bananas Grapes Clementines Melons Berries Apples, and any other fruit in season!! Have an open mind. This is not a punishment, but a gift that you are giving to yourself. Anything worth having takes a little work, and so does this - at first. Until it becomes second nature. If you are doing the Whole30 - it is only 30 days, and you can do THAT, right? Of course you can! Embrace it, and decide later whether you have learned anything useful about foods and your body, then use what you've learned to work towards a lifetime of good eating that keeps you healthy. Hope this helps. Good luck my friends!
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    I am definitely starting to feel the Call of the Weekend... Much like @NoneOtherThanAmy, the weekend seems like a time to be lazy and celebrate another week... with a pizza. As the work day winds down, it is getting tougher! Luckily, I have plans after work with a super healthy and supportive friend so all I have to do is make it out of work without touching any candy! As I mentioned at the beginning, I actually started this Whole30 on May 1 but LAST Friday fell off the wagon into a peanut butter cookie. Let me tell you, being on Day 6 (when I COULD be on Day 12) is NOT a good feeling. So STAY STRONG! That momentary pleasure is SO not worth it. I just wanted to jump on and share some encouragement in case anyone else is in that zone! It just gets easier from here, people! Also, I have this weird phenomenon happen where - once I start to feel good - I want to eat bad. You would think that this wouldn't make any sense and feeling so good would make me want to keep doing what I'm doing but instead it makes me feel like "Oh good, you've made it. You can moderate now." NO. NO I CANNOT. MODERATION IS A LIE. So while I'm feeling really good today, that's almost adding to my weekend-fueled desire to "splurge." I seriously can't even believe myself, so that's the other reason I thought I'd hop on the forum. Hopefully sharing my crazy will help me move past it. Haha! Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Dogs are good therapy. I went to the Vet today for some dog bones. I didn't know there were two registered therapy dogs there. One named Angel, stood by legs and the Vet said that she wanted me to sit down. She's a big golden retriever. She threw her large paws around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder. I hugged her really tight and told her she was the most wonderful dog in the entire world. She didn't let me go. Now that was some real therapy. When she was finished, she jumped back down and laid on her big air pillow. Therapy dogs are shock absorbers. They can only absorb so much and they need to be tended to so they don't deplete their own batteries. It was the best part of this day. Dogs really are a human's best friend.
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    Welcome to the forums! As others have said, we have rules and recommendations. As part of that, Lara bars are for emergency purposes only, like you're stuck somewhere and desperately need to eat and the only other option is your traveling companion's forearm. Unless you've been having a series of emergencies like that, the Lara bars gotta go. Also, nuts and nut butters are often food without brakes (that is, food you can't stop eating), and many people need to eliminate them in order to eat what we really want you to eat. Here's what we really want you to eat: 1-2 palm-size portions of protein; 1-2 or more thumb-size portions of fat; and 2-3 cups of veggies (in other words, fill your plate with veggies). We want you to do that three times a day, the first time within one hour of waking. We want you to eat enough to last you 4-5 hours until your next meal. If, while you're working out meal composition, you are hungry between meals, we want you to have a mini-meal of two of the three meal components. Lara bars don't fit into this scenario at all. Nut butters are a fat, and an inferior source of fat (as a regular source that is): they are food without brakes, they cause digestive upset for many, and many of them have a wonky Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio. I'm guessing that if you start making your meals actual meals, and eat up, you won't feel the cravings. I'm totally guessing, but I bet you're actually hungry. So make some meals and eat! If you'd like more specific tips on meal composition, post a couple of days of meals here, including amounts, water intake, exercise, and any other factors that might be important.
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    Here I am ending my Day 1!!!! I am so surprised that I had the motivation to say no to dessert. Sweets and added sugar have been my worst enemy and I have not had the willpower to say no. Something (many things) have finally shifted and I feel the support of the group, and a new willingness to try different food choices. I am also doing no red meat or poultry so definitely looking for ideas on upping protein. I made some zucchini and carrot fritters tonight. I shocked myself by packing snacks with me while I was running errands (almonds, apple and homemade almond butter, banana, carrot sticks)! Wow. I am definitely getting some headaches and think my body will be detoxing for a few days as I was eating dessert with EVERY meal and then some! Looking forward to touching base here and reading your wisdom and sharing when I need a boost or hit a milestone.
