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    I'm speaking in general, but you don't need to start over again. Extended Whole 30's don't really fix it when you're finished.The off and on again approach...Whole 30's mixed with binge eating or just minor/major off-roading inbetween is not Food Freedom Forever. It's boxing yourself into a corner. It creates more black and white thinking about food. Whole 30 or Not. All in/on target or falling back into old habits. After watching others do this for years now, I am convinced that the original constructs of a Whole 30 are optimum, in every way. Elimination protocol of 30 days, a Reintro of about 10 days or longer and done. Next. Immediately create a plan you can live with for the rest of your life. Your personal decisions will be liberating. Maybe you like eating the same lunch every single day, some do. Some like eating the same food 3X aday, that wouldn't work for me but you choose, you decide. Read FFF, you'll find ideas for putting your positive food management plan together. My plan is consistent but it has leeway. I can eat full fat plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese, legumes, even some non gmo grains in whole form, fish, fish, fish, proteins of every kind, nuts, fruits and vegetables. What I can't do is eat is deliberately engineered to be craved candy or donuts or bakery items or white sugar, white flour, white pasta. These things cause an immediate uptick in my blood sugar even in small amounts. I don't eat them. I don't touch artificial sweetners or soda pops. No fast food or ice cream. I have enough leeway that I don't ever feel deprived. I eat everything with a protein. Fruit, vegetables, everything is paired with protein. That's my Rx for blood sugar control. It works for me. Starting over and over again will not make it any easier on Day 61 or Day 91 when you're done. FFF = not doing a Whole 30 Forever. It's going to take work to find your way. I'm consistent but that's my way. The sooner you can find your way the easier this will be. Create something consistent for awhile until you get your footing back. After an elimination protocol, there is an adjustment period. You're used to reading every label. Find your wiggle room and branch out. You can always prune yourself back before it goes sideways.
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    Today marks day 33 of my Whole 30 journey and I am super excited to share my results. I apologize in advance for the length of this post but happy to share. This is just the beginning of a new & healthier lifestyle. Weight Lost: 13 pounds Waist: down 3” R Bicep: down .25” Chest: down 1.75” Hips: down 2.5” R Thigh: down 2.5” **21 visits to my crossfit gym & several PR’s hit #CrossfitCoMo Secrets to success: · Thoroughly read the Whole 30 materials online and book “It Starts with Food” prior to first day · Carried the Whole 30 approved list while grocery shopping and asked Siri lots of questions while at the store · Did Whole 30 with a friend. Shared recipes, shopping lists, even cooked together · Signed up for Whole 30 daily email – so encouraging and great information at just the right times! · Bought the Whole 30 Cookbook and tried so many wonderful & new recipes! · Crossfit 3-5 times per week and PR’d several Olympic lifts (21 days in April to be exact) · Willpower was spot on; I had committed to the Whole 30 on April 3 and knew I wasn’t budging or being defeated · Went to the movies and brought nuts and club soda/lemon to eat/drink · Always tried to stay prepared with a healthy snack or hard boiled eggs · Drank SO MUCH WATER! · Saved money on not eating out and alcohol! What Could have gone better: · Got out more. I stayed in most weekends and happily grocery shopped and cooked. Went to a concert and drank club soda. Otherwise, I stuck close to home most of the 30 days in order to not be tempted. Now I’m more confident that I can be tempted and still make the right decisions. · Grocery shopping for Whole 30 is a bit expensive but worth it in my opinion What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better: · Purchase the book “Food Freedom Forever” · Shop at the Columbia Farmers Market · Reintroduce foods as prescribed by the program Continue with the healthy eating & really ask myself if I want the processed food or not (this is probably mainly in the area of wine, I'm a wine lover, but don't need to drink just because it's Friday, or because it's sunny outside, etc. etc. What feels great: · Clothes fit so much better · Sleeping sound and getting 8 plus hours even on weekends · Skin is clear and soft · More energy and have PR’d several lifts at Crossfit this past month · The food tastes so much better. I truly enjoy finding new compliant recipes and experimenting Thank you Melissa and Dallas for sharing your knowledge with the world! I'm hooked!
