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    I'm so excited I had to tell you all about my evening. I have mild scoliosis but for the last 20 years it has played havoc with my back. I've been going to the chiropractors all that time and now just go for maintenance and a monthly massage as I get very knotted and unbalanced. So I went tonight and after about 10 minutes my therapist, who I've been seeing for 4 years, stopped and commented that my back was feeling really good, in fact it was the best she had ever felt it. So she asked me if I'd been doing anything different since I'd last seen her a few weeks ago and I told her about the Whole30. She thinks it has definitely had a huge impact on my back muscles already and can't wait to see how I am in a month. This is a massive deal for me as I have lived with chronic back pain for nearly half my life and I hoped that the Whole30 might help a little. So happy
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    Well the fact you had protein in there does change my thought slightly... neither thing was really an 'issue' persay, but fruit and nuts/butters shouldn't be eaten in place of veggies... if you're having trouble eating enough due to lack of appetite, then replace the fruit and nut butter with veggies and a better fat... that's all. Often people say they have no appetite but they can eat fruit and nuts/nut butter and other sweet comforting foods, but that's just your hormones talking...
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    It can happen... make sure to keep eating template meals... leave off the fruit, nut butter, nuts etc... if you can't eat much, you should be eating protein and fat and nutrient dense veggies
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    And I would also just like to add that @SugarcubeOD you have always been so helpful in the past (I think this is my 5th round) I feel like it's a privileged to have you in the group!!! Death to the Dragon!!
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    Actually all , ignore this. I'm just being silly. All the other benefits are fantastic. I've changed more on this free program than I have with several other expensive nutritional coaching sessions. The weight that should come off will. I never started this for weight loss. Keeping my eye on the bigger prize- healing my body!
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    Think of it this way. If you are a third of the way through your day and you drip mustard on your pants, do you rip them off and throw them away? And then two hours later, figure, "what the hell", and take off and throw out everything else you're wearing? No. You dab the mustard stain the best you can, remind yourself to use a napkin next time and you move on....fully clothed. Don't throw your pants away!
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    Day # 15- Can't believe it's here!! Apologize for the absence. Hubby took me on a weekend get away. It was so nice to get away but the planner in me was a bit startled. I was as w30 as I could be and I think I did fairly well. I felt like I could tell if something had an 'illegal ingredient' or not. I have already planned on continuing after the original 30 days. I typically cook hard boiled eggs so when in doubt, I just had that. Haven't made it to the grocery store this weekend and I feel like I'm SOO behind. Trying to find budget friendly meals. I wish I wasn't so picky and I just wish eating health and clean wasn't so darn expensive... Le sigh.
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    @Aurora Blue, that is AMAZING!!! SO happy to hear the good news!! Nothing too crazy to write home about.. Just another day on W30. I keep getting up earlier than I want to and have more energy than before,..what's up with that? lol Doesn't w30 know it's summertime? I'm on break..I guess one cool thing happened. The kiddo I tutor said, "Mrs. M.C., you are like a ball of energy!" If it comes from a kid then it HAS to be true.
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    @WholeChristina Thank you for the carne crockpot recipe. I saved this on my phone to make next week! I've also noticed an improvement in mood the past few days. So thankful to be turning a corner from my moodiness! (Fingers crossed!) @lilakayThose pizza boats look delish! I plan to make them next week.. glad you loved them! Also, I'm a scale addict too. It has been a relief not to be able to step on the scale every day. My morning weigh ins prior to whole30 have ruined many mornings for me sadly. I may stick to not weighing myself long term. I honestly love not being tied to a number. I can tell my clothes fit a little better but certainly nothing drastic yet. http://mixandmatchmama.com/2017/02/sheet-pan-supper-roasted-sausage-potatoes-veggies/ I'm making this sheet pan dinner tonight. I've made it before prior to whole30 and it is super good. I'm subbing the protein for compliant Italian sausage I found at publix and skipping the PAM in favor of greasing with coconut oil. So I had a big win last night! I have been trying to break my snack habit so hard. I am a chronic snacker normally. Well since whole30 I have cut out my morning and afternoon snacks but still struggle in the time between dinner and bed. I'm a huge Big Brother fan and my husband and I normally watch all the episodes together and we snack during it. Ugh. Well last night I made myself a cup of hot tea and that was it. Yay!!! I made sure to have a big dinner with plenty of fat, veggies and protein. I ate more than I normally would at dinner, but made it without snacking last night.. WIN!!
