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  1. There's a bunch of information of you Google 'mirena scandal' or 'mirena lawsuit'
  2. If he referred you to an allergist they could test for lots of things. Is Mirena the one that's been in the news for causing so many women bad problems? Could be related to that. For the record, i cut out nightshades and it helped me, but i have a huge list of foods and other things i am allergic to also.
  3. If your doctor agrees, is recommend allergy testing. Find out which of the foods you eat regularly, if any, you may be sensitive to. If that is not possible because of cost or whatever an elimination diet starting with nightshades and anything else you eat/drink regularly (coffee, tea) is a good way to determine sensitivities.
  4. I've stopped drinking coffee until I get to work and I've also transitioned to getting up about 2 hours before I leave so I have lots of time for a slow morning routine, so my first coffee is usually 3-4 hours after wake up. I've also switched to black coffee, I couldn't take the fat from coconut cream any more it made me nauseous. For morning protein, I find that either something cold (salami, prosciutto) or something spicy (Melissa's spicy ground turkey, chili) suppress my gag reflex.
  5. i just threw all my old Plexus stuff in the trash this weekend. They aren't compliant so i didn't use them when i did my first whole30 a couple months ago, and honestly the w30 made me feel a million times better than Plexus ever did so i realized I'm never going back.
  6. I haven't really reintroduced nightshades or OAS trigger foods because my inflammation definitely got better after I cut them out. I can recommend removing nightshades as part of your whole30 if you think they are part of your issues.
  7. First off, congrats on making it 55 days without a drink! Flying solo no less, that's amazing. You are a miracle. This is a really good book of tips and tricks on the first days/weeks/months of living sober. I'm sure you could find it on Amazon too. When a person is an alcoholic or drinking a lot, they are consuming a ton of sugar. Quitting drinking means not only going through alcohol detox but sugar detox too. In the first days/weeks of quitting drinking in AA they actually recommend you up your sugar intake for a little while to help with those withdrawals. Since you quit alcohol 30 days before starting your w30, you probably did okay with that but you still may be having some sugar withdrawal, I couldn't really say. Since you are reporting stomach burning and nausea, maybe you have a little bug? Or maybe you are having a reaction to something you are eating? Getting back in the habit of logging your food and symptoms so you can see if something is a trigger might help. Also, may I gently suggest seeing a professional (doctor or therapist) or visiting AA regarding your addiction and depression? Mental yuckiness breeds physical yuckiness and vice versa. Keep on keepin on.
  8. I often have that moment when i get home from work and i know dinner is still a ways away. My go too is good olives from the Italian Market and thin slices of compliant salami or other hard salted meat.
  9. I'm guessing Bach's Blüten? Similar to Essential Oils here in the US which i think are sometimes carried by alcohol. They are essentially herbal tinctures suspended in alcohol solutions. Some people swear by them others think differently. I don't know if there is much science behind their use, and i really can't speak to whether it's ok using them on the whole30 or not.
  10. I'm kind of the opposite, I have to do something while eating to a) slow me down and b ) force myself to keep eating. Food mostly grosses me out and if I'm just focusing on the food I will stop eating fast. By surfing the web, reading/typing on the forum, watching a show or reading a book I will sit with my plate longer and eat most of what's on it.
  11. Doctor's orders definitely trump everything else! I take a lot of meds for various conditions and I didn't even bother to check if they are compliant before I started, because I knew I wouldn't be taking them into to consideration as part of this diet.
  12. All good suggestions, thank you. I have had Korean soup in restaurants which has a spicy broth then they drop a raw egg into it- the yoke stays soft but the white cooks and it's yummy, maybe I can figure out a way to recreate something similar. I find that spicy foods are easier to handle when I'm nauseous. I tried making mayo once and it was a total fail, so I bought the Primal mayo instead and thought it was disgusting. Maybe I'll try making it again on the weekend. I'll also try upping my morning water intake.
  13. I was thinking about switching to bone broth instead of coffee in the morning (saving my coffee for when I get to work). I have a horrible cold and have been drinking lots of broth and it's very soothing. I have done butternut squash soup for breakfast before with success but didn't know how to get protein in there. Honestly I kind of hate chicken, although I still force it down a few meals a week because a girl can only eat so much beef and fish (I mostly avoid pork- Jewish). Any recipes for protein salads that don't use mayo? I was a Miracle Whip baby my whole life until whole30 and mayo is just gross to me. I do really miss tuna salad though.
  14. Doesn't seem like much protein- unless you mean 1/4 package of sausage? 1/4 of one sausage is very small. More protein will keep you fuller longer. I'm also petite and usually can't eat a full meal template either, but I try to eat my protein and fat first then veggies until I'm full. In the past I've found I feel best when I'm getting a lot of protein.
  15. The idea behind local honey is it very, very slowly builds up a tolerance in you to local allergens. I don't know if there's any science behind it and it's not going to make you feel better immediately. I'd use an OTC allergy remedy like Claritin or Zyrtec, or even better Flonaze if you don't mind spraying something up your nose it gets right to the source.