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  1. So while I was in my strict W30 I didn't work out at all - I went on long walks, but didn't go to the gym. I wanted to see how it would go without gym time. I'm thinking of getting back into a gym routine and am looking at the pre and post workout meal templates... Can Meal 1 be my pre-workout meal? I understand eating a small post-workout meal that's neither Meal 1 or 2, but I can't fathom eating a pre AND post workout meal that's neither meal 1 or 2. I simply cannot find the time in the day to eat so much food. Is it better to eat meal 1, then right before a work out, eat a pre-workout meal, then make meal 2 my post workout meal OR is it better to have meal 1 be a pre-workout meal, then eat a post-workout meal and have a separate meal 2? Anyone following what I'm saying? lol.
  2. Sounds good. Just watch out with alcohol - it's basically all sugar! Pay attention to how your sugar dragon reacts if you go back to semi-occassional indulgences. And I totally agree! Meal prep is key. Perhaps the most rewarding and most difficult part of W30 for me.
  3. @hmg1993 Looks like you could use this article: http://whole30.com/2014/09/five-things-melissa-hartwig-learned-whole30/
  4. Great posts! Good luck moving forward. Remind yourself that you can keep returning to W30 eating for a day or two days, a week, etc to get you back in a good place. I tend to eat strict W30 for bfast and lunch and then maybe have a bit of non-compliant non-problem foods with dinner. Adding a small amount of rice with my curry, or a slice of cheese on my burger, doesn't seem to knock me off track. I have had dessert a couple times and I always feel terrible, so I usually eat very strictly W30 for 3-4 days after and that will bring me back to balance. Good luck with reintros!
  5. If you're eating other brassicas (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Bsprouts), I wouldn't stress at all about not being into spinach or kale. Anything you have to force down (assuming you're a healthy, well-rounded eater) isn't worth the effort. And definitely don't compromise on sugar just to get them in! I'm in full support of you abandoning your effort to force leafy greens
  6. Amazing response, @gina724. I second everything you said. @foursimplewords, read your post but hesitated to respond, because someone who hasn't had a drink since 2003, I realize not everyone is ready for sobriety. You have to discover for yourself if alcohol is something you probably should live without, but it sounds like maybe you're coming to that conclusion. Even if you're not sure if you have a problem with alcohol, a good practical suggestion (AA) book for how to start going without is Living Sober. It has ideas for how to manage going out with friends or to special events, what to do if you're craving a drink, managing feelings, etc, without being preachy. Similar to life after W30, living without alcohol goes from something you're doing right now for a better, healthier you, to a lifestyle and identity change. The cravings and feeling-shitty cycle will end. Anyway, here if you'd like more support on this and feel free to PM me. Best, Randi
  7. Finished my W30 on 2/1 and had been doing pretty well finding my way in a world of non-compliant food possibilities. One thing I quickly learned was that exposing myself to sugar in the form of dessert means my immunity will plummet and I will immediately come down with whatever I was successfully fighting off before. I was exposed to A LOT of sick people during my W30 and never got sick, but got 2 mild colds and the stomach flu in the month following the W30. Anyway, after I got the first two colds, I realized sugar was really hurting me and was primarily eating compliant style 99% of the time. But then we went out for my partner's mother's birthday and had a piece of cake after. Next day BAM! stomach flu. Two weeks of being completely non-compliant. Bread, rice, gatorade, lots of applesauce, not a single vegetable until almost 10 days in. Yes, broth too, but my stomach could not tolerate other things. So now that I'm about 4 days into being recovered from the stomach flu, I've been completely off the wagon with eating. Really low vegetable consumption, eating more sugar and certainly WAY more bread (which was really my problem food before W30). My body is revolting like whoa. I feel like there's no going back once you've done a W30. I ate a salmon skin salad the other day, which was probably cooked in the shittiest of oils and had all kinds of skin break outs and pelvic pain like I haven't had in a few months. I'm ready to get back on the wagon. Have other people been through a complete derailment and then gone back without doing another W30 round?