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    @Aurora Blue. That’s a really great question!!! The last time I did W30 was 2 years ago. DR. thought I was allergic to gluten, so we were trying to figure things out. We did find out that I felt immensely better, however, it wasn't a gluten issue. Turns out I have endometriosis. Only took 2 painful years to figure THAT out. Enough ranting about misdiagnosis... There are so many more options then the last time I did it. So many great products are available now then there wasn’t before. That being said, I am not in this ‘honeymoon’ phase like I was last time. Last time, I was like "I LOVE WHOLE 30. Look at me.. this is EASY!" I don’t remember the first two weeks being THIS HARD! However, my husband said I did have a few sugar melt downs last time. He can remember THAT but not to take out the trash... lol. All kidding aside, I’m just glad and thankful that so many more people are talking about it, writing about, positing about, and taking pictures. It’s nice not to be in the dark. I love the instagram account "emilyeatsrealfood" her pictures have been super helpful. I"m realizing that I"m making this way too hard on myself. I can do a lettuce 'sandwich' for lunch. Why am I trying to make a fancy schmancy lunch? I just got to remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE!! @MissTraci, the pizza potato boat was really really good. A lot more prep work then unwrapping pizza or dialing a phone number but totally worth the work. It has completely kept the pizza monster at bay. I loaded it with my favorite toppings and even my husband even liked it. Granted, he added his favorite side, “CHEESE”. I was able to use my dump ranch as a dipper. Here’s the recipe Pizza Potato skins. I think it could easily be kid-friendly dish and if they are old enough they can 'decorate' their own toppings. @EJSmadhatter First of all, welcome to the tantrum club! I'm feeling a bit scattered brain myself. I'm glad to know it's not just me... But, you got this!! One day at a time. Day # 10- Yesterday, I had a really really good day. I did my arts and craft thing and had a typical breakfast and an easier lunch than most days. Last night, we made "Hawaiian chicken kabobs" and it was delicious!! It was full of chicken, and onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, and pineapple. I marinated the hawaiian chicken in natural pineapple juice, added garlic, ginger, and used red boat fish sauce (i'm allergic to coconut) and it had EVERYTHING I wanted. I love the grill char on the fruits and veggies, the spiciness of the jalapeño gave it a real kick while the pineapple came to cool it down. I even took a picture... Day # 11- typical breakfast. Probably will have my hamburger patties, green beans, and salad for lunch. Dinner is left-over kabobs! I'm a snob... I hate leftovers. But i'm really excited about dinner tonight. The evenings have been super hard for me too. I love having wine, champagne with cranberry, or even a cider... With 4th of July coming up, I just want to burry my head in the sand and not do anything. I'm afraid of going to a party and being tempted. .. I can't remember who mentioned it but I was a person who looked on the scale all the time last w30. I am typically a person who is shackled to the scale... I always jump on first thing in the morning.. I can promise you this-DO NOT LOOK AT THE SCALE THIS UPCOMING WEEK... DON'T DO IT! Last time, at the end of the second week, I hit a plateau and didn't loose anything. It was seriously deflating and I wanted to give up. I know we are quickly approaching what I like to call the 'danger zone' and all I can say is trust me on this.. Celebrate the non scale victories...
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    Oh right, I completely forgot you were doing the candida hit... sorry! How about mayo? The pesto is a good idea... if you can have sundried tomatoes, Costco sells a big jar in olive oil and sometimes I just put a big scoop of them on what I"m eating (hello meatloaf!) so you get the oil from the jar plus the oil they soaked up so that's a good fat alternative. Take a look at www.meljoulwan.com because she's got some great sauces... chimichurri and another one I can't remember... I would defo cut down on the nuts... instead of eating them raw in a salad in place of protein, if you were a little more stingy with them, you could have something like Sunshine Sauce for fat (same website). It's not fat but are you allowed to have something like Frank's or similar compliant hot sauce? It can kick up boring meals pretty good with just a touch... Also make sure you're salting your food, as you can tell, since you're making eveyrthing from scratch, if you don't add salt, then no only are things bland but you're doing yourself a disservice because the body needs sodium to survive. You'll definitely get through it and you'll be happy friend again! Let me know if you need anything
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    Okay, I read your other post too... eep! First, where the heck is your fat? That's where the flavor and fun is! We don't count cooking fat because it gets left in the pan, split between portions... I would be a sad friend too if I didn't have fat... Also, if the turkey bacon and roasted greens was your breakfast, it's not enough food... I doubt sincerely you ate a palms worth (thickness x width x length) of turkey bacon... add some eggs and avocado to that and maybe some roasted potato or sweet potato... Mayo and a brown grainy mustard mixed together makes a lovely sauce... this coming from a fellow ketchup lover... I used to just eat things that you could have ketchup on just as a vehicle FOR ketchup so I get it... and may I say, don't bother with home made ketchup, it's not the same at all! I bet any money your mood, crankiness, cravings and hunger would resolve if you added more fat to your meals and some starch at least once a day! Also, why are you only eating chicken and turkey? Eggs, fish, ground pork, scotch eggs (so good!) canned fish... mix it up if you can!
