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    1. I'd stay at a eco-friendly ranch, in a lovely log house on a pristine lake, somewhere in the high Rockies in the fall with the aspens in full bloom and the peaks dusted with snow. The house would have numerous windows with gorgeous views. The ranch would have lots of land to roam, and trails just begging me to hike and view wildlife to my heart's content. It would also have a huge garden and some fruit trees. 2. I'd have a personal chef who would come in daily to prepare my meals. My meals would consist mostly of organic Whole30 food grown and raised on the ranch. The food wouldn't be fussy or fancy, but simple and delicious. 3. I'd have fun/exercise riding horses, hiking, exploring, and swimming. At night, I'd look at the stars through a telescope. I'd read and write every day, too. I'd probably have a massage therapist in every day. The fresh air, sunshine, beautiful surroundings, and local healthy food would feed my body and soul, and I would be peaceful and content. (And I'd never want to leave!)
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    Thought I'd pop this up here for future reference. I know my last round I was a day off from all this (but everything still held true like clockwork).
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    I had those Thai meatballs and chard in coconut oil for lunch. Made this pot of spaghetti sauce tonight to have on hand for tomorrow. Alaska runneth over with zucchini right now so zoodles are happening. Congrats to all on a successful day 1!
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    @SnappySue......just stick with us and then keep going a couple days
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    @jmpeponis You can DO THIS!!! We all have our individual fears about taking this on - I believe we will support each other and cross the finish line!!!
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    I may be banned after this but that's a risk I'm willing to take: I joined this forum over a month ago when I first started Whole30 so that I could get quick answers to questions without having to pull out my book. I haven't posted anything because I've been able to find everything I need by searching the forum and google. I will say that 75% of the people that are active on this forum couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. "Can we have corn?" No, it's in the book. "Is this processed jug of liquid compliant (even though it clearly states cane sugar on the label that I attached a picture of)?" No, it has sugar, which is clearly stated on the label that you attached a picture of. "I didn't lose any weight. I only cheated 8 times. I'm sad." It's not for weight loss. "I'm going to quit this diet because you're mean to me." You're an idiot (I also think you're the "oversensitive" poster who threatened to quit the "diet" when SugarcubeOD moved your non-Whole30 Whole30 log to another section but that's just me being hopeful that there's not two of you). These moderators are saints. I would be cussing people left and right (I've actually done it in my head a few times). So, to the moderators - you don't have to apologize for anything. I want to apologize on behalf of the people that are lazy, don't like to find out answers on their own and expect you to spoon feed them. Some of us really do appreciate you and your straight forward answers.
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    So I know I just posted, and you are all thinking "get a life," but I did a search on the forum and it says to use homemade mayo with a little lemon/lime juice (for tang) as a substitute for sour cream. Soooo...I don't have time today to make homemade mayo, but I do have a wonderful jar of Primal Kitchen's Mayo, so mayo it is on my baked potato tonight! Just gotta double check the label to ensure it is compliant and viola!
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    I almost made it through my first W30 without a single slip and I gotta say that the one thing that helped the most was this forum. There are so many experienced W30 members who can walk you off a ledge or get you through with great ideas and encouragement. I suggest going through the forum in depth a little a day and read some of the past posts (especially the ones about illnesses and issues if you have any) because there is some really good stuff!
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    Hey Sara, thanks for the post. Congrats on all of our Day 2 beginning!!! I had last night's dinner for breakfast with half a banana. (I didn't have time to make some eggs this morning) poor time management today. For lunch I'm going to Proteins and Greens for my sister's birthday. I called ahead yesterday and found that they have items that are compliant. They were so nice to answer my questions too. (I had a few, lol). Dinner tonight is a slow cooker brisket with cremini mushrooms, onions and beef bone broth with spices. Plan to prep a cabbage slaw tonight so that I can have that with some brisket for lunch and breakfast can be some green goddess chicken with a couple poached eggs. Yes, not having the wine was definitely an odd change. I didn't freak out though surprising enough. I have been changing my liquids up though. I bought silicone ice cube trays. They hold 6 cubes so I mean big. I chop up strawberries, blueberries, orange, lemon, lime (or use any fruit or citrus' you like) I put them in the trays add water and every morning I have flavored water. Best part is I can refill my glass (I use a mason jar as my glass with a straw) at least 5-6 times and still have flavor. If I feel like bubbles I drink perrier. They have several flavors and are all compliant. Even Dasani now has sparkling waters that are compliant. I appreciate all of you as I do have support but, there are those that say I'll never make it. I guess that's part my fault as I have attempted to quit smoking before and failed. But, I really want it this time so I'll keep on truckin'. People here don't understand the program and judge without having the knowledge. So I will try and not let them get me down and continue to post here with you guys to keep things positive! I'll check in later. Please post how things are going for you too. It can be inspiring and informative to all of us. Let's rock on everyone!!!