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    Such a great group we have starting here! I love that there is a mix of new folks and more experienced Whole 30'ers! I usually find Day 1 pretty easy - the adrenaline carries me through. Once I make it through a whole week, I'm pretty set. I have done several whole 30's, and here's my tip of the day: mindset is everything! I've completed a whole 30 and been miserable, because I was so focused on what I couldn't have. So focus on all the great healthy things you'll be eating and you'll be much happier! Happy Day 1!
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    Hi everyone! I spent all yesterday grocery shopping and cooking. I made a double batch of Chicken Chowder from the 30 Day Guide book, a Shepherd's Pie from the same book, and a giant frittata (that I'm about to have some of for breakfast). I also have ingredients for the No Fuss Salmon Cakes from that book but didn't get to them yesterday. I also got some fruit, veggies, nuts, etc to have around, and some emergency Lara Bars. I have a lot of doctor's appointments this week so my schedule is going to be weird. I forced myself to get up and hour earlier today so I wouldn't be rushed through eating breakfast (I usually get a bagel on the way to work) and packing lunch. I wanted to cook some more tonight but I might just end up in bed early.. I think my biggest hurdle is going to be days where I feel like I don't have energy to make healthy choices, so I'm trying to stay ahead of it by making sure I always have something prepared! Hope everyone has a great Day 1!
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    I'm starting on May 1st as well. I've been fortunate enough to not having any serious health issues, but have always known I could do better. Now that I'm in my 30s I can see my metabolism slowing down every day. I've had some minor headaches, slight reflux, fatigue (I call it the 4:00 feeling), rosacea, the hour glass figure I carried through my 20s is gone and my muffin top spills over more and more every day. I know if I don't make a change I am heading down an unhealthy and frankly unhappy road. When starting the books one line spoke to me in a way that convinced me I could do this. "Losing a parent is hard. Drinking your coffee black is. not. hard." Now, I have been drinking black coffee for years, but I lost my dad suddenly and unexpectedly just over 2 years ago. Somehow we managed to pick up the pieces and move forward with feelings of gratitude and eventually happiness. I know if I can get through that I can give up alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains and legumes for 30 days and I will be better for it. Looking forward to the journey!
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    I am starting my Whole 30 Monday too. I need a nutritional reset. I suspect I may have a gluten intolerance. Although loosing weight will be great I'm really doing this to feel better. I have gotten into the habit of stuffing my face with whatever is most convenient and gained a lot of weight. Time for a reset. Good Luck, Everyone.
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    I finished my Whole30 a few days ago, and I lost 8 pounds. I went from 155 to 147. I'm a 5'4" female in my early 30's. BUT, *more importantly* it became obvious to me that my relationship with food and my scale isn't serving me. Here are some of my Whole30 discoveries... Realization: One of the hardest parts of Whole30 was not weighing myself which made me realize how much I let the scale define me. I used to weigh myself every morning and the number would lead to a cascade of feelings (good or bad depending on the number). This is such a limited way to view myself. To put it in perspective, if a friend judged me every morning based on my weight, I would kick that person out of my life. So why wasn't I treating myself with the same respect? New Commitment: I've decided to weigh myself far less (like 1X a month, if that). And instead, I'm now starting my days with a spiritual text - usually something about treating myself and others with kindness & compassion. I read articles that refocus my mind on the most important parts of life - human connection, nature, and simple, healthy living. I like starting the day on a positive note. It helps me live more mindfully. Realization: When I go to the grocery store, I can really only shop in 2 out of the 12 grocery isles because the majority have unhealthy choices. This was a very clear sad realization about how our grocery stores are focused on shelf stable foods with preservatives and additives that prevent them from going bad. The majority of foods in stores do not support our health. I already knew this, but this fact became glaringly REAL during my Whole30. New Commitment: Eat whole, healthy foods. Continue learning to cook. I don't need to be compliant 100% of the time since my Whole30 is over, but I'd like to respect my body and put healthy foods in it most of the time. I actually think it's healthy to eat "treats" once in awhile (for me personally, everyone is different). I think being too stringent can lead to a mentality where I'm chasing perfection...which doesn't exist. I like riding my bike. I'm in a reflective place, so I will try to come back and update this post after I've thought more about my experience. - J
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    I think it's funny when people tell me "It's basically the Atkins diet." My response: Do you eat meats? So do I. Do you eat veggies? So do I. Do you eat fruit? So do I. Do you eat fast food? I don't. Do you eat Packaged foods with lots of ingredients you can't pronounce? I don't. Do you make all of your meals at home with fresh whole ingredients? I do. Do you drink 8+ glasses of water a day? I do. Do you avoid harmful ingredients? I do. Do you know every ingredient that you put in your mouth? I do. Do you eat foods that contribute to nutrient absorption, liver cleansing and better body detoxification without it being in a pill or powder form? Well, I do. Do you have amazing Bowel Movements? I do. Do you sleep 8-10 hours per night? I do. Do you feel healthier and happier every day that passes? I do. So... what's the problem with my way of eating?