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    Hi all! It's been a while but hubby and I are still holding strong! Psyched that we've made it to day 10! I went to a drinking buddy's house warming last Saturday night. It was BYOB! I brought a bottle of wine and placed it with the others and drank ice water! It was catered by an Italian chef who asked why I wasn't eating. I told him and he whipped up a hearty portion of sautéed spinach with evo garlic and lemon, very nice. Whoop Whoop! Interestingly, my girlfriend was annoyed that I wasn't drinking. I guess misery loves company. I'm so glad I went, I needed to prove to myself I could refrain even with pressure. It was truly empowering! @AlpineViking Hope you're feeling better. My husband is also sick. We thought it might be the change in diet as well but he has sinusitis. He sounds terrible! @sojurabbit I too made the mayo and it was awful. I didn't use light olive oil which has a much milder flavor. I went to the grocery store looking for premade mayo. Saw the Primal brand. I commented out loud on how expensive it was and a woman standing near by recommended another brand. It's by Hain Pure Foods for almost half the price for 24oz. She said she gave both brands to a friend and the friend said the Primal brand tasted a lot less like mayo than the Hains. I've not tasted the Primal but the Hains definitely taste like mayo. On the nutritional chart sugar isn't listed however in the ingredients it's made with canola oil, dehydrated cane juice and honey. Things we're re not suppose to have but it has to be traces if it's not listed on the chart right? What do you guys think? Made the whole 30/Paleo breakfast casserole last night. Eggs, home made sausage ( super easy to make) ,spinach, mushrooms, green onions. It's very good! Nights are the toughest for us, we're used to snacking or drinking wine or both! That said, my husbands lost 5 lbs ( he keeps weighing himself even though he's not suppose to) we both feel better and I don't feel bloated and have a lot more energy especially at the end of the day when I normally crash. I'm getting up so much easier and making it to the gym so really happy about that. Sleeping still isn't great but hopefully will get better. I enjoy reading all your posts so keep it up! We're getting it done!:)
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    First of all, I just want to say Thank you for the support. It's embarrassing sharing that I threw a temper tantrum, but glad I had a safe place to share. I just wanted to share my truths, however bad they might be... @Aurora Blue, did you get your water back? While my husband is supportive, this is my second time. He felt it was just a fad too. However, this time around it's been different. He's been a fabulous cheerleader. Instead of my inner voice he's been vocal and has been the one who said, "remember last time? You had so much energy. You felt healthier than you ever have!". Once you go through it, you'll see the chances but your spouse will too. Day #8- Had a scrambled hash.. It was okay. Tried to use left over potatoes I had cooked and it was no bueno. I'll be getting up a little bit earlier to make it fresh. I was super busy yesterday creating stuff for my classroom, I almost missed lunch! I had some turkey, salad and some fruit. Dinner was leftover patties and new sweet potato fries and a salad. I was pleasantly stuffed!! And also so so glad I did not have to cook. Day #9- I'll do the usual scramble today. Not sure about lunch but I have tons of options. Dinner is the potato pizza boat recipe I found. I'm kinda excited. Hope everyone has a wonderful Day # 9!! We GOT THIS!
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    @FairyL0u I don't think there's anything wrong with that - particularly because that sounds DELICIOUS. I find myself feeling that way a lot during Whole30s - when I try new foods that are good, I'm just so excited to eat them! @SugarcubeOD Saw your sunburn on Insta - ouch! So, so sorry. I hope it heals quickly. @Delicacious When I had a cold on my last Whole30, I also read that coconut oil can help you immune system. I think I ended up putting a glob directly into a smoothie, which was both delicious and I feel like it might have sped up my recovery, but it's hard to know for sure. (I know smoothies are not recommended on W30 but it's what I used to soothe my throat during the last one when I was sick-y, so just sharing that experience). I had a GREAT dinner last night - I made this garlic mayo dip and had it with (new) grilled chicken, carrots in coconut oil, okra, and these potato wedges with white potatoes instead of sweet (which I dipped in marinara and the garlic dip and ate by themselves). I felt SO satisfied and happy. I've been waking up with headaches that seem to pass quickly until this morning when it is much worse and lasting much longer. It was happening before this Whole30 as well, so I originally thought it was the dairy I was having but this morning it seems like it's getting worse. I'm not sure if it's part of the Whole30 Hangover, my weird sleep schedule (had a friend at my house until waaayyy past my bedtime last night), the magnesium I started taking before bed, or maybe my pillow screwing up my neck and shoulders. I'm getting a massage today and going to the chiropractor tomorrow so hopefully that will help with anything associated with the latter. BMs have also been weird/almost non-existent so really hoping that will work itself out here soon. I also haven't gotten to the gym yet this week because of being so busy, so looking forward to getting in hopefully tomorrow. Because this week didn't go as planned, I've ended up basically having two weeks off, though, so it is going to be a rough one, ugh. Day 3 for me. I remembered what @SugarcubeOD suggested yesterday so breakfast was a little bigger today - 3 eggs, sweet potatoes, okra, peppers, and half an avocado. Lunch will be grilled chicken, mayo, carrots, and broccoli fritter. For dinner hubby and I are planning to roast zucchini, yellow squash, and onion on the grill with burgers and the potato wedges and noodle buns I prepped Tuesday. That seems like a lot of carbs, but I really like carbs at night before a workout, so hoping it will be OK. Not sure if I will have mayo or avocado on my burger yet for fat. I might drizzle some dressing on the veggies too. Not sure exactly, but I do know that I'm salivating already.