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    Welcome to the forums! As others have said, we have rules and recommendations. As part of that, Lara bars are for emergency purposes only, like you're stuck somewhere and desperately need to eat and the only other option is your traveling companion's forearm. Unless you've been having a series of emergencies like that, the Lara bars gotta go. Also, nuts and nut butters are often food without brakes (that is, food you can't stop eating), and many people need to eliminate them in order to eat what we really want you to eat. Here's what we really want you to eat: 1-2 palm-size portions of protein; 1-2 or more thumb-size portions of fat; and 2-3 cups of veggies (in other words, fill your plate with veggies). We want you to do that three times a day, the first time within one hour of waking. We want you to eat enough to last you 4-5 hours until your next meal. If, while you're working out meal composition, you are hungry between meals, we want you to have a mini-meal of two of the three meal components. Lara bars don't fit into this scenario at all. Nut butters are a fat, and an inferior source of fat (as a regular source that is): they are food without brakes, they cause digestive upset for many, and many of them have a wonky Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio. I'm guessing that if you start making your meals actual meals, and eat up, you won't feel the cravings. I'm totally guessing, but I bet you're actually hungry. So make some meals and eat! If you'd like more specific tips on meal composition, post a couple of days of meals here, including amounts, water intake, exercise, and any other factors that might be important.
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    @ArtFossil thanks for the advice! I'm going to start eating first thing in the morning and see how it goes! @sweetz149 & @ldmcniel good work making it through the rough spots! I know the grocery store felt like torture this week! congrats on making it through week one everyone! You're doing awesome!
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    Aw, sorry to here that, @ldmcniel - it's pretty normal though. The things that we once ate that made us feel "good" inside (high sugar combined with high fat = high feel goods) are off the table and that can be a bummer. Because your body wants the feel-good hit and it doesn't know how else to get it. Make sure you're eating some starches in your meal plan (about a fist sized serving once a day to start) because those are directly related to serotonin too. Sometimes being over-tired also causes that crave of sugars when really your better bet is to just go to bed or maybe take a power-nap. You'll get through it. We all do. You'll get through it fastest if you don't use fruits as a "sugar dragon" substitute when you're craving those cookies and mocahs.
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    My breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with green peppers and onion, 1/2 of a baked potato from last night that I cut up and fried in olive oil, 2 slices of turkey bacon and 1/2 of an avocado. Hope you feel better this week. I think (keeping my fingers crossed) I feel a little better today....not exactly a bundle of energy, but the body aches I was having over the weekend seem to have gone away. BTW if anyone is interested, I was planning on making hot dogs for my family tonight and something else for me, but I had a package of Applegate hot dogs in the freezer and when I checked the ingredients, they're compliant, so I'll be having them along with my family....not the healthiest choose, but once in a while won't hurt.
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    Great job with week one everyone! @cidyvee leftovers are a lifesaver for me too! Used to hate them but I'd rather eat them for lunches at work instead of having to cook more. @gobebeth having too much food is great! Week one flew by for me too. I'm wondering how week two will go. Today's breakfast is leftover meatballs & spaghetti squash with clarified butter & garlic topped with eggs. Side of cantaloupe. Yum! Hoping I have more energy than last week. Felt like I could nap mid day. Need to work on waking up earlier and sticking to the meal template for breakfast and less snacking during the day.
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    Happy Day 8 / Monday! Congrats to all for finishing Week 1! This weekend I made roasted veggies (broccoli, sweet potato, yellow zucchini, mushrooms), roasted chicken thighs, egg salad (with compliant avocado oil mayo I found at the store!), fruit salad, salmon cakes, and a big frittata for breakfasts. I should be set for the week! I may have even made too much food?? I've been feeling pretty good, but I anticipate this next week I will hit a "boredom" wall. The first week flew by! I don't imagine I'll be so lucky this week, but who knows? Hope everyone has a great start to Week 2!
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    I am going to eat before coffee this week. I have not followed this recommendation at all. I will eat template then drink coffee. It is all about adjustments to see how they work! Have a great week. Week two can be hard!