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    I am almost done with day 2, and I'm still going! I had a crazy day today, had a crisis at a patients house, and couldn't get back to the office (60 miles away) to heat up my lunch. So I stopped at the nearest grocery store, grabbed some cut up veggies, nuts, an epic bar and some raspberries. Not ideal, but I knew the items were compliant so I rolled with it. I am so darn proud of myself for not throwing in the towel because I hit a snag. For dinner tonight, I sautéed up some shredded cabbage and carrots and onions, and mixed that with browned homemade fennel sausage. And I put it on top of a baked potato. Awesomeness. And it took all of 10 minutes. Yahoo! I am out of food for the most part so I have to get creative on what to eat tomorrow, but I can do it! Keep it it up Peeps!
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    I have wanted to do the Whole30 for a year and a half. I read “It Starts with Food” twice, I listened to the eBook twice, I read over the cookbook repeatedly and read everything I could online. Finally I decided there was no point in putting it off any longer, the sooner I start the sooner I’ll finish. I decided to start January 2, 2017. I wanted to do the Whole30 because I was positive I have food sensitivities but wasn’t sure what they were. I did want to lose weight as well but that wasn’t my goal. I also wanted to feel better. I’ve been suffering with ailments like foggy brain, exhaustion, no energy, etc. for years. I had cleaned up my diet for two months prior to starting the Whole30. My experience was vastly different than I expected. I did not really have severe detox symptoms. I also never got the ‘tiger’s blood’. But I got so much more out of it. My digestion improved almost immediately. I had irregular bowel issues for a long time. My doctor has no idea what was causing it. All my labs came back normal. Let me back track a few months here… I’m 33 years old. I’m a newlywed. And my husband and I want to start a family soon. I went to the doctor and she ran a slew of blood work on me. My labs came back that I was pre-diabetic, iron anemic, vitamin B deficient, and vitamin D deficient. I had high blood pressure. I had symptoms of fatty liver and my left ventricle of my heart is enlarged and hardening due to my high blood pressure. I also had sleep apnea. This was in October 2016. She said that I needed to get my BMI to 30-35% before she was comfortable for me to conceive. That is almost 100 pounds I needed to lose. I just took notes as she talked, trying to figure out what to do. She complimented me on my positive attitude despite the slew of bad news she had given me. I had a follow up appointment with my doctor on Jan. 30th. I had my labs done on Jan. 25th. I am no longer pre-diabetic. My blood pressure is normal for the first time since 2012. My iron stores have almost tripled. My heart is still skipping a little bit but she suspects that’ll heal itself as I continue along on this journey. All of these, I attribute to the Whole30. It has literally changed my life. My doctor told me that if I continue on this path at the rate I am going, she could clear me for pregnancy around July 2017. That is music to my ears! I encountered so many skeptics. So much negative responses and dislike for this program from Clean Eating groups I am in. They bashed the heck out of the Whole30. I refused to let them beat me down over it. Instead, I blogged every day. I posted pictures of my food, talked about how I felt that day, and I shared when I was struggling. I put the entire journey out there for everyone to see. I would like to think they learned a lot from my journey. Many were shocked at the types and amounts of food I could eat because they believed this program to be restrictive. It is of course but not like what they expected. I experimented with recipes and tried to make it my own. I learned to listen to my body, stop when I was full and that it was okay to leave food on my plate. I learned to read labels and Google was my hero when it came to checking ingredients. I learned to make deliberate