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    Confession: I have tried the Whole30 before. I say “tried” and not “completed” because I see now how out of compliance my meals were. I had a breakfast of an RX Bar, a pre workout of prosciutto and walnuts…I also trained for a half marathon at the time and did intense circuit training and it was a rough month. It was a white-knuckling kind of month and I got nothing out of it. Nothing. It triggered disordered eating tendencies (from being starving all the time) and things I had not been doing since high school I started doing again. I ended up gaining weight in the weeks that followed. That was in 2013. So why did I come back? I felt out of control. I’m living totally alone for the first time in my adult life and I felt like my food habits were just getting worse and worse. No meal prep was happening, I was skipping lunches all the time and then going crazy at dinner. I was pouring myself a glass (or two) of wine 4 or 5 nights a week. I was bloated, I was lazy, I needed to do something dramatic. Also, my digestion seemed to be getting worse and worse. I’m an abstainer. Now, the Whole30 taught me a lot this time around. Some things I knew and it just reinforced and some things were brand new information to me. I wrote this list before I weighed myself this morning. Things I learned from my Whole30: I overeat. Especially when I am alone and bored. I’m always wandering into the kitchen wondering what I could pull out just to munch on. I have to be aware of it. I eat too late at night. Not waking up hungry is the result of my after dinner popcorn/chip/chocolate snack. I justify it because it’s low calorie but I don’t need it by any stretch of the imagination. The Whole 30 was the first time I felt really hungry for breakfast. I use wine as a transition from work to home. It’s my reward after a long day. (And my days have been LONG this month, trust me.) I was fat phobic and still am to a degree. I want to go get my cholesterol tested, no matter how many peer-reviewed/meta analyses articles you show me stating dietary cholesterol does not impact serum cholesterol. I’m a (not practicing) registered dietitian. It’s ingrained in me still. Not weighing myself was hard, but not as hard as I thought it would be. I surprisingly almost broke only twice. I might be intolerant to garlic (#sadface) I feel weird asking for what I want at restaurants. I’m a paying customer and none of my requests are unreasonable, but I get anxiety having to order food, no matter how cool or indifferent everyone around me is. I went out for dinner with a work colleague and then friends and both times they had their own specific requests and had to give me a little nudge to ask for substitutions instead of just making do and probably starving myself. I hope I get better at this. I don’t need sugar in my coffee, coconut milk is delicious and good coffee black is satisfying. The only time I want an almond milk latte is when I’ve had a coffee for the day and just want a mid-day “treat”. I don’t drink enough water but when I do I feel a lot better Despite not weighing myself all month, I’m not over the scale. I have been having anxiety for days knowing I have to step on it (Note: I know I don’t have to, but I will. I want to know and I also don’t.) I still struggle with eating to satiety. I eat what’s on my plate. Now, for some NSVs: Glowing skin (according to a coworker) Less pronounced under eye circles Stronger nails Flatter stomach Leaner appearance Less bloating Feeling more confident in appearance Fewer PMS symptoms (I have PCOS so this is a big deal) Less stomach pain Less diarrhea Less constipation Less gas Improved regularity Fewer seasonal allergies (maybe related to the changing time of year, but definitely better now) Feeling in control of your food Fewer carb cravings Fewer sugar cravings Improved disordered eating habits More nutrition in my diet Food no longer has unwanted side effects Thinking more clearly Awaken feeling refreshed Energy levels more even No more mid day energy slump Need less caffeine New cooking skills New recipes Meal prep is organized and efficient AND NOW, for the weight... I lost 2.6lbs. I don’t want to qualify this saying I’m PMS-ing or anything (I am). That doesn’t matter. It’s lower than I expected just seeing how flat my stomach is by comparison. It also explains why none of my clothes really felt looser. I’m on the higher end of a normal BMI and I would like to lose weight. Am I disappointed? Yes and no. I was a little surprised it was less weight loss than I had anticipated but also, if I can keep eating good amounts of healthy food and eating enough and feeling satisfied…I’m super happy with 2.6lbs. I’m at peace with that number…and I never thought I would be able to say that. So what are my plans now? Well…I don’t know. I had a reintroduction schedule all laid out and I’m on the fence whether to follow it. I have a big licensing exam tomorrow so I will be having a glass of wine with my friend at dinner afterwards, but I’m kind of at a loss for what to do beyond that…In some ways, I want to stay on the Whole30 and do a slow roll. If you are still reading I’m amazed because I do tend to ramble. I’m very happy I gave the Whole30 another chance. It’s what I needed in so many ways and it’s nice to know I can always come back to it. Now, to practice practicing food freedom. Good luck to everyone completing the program/living the post Whole30 life!
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    @emilyelowe - I like what you said about feeling lighter It never ceases to amaze me that by the end of the first day or the beginning of the second day of doing a Whole30, I ALWAYS feel more calm... more light and bouncy in spirit... It would be interesting to dig into that a bit and see why it is... my assumption is because when you honor your body and your mind by being kind, your body and your mind respond... I guess just like being kind to someone who's having a bad day can lift them up, being kind to yourself can lift YOU up... interesting I had a terrible sleep last night and slept in this am... luckily my job is pretty casual about start/stop times so I'll just work a little later today. After I cleaned up dinner yesterday, I got it in my head that I had to clean up my vintage breadbox (which is basically like my junk drawer)... so I puttered and picked through and threw out a ton of old business cards, receipts (WHY do I keep those??). It's one of those 'extra' things that I would have normally always done but with the fatigue and mood fluctuations from what I've been going through this last year, there was no way I could do it... and then voila, yesterday it happened! These types of spiritual, emotional and fatigue related changes are what I'm most looking forward to this month... Emily, don't forget to add fat to your meals I saw it yesterday too, but I think maybe you've just forgotten to mention the fat? Also, eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping so maybe up the protein a bit? You might feel great now, but nutrition is cumulative so it could catch up with you
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    I'm still here- finished yesterday, Day 1 of re-entro here. I'm officially down 9 pounds! I wish I had taken measurements pre and post. I had some dairy this morning (what I felt I was missing the whole time), and I'm actually feeling quite nauseous. I'm currently rethinking my planned latte or ice cream for later today. I feel very proud of completing this program. I honestly didn't think that I could do it. I didn't go in with that attitude to give myself a way out, or an excuse, I just didn't know if I was strong enough to do it. If I was going to be able to say no to the cravings and watch other people eat and enjoy things that I know I love. It is hard, although I know some don't agree with that assessment. Great job to everyone in this group, glad to see you "on the other side"!