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    Today was a bit rough. I forgot to add fat to my breakfast, and my lunch was a bit...meh. I went out to eat at Red Robin, and I just didn't ask for enough food. I didn't have any emergency food with me, and we immediately went grocery shopping. It was tough, but I made it, and dinner was delicious. 1 week down y'all!!
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    Hi Everyone! Just got through reading everyone's updates. Hope you are all having a great weekend! It's Day 7! It doesn't feel like it's been a week already! I'm surprised at how good I feel. Last time I felt like it took longer for me to not feel like crap. Although I have been doing poorly the past couple of days with not snacking. My schedule this week isn't as crazy so I hope I can do better. I already cooked some chicken and veggies for the week. I want to make another big frittata for breakfasts and maybe try making mayo.
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    Today has been my best day so far. No real headache. No real hunger except right before meal time. I can feel my energy leveling out - meaning I don't feel like I need caffeine or treats to keep me going. I was getting very sleepy when I would drive, but that didn't happen today! Food was simple today because I'm tired of cleaning all of my dishes every single day. tomorrow is prep day! I'll be making my breakfast for the week as well as my sauces. If I have time I'll pre chop some veggies too!
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    You are still having cravings because you are eating Lara bars and almond butter LOL. Try sticking to the template - 1 to 2 palm sized portions of protein, 1 to 3 cups of veggies, plenty of healthy fat. Lara bars, though technically compliant, are for emergencies and are not part of a template meal. Lots of folks, like myself, have to ditch the nut butters and/or nuts because they can cause cravings or be a food with no brakes. Give yourself a few days without these foods and the cravings should start to subside.
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    @ldmcniel, coffee was always one of my biggest challenges. While I have done a whole 30 with coconut milk, and one without coffee at all, my saving grace has been NUTPODS!! I highly recommend you try it out! https://www.nutpods.com Whole 30 Approved! You can thank me later
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    @sweetz149 great job staying on track at the farmer's market! I'm always encouraged by the successes of others. @ldmcniel what did you have at Red Robin? I usually go for the avocobbo salad, no cheese, no sides. Eating can be a challenge - we should all share our tips here! When the cravings hit (and I'll admit once I'm this far along I don't have them as much) distraction is the key for me. If I get out of the house for a walk or to meet a friend or do some errands that are away from the food, that really helps. @cidyvee I really like the idea of sushi with cauliflower rice. I would not have thought of that. @LBison and @Strictlyspeaking I started eating earlier today, too, and I thought that went very well. Last summer I injured my shoulder wake boarding. I have been rehabbing it since, and today I went for a bike ride for the first time! I couldn't ride before because I couldn't hold my weight on the handlebars without impinging my shoulder. I'm not good as easing into things, and I would usually say it doesn't "count" unless I go at least 20 miles. So my pain-free 6 miles was really a NSV! My one struggle right now is not weighing myself. I feel really good, and my jeans are a little roomier, so that makes me want to jump on the scale. But I did not! For the new folks, I think this is a really important part of the program. If you weigh yourself and the number isn't what you want it to be, it can derail you. So enjoy your month of not weighing yourself! Tomorrow I need to make a plan for Wednesday - I'm going to be in a class all day. I think I will need to pack a lunch! And bring the nutpods for the coffee!
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    Ya, that's a bit confusing, it comes up often. Pick one or two of the fat sources per meal. It's fine if you have something like a salad with a fat-based dressing and olives and some avocado but more often than not you'll find that one or two fat sources per meal is sufficient.
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    That breakfast looks delicious, LisaNotOriginal! I had scrambled eggs with zucchini, summer squash, spinach, onions and a few slices of compliant roast beef deli meat. I got full before I ate it all, so I stopped eating (I'm trying to be better about listening to my body's signals). I was a little worried I was going to get hungry halfway through the morning, but I was fine. Now I'm eating a salad with peppers, onions, mushrooms, leftover chicken from last night and a cucumber with some EVOO and balsamic vinegar for dressing. YUM!
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    Might want to cut back on the fruit in general. That's a lot of sugar in the morning that isn't doing you any favors. Post-workout should be lean protein with optional starchy carbs. Enough eggs to count as protein in a meal might be more than you want to eat before running. For a woman, it's usually 3-4 eggs (as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping); for a man it could be more. Maybe take a look at the template again and get your meals moving in the right direction, then assess what you need to do for pre- and post-workout.
