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    Well, we did it! Congrats to you all and I have REALLY enjoyed sharing the journey with you all. I had a non-participating, but very supportive husband, but otherwise, you guys were my support source, so thanks! So, my non scale goals were: 1. Better sleep...I'm going to go with a B- here. I see improvement. No trouble falling asleep, and wake fairly regularly without the alarm. I still don't sleep like a baby, but I think I have issues here that just aren't food related. (I think "the change" is starting...have trouble with hot flashes and temperature regulation in general at night) 2. Less joint pain....have to go with a flat F on that one. Zero improvement 3. Better athletic performance...so far about a D here, but I actually think my energy may just now be on the upturn. Not sure why it is taking so long, but there's room for that to move. 4. Get off of the 75 mg of Zantac every night. A+ there. I am super excited about this. I waited until the end to try it, but I have gone the last 4 nights without and had no reflux. Then of course I was hoping to lose some weight too. I thought my clothes were fitting better, but I was already examining the possibility of keeping relatively compliant, but maybe shrinking the meal template to get some better results. I feel like I have eaten SO MUCH FOOD over the last 30 days. I was not prepared for the scale reading this morning. I lost 14 pounds in 30 days. I was really hoping for 8 or so. So, A+ there, too. And now I am terrified to go off plan. I added a little stevia to my coffee this morning, and that's it. Going to dinner with gals tonight. Already scanned the menu for my complaint options, and still packing my own salad dressing. I have learned so much and there is very little that I miss much. I am definitely doing the long version of reintroduction. Wait until something seems "worth it" to add it back. ( I am quite sure alcohol will be next). You guys are awesome. Thanks again for whole 30ing together. And continue to enjoy the journey!
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    Day 31 and CONGRATS to everyone! I don't know about you---but I feel so very proud of myself and this journey thus far. As someone who has been on some sort of diet since I was 14, I have found Whole30 to be the most rewarding. I feel good eating these foods--I feel like I'm doing something good for my body. I don't want to snack...I don't want to use food to make me feel better about some event happening in my life. Thank you Whole30 for inspiring me to think about food in another way. Thank you for inspiring me to think about my health and well- being in another way. In other news, I lost 20 pounds--so that's amazing! I'm still in shock. I know that I lost, but I didn't realize how much. I am immensely proud of myself and am looking forward to continuing to eat better.
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    So my sweet hubby showed up at my office today with a coconut milk latte and a tub of kalamata olives (my favorites). He said it was the best he could do in lieu of chocolates. LOL
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    Day 31 today and time from some reflection. Before I started Whole30 on Dec 26th, I tipped the scales at 285. I'm a 6'2", 50+ male with a fairly athletic build. I'd say I've been 250-270 most of my adult life but the last 3 years saw some significant changes in body composition, and not at all positive. My diet was really bad, sugary cereal for breakfast, lots of bread, mayo, processed meats and cheese and chips for lunch, maybe a salad with lots of sugary dressing. Dinners were not too bad, mostly protein and veggies, but lots of butter and sour cream on my potatoes. I would snack all day long, crackers, chips, candy, nuts, etc. Most nights I'd have a couple of Screwdrivers in the evening or most of a bottle of wine. I know the focus of W30 is not on weight loss, but just adding up the number of non-meal calories, I was probably consuming 1,500 extra calories a day right there. Add that up and just cutting that out would result in more than 10 pounds in 30 days. Ugh! So now on Day 31, my diet has transformed completely. No more snacking, maybe a few nuts or olives as I'm making dinner or lunch, but that's it. Healthy proteins and veggies for most meals. Making my dressings and sauces and actually rarely using mayo at all now, I started the day with my usual breakfast and really didn't want to reintroduce anything today. So I'll just continue to eat this way and decide whether to deviate when there is a reason. I'm walking 20-30 miles a week and am starting back with rowing and some body weight strength training. I'm sleeping better, am more active (and productive), have more energy, fit in my clothes better and feel positive and optimistic during the day. I actually cleaned out my closet last night and got rid of a lot of the fat clothes, and pared down a lot of other things I just never wear anymore. Do I really