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    Hi Everyone! I am starting Monday, July 24 for I know will be a feel good 30 days! I have done the Whole 30 for 4 times now-- I know I can do it and so can all of you! My downfall has been that I am great for 30 days, but then life kicks in like the holiday favorites and vacation favorites and I fall to my bad habits. But I went grocery shopping today and my fridge is filled with good for me food. Checking in each day is definitely the way to go-- so let's help each other out! Marianna
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    Google 'whole30 brown bag lunch' or 'whole30 picnic' for things that you can take to work. Really tho, anything you would eat at home as leftovers you can take to work... if you're in a hospital or other care facility, they usually have a nurse's lounge (I renovate hospitals for a living so I"ve done many lounges) that have a fridge and micro... so you're basically set, you just need to do the ahead of time prep to HAVE the leftovers on your shift days
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    I had a slight change of plans: instead my planned dinner I ended up having Tuna Salad Nicoise--this is actually from a restaurant and is totally compliant! Probably 3-4 cups veggies (romaine lettuce, carrots, cabbage), seared Ahi, olives, hard boiled egg, green beans, potatoes. I tossed the dressing and bread roll, put on my own compliant TJ's balsamic vinaigrette dressing (I added a fair amount, hoping can count that as my fat). Very satisfying and tasty. I got one for my husband too.
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    Echoing what @FoodFreedomFighter said, I have found tea can be a help in the evening. I like this: http://www.republicoftea.com/kiwi-pear-green-tea/p/v00649/ and they have a lot of flavor choices. I have not checked ingredients of other flavors yet, so please double check if a different flavor floats your boat! I'm on Day 16, and with a few weeks of "mostly" Whole 30 prior to that, I am FINALLY dialed in on portions and proportions so that I am not even tempted to snack between meals, and if I notice I'm hungry, I can bet it's getting close to meal time. First time in my life, I think, that food and eating just feels simple and right. It feels good
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    AHHH! Forgive the intrusion, but I have to admit I'm kinda jealous of this group. With both @emilyelowe and @SugarcubeOD participating, it's going to be amazing! I wish I could join, but I've got to practice food freedom through at least August. I'm hoping to do a 2nd whole30 (or 45-60) later this year though. I might have to keep checking this thread though just for inspiration and advice. I've just been thinking this too! My current food freedom plan is to try to eat as close to the template as possible other than the occasions when I'll have food provided for me. I just keep thinking I buy and eat the same things over and over. I could pretty much roll my grocery list over from one trip to the other, especially for veggies. I started looking up new recipes this morning to incorporate some new things and came across 2 interesting-looking stuffed eggplant recipes: 1) A tomato-based ground beef version - http://www.everydaymaven.com/2013/paleo-stuffed-eggplant-ground-beef/ and 2) a balsamic ground chicken version - http://www.thesophisticatedcaveman.com/balsamic-chicken-stuffed-eggplant/ I also found a drunken zucchini noodles recipe that looks interesting: http://themovementmenu.com/recipes/whole30-drunken-zucchini-noodles/ (although note the page is not coming up on my computer, but it is on my phone). I'm considering buying some new cookbooks and the Well Fed ones sound like a good starting point, thanks SugarCube! I'm sure this was just a response to something that had happened yesterday and not really the way you think about yourself, but I wanted to jump in with some encouragement. You are definitely not 'mean'. I've always found you and @ladyshanny to have lots of encouragement, tough love when needed, and great advice! Coming from someone who has done a little modding on a different forum, I know it can be draining and I'm glad you're treating yourself to a reset and joining in with a group!
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    Hi there! My name is Ryan Reed and my husband Patrick and I will be starting our Whole30 this Saturday, July 1st. I am so excited to finally start. I bought the book last month and have been reading and brainstorming recipes to make this month. I had been wanting to try Whole30 for a while now, but I've had a lot on my plate (lol) for the past few months. I recently got married and then we immediately moved across the country, from South Carolina to Colorado. Now that we are settled, I am ready to start and have high hopes of seeing good results. I am mostly doing Whole30 to improve my relationship with food, improve a skin condition, hopefully lose some weight (but I have reasonable expectations regarding this), and to improve some mood and emotional symptoms like depression and anxiety. Those are my main reasons, but I like to read through the list of benefits and see what else I might be able to expect. I am writing here on this forum to stay accountable and get support. So glad that you all are here and that we can help each other achieve our health goals!
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    Hey @CookyMagoo, so sorry to hear of the dx, but at least you have a path to wellness! Worse would be feeling like poop and not knowing why! I just wanted to make a note to all of you that even if you're planning on eating this way 'forever' there's no such thing as a Whole365 (or even Whole 45/60/90). We WANT you to do the reintroductions... that's kind of the whole point of this... clean the gut, reset the body and then test test test what works and doesn't work for you individually... then you make a plan that becomes your Food Freedom... as in WholeSugarcubeOD or WholeNicky05. It's very possible that your Food Freedom is going to similarily replicate the Whole30, but you need to have the info from reintroductions to be able to make the appropriate WholeYourName and your Food Freedom... how do you know if something is 'worth it' or not if you don't know if it's going to give you a five day headache, raging gas or make you feel sad for 48 hours.... all those are real possibilities with the food that we have removed and you need to test... the only things you don't need to test are those that you NEVER plan on eating again (for me it was soy... no way, no form, no how so no reason to test)
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    "Day 19...bread and meeeeeeee got nothin' in common...no weeeeeeee can't talk at all!!!!" We are about to be on the countdown '26ers'! 10! 9! 8! 7!... All of you are awesome! Finish line is in sight!!!! G-day!!!
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    Today was HARD. My mom texted me this morning to tell me my parents were going out for dinner with my grandfather in the city and inviting me. I checked the menu of the place we were going to beforehand (a favourite Italian restaurant) and had a game plan when we got there. I've had fancy cupcakes left out around work, I've had friends eating barbecue around me, but nothing compared to this. From the smells, the glasses of wine, the sourdough bread...it all just felt so hard. It was like 15 days of cravings caught up with me or something. However, I am still on the Whole30, tempting as it was. I ate my salmon (without the fancy sauce, but it was still delicious) and my roasted veggies and drank water. More than anything, I think I really would have just liked to have a glass of wine with everyone else...but I made it. Barely. I hope everyone had a good day 15.