decisions when it came to the foods I chose during reintroduction. I never felt deprived really. Yes I missed certain foods but I committed to 30 days and I was determined to do it. And I did do it. I made it all 30 days and followed the program to a ‘T’. I did not cheat, I did not slip. No matter how many times I may have wanted to. Like Melissa says, it’s only 30 days. My starting stats were: Weight: 249.6 Left Arm: 17.5" Right Arm: 17.5" Chest: 51" Stomach at belly button: 49.5" Lower Abs: 55.5" Hips: 53" Right Thigh: 31.5" Left Thigh: 31.5" My stats on Feb 1st were: Weight: 232.8 (-16.8 pounds) Left Arm: 16" (-1.5") Right Arm: 16" (-1.5") Chest: 48" (-3") Stomach at belly button: 47" (-2.5") Lower Abs: 53" (-2.5") Hips: 50" (-3") Right Thigh: 30" (-1.5") Left Thigh: 30" (-1.5") Total lost: 16.8 pounds and 17" overall!!! Here are some of my NSV's for January: *Rings are looser *Clothes are looser *Digestion is better *Tummy issues cleared up *Blood Sugar Normal finally *Blood Pressure normal for the first time since 2012 *Fall asleep faster *My sense of smell seems heightened (not sure if this is a side effect of the Whole30 but I've noticed it the last week Overall in my journey to date, I’ve lost almost 32 pounds total. I plan to continue to loosely follow the Whole30 going forward because I loved learning how to eat REAL FOOD instead of processed food. I have attached a couple of pictures from my journey. Thank you, Melissa and Dallas. Although my Whole30 didn’t follow the ‘typical’ pattern of most Whole30 participants, I got so much from this program. I learned so much. And I was able to help inspire many others along the way
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    Hello everyone, I'm still doing well, the eczema comes and goes especially with the warmer weather and increased oil production, so still struggling with that but washing with mineral salt does help. I used my extra energy to get up early and climb dog mtn full of beautiful wildflowers yesterday. SO sore today but it was worth it.
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    First timer here...overwhelmed by the process, but taking it one day at a time. Got through breakfast and have my lunch planned for here at work. I am excited to have a group to collaborate with! I love all of the ideas for meals. My goal is to improve sleep and I have a low back pain issue that I think is truly inflammation caused by my diet (namely a sugar addiction). Excited and nervous, but I am going for it!
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    Hi all, I'm in as well. I need new food habits! I'm a nurse and also a nutrition counselor (oh, the irony), and I eat like a 19 year old frat boy, including the beer and cereal for dinner. I know better. I want to bee a good example for my family and I want to stop feeling like a fraud in front of my patients. I had one successful W30 in the past and a million half hearted attempts. I am going to try to keep this just as basic and simple as I can. I'm not going to do tons of wild (although fun and delicious) recipes, I'm going to stick with easy to grill or crock pot proteins, lots of raw or steamed veggies, and potatoes on occasion. And fruit of course, because I love it. It's nice to meet you all, and I wish you all the best as we start this together today! Michelle
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    So glad you mentioned water - I have such a hard time drinking water! I hydrate with black coffee, so I have to learn to drink more water. Eggs with spinach and sausage this morning with cold black coffee. Lunch is avacado, sweet potato, tuna salad with approved dressing and apple. I made a one-dish paprika chicken for dinner that I'm going to slip my family. They'll never know it's Whole30! I'm training for a marathon, so I have to drink water and keep my energy up.
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    I'm starting May 22nd (today) as well! Also determined to break my awful sugar addiction! I have stomach issues and nothing seems to be helping them anymore. Looking forward to the benefits from my first Whole30.