need that sweater I have owned for 20+ years and have worn may 2-3 times? Feels like mental weight loss, ha! As for the scale. I did step on it today, mostly out of curiosity. Down 25 pounds. My reaction was, "that's nice." No jumping up and down and getting excited since I experienced the real victories off the scale already. I will limit future visits with the scale to every few weeks, maybe monthly and just to have another indicator to help keep me on track. So my future goals are: 1) to continue with this relationship with food moving forward, 2) introduce more variety in my meals, 3) follow the eating template more closely, 4) establish regular exercise habits. I would guess that I will feel like I have "done it" when I'm back into size 34 jeans and weigh in around 220 pounds (give or take--this is not the goal, just an indicator I'm in the right area), combined with strong habits for exercise and continued healthy eating. As Melissa says, "This in not hard". Yes, it takes commitment and self discipline and preparation and you have to be in the right frame of mind, but it pays off in so many ways. Over the last 30 days, I went to a New Years Eve party, out to brew pubs with friends (sipping iced tea while they ate nachos and drank beer, lol), spent a week in Las Vegas and ate out 3-4 times. I never deviated from the plan and after the first week or so haven't even been tempted. I would like to encourage those just starting or maybe struggling to keep at it. If it's not working for you then take a good hard look at what you are doing vs. the plan and really shift your mentality to one of commitment and discipline. It will pay off.
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    Hi there! Happy Day 31! WE DID IT! I can't even believe that the day has come. I was SO scared to step on the scale this morning. I finally got the courage to (after removing all my clothing, tmi, I know, lol... didn't want ANY extra weight!) and I've lost 10 pounds! I really feel great. I was doubting myself these past few days but I stayed with it and am so proud! I am looking forward to continuing to be very cautious and watch what I eat. I am also looking forward to a glass of WINE tonight! Enjoy your day beauties. There's definitely a new pep to my step! <3
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    Like all of you, I used to think that doing a Whole 30 in giant month hunks was the way to go. I no longer believe that. Everyone else was doing a giant Whole 60 or 90 or 120 and someone even tried to do a Whole 365. ISWF and W30 manifestos and articles say that there's really no such thing as W365. Eating one non-compliant food in that giant month hunk of time results in...stick a fork in it - Whole 30 is over. It can no longer be called a Whole 30 once non-compliant food has entered into the picture. It is now called your plan and doing it your way. Having it your way. Your way of eating. Google Whole 30 Starting Over and Over. Starting over and over and over again is not the answer either. I believe that doing one compliant Whole 30 followed immediately by a Reintro process is the best way to go. Hitting the Reset Button throughout a year is not about doing more giant month hunks of Whole 30. There is a W30 manifesto that explains what hitting the reset button means. Now I could find all of these for you but it will be more meaningful to you if you do all of the hard work yourselves. Those who do the hard work learn the most. You want that. Keep your focus. Follow through with one compliant Whole 30, no going sideways on the weekends and then jumping back on the dieting bandwagon on Monday. That will only dig you into a deeper hole. Breaking free from the dieting mindset will take alot of practice. That's true freedom.
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    Hello!! This is the place for February 1st, 2017 starters!! I know its only mid January but its never too early to plan and also give yourself time to wrap your head around what is coming. I'm Kelli and I completed my first Whole30 this time last year and then completed my second round in June. I'm starting round three along with my lovely sister Heather, who is doing her first round. I am so proud of her!! I've found these forums to be incredibly helpful so I wanted to start this thread so we can share stories and recipes, ask questions and have fun! Join this thread!!
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    I think I'm really starting to understand the difference between craving food - and missing food. There are foods I miss for sure. And sometimes I'm not sure if I can separate out if I miss the food - or the meaning of the food. I still have Friday Night Pizza-n-Movie with my husband and kids...but I don't have the pizza, obviously. It just doesn't feel the same. Maybe I don't miss the food as much as I miss the idea of the food. I'm starting to understand why they say the second half of this Whole30 journey is more psychological than anything.... It's interesting!