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    Day 1 down!! Heading to bed soon. Dinner was great! Had the spaghetti squash, with hamburger and then top with the tomato sauce. Filling and really good! I pre-baked some chicken breast in some green goddess dressing and pepper. This way tomorrow's protein is ready and I can concentrate on the vegetable sides when I get home. I hope everyone had a great first day. Looking forward to tomorrow. Have to admit a bit scared that today was a fluke. I didn't crave a cigarette or an after work glass of wine to unwind. Tomorrow is another day and I'll face it then I guess. Well, goodnight Team Whole30 8/7 and lots of luck for another successful day tomorrow.
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    Hi everyone, a successful Day 1. It always feels easy for me day 1. Day 3 is when it gets challenging for me One word about kids on Whole 30: the whole 30 recipes I make are my son's favorite meals. I don't force him to do Whole 30, but I also don't make multiple meals. There are so many good compliant recipes - I encourage you to try some and the kiddos may love it!
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    Hello all! DAY 22!!! Its all downhill from here My stats: 1. GI issues still improved. 2. Skin looking great. 3. No tiger blood, although my energy is improved from the exhaustion I felt last week. Basically just my normal level of energy. 4. Still sick of cooking although the hubs and I are getting into a groove. I am realizing the benefits of prioritizing mealtimes and prepping as a self care routine. I don't expect to maintain this same level of cooking but will work to find a balance that I can manage when this is done. 5. I am going to take the reintroduction phase seriously. I am very curious to find out what it is that has been causing my GI issues. My husband thinks it's dairy which will make me sad but I live in a place where it's pretty easy to find dairy alternatives so it's not the end of the world. 6. I will be having wine on day 31 Have a great day everyone! Dani
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    Hi everyone, so glad to learn about the forum and begin this journey together. Essentially going it alone at my household since hubby supports, but not participating. I had a small taste of the Whole30 previously, but only made it to Day 15 when the opportunity to take a few days vacation presented itself... So here I am now-- looking forward to giving it a go as the calendar is clear Here's to our success! Hoping to learn some good tips too.
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    Hi @EllieViolet! I'm sooooo glad you reached out on this forum. I know EXACTLY how frustrated and disappointed you feel right now. And you won't receive any judgment from me, because during my first round of Whole30, I got impatient and weighed myself around the same time, day twenty-something. At that point, I had gained a pound and my already ginormous bust was 1.5 inches BIGGER. I was crushed, to say the least. I kept going, but my spirit was wounded and that took away my openness to recognizing the non-scale victories I probably experienced during that last week. I cried. It was a completely unnecessary emotional letdown, because I weighed in again on Day 31 and had lost 10 pounds. That last week must have been the real sweet spot for me, because not only did I lose the weight, but I lost a total of 6 inches all over my body. I went into the first round with a weight loss goal of 20 pounds. I don't know why and it's embarrassing to say this to you, but I honestly believed that I would experience a weight loss miracle through Whole30. I had read dozens of times that Whole30 is NOT a weight loss program, but in my heart and mind, I believed it was. And that hurt me more than it helped me. After reintroduction, I lost another 10 pounds without even trying. Whatever nutritional correction my body needed, it just took time. I strongly encourage you to just stay the course. Consistency is what will allow your body to trust this healing process. I won't tell you not to weigh yourself; that's your choice. But I will say that I can hear the messages my body is sending me more clearly when I am NOT weighing myself. Best wishes to you, Ellie!
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    I'm starting 8 August. Totally nervous, and excited at the same time. I have issues with follow through so I hope I stick to this.