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    I survived two 4th of July events: Tiki Christmas party on 3rd and BBQ on 4th Yesterday I really noticed had I not been doing W30, I would have been grazing over all the chips and dips just because I was standing by the table. I never realized how much mindless eating I used to do after a few drinks...being stone cold sober at a BBQ really made me have a huge AHA moment. Feels pretty awesome recognizing that, FINALLY. One of my friends had made some special 'summer beer' concoction: beer, lemonade, and vodka. 'Take one, you'll love it'. I was firm with the no..when I said 'If I have a sip of that I have to start over again tomorrow..I am 14 days in, I have no desire to start over b/c of a sip of booze. Next time' At the event Monday night, an acquaintance had made 'boozy milkshakes'. She was handing them out as we took our numbers for the white elephant gift exchange. I took it, but put it down by me b/c there was no way I was gonna try and explain that I wasn't drinking to someone that was three sheets to the wind. I have to say being the only sober one at the two events was quite surreal, and really entertaining. I have left over grilled chicken breasts from the BBQ that will be part of my next few meals, excited about that. LOL
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    Hello again. I'm going to try to make this coherent -- puppy has my brain frizzled I miss SLEEP!! I'm hanging tough with food choices. I'm trying to stay ahead of the food prep and not use all my emergency stash. I think this pup will be with us for a longer time and I want to hold some reserve. Tonight will be a challenge for me. We have hubby's 50th birthday family party (thankfully, we did the BIG party last month). I have lots of goodies for the dinner/bbq and that means lots of temptation. I'm so sleep deprived and I don't make great choices when I'm this tired. I simplified MY stuff (it is his birthday after all) so the meal won't feel as special for me. But it's ultimately the wine that I'll miss. I'm going to be a zombie by tonight and wine perks me up. My workout today is treadmill intervals. Quick, down and dirty. It should help with my stamina today. As hard as W30 feels during the chaos (party, puppy and AC broken - ugh), it would ultimately be so much worse without it. I need to remember this tonight! It's been quiet on the boards so I imagine there's lots of fun 4th stuff happening. Enjoy the weekend and be safe!
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    We made through the 30 days - Yeah! I lost 11 pounds and can fit into my shorts and pants that I couldn't fit into in the spring. My before and after pictures are definitely different. I'm very happy I did this - proud of myself too. Thanks again to everyone for their support.
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    congrats everyone! too many to list right now, but so happy for you guys that you made it all through. I'm very proud of myself. And I'm down 12 pounds I definitely look thinner, didn't do a waist measurement yet, BMI is down from obese to overweight. I haven't started the reintro yet- though I did have a bit of non compliant mayo in my tuna. planning on tomorrow, going to start with some corn and legumes. I want to stay off dairy for now.
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    Congratulations! If I have any final advice, it's to PLEASE do the reintroduction protocol. It's 100% the entire point of the Whole30... don't waste the 30 days you got through by not using your clean and healthy gut to test how food affects you... then you can be sure if you need to have a bunless burger, or cheeseless or if you can go whole hog and have a bunny, cheesy burger! wait... no, don't eat the bunny!!! :'(
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    Nothing about the chia pudding is a starch. Almond milk and the almonds and the actual seeds are fats. The berries topping it is carbs, yes, but not at all what we recommend when we say 'starchy vegetable'. Also if you are concerned about the sugar content of beets, the sugar content of berries would be a direct replacement, no? A meal containing protein, vegetables and fats is a complete meal. Try to add starchy veggies once per day to start. Roasted carrots, winter squash, turnip, rutabaga etc are also starches.
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    Hi everyone I had a food dream last night ! More like a nightmare. I had eaten some cookies that a friend offered me, and I couldn't believe it. I was saying to myself, it's day 28, couldn't I have waited. Boy was I glad to wake up So I'm nervous about reintroduction- still not sure how to start. One thing I think I will start with is using ingredients that have some added sugar- for some reason, in my area it's really hard to find tomato sauce or paste without added sugar. So instead of running around to different stores, I'll just use what's available. My husband really apreciated having fresh cooked meals every day, so I definitely think we'll be keeping on with those. I've discovered two things that don't agree with me - hard boiled eggs (I've had either scrambled, or frittatas and that's fine) , and cabbage. good luck with day 29!
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    @jiffylush, what is in the sausage, hashbrowns, and ketchup that you are reintroducing? Sugar? @Lizzard, I am not sure how many of us there are left here as we near the end but I'm hoping the quietness of the thread is that people are coasting through these last days. @Pippin1, I hope you enjoy the eggs! Thanks, @Jane3797, I'm glad you got so much out of this journey too. So another day is done and I'm feeling pretty good and looking forward to tomorrow, sort of. I told myself I was going to take it easy tonight on the aerial equipment but of course I didn't and already don't want to get out of bed tomorrow. Time to have a shower and stretch before I fall asleep right where I'm sitting.
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    Oh good grief.... didn't think I would ever be making 'homemade ketchup'! Love the challenge of W30 -- even the ups and downs. Spent time yesterday creating a "Reintroduction schedule and diary" for us. Realized that we will be on vacation the later half of the Reintroduction process. We will have to do a lot of food-strategizing and preparation since I will be cooking for a houseful of 18 people. If you have any leads for large quantity W30 crockpot recipes -- would love to have some ideas. The Crockpot Carne Asada sounds perfect!!