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    Day 16 here, and maybe it's a quick high that will fizzle soon, but I am feeling damn good today! I think I still have regular Kelsey Blood. . . .but I am starting to feel pretty fierce. Yesterday I was trying to wrap my head around the idea that if weight loss is something I would like for myself, maybe I should push myself harder physically. Last night I looked up all of the fitness classes and yoga studios in my town and there were so many more little studios than I ever realized! I found a Yoga Sculpt class that was this morning that accepted drop-ins. It was awesome! It was a warm yoga class at 90 degrees and had a mix of pilates yoga ballet and weights that focused on core building. I am going to sign up for a month trial membership and try as many classes as I can. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home because I am constantly running out of fresh veggies and needed more greens. I stood in the check out line surrounded by hundreds of candy bars and felt tortured, I couldn't find a safe place to look, the person in front of me had a french baguette and a yogurt parfait and across the way from me was stacks of chips and my eyes kept coming back to stare at my little pile of kale and blueberries. Then my mind switched over to, "No, you should look at all of that UN-whole food and processed junk packed with sugar!" I all of a sudden felt really happy and proud of myself which was way more endorphins than I usually get from eating a bag of <insert crap here>!
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    I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone on here for being a great support! I was doing this on my own, and it was a massive help to me. Particularly would like to thank those more experienced Whole 30 members who have been so helpful @vozelle, @jmcbn I didn't actually start my reintro yesterday as I had some stomach upset - think it may have been codeine related - so today is Day 1 of Intro! Starting with some normal milk in my coffee and will see how it goes. I am nervous about how I'll go with sugar now - definitely want to keep levels to the minimum, but worried I might wake my sugar dragon up and fall into old ways. I took my measures again yesterday and think the results were pretty good - 3.5in off my waist, clothes feeling much better etc. Other NSVs for me are less pain in my leg - have some inflammation there from a running injury, and definitely better and more consistent energy throughout the day. So glad I did this.
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    Holy crap we made it! I do not own a scale so I have no clue if I lost weight or not. But I feel great which is all that matters. My clothes are fitting better so that is good enough for me! I will weigh myself when I go to my bf's this weekend since he has a scale. I am going to continue for the most part eating the Whole30 way since I did feel so much better. I am so excited to finally have some sushi, with rice, for dinner tonight!
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    Just started today as well! I'm a little overwhelmed..I'm not used to multitasking so much in the kitchen. Prep day was rough yesterday. My homemade mayo was a disaster..I melted a mixing bowl to my burner, and I dropped a bowl if homemade sauce all over the floor after fighting with a food processor that still isn't behaving. Thank god for my puppies and a mop. Anyone else feel like they should be in an episode of America's worst cooks? Here's to trying the mayo again today!
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    Day 31 is upon us, and flavored coconut milk creamer in my coffee never tasted so delicious! Everything I packed for meals today is still Whole30 compliant, because we cooked for the week, as usual, so this is my only concession for the day. I didn't have time to take measurements this morning, but I did hop on the scale. I'm down 6 lbs, which is nice, but I am still trying to focus on the NSVs more (because obviously I wish I had lost like 10+, but I feel better, so let's focus on that!) I also ordered the new Whole30 cookbook and the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook, because my mom and I both would like to continue eating fairly Whole30, but need inspiration/recipes ideas.
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    UPDATE - In case anyone is curious, I had a lovely time with my friend at our Galentine's Tea and I stayed on plan. :-) I put a carton of Califa Farms Better Half unsweetened Coconut Cream and Almond Milk in my purse, drank a looooooot of tea, and ignored the plate of scones and sandwiches on the table. I'm glad I went and SUPER glad I stared sugary carbs in the face for two hours and didn't crack!