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    Meadow, I am so sorry. My heart is with you and your family. If you ever need to talk, I am here for you. I understand.
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    This week felt like it flew by for me too! I did well. Got creative in the kitchen and with take out food as well. I'm not a very organized person, so I found all the places near work that I could be compliant. For instance, for dinner one night I made salmon. So the next day, I bought Brussels sprouts and a side salad and had leftover salmon on top. Tonight, my son really wanted sushi, so I got some sashimi and made the cauliflower rice recipe with the help of TJs riced cauliflower! It was delicious and easy. I cleaned out my entire fridge yesterday and made room for leftovers, because that has been so helpful to keep me on track. I hope I can continue in the fashion for the remainder. I have a tendency to get bored of the cooking part quickly! I'm also reading the book and finding it so helpful. Hope you all had a good week too!
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    Hey everyone! End of day 7 and I'm proud to say I did really well this week! It went by very fast. Planning and prep goes a long way. Hubby wanted to go out so we went to the farmer's market today so I made sure to eat before hand. So glad I did because there were lots of temptations there. Oh, the bakery items! Pleased to say I didn't cave to the pumpkin rolls and donuts...Came home to dinner I had in the crockpot. Made my own meatballs and sauce and served it over spaghetti squash for dinner. Hubby isn't following whole30 but is happy to eat my compliant dinners. Yay!
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    Whole30 has nothing to do with low calorie and tracking calories is counter productive. Eating fats at every meal is essential to feeling satisfied and energetic. Have you seen the meal template? Make sure you're eating three template meals with 1-2 thumbs of fat (or the equivalent portions of olives, avocados, etc) at EVERY meal if you want to see the most benefits. Fat is your friend on Whole30.
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    Amen, sister! Your reply had me laughing and agreeing with everything you said. It's super frustrating to hear other people's weight loss success and not seeing any of your own. Even if the intention of W30 is not weight loss, by eliminating crappy food and alcohol, weight loss should be happening. Stay strong, girl! And know there's another gal who is feeling the same way as you
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    I'm starting my first Whole30 tomorrow! Excited and nervous for this adventure. I stocked my refrigerator and pantry with compliant food - translation: bought out the produce department at Trader Joe's! My husband is ever so reluctantly joining me on this journey. I wanted a buddy! I have been gluten free for years, but lately having some issues with my skin, weight and energy levels. I know the effects gluten has on me and I'd like to find out if there are other foods contributing to my issues. Thanks for reading! CB
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    thanks, @ladyshanny! i've been feeling extremely decadent...that makes sense!
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    I miss drinking socially as well.... I am going back to California for mother's day this weekend and my w30 partner already started drinking again and she didn't want to tell me so I didn't lose my motivation. I can feel myself losing my will to not drink... I know I have lost a lot from this diet, I started at a size 12 work pant and I am at a 6 now! I feel like I want to bring alcohol back and just keep my diet w30 since I feel so fabulous... I don't think I will go back to the way I was eating, but I definitely want to go back to the feeling I get when I am able to drink with friends and family.
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    My friend is wanting to do Whole30 with me in January, however is feeling concerned about how to do this with her allergies to nuts and coconut, as well as sensitivity to eggs. I rely on eggs, nuts, coconut milk and almond butter for much of my whole30 recipes and snacks. Any recommendations on snacks and meal recipes - especially that get you the fat and non-meat protein?? Also, I known it's not compliant, but what are thoughts on using soy milk occasionally, since coconut and almond milk are out for her? Thanks!!
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    LisaNotOriginal, that looks lovely! I had scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning and added some frozen spinach in to them. They were delicious! So, a coworker just plonked a bag of crisps/chips on my desk (she asked me did I want a pack, I said no, and she came back from the shop with one. Argh). It's 4pm and the next hour and 15 minutes are going to kill me. Writing it down in the hopes that it'll cement that I am not going to eat them!