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    Haha. I miss gum, too!! The meals have been good, and filling (breakfast and lunch so far), but it was hard to get past my usual mid-morning snack. And gum. Every time I thought about eating something, I'd drink an entire bottle of water. It's tricky not thinking about food all the time! Trying to find other things to fill my thoughts and hands
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    Hi all, I started today too and was very impressed with myself making homemade mayonnaise for the first time. Never knew it was so tasty and easy. The ranch dressing wasn't a success though it split and didn't taste good! However I wasn't to keen on adding unnecessary calories for a dressing. I'll perhaps try it again later in the month when I want variety. Off to make my Whole30 dinner I'm @Claire2122 on Instagram, if anyone else is on there. Good luck everyone!
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    You can take anything that you would normally eat. First tho, I would ask if you're going to be there over a mealtime... lets assume that you're eating Meal 1 at home... 4-5 hours later, are you going to be at the event? If so, then yes, we need to figure out something for you to take. How about chicken salad and cucumber slices? Leftover meatballs and sliced veggies with ranch dressing? An RXbar is not a meal which is what people are trying to say... if you're not going to be there for a meal and you're just wanting something to snack on, consider the recommendation that you're eating 3 meals 4-5 hours apart and that with well composed meals, you shouldn't need to snack... I understand that amusement parks and the like are notorious for being a food fest, much like say, the movies, but you're trying to change not only the food on your plate but the relationship with food, one of those being that we don't need to constantly be eating just becasue a place is fun or known for being a food free for all. If you want more ideas of what you could take for your meal to the park, google 'whole30 brown bag lunch' or 'whole30 picnic' and you'll get tons of threads. Hope that helps. Everyone here just wants you to get the most out of your Whole30
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    Hi all - I've done a few Whole 30's and had great results. I never did great reintroductions until recently, when I found that milk/cheese is a big culprit in a skin condition I've had for several years. Grateful to know what's causing it and that I can avoid it. Yesterday I stepped off the boat in Amsterdam after a two week vacation to Norway, and today I'm back in the US and super excited to reset. I had some good exercise days on the cruise, but as you can imagine, the food part was terrible. Glad to be along with you for the month!
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    Why should people not be encouraged to do their own research? Why do you feel that someone should come to the forum and say 'I don't want to learn about this, look it up for me' and then have a volunteer do the same research the participant is fully capable of?
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    Hi all, I am reading the Whole 30 book and realising there is a LOT more prep required before kicking off - setting ourselves up for success! And so I'd love to join you with the 7th August start date. I really appreciated that infographic share Brensuma. For several years now I've wanted to transform my relationship with food and find a lifestyle that I - and for many different reasons/ excuses/ poor choices/ life events - I've got sooooo close and then bounced back into old habits. And so ..... now feels like the right time for me to have come across Whole 30. I look forward to getting prepped, committing to Whole 30 and joining you on the journey! x
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    Hi All, I haven't done my best by logging in and keeping up with you all but....I did complete my 30 Days! I took a lot out of this Whole30. I shed 10 lbs and now have 10 to go. I also kicked my coffee cream to the curb. I no longer crave coffee....well cream...... and that was one of my most difficult give ups. I came to find out I enjoyed the cream, not the coffee. I am now a hot tea drinker. I also look at every ingredient before buying anything off the shelf! And Last.... I was a grazer during the day and a snacker at night when watching TV. No longer do I do this (as it wasn't permitted) but I will stick to this positive habit. It was a very bad habit and added weight! Thanks Whole30 I did it!!!!