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    I was rolling thoughts about my weight in my head the other day and I realized that I can remember approximately what I weighed each decade of my life (I'm 56). I also realized that when the number wasn't what I wanted or expected I wore it like a scarlet letter that only I could see. Like the number was pinned on me as a source of personal shame. One of my goals here is to stop doing that. Stop equating my self worth with the number. When I look at the scale and have lost 2 pounds, I am not instantly a better, kinder, more compassionate human being any more than I am less of those things if I gained 2 lbs. And if my number is higher or lower than your number that doesn't make you any better or worse than me, just different. Two different people with different bodies. These are my lessons.
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    The Whole30 rules ask you not to smoke or chew tobacco while doing a Whole30. I am rigid about all the Whole30 rules except this one. I used to be a psychotherapist and I worked with lots of alcoholics. One of our standards was that patients should not attempt to quit smoking while they were detoxing or in the early months of their sobriety. Ultimately, we wanted people to quit smoking, but we concluded that trying to quit smoking and alcohol at the same time was too stressful. That approach might be correct. However, some people find that cleaning up their act in every possible way at once works. It is the approach that Melissa Hartwig favors. Let me conclude with this thought... If you told me that you snacked on roasted peanuts, I would tell you that you ruined your Whole30 and must start over. You tell me you smoked 3 cigarettes, I say, "Having some trouble with stress, are you? Can you figure out alternative ways to manage your stress? Take a hot bath, go for a walk, listen to some music, etc."
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    What's your end goal @atari_simply? When will you develop your own eating plan based on what you learned in your first W30? I mean W30 was only ever meant to be done for 30 days as a gut reset, so I'm wondering why you'd want to keep it going for an entire year, knowing that even a mouthful of sauce with some added sugar will bring you right back to day one again...
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    No way, else how will I make my millions?!?!
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    I tried the no-fuss salmon cakes, too - delicious! The sweet potato added a nice flavour. I also added some finely chopped capsicum to up the veggie count.
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    I started today too. Breakfast was an egg scramble that I couldn't finish all at once. I ate as much as I could, then boxed the rest up and finished it at work. Tuna salad for lunch, dinner will be chicken and roasted veggies and salad. It's not too adventurous, but I'm actually hoping not to have to tweak our dinners too much since my husband isn't doing it with me. I made clarified butter last night to prep and will make mayo later today (we actually usually make our own anyway, it tastes so much better!). I am NOT looking forward to the sugar withdrawals that I'm sure are coming later this week...
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    Way to go @ChristinR! I hopped on the scale and am down 4.8 pounds and 3.25". It's not a ton but it's something! I only want to lose about 15 total so I wasn't really expecting it to just melt right away. Slow and steady, right? But the fact that I'm not tired all the time and can walk past the donut holes on the break room table are huge NSVs for me! Woohoo! That being said, I'm enjoying how I feel and may continue for a Whole45 or a Whole60. The only thing I truly daydream about is a nice chunk of cheese. But I can live without it for a while longer. I think...