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    Starting Strong and I hope everyone else is!! This is breakfast, plus a handful of raspberries (not shown). It took extra time this morning but it was yummy. I made the pork sausage from the book! It was delicious!! Anyone else make a yummy breakfast? I am always looking for ideas! I did weigh myself this morning and took some measurements. I can honestly say that this is the first time in a LONG time that I am ready to change my food choices. I feel empowered!! Have a healthy Day,all!!
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    Yeah, this is 'fauxmeal' and is out for your Whole30.
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    Cutting out potato and being considerate of your portions is a-ok, however it's not okay to suggest or insinuate to other members that fat is something to be avoided. You can read upthread and see how quickly that became confusing to new participants. @LisaNotOriginal please pay atttention to the template, you need to be adding fat in the prescribed portions to every meal. We also don't count calories as @ArtFossil has said. Your goal is to eat three meals a day spaced 4-5 hours apart and you WILL need to eat to the template in order to get there.
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    Look at this: https://whole30.com/downloads/additives.pdf Or Google Whole 30 citric acid (Yes citric acid is OK.) And look at the meal template: https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf ("Occasionally eat a serving of fruit.") Eat fruit as part of a meal, not as a snack, and don't let fruit crowd veggies off your plate. (Whole30 recommendations. https://whole30.com/2015/01/rules-recommendations/ )
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    Citric Acid is compliant... not sure about the product you're asking about as you've not listed the ingredients. Fruit is 0-2 fist sized servings a day, eaten WITH meals only, not as snacks or with nuts/nut butters... Lots of us mods and advanced members choose not to eat it at all... if you're having a tough time with sugar dragon, you may consider dumping it for a bit... every bit of nutrition that fruit provides is more bioavailable in veggies...
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    Yes apparently autocorrect struck again lol. I was trying to say my aches were persisting
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    I've been making sautéed vegetables with eggs and avocado most days. But it kind of depends on what's in the fridge haha. This week I'm going to prep a huge breakfast casserole to eat out of that I can add avocado and various sauces to.
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    ?? Persistent what? I'm sure it's an autocorrect but I for the life of me, cannot figure out what it should be
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    My husband does most of the driving back and forth,but of course I stay up. She called to be picked up at 12:15 and I went to bed and had a better night's sleep than the night before,but still feel a little achy today. The last of the friends just went home but now the boyfriend is here. Glad to hear you made out OK last night. After the girls left last night my husband asked if I wanted to go out to eat. I chose to make lamb chops and leftover coconut cauliflower rice for myself and he got takeout for him and my son. The week went by pretty quickly for me too. Other than this persistent a Chinese, it has been fairly easy for me.
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    At least it was only day one!! Better than day 29 you can do this!
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    @kirkor I like your signature quotation: "Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent."
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    Hi y'all. So here I am, on day 17, and I'm feeling pretty much the same as I did before I started. I can report that my energy levels have improved slightly, but not enough to say that this result can be wholly attributed to Whole30. Just to give a bit of a background on myself, I am a curvy 5'11", well-proportioned (i.e. excess weight gained doesn't all go to just one place, it's pretty evenly dispersed), Manhattanite (I walk at least 2.5-3 mi. a day, just living in the city), gym member (I try to go at least 3 times a week, but have been slacking a bit lately), and have tried other weight loss/eating plans (specifically Weight Watchers and other low carb, high protein/veggie-heavy, no drinking eating plans). I am no stranger to following and sticking to an eating plan. My intention for Whole30 was for it to act as a "reset," in hopes of shedding excess pounds and inches for spring/summer. I have NO clue what I'm doing wrong because I am just NOT seeing any results!! I'm following the plan as instructed with NO results and am becoming more and more defeated. I'm still trying to remain positive, but I can't believe that by day 17, I have not lost any inches, nor have I seen any difference in how clothes are fitting me. I even tried on several pairs of pants this AM that fit me exactly the same as before I started. I am desperate to hear from anyone who can help shed some light because as of now, I am at a complete loss and not feeling good about all the time and money spent on following this plan. I can provide a daily eating log if anyone wants to see it, but don't want to add to an already lengthy post. HELP ME PLEASE!
