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  1. Well, we're done with ours now so this thread is going to be pretty quiet, if not completely dead. I'd recommend finding or starting a thread for people with your start date or close to it!
  2. Yes, congrats to all! We made it! I don't think it matters if you add or replace. But I do know that it's recommended on the forum that you consume the reintro food multiple times a day. For example, if it's dairy, don't just have milk in your coffee in the morning. Have some cheese with lunch as well. If it's the day for non-gluten grains, have some rice with your lunch (instead of cauli rice?) and some popcorn later. There is also the option of the slow-roll reintroduction, where you keep eating Whole30 until a time comes when you consciously make a decision to go off-plan. I didn't find that I was sensitive to anything except the aforementioned dairy stuff. But I do know that when I don't eat Whole30, I don't feel nearly as good as I do right now. So my strategy is to remain Whole30-ish when I'm not on vacation, and to try to do a few Whole30's a year to stay on track. It's June and I've done two so far this year, so I feel pretty good about things. Fingers crossed I keep it up!
  3. Glad you liked it! How funny, my Kroger was totally out of zucchini when I wanted to make it. There were only pre-made zoodles, which were overpriced. So I went to Sprouts and couldn't find any there, just some special Italian squash that looked a lot like zucchini. Peak season is June-August. What's the deal?? Not sure if I'm gonna do reintroduction this time. The only thing I found last time is that dairy makes me produce more mucus. There's really not a delicate way to say that haha. I'll just try to stay Whole30-ish until a meal comes up that's worth it. My husband and I were talking about doing 2-3 Whole30's every year. We'll see!
  4. I have a more traditional workday of 8-8.5 hours, but if you search the forum you'll find many threads helping people with crazy work schedules of 10+ hours plan their food for the workday. The weekly cookup is just taking a chunk out of one day a week to prep a bunch of food so you don't have to spend every spare moment of every day in the kitchen. It can take some practice to get it down. I still have to make the occasional mid-week trip to the grocery store and sometimes it will be a Wednesday and I realize I have nothing for dinner, but practice makes perfect!
  5. As it says above, stick to the template. I am not a veteran, just approaching the finish line of my second Whole30 this year (and ever). Around the forum I see that most people don't eat enough fat. We've been told our whole lives that fat is evil but it is not, I promise. If I eat a meal without it I get hungry far sooner than I should. So buy those olives, make that mayonnaise, do what you have to do! ALWAYS have food in the fridge. There are lots of tips for weekly prep around the forum. Getting caught without food when you're really hungry is dangerous. Kicking an addiction is hard. I have a history of disordered eating and also felt fear before starting. I had come a long way already, but this program has changed my life. After the first couple weeks of my first one I felt centered and at peace with food in a way I never, ever had before. Join one of the monthly threads to talk to people who start on the same day as you (or within a few days). Most will be first timers. The forum is a huge help. Good luck!!!
  6. I feel much better today. I made a big double batch of tuna zoodle casserole last night. I love meals like this because you get your veggies, protein and fat all in one. I've been dealing with some cravings in the past few days, but I'm pretty sure that's because I wasn't eating as much as I needed to and my meals didn't follow the template like they should ideally. But this casserole has been kind of a game changer. I imagine it's pretty quick if you have a spiralizer, but I did not, so it took me some time with the julienne peeler. I think next time I'll get creative with spices, etc. But the original is great, too. Here's the recipe: We're in the home stretch, guys! Keep it up!
  7. It looks like we've lost a lot of people since the beginning, at least here on the thread. I haven't had much of an appetite for about a week, and not much food seems appealing. I just looked and I'm right on schedule with the Whole30 timeline. Doing this for a second time has been interesting. As we move toward the finish line, I feel more boredom than tiger blood. First time around, the tiger blood was amazing! I'm dealing with some difficult personal issues, which probably kills the tiger blood somewhat. I haven't been able to exercise because of a foot injury, but the scale and mirror are calling regardless. (There's that calendar again). I need to make a giant batch of something tonight to have more food for the rest of the week, and I am not looking forward to it. Didn't get to prep as much as I usually do on Sunday. In summary: whine, whine, moan, moan. We're almost there!!