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    First, the book "French Kids eat Everything" is fantastic and full of some useful advice relevant to this conversation. That is actually where I got a lot of our mealtime ideas from. For the record, my daughter went 5 days without food when she had a kidney infection and only had IV fluids during that time. So, don't ever withhold water but letting a kid get super hungry is o.k. ;-) I know other moms who have a hard time letting their kid go hungry, but truly, to truly starve your child you have to be hateful. No loving parent is going to damage their child by withholding food in favor of teaching their child better eating habits. Most of the protesting you get will be the kid trying to test their limits, not so much genuine starvation. So, here's what my family has done. Let me just start this off by saying this morning my 4 year old asked me for a salad, asparagus, and salmon for breakfast, because she was really, really hungry - then told me she would like an orange after she ate all this. This plan really worked for us. I made a no snacking rule. We live by this rule as much as possible. My daughter knows that she will not get to eat snack just because other kids are (that's been the hardest part, but we're getting there). There are three meals a day in our house and the only way you are getting a snack is if you come to me and either ask for a vegetable or a meat to eat. Seriously. Because you have to be pretty hungry to ask for these things. Did this create a lot of whining? Oh yes it did. My child was suddenly starving to death all the time... but only for fruit or chicken nuggets or whatever "kid marketed" food is out there. She wasn't starving for anything else, even if this poor "dying" child was given a plate of her favorite meat and vegetables. Nope, she'd just cry that it wasn't what she wanted. That is not hunger. That is a power struggle. It is important to really see the difference. I never turned this into a battle. These rules were set and everyone in the house was to follow them. Just like any other rules in the house. You can choose not to follow them, sure, but the natural consequence is you are going to be hungry if you didn't eat your food. To be clear, I never force my kids to eat or finish their plates. I cook healthy meals and my kids (4 and 18 mos) eat them. That's it. The kids have to taste (as in, put one bite in mouth and swallow) everything on their plate every single meal. There is no fruit or the rare treat until after the food is eaten (at first it is really good to have something after every meal, I think). Foods I know they have said or shown they like get eaten first and then the stuff they are unsure of (or sure they hate) get tasted. Every time. It can take up to 20 times for a young child to truly know if they like or don't like something. The first time is not a clear indicator as their taste buds are growing at this age. The liked stuff on the plate has to be gone, or at least mostly gone, before they get fruit or bath or play a specific game or whatever it is they were whining about wanting at the table. Sometimes, this results in me specifying a number of bites (and defining what a bite actually is). If my oldest (because the toddler is an eating machine and never seems to refuse food) really does not want to eat, she doesn't get the fruit or desert (if there was one) and she may leave the table. But, she does this with the understanding that this plate of food is her next meal, when she does get hungry. This is how I don't force a kid who isn't hungry to eat. You don't get to snack on other stuff though, because if you are truly hungry, you will eat this meal that I made. This may sound like I'm bribing her to eat her food, but it isn't. In our house, fruit or desert comes after the meal. This also means that if the meal is not eaten, the fruit or desert logically isn't eaten because that is supposed to follow the eaten meal. All these rules are straightforward in my house and are well known. Shoot, when a playmate comes and eats with us, my daughter will usually tell her she has to eat a certain number of bites and taste everything! These are our food rules. Food rules are really excellent to have. They take a lot of stress out of mealtime and they let the kid know what is expected of them. I started the food rules shortly after my daughter turned 3, but I see that my 18 month old is already catching on. Our rules have since expanded to manners (like speaking politely of other's cooking even when you don't like it), which I have to tell you is easier to teach when you are confining eating to just certain times of the day. Cooking is also easier because now it is confined to certain times of the day as well, and the kids are more eager to help when they know this is what they are going to be eating. I disagree that kids need to have snacks. If fed well rounded meals and given the time to finish them (kids take a lot longer to eat than adults and will sometimes even take a break mid-meal), they can last as long as adults between meals. I think parents are a little too sensitive to their hunger and want to feed them before they truly are that hungry. Also, I wonder if sometimes we are just too rushed and don't let them truly finish eating. To really start identifying their hunger, you have to let them get to the point of crying at the fridge or stove. Crying is not child abuse, either, and I know a lot of people get really uncomfortable doing that. I have taught my daughter that when she gets to this point, that means she is very hungry and that this is the best time to eat food. She is starting to recognize her hunger now because of this work. See, it doesn't have to feel like you're hurting them if you are turning it into a learning opportunity. And, it is truly remarkable when your child can come to you and tell you that they are so hungry, that they really want to eat salmon, lettuce and asparagus. Or, even better, turn down food at a party because they ate lunch already and are not hungry. Wouldn't it be magical if none of us had to go to great lengths as adult to understand our own hunger? So many of us have completely lost touch with our bodies - shoot many of us here are/were in that boat! What if we learned this gift from the start? It is hard work, and with a picky eater or a strong willed child, it can feel even harder, but our kids are really looking up to us to show them the way. The harder the work you do, the more rewarding the outcome. It has certainly been that for our kids so far!