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    http://paleomg.com/crockpot-carne-asada-loaded-fries/ @MissTraci This carne asada is my new crockpot recipe favorite. It makes great tacos for the family while I eat it over veggies or in lettuce wraps. I get the package of flank steak from Costco and make a double + recipe. It's not spicy - kid friendly. I didn't make the other components though (fries and something else - just the meat). I love Nom nom paleo and well fed websites for lots of good bulk meals (I also have the cookbooks). @AlpineViking Feel better! I've done the cold + W30 before and it's not fun. Hope you are on the mend soon! @FoodIsGood Thanks for the dump ranch recipe. I'll give it a try for the BBQ this weekend. Today has potential to be a little rough. I have a monthly social group gathering tonight. I'm not a night person by any stretch of imagination. By the start at 7pm, I'll be dreaming of my PJs. If I'm out and busy ... or out and drinking ... I do fine. Sometimes the evening is a bit boring (depending on who's hosting and who comes) - sad to say. It's a good group of ladies though and I like to stay connected to some I only see in this group. I won't cancel because the host asked me to help her so I have a long evening ahead. I'm bringing Lazy Devils - yum. Food won't be a problem, but I will miss the perk-me-up glass of wine. And, I'll have to give my why-I'm-not-drinking explanation a number of times. Believe me - these gals notice! I know I'll stay focused, I'm just whining because I really don't want to go! I'm taking one for the team (and a friend). I cooked up some basics last night. Chicken, fish, hard boiled eggs, sweet potato and prepped some vegetables. Nothing fancy. I was light on vegetables yesterday and I want to do better today. Tuesdays are a weird eating schedule for me with a noon workout and I was out of some of my go-to veggies. Plus, I bought a big wedge of PERFECT watermelon at the store. I couldn't resist. It pushed all but a handful of green beans off my dinner plate. I'm prepared today - and no watermelon left in the house. Have a good day everyone!
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    @AlpineViking I hope you are on the mend soon. It's no fun to be sick when you are rocking a whole30! @sojurabbit I just found thrive too! Seems way cheaper aside from the fee to join after 30 days, so at this point I will just stick to the free 30 day trial! Nutpods were way cheaper than Amazon has them. Primal pantry items seemed quite a bit cheaper too. Today was/ is crappy for me. I overdid it on hazelnuts tonight. Literally after dinner I sat watching a show with my kids and ate half a bag of trader joe's oregon hazelnuts. They are not even that good. Seriously. Think I'm getting bored with my meals or something. I have a hard time finding the time to cook with my 3 kids being out of school for the summer. I'm usually throwing something together an hour before dinner and then it ends up being really not that great. Anyone have any (easy) crockpot meals they really loved? @lilakay How was the pizza boat recipe? Maybe I'll give that go.. Breakfast was eggs with spinach, green peppers, avocado cooked in ghee. Lunch was a giant chicken salad and dinner was sweet potato and beef hash. On a positive note, feeling WAY less bloated and definitely have less inflammation. I have knee pain that bothers me quite a bit and I've noticed that has really improved since starting whole30.
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    Food shopping and prep is like a part time job that costs $$$! But day 8 and I have noticeably less swelling and overall bloat in my face. My belly fat- which I developed in the past 2 yrs like never before- was the motivating factor for starting w30. And I don't feel any change there- yet. I have to admit I cheated the other day and couldn't resist getting on the scale and it showed me at minus 2 pounds from June 19th. I am not going to get hung up on this, though a party went off in my brain! Everyone's meals look amazing. I find myself eating lots of fruit. I always ate tons of fruit so it is the hardest thing to cut back on, after wine and oh sloe gin- mmmm. And I've been making a compliant almond milk chia pudding which I have with strawberries or compliant dried mango or both and almond slivers. It is yummy. But how much should we be limiting these compliant "sweets"? Like fruit, dried or fresh, chia puddings, etc? Also I made a batch of w30 mayo and it tasted gross so I haven't used any of it. I'm sure the egg was good but I used light evoo. I am going to try avocado oil and just the yolk next time. Yeaterday i I found the website thrivemarket.com that sells lots of compliant sauces, etc. I don't know if I'll pony up the $59 for an annual membership going forward but they offer a free 30 day trial and free shipping on orders over $49. I placed my first order yesterday for things like the fish sauce, primal mayo, tessemaes ranch, etc. and the prices were better than Amazon. FYI.
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    Today is grocery store day - 3 stores - all different directions. I wish I could find everything I need in just one! I never can, Whole30 or not! I travel to one store just for their decaf coffee selection And the kicker is, I'll have to shop again for this weekend. (That IS classic W30!!) In between food shopping, I have my barbell lifting class. I usually run intervals before I go to lift, but I don't think my energy is up enough for the split workout today. Maybe one more week ... @EJSmadhatter I love your food pictures!! I'm kicking off Kombucha today too. It's starting to be too much of a wine-in-the-evening replacement. Eating well for 30 days is great, but if I want the full benefit of W30, I need to change some of those habits again. That's the biggest challenge for me. I'm drinking Kombucha, dreaming of wine. Not good. On a strange technical thing ... I can do one @NAME comment, and then it doesn't work again. I have to post reply and go back in to edit to do another one. Am I doing something wrong? I do it the same way. Anyway - have a good day everyone Day 9.