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    You have no fat with your meal... that's probably why you're starving... fat must always be included
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    Well now I'm pretty stinking excited about this Meatza thing, let me tell you. Thanks, team! So my husband woke up this morning and says, "I had a nightmare!" I said, "Oh no! What happened?" "I ate a cookie." LOL Day 15 has officially arrived. I am still feeling kind of tired and cranky, which is weird, but I think it's related to being bored at work and not food stuff because I wake up alert and ready to go and then peter out when I have to go to work. However, watching my husband have such a successful Whole30 has been super fun. He's feeling really good at the gym, he's coming to bed earlier, he's trying black coffee - like, WHO IS THIS MAN!? It's been really interesting, so trying to suck up some of that joy since mine seems to be lacking. Had our final Blue Apron meal last night for dinner - cauliflower rice, ground beef with coconut aminos, zucchini, chile peppers, bird's eye chili pepper? (yum hot!), and pan fried shallots with lime juice. I forgot to figure out how to include fat so I ended up having some banana with coconut flakes, hoping it would help me at the gym this morning. I will say I felt better this morning than I did yesterday morning (despite the GREAT DANE sleeping in my bed last night ) but I obviously don't want to make a habit of that, as it's pretty dessert-y. Up today: Pre-WO - HB egg with guacamole Post-WO: HB egg white M1: 2 everything muffins with ghee*, some hash, 3 eggs. M2: arugala with olive oil, italian sausage, peppers, onions, red sauce. M3: fajita-style onions, peppers, steak, cauliflower rice, and guacamole. *I have to tell you a funny story about this ghee. So I'm in Trader Joe's and I see this yellow/orange-colored "Buffalo Ghee," and I think "Ghee + Buffalo Sauce!?! Genius!" Yeah... It's ghee made from actual buffalo's milk with turmeric added for flavoring/color. #facepalm Going to a friends with some other girlfriends this evening (they'll be eating pizza) so I also have some kombucha to sip on there. I'm already looking forward to it! It's like my new favorite thing. I hope I don't crack into it before I get there! Haha. I'm noticing some bumps on my forehead, kind of break-y out-y, but not pimples, which seems odd. I have a pretty clear complexion, so wondering if it is related to the fish oil supplement? I'm also out of face lotion, though, so have been using coconut oil until I buy some more. I'm afraid I might just be paranoid about the fish oil because I probably wouldn't even have thought of that except that ISWF mentions it. I think it also mentions an alternative to fish oil to get the omega-3's, so I need to look into that. I think that's all I have for now! Keep on keepin' on, friends!
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    What a fantastic idea! I bought some flavored LeCroix. That's a compliant drink, too. The fancy glass with make it extra special though! =) Tonight I'm going to the movies with some friends - first social outing. Going to bring part of my dinner - a bag of nuts + some dried crunchy Asian pears. ("Crispy Green" brand). So far I don't have any 'hangover'. I'm nervous for day 11 the most - when the novelty wears off. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!
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    Hey all! Congrats on a successful day 1! Yesterday was easy for me because I was so busy that I couldn't think about food. But, today I'm home all day and I am a serial snacker. I remember something Melissa H said somewhere... something like " you have to be connected to one of the physiological/psychological benefits (not the scale) to be able to give you enough motivation to see it through". So every day, esp when the days get hard, I am going to stay connected to my reasons: Sometimes I feel completely out of control and I will over-indulge, then feel guilty, then depressed, then eat again. Not anymore, I am going to get freedom. Sara, I love to put a sparkling water in a fancy glass and I find just having a beverage (compliant beverage) seems to work great! Remember yesterday was the "no big deal/what have I done". Today and tomorrow= THE HANGOVER we can do it!! I love the accountability.❤❤
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    Oh my goodness...Kill All "work" Things came today...uggggg. I woke up perfectly fine, ate a great breakfast, drove to work, and when I sat down a co-worker said one thing and it made me so irritated! The rest of the day was the same way. I was hoping my workout would make me feel better, but no go. To my surprise my husband is not irritating me at all (that was Friday). Here are the things I've done different the past two days, no afternoon coffee and no fruit after lunch. Im used to having a cup of coffee (black) around 3:00-3:30 and would normally have fruit and nuts for a snack at the same time. I'm strongly trying to avoid those two things. The snacking because I know I'm not hungry, I'm just bored. And trying to cut the afternoon coffee to ween of caffeine a little. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better! Anyone else ever had this phase come late?
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    @Yuliya Porter Convenience vs best practice is such a challenge! A small cooler bag can be your friend. It's so hot there, I would recommend freezing your protein and putting it in the freezer pouch with your veggies for a meal later in the day. E.g. 2 frozen boneless skinless chicken thighs with cut up carrots, cucumber etc (the chicken will keep them chilled) and an avocado. Paleomg Thai pork and veggie meatballs made ahead, frozen on the tray, and tossed in a freezer baggie are magic for grab and go - your kids will probably like them as well!
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    Hi! I'm still on it...my upside list: Kinder Higher energy Skin looks GREAT Clothes are fitting nicely Sleeping better Trying new recipes Trying new food I haven't really 'craved' sugar but it is hard to say no to the occasional piece of cake or slice of pie. I'm determined to see this to the end and keep it going at a 90/10 rate. I'm going to reintroduce foods slowly and embrace this life change. Way to go to everyone whom also stayed on & Happy Monday!!