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    I cannot tell you how invaluable the info in It Starts With Food was to me. The "sciensy stuff" is written so it is easy to understand and it really is fascinating how our bodies process food, and how our emotions are tied to food. I've read it 3 times and each and every time, I have a light bulb moment and something just sinks in! It is definitely the book to read to understand the Whole 30 program and its importance. And just FYI, I only bought the Whole30 book for the recipes....if you want to read one or the other, go with ISWF (IMHO!)
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    Day 3 is feeling good Last night I had sausage on a bed of greens with nuts and grapes with balsamic vinegar on top and a fried egg on the side (these protein portions are so big!). This morning was more sausage and eggs and some broccoli. Tonight we're having burgers, mine will just be in lettuce instead of a bun. There are totally compliant meatloaf recipes, and mashed potatoes too (just use ghee or clarified butter in them). I think those are probably on our menu for next week sometime. Yesterday's headache didn't ever come back after my second cup of coffee, I think it was just from fatigue. I was STARVING all day though, despite definitely not under-eating. I guess that's part of your body learning to use different energy sources?
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    Having a hard time waking up in the mornings, and really really really ready to go to bed at night (fell asleep at 10, slept til 7:15) but once I'm up, and while I'm awake, feeling a lot more energy. Had steaks, roasted potatoes with onions and bacon, and smoked paprika cauliflower for dinner and was totally satisfied. It's only day 3 but I'm not feeling too shabby! How is everyone doing this morning?
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    Absolutely anything. Seriously. Anything you'd eat at lunch or dinner you can also eat at breakfast - which is actually how our ancestors ate. It helps if you stop thinking in terms of breakfast, lunch & dinner, and start thinking in terms of meals 1, 2 & 3.
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    Way to go everyone!! i bought the kitxhenaid meat grinder attachment and made pork tenderloin sausage. It was soooo good! Easiest way to find compliant sausage. I also bought the food processor. I've been wanting them both and the Whole30 seemed like the perfect reason to get them
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    Congrats everyone. We did it. I won't know what I weigh until I get back home in two weeks but I definitely feel better, clothes fit better. And my headaches have just disappeared. I'm going to be very careful re-introducing milk and gluetin is way down the list..I feel like it's cardboard filler for me and I just don't need it. I'm so glad to see everyone's post and I'll be around while re-introducing foods. First up is a glass of red wine... a small glass!
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    Congrats to everyone, great results for the group overall. I reintroduced parmesan cheese last night and woke up with sinus congestion, poo. Good luck with your experiments and discoveries! Remember to take notes, you won't regret it...
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    Just found this thread! Today is Day 17 for me. I'd like to say I'm feeling Tiger Blood...but, alas...no. I've been compliant, but I've been feeling sleepy the past week. Not tired, sleepy--if that makes sense. Sometimes when I've been sitting or horizontal for a while and I get up, my head starts spinning. I feel like I'm going to pass out. I have low blood pressure, so maybe that's a part of it? And I know this isn't about weight loss...and I'm resisting the scream of the scale. Truth is, while I understand it's a 30-day not a 17-day program, I'm not feeling even a smidge of difference in my clothes. So, if I don't lose weight after 30 days, then what? I have 10 pounds to lose and before anyone groans about how little a number that is, I'm one inch shy of being five feet tall. Ten pounds on my body frame is a bigger deal than it seems. Glad to find company here!
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    Hearing everyone's updates is keeping me motivated. Still going strong on day two but I am starting to have that headache too. I had another egg cup this morning with half of a sweet potato because I was working out right after breakfast. I was worried about my workout but the sweet potato seemed to do the trick. I made a big batch of Waldorf salad, so that's what I had today over kale and tonight I am going to grill some tuna and roast some veggies. I had a small victory today, as I was icing the kids' cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I did not lick the icing off my finger. Normally, I would do that absentmindedly. Whole30 is making me mindful of my food actions. I hope everyone had a great day and those of you who have headaches, I hope they go away soon.