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    So I forgot my dressing for my salad and really wasn't looking forward to eating mixed greens with nothing on it. I just happened to throw in a Gallo squash just in case I got hungry as an emergency food. So this is my creation with my tuna salad the tuna has celery, chopped black olives, chopped homemade pickles, compliant mayo call on top of yellow squash and cucumbers with the seeds taken out. It's actually quite tasty
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    Hi everyone it is day for me. I have been so busy I have not been able to read the daily. I am hoping to catch up this week. It is amazing how those who have husbands, wives, partners, and children who are not eating whole30 are killing it. To have to make no compliant food and not eat it hat off people. To me that is a HUGE NSV and you all should celebrate that accomplishment!!! Do something nice for yourself today. @WholeChristina happy belated birthday and well done!! I didn't make it through my birthday. @lilakay I so understand that tantrum. I am waiting for mine to occur. I got some but not all of my meat prepared yesterday and am hoping to get the rest done tonight and Tue morning. I was cranking yesterday at work so I couldn't post. I did really well being able to ignore all the yummy noncompliant things out at the end of the day. I didn't have a problem saying no to fruit. The roasted & than fried fingerling potatoes where another story so I moved by those quickly I have not been able to get any exercise in because of my schedule so I am hoping to get some in this week. My food for yesterday was scrambles egges w/ breakfast sausage, sautéed beet greens and steamed cabbage Salad w/ applecider vinaigrette and chicken Tandoori chicken with bok choy Here is a recipe from http://nomnompaleo.com/post/3251876576/super-easy-tandoori-chicken
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    @WholeChristina Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Sounds like a great day! @lilakay OMG. Thank you for sharing your tantrum the other night. Seriously. I've had like .. three.. of those. That sugar dragon is fierce. Really fierce. Thankful for understanding husbands.. Also, your burger sounds amazing. We had burgers on the grill last night too, and I added Primal kitchen mayo and an avocado on top and it was so good. Will definitely try it with bacon next time! Yum! Today I had 3 eggs, green peppers, and spinach fried in ghee with a side of avocado. Lunch was a big chicken salad with spinach, hard boiled egg, and olive oil for dressing. I made this casserole again (http://paleomg.com/easy-breakfast-casserole/), which I love and will be having for dinner tonight.
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    @Ginsky @Pippin1 I may have been hasty in my assumption on the tomatoes! Today I got the "monthly" visitor (monthly in inverted commas because with PCOS it is rarely monthly) which is a source of huge rejoicing in terms of being on a road to healing my body, my last cycle was a mammoth 48 days and this means that one was 39 which is heading in the right direction! Sorry if that is all a bit TMI, but all that to say, I am back to thinking perhaps my skin breaking out has been hormonal! Happy to give it a little while before cutting out the tomatoes. Now I just need to resist the urge to eat chocolate! Haha!
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    @Another Melissa I found the recipe for the mock-tail on Instagram - THANK YOU! I'll make it over the 4th for our BBQ. Day 8 is already here. In some ways, the days are flying by ... in others, well, I'm an impatient person. I WANT all the good stuff immediately! It's true what they say, when you know how good you can feel, everything else is unacceptable. I'm ready for ALL the GOOD back! My birthday hike, picnic and family dinner was a lot of fun. I had a few moments of "wanting" and "wishing" for wine, but it passed quickly and (as always) I'm glad for my resolve this morning. It's left-over day today. Lots of good stuff, but it won't last long. I need to hit the kitchen this week to restock. I'm sticking to some easy basics to fill the refrigerator. Next weekend is a big one and I'll be doing lots of cooking, so I'll give myself a break this week. I have lunch and shopping with a friend today. Eating out is possible (of course) but I prefer not to when I'm on a W30. I'll eat my lunch before I go, and stick to a green salad at the restaurant. My girlfriend knows I'm on W30 and "gets it" -- she's a good friend! Hope everyone had a good weekend!
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    My husband and I are starting the Whole30 on July 1. Looking forward to the challenge and finding out what this does for our energy levels and overall health.
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    For every action there is a reaction. For every action there is a corresponding over-reaction. Or not. Find the greater purpose for doing a Whole 30. It is an elimination protocol of 30 days. Eliminating foods that cause digestive distress or allergies. Foods are reintroduced one at a time to determine which foods are or are not tolerated well. It can change a relationship with food by healing the enteric nervous system in the gut. The appetite control center is located in the brain. The neurotransmitters in the gut send chemical messages back and forth to the brain. They trigger digestive enzymes, hormones and inflammatory responses. If your satiety cues are broken from constant dieting, you may not have the gut/brain connection working in perfect harmony. It doesn't matter if you lost a single pound or even gained. Overrestrictors and dieters will/may gain weight simply because they started eating food. It doesn't matter if you don't have any food sensitivities or allergies or inflammatory responses to food. Be happy about that. But for every action there is a reaction. Physical. Mental. Spiritual. Body. Mind. Spirit. The scale which is a total mind warp may not reflect anything. Your beginning and ending measurements. Ditto. Spiritually, something did happen. You were able to complete a 30 day food elimination protocol without throwing the towel in. This, whether you can see it or feel it...is a spiritual muscle that will grow stronger with use. This action that you did if you follow through with a Reintro can swing the mountain of momentum the other way. This Whole 30 that you've completed created some new cognitive behaviors in your brain...regardless if you can't see one scale victory. This Whole 30 that you've completed increased your tolerance and indifference for cravings and food rewards that will only dig a much deeper hole. Your spiritual muscles that you can't see grow stronger with use. Don't throw them away by allowing your weight, only one data point to diminish their power.
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