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    I hit up Trader joes and Costco today! I was super pleased with how whole 30 friendly both places are even in pre-packaged/frozen food. I'll be cooking for one while juggling 12 hr shifts so anything that gets me out of the kitchen and will actually keep for a while is very welcome. Some finds @ TJs (in case you guys are interested) : frozen cauliflower "rice", compliant breakfast sausage (and also lots that weren't-read the label twice!), epic bar, Rx bar, ghee and cold brew coffee concentrate. I'll start my prep on Sunday afternoon..I'm getting excited!
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    Whole30 finished 2 days ago, but I was waiting until today to make an announcement, as I had a follow up appointment at the doctor's office. Doc has been concerned about my BP, and this was a follow up with the nurse. I was REALLY hoping I'd have an amazing announcement about how my blood pressure has dropped. But, the numbers the nurse read weren't stellar. Last month they were 165/94, pulse 100. Today, 160/90, pulse 85. However, I have been dutifully monitoring my BP at home. My nurse was familiar with Paleo diets, but not Whole30. However, she said "What you are doing is working. Keep it up!" She encouraged me to get more exercise, which I know I need to do. I see my doc next month for a decison about whether BP meds are needed or not. I would rather not take them, but I also don't want to take unnecessary chances. The nurse seemed happy, even though I was a bit dejected that my BP numbers weren't better. My BF was very pragmatic about the visit. "Most people say they will eat better, and exercise more, but they don't. You are not just talking about doing this, you ARE doing this." So, With my home monitoring, my average systolic has dropped about 10 points, based on my home reading. My pulse rate, which has historically been in the 90s, has dropped in to the 80s. The nurse says I lost 10 pounds since my last visit. This is a solid Whole30 win! And it's just the beginning. I need more victories like this. Onward!
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    Success #1 - I have not given in to my after-meal sugar cravings! I drank a big glass of water and just got myself a small cup of coffee.
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    You can totally reward yourself with non food things... bubble bath, paint your nails, be decadent and lounge in bed with a tea and a book... rewards don't always have to be (and shouldn't be) food!
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    @gobebeth On the whole30recipe instagram account they have a recipe for salt & vinegar potatoes. They are SO good with steak and caesar salad. Cut up your potatoes. Add about 1c vinegar to the water with 1tbsp of salt. Bring to boil. Boil 10 minutes. Drain and let cool. Toss with salt, pepper & oil. Bake at 425 for 25-30 minutes (depends how crispy you like your potatoes). Toss with 2 tbsp of vinegar when they are done.
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    My last Diet Coke was June 9, 2014, before I started my first Whole 30. Once I have one, I'm right back at it, so I gave it up for good. Do you think I have some problems with it, LOL? I signed up for Real Plans today. I'm looking forward to trying it out! For the new folks, I also recommend the Daily Whole30 emails - they are very encouraging!
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    Morning all. It's the beginning of day 1 here. I'm having breakfast (eggs, and black tea) then going for a quick walk to town to stock up on food. I have a long day of study ahead. I am going to desperately miss diet coke, and chocolate.
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    I think a FB group is a GREAT idea! I like the idea of these forums, but it's hard keeping up with all the posts. FB is a friendlier platform to keep up with everyone and everything going on. I would be happy to start a FB group for anyone on FB that is interested, I created one now entitled "Whole30 May 1st Start for the Win!" If for some reason you can't find the group feel free to send me your FB name and I can find/add you.
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    Congrats to everyone on making it to Day 30. I've certainly learned a lot about myself and the mindless habits I had (eating food in break room, using sugary foods as "treats", etc.) I feel great, very calm and able to withstand even the stormiest days that life may offer. I've picked up some great habits on reading labels (it's shocking how many places sugar and artificial ingredients lurk), and tried several new recipes (even roasted a beet for the first time in my life!). I agree with others who say that they are enjoying food more than ever. I find now that a handful of blueberries can be as satisfying as a handful of jellybeans (Easter was right in the middle of this Whole 30). I'm debating carrying on another 15-30 days but missing hummus, greek yogurt, chia seeds, homemade granola. Am studying the "reintroduction guide" and hope to introduce foods slowly and make informed decisions. Overall, my Whole 30 experience was transformational! Thanks for sharing the journey with me, and providing your support and encouragement along the way.