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    Day 3 cravings were pretty bad for me, but today has been better. I know I have some sweet and carb cravings that will have to be overcome.
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    Hello all, I'm a little late to this forum but I started the Whole30 on Monday as well. Day 4 and so far so good. No cravings or headaches. Keeping a diary of what I eat and how I feel. First heard about this after not seeing my friend for about a month. I was like WOW. She has had two kids (4 and 1 1/2) and before Whole30 had lost her baby weight by exercising and eating (what she said she thought) was healthy. Well she had slimmed down even more, she was glowing, her hair was bouncy and flowing like a goddess and she was happy happy happy. Then she shared that she was currently on Whole30, was almost done and all the positive changes she has had in her mind and body thus far. She mentioned that she had lost 9 pounds and her husband lost 15 as he participated with her. They thought they were healthy eaters but were proven wrong! Needless to say I did a little research online and ran out to buy the books. I've been struggling with my weight (20 pounds) and fertility for the past few months and decided it was time to make a change. Not a diet or a gimmick but a real lifestyle change. My husband and I are trying to conceive our first child. I want to be healthier for pregnancy and after. Physically, mentally, emotionally (can admit I am an emotional eater). Im finding so much variety in the recipes (maybe aside from eggs eggs eggs in the morning lol). It feels so good to be making meals from scratch and to know exactly what is in them and to experiment with new spices and ingredients. Just wondering how this is going for everyone thus far (I know it's only day 4, we have a long way to go) and how everyone got inspired or interested to take this on. Good luck to you all!
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    Hi everyone! I am a bit late, but I am starting my whole30 on Sunday, 2/19 because I am in a wedding this weekend. I would love to join this group for ideas and support! Love reading all of these threads!
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    It's good that you're not trying to do it all at once though - a year long journey gives you the opportunity to really focus on each thing, rather than slamming yourself with having to make decisions/choices all at once. When I decided to quit my perfectly adequate job, get rid of all my stuff and leave all my friends and move to Africa for a year, it was over a year from the seed being planted to actually arriving here. Funnily enough, the whole thing started when a friend lent me a book on minimalism - crazy how such a simple thing has led to such a massive change in my life! I don't think I've actually told him that was the catalyst - his wife (my best friend) would probably kill him if she knew :).
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    The general recommendation is to start with 1 fist sized serving a day and then adjust as you feel necessary...
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    I had steamed crab legs, for the first time, and they were great. I just didn't use the butter.
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    I don't have any other health issues. My sleep was really good before I started, but has gotten worse in the past couple of weeks. My stress level is up a bit, because of work and political issues. I do have some history of dieting. I did weight watchers and when that stopped working, I did a boot camp where the trainer told me that because I was under 5'3", I needed to eat less than 1000 cal a day. So I ended up just feeling starving and angry and didn't lose any weight, and I'm pretty sure ruined my metabolism. That was five years ago, and I haven't done any calorie restriction since then. Have just try a different eating styles like Ayurvedic to try to get everything back in balance and working properly.
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    Recently I've spent a lot of time on this site and another Paleo website reading about fat-adapting, training the body to burn fat for fuel...been wanting to learn more about this. Realized that it would be reasonable for me to add more protein and fat, to extend how long I stay sated. I'm feeling really stimulated mentally to learn about this, and put it into practice. Shows me how deep the deprivation tendency is...learning to enjoy eating more fat is a revelation. I'm trusting this process, and trying to stay in the present and not future trip, just let it unroll (as in, the fat suit I'm wearing! ha ha). The science is challenging for me, but I'm synthesizing it into something simple that works for me. Time to buy ISWF and the Whole30 book...
