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  1. I find adding an egg actually makes my meatballs more liquidy. I use almond flour or ground almonds as a binder.
  2. I love their ketchup and balsamic dressing. The buffalo marinade was hard on my tummy and the BBQ sauce to me was just okay- it's very vinegery.
  3. I have food allergies so when we've had Seders at other people's houses in the past I just pick and choose what I can eat. I'll probably sub water for wine, I don't drink anyway. Haven't figured out the matzah yet, but God/religion trumps whole30 so it's okay to have a little matzah as part of a religious ceremony. I don't know if regular charoset is compliant because I'm allergic to apples so I always make Sephardic Charoset anyway- this recipe would be compliant if you left out the wine and use the date syrup instead of honey. We are not supposed to recreate 'treats' as part of the whole 30 but in my opinion 1) this isn't a recreation since it's part of the Sephardic traditions and 2) it's part of a religious ceremony. Matzo ball soup on the other hand, you probably have to skip (even though Manischewitz makes a gluten free version) Guten Pesach!
  4. In my case, it's not lying to say I have allergies. when I was doing the whole 30 I would say I was doing an elimination diet to test for food sensitivities. No one ever questioned that. I'm sorry you encountered something different. You said you are in China, maybe there is a cultural aspect to preparing and serving food we Westerners are missing here.
  5. Sorry about the popcorn. I'm allergic to corn but i will always miss movie popcorn and nachos.
  6. Oh honey that sucks! My go-to is to say i have a good allergy or sensitivity. For me this is true, but no one needs to know exactly what my sensitivities are. In case of a cake just saying 'I'm sorry, but i can't have gluten' should be sufficient. I can't believe they cheered, that is some disordered behavior on their part!
  7. I haven't been able to find any jerky that didn't include sugar in some form, but if you find one go for it. I've started eating epic bars instead for a protein snack.
  8. I did think peas are compliant, thanks for the correction. It was past my 30 days so I'm not going to worry about it but that's good information for the future.
  9. cocnutty I agree, if I eat any 'fast food' or commercially produced food I immediately have consequences. I think my body was always sensitive, it was just totally overloaded before. Now that I've been eating clean if I do eat something bad for me my body can react quickly. I'm still trying to figure things out; I don't think it has to be a whole365, but I do think I'm going to end up eating like, 90% paleo.
  10. I ended up cooking all that meat and fish, and I had a ton of frozen peas which I cooked in ghee and ate for about a week! I don't do canned olives- I get mine fresh from an Italian grocer and threw those out but I felt like the ghee would be okay even out of the fridge and I had some avocados. I was out of my 30 days so I did have a couple of non-compliant convenience meals- which I ended up regretting- too much cr*p in fast food.
  11. I use potato starch.
  12. If budget allows, new clothes for your new body! I just got back from the mall where I went a little overboard treating myself to both work and casual clothes in my new size.
  13. i cut out nightshades so no more eggplant for me, but you people are totally making me want a Foreman grill for other veggies now.
  14. Has anyone found that their old foods are really disappointing? Everything I've tried so far has left me unsatisfied, taste wise. For example today I'm reintroducing dairy so for lunch I went to the deli I have always loved- little hipster place with fresh ingredients and lots of GF and Vegan options. I got cheddar broccoli soup, salad with mozzarella and pesto, and a Greek yogurt for 'dessert'. The soup tasted like the cheese was that fake, American 'cheese food'. The mozzarella and pesto was salty and sad. I'm saving the yogurt for later but all in all I was really disappointed, and dairy/cheese has always been my favorite thing ever! The same thing happened when I had bread and pancakes last week, they were just meh taste wise and made me feel terrible afterwards. I can't say that I love the food on w30, sometimes I have to choke it down, but I never expected to lose my taste for non-whole foods!
  15. In general when I eat greasy food my skin feels greasy afterwards. One of my favorite pre-whole 30 meals was a British fry-up and I'd always get oily a few hours afterwards.