  8. It's a few days past, but hang in there! Day 10 is when most people quit, so I'm not surprised your having cravings. Times we have ritualized eating are the hardest to fight against, but it's worth it. Mentally review the reasons you're doing this and know that the urges will pass and you will be able to put your foot down to the sugar dragon. Also, I suggest try making yourself a Joy List.. things that you think you'll just enjoy doing over the next few months. No requirements or x times/week or whatever. Find new ways to nourish yourself and have self-care that are different from food. Good luck!
  9. Hey all, I finished my W30 on Jan 31st and have been "riding my bike" ever since. Did reintros and things went mostly ok. Discovered some minor things, but mostly discovered too much at once or two many things at once will make me feel like crap. I've been eating lunch and bfast w30 compliant and maybe eating something small non-compliant with dinner. But last night, as I was eating a lateish dinner (I work late), I started getting sudden abdominal pains. Mostly upper right quadrant, but also some on the left. Persistent achey pain, sometimes moving helped, sometimes it didn't. I've never had a gallbladder attack before, but this was definitely one. I took an advil and drank a cup of hot water with ACV in it and the pain calmed down after about 10-15 minutes. It's gotta be all the eggs I'm eating. Yesterday I had 2-3 eggs for bfast, an egg mixed in to a batch of zucchini fritters I made, an egg in the mayo I made, and because I was in a pinch with dinner, another 2-3 eggs for dinner. Pretty much for the last month and a half I've been eating at least 3, if not more eggs a day. How do other people handle this? Supplements? Regular ACV? I'm thinking of putting a tablespoon in my daily water bottle just to prevent another attack. It's funny because I had blood work run and my cholesterol panel is SO MUCH BETTER with this diet, but now of course my gallbladder is unhappy. Ideas?
  10. I thought perhaps it was because I started antibiotics on day 26 (realized after I posted) but it's been crazy. Had a small BM this am, but still uncomfortable. Ate some soaked chia this morning and a probiotic and kombucha and nothing really happening. Blargh.
  11. Typical for me - M1: 3 eggs and either 2-3 veggie fritters (made with some grated veggie, an egg and coconut flakes to bind) and a half of friend plaintain or 2 cups of brussel sprout ceasar salad (homemade dressing, THE BEST) or a mix of all of that, handful of blackberries, black coffee M2: (this is the hardest for me since I don't have an actual lunch break at work): 1 protein item from dinner leftovers (often it's salmon cakes or grilled sausage or chicken thighs), 2 "salads" usually 1-1.5 cups each that I prepped sometime during the week (so I make a shredding carrot salad, or beet/tahini salad, or more brussel sprout with ceasar dressing, or sauteed veggies from leftovers), spoonful of nut butter with shredded coconut or half an avocado. M3: brisket or salmon cakes or chicken thighs or pork chops (sometimes soup instead) whatever protein we're in the mood for with 1-1.5 cups of one of the salads I mentioned and then another cup or two of roasted veggie (cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potatoes, squash, etc) and usually some mayo with spices added for me. if my veg wasn't a starch i might fry up some plantain and eat it with "guacamole" instead of the mayo. if I'm feeling the need for it, some berries with the meal.
  12. Also, if you check out the timeline (http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/), there's this quote: Of course, this may not happen like magic at the halfway point. There are a huge number of factors that influence which benefits you see and when. If you’re one of those folks who has hit the halfway mark and isn’t seeing or feeling the dramatic changes others have reported*, know this: You’re not doing it wrong. If you began the Whole30 with a medical condition, a long and rooted history of unhealthy food habits, or a chronically stressful lifestyle, your “magic” may take longer to appear, and probably won’t be a “light switch” moment. Don’t stress about whether you’re feeling honest-to-goodness “Tiger Blood”—be patient, and be on the lookout for small, gradual improvements to keep you motivated. Slow and steady still wins this race.
  13. I didn't exactly get Tiger Blood - I'm on day 29 and my energy is much more sustained but not what I'd call tiger blood by any means. I have some chronic health issues so I'm not really surprised by it personally, AND I think I'll notice a dramatic decrease in my energy if I add all the foods back in - the quickest way to see what's working for you is to stop doing it and see what happens. I have a feeling I'll know my energy was better even if I'm not wholly conscious of it now. Also, sometimes it just takes some people longer than others. Hang in there.
  14. how's the weather been by you recently? Heat on? Radiant or forced air? Do you keep a humidifier in your room - maybe it's time to start?