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    It's great that you didn't have negative reactions to anything -- that makes it a lot easier if you're in a situation where you want to not worry about what you're eating so much, like at social events or if you're traveling and have fewer options than you would if you were preparing your own food. I would say that sometimes foods are fine in small amounts, but if you add them in regularly, you start noticing you're not feeling as good, so do continue to pay attention as you move forward. For instance, after my first Whole30, the only thing I really missed was half & half in my coffee, so I kept eating Whole30 except for that one addition, and after a couple of weeks I noticed some aches and pains that had gone away, came back. I have to assume that while the amount of dairy I had during reintroduction didn't bother me, there was a limit to how much I could have before my body had had enough. The book It Starts with Food and this series of blog posts both outline why these foods were left out of Whole30. The thinking is that even if you don't notice immediate effects from reintroducing them, they're still not necessarily foods that are making you healthier, and therefore you probably don't want to go back to eating them on a daily basis. Obviously, you get to decide for yourself how often you want to have them going forward, but you can find some information on how you might choose to look at it here.
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    I'm starting off Day 3 feeling pretty good. Last night I made meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes for my family, and normally I would repeatedly taste the potatoes to make sure they had enough salt, butter, etc. I made my husband be the taster this time. I had grilled tuna, kale salad with olives and homemade baked sweet potato fries. It was delicious and I wasn't even jealous of everyone else eating my meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I am very nervous about this weekend because that is usually when I indulge in wine and treats. Saturday evening I am taking the boys to see Lego Batman and the true test will be watching the movie without eating buttered popcorn. Lord give me strength.
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    There is a probiotic recommended in the appendix of the Whole30 cookbook. It's one by KlaireLabs as well. I've been taking it for 2 1/2 years and have had good results.
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    Yes, you're right. I didn't look up the caffiene content on these... the 'energy drink' part is what pinged for me but upon further investigation, this is no different (the unsweetened ones) than a cup of coffee a day... As with coffee, we recommend not drinking caffinated beverages after noon so that your sleep is not disrupted but if you wanted to use this in place of coffee, that would be fine. Thanks @cahliah for asking for clarification. You were definitely not being rude and we're all human here so if you have a question about a response, definitely ask.
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    "sigh" now I'z gonna havta figger out sumthin else ta do...
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    I just started yesterday as well! Feeling good today. Actually feeling hunger, which I don't usually because I'm usually eating throughout the day. i am going to do some meal planning today. Was able to roast some potatoes and broccoli to have on hand as well as some chicken. We can do this!
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    Yesterday was day 1 for me too! So far so good, surprising how I did well without snacks.
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    re: journaling I'm going through old entries and transcribing them into Evernote. It's been pretty cool to read some of the things I wrote. Dang it turns out I have lots of ideas I need to implement!
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    Just listened to Stupid Easy Paleo's Steph Gaudreau' s webinar. Good personal growth topic. Learned a few things and had some things reiterated. Setting up some action plans. First is getting outside and getting Sun exposure in the mornings. Sans shades... combining that with a walk to move that lymph... So much more, but time to get of the blue light machine and start my bedtime ritual. Happy Valentine's Day and good night!
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    Welcome Emily! I just finished my first whole 30 last Wednesday and am in the middle of my reintroduction. I keep saying this but I honestly I didn't think I could do it, even though I work out regularly I have always eaten poorly and have never found a diet that stuck. I am 27, 5'9" and start at 241 a year ago. For the last 12 months I have been going to counting calories, fasting and working out, and in the time I managed to lose 19-20 lbs, but for the last 5 months I couldn't get past 222, it was like my unlucky number, I would lose/gain a few lbs here and there and always end up back at 222. Then this January I tried whole 30 and am now down to 209, a number I have not seen in a very long time. Part of whole 30 is celebrating non scale victories and I honestly never thought I would say that I enjoy fruit for dessert, but that has finally happened. I am see the importance in eating actual whole foods, I can now sleep through the night and don't wake up feeling groggy. Its a strange change but I am happy I didn't give up during the 30 days. It's totally worth it and I can't wait to hear about your 30 days!