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  1. I highly recommend what I cooked last night...I doubled the recipe and it took way more than 20 minutes, but it was worth it. Ate it with the mashed cauliflower recipe from the Whole30 cookbook. Delicious! So far I'm not feeling the kill-all-the-things feelings I felt last time around. That's nice. But we'll see what happens tomorrow...
  2. My day 3 is going well so far. Had a salmon cake and eggs with Whole30 tartar sauce for breakfast. That tartar sauce recipe is one of my favorites. I used chopped capers instead of pickles the first time I made it because I didn't have pickles, but it was so tasty I've just kept making it like that. Last night my husband and I made the slow cooker pot roast recipe from the Whole30 book. YUM! That will definitely be in our weekly rotation. It's easy and quick to prepare. The fresh thyme made it soooo tasty and the combination of veggies is perfect. I will say, you don't need to add beef broth or water, and double or triple the salt they recommend. With the amount of raw vegetables you're putting in, you'll need it. And there is more than enough liquid from the meat itself. Maybe they recommend beef broth to make it more like a soup, but we had plenty of liquid without it. Tonight I'm going to make a Whole30-friendly chicken piccata recipe I found online. Really excited about that. I forgot how good all this food was!!
  3. That was one of my favorite parts about doing the Whole30 the first time around. I actually used all the vegetables and herbs I bought, and nothing went bad! And I was buying a LOT. Also, having to take out the kitchen trash so often and seeing it filled with egg shells, vegetable peels, etc. (as opposed to takeout boxes or whatever) is oddly satisfying...
  4. I also wonder if sometimes people give up too soon? On Sunday I made mayo while I was prepping for my second Whole30. I used the same food processor and ingredients I always have. I'd poured in more than half the oil and it was still liquid. I almost stopped because I didn't want to lose more oil. Then I thought, oh well, if this fails I'll turn it into something else. Finally, almost at the very end, it emulsified. Strange.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm back for my second Whole30 after completing one successfully earlier this year. I pretty much stuck to a Whole30-ish lifestyle until my husband and I went to Italy for 10 days. I didn't go crazy, but I definitely ate a lot of pasta. I didn't feel bad, though, probably because the quality of ingredients over there is so much better than the crap we have here in the U.S. Once we got back and I didn't return to the Whole30 lifestyle, I started feeling the difference. So here I am again! I did my first Whole30 completely by myself, which was tough. This time, my husband is doing it with me because he saw what a difference it made in my life the first time around. I learned from last time that using any spare moment to prep food is pretty necessary. We're not willing to spend money on packaged Whole30 meals or expensive compliant salad dressings, etc., so it takes a lot of work. But boy, is it worth it! This morning I had eggs and a salmon cake. Lunch will be leftover spaghetti squash with ground beef and the tomato sauce from the Whole30 book, with a side of strawberries. I need to work on incorporating more fat and veggies. You will be hungry if you don't get the ratios right! Good luck, everyone!
  6. Pretty good. I cook at home 90% of the time, and it's still probably 80% Whole30. I have had a couple of pizzas made with a cauliflower crust. I'm eating a little cheese, but not nearly as much as before. I put no-sugar-added almond milk in my coffee with half a stevia packet. Haven't had one dessert or sweet, and no juice or soda. I have let myself indulge in my beloved Mexican food a bit. But at the restaurant, I sub the rice and beans for a side salad. I've had a few margaritas, and wine on occasion. But I must say, I do feel a difference when I consume a lot of these things at once. I'm pretty sure I've stayed away from gluten completely. I just don't miss it! No desire to binge either. Today at work we had lunch catered-- Mexican food. I did not make good food choices this time and am feeling the consequences. I'm exhausted and have a headache for no reason! Well, the food is the reason.
  7. Thanks! I have since had corn again and didn't have any problems. So it seems it was unrelated!
  8. Ate gluten grains yesterday in the form of whole grain pasta. I put cheese on it so I bungled that, but I feel pretty bad today. My body is tired and my head hurts. No stomach issues, but I just don't feel well. I haven't felt as great as I did during the Whole30 since it ended, but today I actually feel bad. The good news is that my husband wants to do a Whole30 with me after our Italy trip. It will be so much easier to live this lifestyle--and I REALLY want to--if he's on board.
  9. No reaction to the cheese on my pizza last night whatsoever. I'm eating the leftovers for lunch today. The cauliflower crust was pretty good, but pizza was never my go-to unhealthy food so I'm not worried about it becoming SWYPO for me. The cheese was tasty, but I didn't have the reaction I thought I would. I really thought I would go nuts for it and I didn't. It was also Kroger brand mozzarella, so you know, not exactly fine cheese lol. How's everyone else doing? I'll probably do gluten grains on Sunday...