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    Hi there! I am starting 5/1 as well! Meals are planned and grocery list written out. I will shop and prep Sunday. I am more nervous about the second week than the first!!
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    Fat adaptation is different from ketosis. You can be fat adapted and still eat a fist sized serving of starchy veggie or some fruit every day. Fat adaptation simply means the ability for your body to easily switch between fuel sources whether that is fat/body fat or carbohydrates that you're feeding it. Anyone who is following the meal template for composition and timing, is not snacking on fruits/using larabars on the reg, is more than likely fat adapted. Ketosis is a whole other thing and not something that we recommend for most people who are coming to Whole30. Especially women and especially women who have hormonal disruptions or underlying health conditions. You're certainly free to seek out ketosis info but you will rarely find that here and we don't recommend it. Our recommendation to almost everyone is to start with at least a fist sized serving of starchy veggie each day. You might need more to feel your best, you might need less. Start there though. As far as Whole30 forever................it's just not realistic. The instant you consume an offplan ingredient whether that's in a cough drop during your winter cold or you have a couple tortilla chips during happy hour or you want a drink of alcohol at that happy hour, your Whole30 is over. No birthday cake, no sugar in breakfast sausage or ketchup, no cookie at Christmas, no restaurant salad dressing. Never. Ever. You see? FOREVER actually means 100% compliance every single day, forever. What you CAN do though is a Food Freedom plan where you figure out what parts of Whole30-based eating you want to keep on with and what you think is worth it for you. Maybe that's only one cupcake on your birthday once a year. Even so, that's not Whole30 forever. That's your Food Freedom.
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    Also starting May 1st! This is my second time around, I had incredible results in my mind and body last time and have fallen off the bandwagon completely, used Christmas and Easter as an excuse to make poor food choices and just completely over indulge and eat subconsciously instead of the way that I had been for the past 3 years, which was at least considering how the food I was eating was going to effect me and deciding if it was worth the conscequence or not. Now im back, and ready to start all over again. Looking forward to all the support and hearing about everyone's journeys!
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    Just a quick note while I have a moment on lunch. I have not reintroduced anything yet... today I was offered some caramel popcorn.. I love popcorn. I have a piece sitting on my desk, just 1 piece. I haven't eaten it yet lol. Not sure if I will.
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    I'm speaking in general, but you don't need to start over again. Extended Whole 30's don't really fix it when you're finished.The off and on again approach...Whole 30's mixed with binge eating or just minor/major off-roading inbetween is not Food Freedom Forever. It's boxing yourself into a corner. It creates more black and white thinking about food. Whole 30 or Not. All in/on target or falling back into old habits. After watching others do this for years now, I am convinced that the original constructs of a Whole 30 are optimum, in every way. Elimination protocol of 30 days, a Reintro of about 10 days or longer and done. Next. Immediately create a plan you can live with for the rest of your life. Your personal decisions will be liberating. Maybe you like eating the same lunch every single day, some do. Some like eating the same food 3X aday, that wouldn't work for me but you choose, you decide. Read FFF, you'll find ideas for putting your positive food management plan together. My plan is consistent but it has leeway. I can eat full fat plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese, legumes, even some non gmo grains in whole form, fish, fish, fish, proteins of every kind, nuts, fruits and vegetables. What I can't do is eat is deliberately engineered to be craved candy or donuts or bakery items or white sugar, white flour, white pasta. These things cause an immediate uptick in my blood sugar even in small amounts. I don't eat them. I don't touch artificial sweetners or soda pops. No fast food or ice cream. I have enough leeway that I don't ever feel deprived. I eat everything with a protein. Fruit, vegetables, everything is paired with protein. That's my Rx for blood sugar control. It works for me. Starting over and over again will not make it any easier on Day 61 or Day 91 when you're done. FFF = not doing a Whole 30 Forever. It's going to take work to find your way. I'm consistent but that's my way. The sooner you can find your way the easier this will be. Create something consistent for awhile until you get your footing back. After an elimination protocol, there is an adjustment period. You're used to reading every label. Find your wiggle room and branch out. You can always prune yourself back before it goes sideways.
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