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    I realize you're frustrated but it wasn't snarky BS. Did you read the parts I wrote about letting your body come to trust that proper amounts of healthy fuel are going to be consistently incoming? Or the part about how 100 pounds of excess weight has probably created problems in your hormones and gut that are not going to be resolved in 25 days? Or the part that once your body trusts you and things are in stasis, the weight WILL come off. I know what you wanted was for me to say 'cut the template in half, skip the fat and weight will come off'. Which is true btw... calorie restriction ALWAYS works in the short term... It is also unsustainable and will only serve to make things worse. You said that you are not seeing any positive results... I encourage you to take a look at this non scale victory checklist and tell me not one of those things is improved https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-nsv.pdf The poster above me is also right... altho easier said than done, the stress caused by being consumed with weight loss and dissatisfaction surrounding one's body is absolutely going to play into weight loss. I know you're frustrated. I do! I know what it's like to be very overweight and just want something to work... anything... NOW. It doesn't work like that and I know you know that... give it time... again, easier said than done. As far as the expense, you did mention you were spending double on groceries and @kirkor was trying to help with that part... you mentioned it, which makes it part of the issues that people are going to try and help you resolve so that this is a sustainable program for you.
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    Only one of their pasta sauces is Whole 30 compliant. It's organic, but I can't think of the name (every time I have to read the labels...eye roll...). You could use that with ground meat to make a sauce. Then spiral zucchini! Perfect "zoodle" dish.
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    This is often a huge battle for some people... can you take the scale to work and have someone hide it? Or have your bestie take it and store it in the trunk of her car? When you're battling not stepping on it, just remember that your whole mood and attitude each day does not need to be dictated by a number on a piece of plastic. Not to mention that body weight (real body weight, not bloating, water retention, pooping) does NOT change significantly from one morning to the next... so knowing that, if it goes up or down makes little difference to the overall composition of your body... You are worth more than a number... so much more!
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    Everyone must try the Seared fresh tuna with fennel slaw on page 208 of the Whole30 cookbook!
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    Hurray! They confirmed, the sulfites are naturally occurring and not added.
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    I don't buy it. I make my own clarified butter. Super simple
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    Thank you for the quick and helpful response, ladyshanny. While I can't say this was the response I was hoping to hear, it is what I figured the best practice would be. Health is too important to do with less than full effort! Plus, the meals I have been making on the Whole30 are pretty darn delicious, and I want this to be a life-long change (barring special occasions and things truly "worth it", I want to eat mostly compliantly long-term). I will try to take comfort in the fact that, while I definitely made some poor health choices on vacation, they were less than I would have done on a typical vacation pre-Whole30; there were some good, compliant template meals thrown in with the non-compliant stuff I mentioned. So my plan going forward will be (I'm mostly writing this down to commit myself!): eat 100% compliantly at home over the next three weeks until I go on my camp trip, eat as close to compliantly as I can at restaurants during that time but not sweat the oils/small amounts of added sugars like I would during a Whole30, eat what I can at camp... and then do a second full Whole30 -- and systematic reintroductions! -- at home upon my return.
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    Okay...so on vacation I was completely out of control!!! Yesterday (Day 1) was super hard because I woke up cranky and hangry! I wanted waffles and hash browns so badly because my system was in vacation overload. I unpacked and got my house in order, but I swear there was a little, evil Tasmanian Devil inside me waiting to devour anything in my path. Got through the day and when I wrote in my journal last night, I had to call myself out for my horrible attitude all day. Should have jumped on the forum to read how my W30 friends were doing, but I couldn't stop or I was going to crawl out of my skin. Day 2... woke up in a much better mood, so I am blaming the "vacation foods" for my bad attitude. I'm going with the excuse that food affects my mood (and I'm sticking to it). Tonight, I am treating my family to STEAK, baked potatoes, a side salad with olive oil, and roasted asparagus because I can. I know I'm going to miss putting some sour cream on my baked potato, but ghee, salt, and pepper it is. Having said this...anyone got a W30 compliant sour cream substitute? I thought of maybe using a dab of Primal Kitchen's Chipotle Lime Mayo, but hmmm... that sounds weird. We will see and I'll let you know if I do. Keep going everyone! Think of it this way...only 28 days after today!
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    Work friends all gone to Tumbleweed (yuck) for lunch. Then, there is this! (not pictured . . . a side of spaghetti squash with truffle ghee and W30 tomato sauce!!!)
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    I did it!!! And, yes, learning a ton - not getting ANY work done but this is me time that I deserve!!!