  10. Ooh, that sounds good and having protein and fat is a better snack from a Whole30 perspective if an emergency snack is needed! I know I definitely can't eat fruit on an empty stomach. I once ate an apple with almond butter while making dinner and I had the worst sugar cravings of my entire Whole30 that night. I thought the protein and fat in the almond butter would balance out the sugar in the apple, but for me it did not! It was after that experience that I started getting really serious with my food prep for the week on Sundays.
  11. I don't crave crunchy things, but I will second the recommendation for pickles. I get the Kroger Private Selection brand dill spears for $2.99 a jar. Read your label; it might not have the same ingredients at all Krogers. (There are Simple Truth pickles too, but they are much more expensive). I know lots of other stores have compliant pickles as well. They're crunchy AND salty and they don't require any work. Pickles are also good to have on hand when you're having one of those "oh crap, I didn't prep enough" moments where you're trying to get dinner on the table and you need to put something on your stomach while you cook that doesn't have (natural) sugar in it. I had a lot of those moments early on, before I got into the swing of things. Good luck!
  12. I'm going for dairy today, too! The funny thing is I'm so used to not having it that I completely forgot to include any with my breakfast or lunch. Tonight's dinner is pizza with cauliflower crust, which will have parmesan and mozzarella, so we'll see. Maybe I'll drink some milk tomorrow morning to extend it. I had a bizarre, possible non-gluten grains reaction that I asked about in another thread: But after some internet research (the most reliable kind, not), I just don't think the popcorn could have caused that reaction 36 hours after I stopped eating it. Food exits your body before then--not just your stomach, the entire system. My chicken sausage was probably not cooked through. It was early and I was tired when I made breakfast, and it's not a pink color so it's easy to forget it's raw and needs to be cooked, not just heated up. I did a float test of my remaining eggs last night, which eliminated that possibility (they were fine). Won't make that mistake again!
  13. On Sunday I reintroduced non-gluten grains in the form of bagged popcorn with only coconut oil and sea salt as the other ingredients. I meant to eat multiple grains, but life happens and long story short I ate the whole bag over the course of the day. I'm never buying popcorn again; it's too easy to overdo it. On Monday I felt fine, but then yesterday I had some crazy stomach symptoms. I need some input on this. After eating my compliant breakfast (eggs, chicken sausage and sweet potatoes w/ hot sauce plus decaf coffee with coconut cream), I started feeling really nauseated and had some moderate stomach pain. I started driving to work and felt my stomach drop. I made it to the office and had to run to the bathroom. Then I had to go to the bathroom again an hour later (diarrhea). The symptoms subsided, but I couldn't really eat my (compliant) lunch. I felt okay at that point but had no appetite. In the evening I made myself eat a small dinner of two pickle spears and a small amount of sweet potato spears with sunshine sauce. Today, I feel like I'm back 90% and am eating normally. Oh, the other symptom was that I was extremely emotional yesterday. I had to leave work briefly and take a walk around the block because I was going to cry about some dumb office problems that aren't even new problems. I'm not the type to not be able to hold back tears at work. Today, I am completely, 100% chill with no stress. So my question is, could the popcorn have caused that more than 24 hours after eating it?? I was totally fine the day after eating it, but yesterday was nuts. Maybe just feeling sick made me a weepy mess? OR I got salmonella because I didn't cook the chicken sausage long enough. These are my theories. Color me confused.
  14. Had some wine over the weekend. Wow, did both wines taste different! The chardonnay that I used to like tastes way too strong now, and my favorite pinot noir tastes even better than it used to. Odd. I definitely noticed a lack of tolerance to the alcohol and am okay with just having a glass, two max in the future. Today I started non-gluten grains. I've had half a bag of popcorn and even though popcorn has never been my thing, it was a food with no brakes today and I had to get it out of sight. I don't feel any effects from it at all. I'll have some brown rice later tonight. I probably wont do another Whole30 until May when I get back from Italy. I have a feeling I'll need it!
  15. I'm so sorry! That's awful. Hope you feel better soon! So yesterday for breakfast I had those two peanut Larabars, and later a decent amount of hummus with lunch. No reaction whatsoever. Hours later, in the evening after eating a Whole30 dinner, I started feeling some very mild bloating and stomach sensations. I say sensations because it wasn't pain or even discomfort, but something was going on. No gas or other digestive issues. These are things I wouldn't have even noticed pre-Whole30. I wasn't really bothered. Today I'm pretty tired, but I went to bed way too late last night so I doubt it's related. Anyone else wish they could go off and do Whole30 + reintro in some super controlled, luxurious spa atmosphere? We can dream. Oh, and speaking of dreams, I had some crazy vivid weird ones last night. Legumes? Who knows...