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    Hi Janice, I'm in! I did whole 30 Feb 27th and I was doing pretty well up until Easter. Then the sugar dragon returned and I can't seem to calm him down again. I found that I actually felt so much better without the sugars/carbs, but it took a few weeks of being bad to realize the difference again. My hands and feet are swollen again and I just feel crappy. Funny part was I didn't see much of a change while doing the 30 days until I started to cheat weeks down the road. I've been looking for a way to motivate myself to start up again and I'm happy to have found you! I work out a lot and live in NJ but my bad eating habits are getting the best of me. I do eat very well, but then at night, I start snacking on pure crap for no reason! It's awful. Good luck! I love Colorado!
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    I successfully did my Whole30, had amazing results, and decided to just keep eating Whole30. I didn't miss anything enough to bother reintroducing it. I'm on day 45 and for the last three or four days, I've noticed that I'm getting full much quicker at meals but then I'm hungry early for the next meal and hungry late at night. I rarely snack but push through and try to eat more at the next meal. It's difficult because I'm FULL at meals and when trying to eat more, I feel like I'm going to be sick (gagging). After a few days of this now, I'm starting to feel tired and icky like I'm not eating enough (I've done enough low calorie diets in the past to recognize the feeling). The only change lifestyle-wise is that I'm busier, on the go more. I'm taking all my food with me, making sure I've got my full portions, and doing the best I can not to eat while doing other things. I eat on a pretty regular schedule. This busy-ness also means I'm a bit more physically active. I've tried upping my protein and fat a bit to offset it, but then I'm not getting the full veggies I need because I'm full and I'm suffering the digestive issues from reduced fiber. I am not on a true Whole30 at present, simply eating as if I am but I'm abstaining from the scale so I haven't weighed since my first 30 days ended on April 7. I can say that I've notice a significant change in weight based on how m clothes fit the last too weeks. I'm concerned I'm not eating enough but I hesitate to add a "4th" meal or afternoon snack and eating more at mealtimes has proven to be nearly impossible. Advice? Thanks, Jen
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    Hi. Thanks for this question. I'm having a similar problem on day 24, beginning a few days ago, with feeling full very quickly and feeling like I'm having to choke down food. I'm also historically a very big eater. My main question is whether I should stop eating meals when I get that sort of nauseous feeling even if I've only eaten a small amount by then?
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    Yes, I absolutely do- I'm 200 lbs. and don't fit into clothes that I could fit into at this time last year. I am overweight. I've gained at least 10 lbs during the holidays and into the winter, which is fairly normal for me (and I'm sure a lot of people) during the colder months. I know the primary goal of this eating plan is not specifically to lose weight, but if I'm eliminating foods from my diet that were the cause of my weight gain, on top of not drinking alcohol, and I'm not losing any weight, then how else am I supposed to be eating? Eating this type of diet should absolutely result in weight loss and I'm concerned that it isn't happening for me, or hasn't happened to me by this far into the program. Regardless on if the intention of W30 is weight loss or not, I should be losing weight since I am eating healthy, clean food. I have no intention of quitting, and I'm SO happy that you confirmed that my meals are looking right. I had no doubt in my mind that they were off, but it's really nice to hear confirmation of that
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    I too am on Day 17 and although much shorter - 5'3, am also hourglass, curvy, proportionate body type. I can so relate to everything you said!!!! I too have been following the program and getting slightly discouraged at not seeing weight/fat loss results. I also was just trying on my pants/shorts last night because we have an upcoming trip to the beach in 10 days and I'm getting a little anxious. I was hoping this would help me drop a few lbs at least. Its frustrating to see all these people saying "oh I've lost 10 lbs!" or whatever and I would be thrilled with 4-5 or my pants fitting better. I'm not weighing but I know my body well enough to know - what I weigh when my pants fit me like they are. But I am like you...I am determined to finish. I do feel better - energy, better digestion, can tell certain foods were bothering me. But I would like to feel like I'm also making some progress on losing a bit of stubborn fat too. And GEEZ, for the love of god, I KNOW its not a weight loss program but EVERYONE raves about how much weight they have lost on the program so its frustrating for that part to be dismissed. And I also know its a 30 day program but you would think if you are going to see weight loss progress it would come gradually - its not like 5 lbs is going disappear in week 4!!!