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    Hi @SLHorowitz86! I love that you are moving forward with a plan in mind and that you're excited for the new structure. Good for you! If you've never checked out the Well Fed cookbooks, I highly recommend those. Best cookbooks ever, and I'm not exaggerating! Best wishes to you and your hubby in this next chapter.
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    I LOVE LOVE the idea of the chopped fruits in ice!!! Thanks!!! And, the mason jar idea! Thanks for sharing. I'll stay engaged all throughout. It's my support system - that and my amazing family . . . altho' my kids are adults and my husband travels so this is so helpful to fill those time-gaps!!!
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    Day 23 1. I'm still waking up uncomfortable with abdomen pain and gassy, every morning now. And I don't know why but its irritating and painful. 2. My energy has not increased but my clothes are definitely looser and I am seeing a bit of a difference in the mirror. 3. I look forward to remaining paleo and keeping dairy and grains out of my diet. I will be reintroducing wine first. 4. I miss having Gilmore Girl snacks with wine and girl talking with my best friend. It's not the same with water and carrot sticks, hehe 5. I went from cooking all kinds of experimental dishes to being one who now too is tired of cooking and I am one who loves being in the kitchen. Keep up the great work everyone! The finish line isn't far away!! You rule! Andie Out!
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    I love the whole30 salmon cakes. I make them in a batch and then bring them to work. You can heat them up or eat them cold. They are super easy, and contain your protein (salmon) and carb (sweet potatoes). The recipe is in the Whole30 book. Read the label on your canned salmon though. I have also made tuna salad (with the whole30 mayo, celery chunks, salt, pepper, lemon juice) and put in a container. Pack lettuce leaves in a separate container. I use Boston bib or butter lettuce because it makes a good "cup" and does not have a huge stalk. You can then make a "tuna wrap" out of the lettuce and tuna. Throw a few slices of avocado on it and you'll get a healthy dose of fat. The "Wild Selection" brand of tuna only contains tuna and water, no soy. Chicken salad would work well too. Use shredded chicken, whole30 mayo and add what ever else you like ( I use celery, grapes, walnuts, chopped apples, green onion, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper) You wont even need the lettuce, just eat with a fork. My favorite pre/post workout beverage is cocoanut water. You can cut it with regular water or seltzer water, add ice and it is very tasty. I also like sweet potatoes with ghee and cinnamon post work out. Bake a bunch of sweet potatoes at the beginning of the week, mash, stir in ghee and cinnamon while they are hot, put them in a container and the and you can scoop out what you need each day. Eat hot or cold.
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    Try adding a magnesium supplement? Can you get Natural Calm in Singapore (btw, I went there once, I LOOOOVE IT!). As for calcium, generally dark leafy greens are high in calcium... here's a good list - just ignore the lima beans and snap beans obviously https://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/high-calcium-vegetables.php
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    No kiddos left at home here...but if your kids like meat, veggies and fruits.... no reason they couldn't be part of the lifestyle change
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    This is day 1 for me and my husband. I'm addicted to coffee granitas so drinking iced black coffee was a discipline. It's good to find a few others starting today as well. I'm debating whether to put my kids on this. Anyone who's including their kids?
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    So day 1 is done for me. I missed Diet Coke the most. And gum, but got through it. Enjoyed the new recipes I had! I keep being afraid I'm going to accidentally eat or drink something I'm not supposed to! Like I'm going to forget I'm on w30. Haha.
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    For me, Day 7. The eating and compliance has been easy -- I have been thoroughly enjoying all the tasty meals my husband has made from our Whole30 cookbook and just his talented, creative brain. I had a very tough first 4 days -- headaches, body aches, fatigue, digestive upsets but the past few days have been better, although I find I am still pretty low energy. Sleep has been improving, but not great yet. It is hard to get in a solid 8 hours and I am feeling tired during the day. Really tired, but not relaxed enough to take a nap. Since I was a very bad eater before I started this, I think I must have more "stuff" for my body to get through before I start noticing wonderful improvements. But mentally, I am not having any issues; I don't miss any foods or even sugar. Hoping that I will soon get a burst of energy.
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    @SugarcubeOD Thanks for the response. Since I posted this today, I've gotten some REALLY great ideas about better ghee brands and making clarified butter. Will ditch the Palm Oil idea and stay with butter and make my own!!
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    We like to get nuts from Trader Joes. Also check out farmer's markets and Aldi for good produce and protein on a budget.