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  1. Oh boy! I definitely need to increase my water intake. I'm not drinking near enough, And maybe that will help with leg cramps. I wonder if I'm just not getting enough energy from my three meals as you suggest. I will try five or six meals throughout the day, and see if that helps. I've made homemade ghee which I love, and I've been cooking in olive oil so I'm pretty sure I have the fats covered. By the way, I have felt tired over the last four days. Not SUPER tired, but a little. However, it sure has been nice NOT having those daily sugar crashes where my eye are slamming shut! Thank you so much for the information!
  2. I guess I need to provide a bit of detail on my intake. I will do that! For now, I'm eating mostly protein and veg, and trying to limit fruit. I eat until I'm full, but a caveat is called for here---4 years ago I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Presently, my stomach holds about a cup and a half of food. I know my water intake needs work. Drinking only about 32 oz I figure. I am salting my food, however.
  3. Thank you
  4. Over the past three days, my legs have not been very willing to carry me to deliver packages on my mail route. They feel weak, And in the evenings I'm experiencing leg cramps. I think I did read about this somewhere in the book. Comments?
  5. Thank you--- yes I was looking at the nutritional information in the nutrition box, and not the ingredient list. Many of the compliant foods have naturally occurring carbohydrates in them. So I am just looking at the ingredient list that lists added sugar, correct?
  6. Ok thank you so much!
  7. Thank you so much!. Under pantry items in the book, they list tomato paste as a compliant food, but there is a bit of sugar in it. Is that because it is used in such small amounts?
  8. I am on day one and already am wondering about canned tomato sauce. the sauce I buy at Costco has 3 g of sugar per quarter cup. Is this allowed?