  8. I also had a headache all day yesterday. I had leftover Moroccan meatballs and cauliflower puree for breakfast, but for lunch I brought different leftovers. I had made chicken thighs, sweet potato spears and buffalo sauce. For some reason just the smell made me nauseated. Something about the coconut oil. I just couldn't handle the smell. Next time I will buy the refined type with no coconut smell! I took about two bites, stopped and then ate my strawberries. Well, that set me up for quite the hungry day, plus the headache. I didn't have an emergency Larabar or anything. I really should keep one at work. Anyway, on the way home I stopped into Chipotle and got the only compliant meal you can get-- salad with carnitas, pico de gallo, mild and hot salsas, plus guacamole. (Call yours before you go to double check the ingredients and oils used). I ate it as soon as I got home and immediately felt better. So weird. My brain is trying to make me quit. "You've already completed a Whole30 before! Why do you need to do another full one? You already know what happens!" I'm doing my best not to listen.
  9. Great news!!! My work training is not until July. The person organizing it told me "next week," but that information was not correct. (Don't get me started on the person who is in charge of coordinating this...asdkjfhalskjdhf). My co-worker just referred to my Whole30 as a "cleanse." He's a very nice guy and didn't mean anything by it, but I had to bite my tongue. I am cranky today! Plus, I've reached that stage where I don't want to eat any of the food. It's really too bad, because I've been cooking all sorts of tasty things and have barely repeated a recipe. Hopefully, this will pass soon. WE'RE HALFWAY, BABY!
  10. Day 11, woo hoo! At work today I was told I'd have an all-day training with meals next week. Usually that's fun for me, but during a Whole30? Yikes. There was an option to arrive at the hotel where the training will be held the night before for a welcome dinner, and then stay overnight at the hotel (comped), but I declined that option (the hotel is close to where I work/live). It would just be too difficult to try to do three meals in a row at a hotel. These training meals always have us all eating the same food, or choosing from a menu of three options or something. So I'm going to have to figure out what I'm going to do. I can eat a big breakfast beforehand, but for lunch I'll either have to bring food with me that won't require refrigeration, or contact the hotel in advance to see what my options are. This is going to be my first real challenge. Meh. There were cookies in the break room, crappy grocery store ones. The sight had no effect on me, but the smell reached my nose and my sugar dragon let out a roar for the first time in a while. I'm so ready for week three and tiger blood. Keep up the good work, everyone!
  11. Hello all! I'm just continuing to take it one day at a time. Can't believe that soon we'll be halfway there. I've thought about some foods and drinks I miss (my favorite tex-mex place, wine), but so far the cravings haven't been super hard to deal with. This time around I'm making a big effort to stick to the meal template and it's really paying off. Never being hungry outside of meal times makes a big difference! With that said, I'm only human, and dinner last night was strawberries with almond butter and a couple pickle spears. I had a very filling lunch pretty late in the day, so I just wan't very hungry. I had leftovers, though, so I really should have made myself eat more. I saw some people ask about breakfast...I eat leftovers, sometimes with a fried egg on top if I need to amp up the protein. You get used to it. I ate pot roast with veggies this morning and actually enjoyed it. I am one of those people who gets sick of eggs really fast, so I've learned that this really is the best option for me. While I am hardly an expert since this is only my second Whole30, I did want to say something to the people who aren't feeling any effects yet and are therefore feeling discouraged-- we're not even halfway through! In the forum thread for my first Whole30, I don't remember anyone feeling tiger blood or anything really significant until week 3. It takes time, and the changes in our bodies are still happening. Also, here is a great article that really helped me out last time that some of you may appreciate: I read it again this morning.
  12. I highly recommend what I cooked last night...I doubled the recipe and it took way more than 20 minutes, but it was worth it. Ate it with the mashed cauliflower recipe from the Whole30 cookbook. Delicious! So far I'm not feeling the kill-all-the-things feelings I felt last time around. That's nice. But we'll see what happens tomorrow...
  13. My day 3 is going well so far. Had a salmon cake and eggs with Whole30 tartar sauce for breakfast. That tartar sauce recipe is one of my favorites. I used chopped capers instead of pickles the first time I made it because I didn't have pickles, but it was so tasty I've just kept making it like that. Last night my husband and I made the slow cooker pot roast recipe from the Whole30 book. YUM! That will definitely be in our weekly rotation. It's easy and quick to prepare. The fresh thyme made it soooo tasty and the combination of veggies is perfect. I will say, you don't need to add beef broth or water, and double or triple the salt they recommend. With the amount of raw vegetables you're putting in, you'll need it. And there is more than enough liquid from the meat itself. Maybe they recommend beef broth to make it more like a soup, but we had plenty of liquid without it. Tonight I'm going to make a Whole30-friendly chicken piccata recipe I found online. Really excited about that. I forgot how good all this food was!!
  14. That was one of my favorite parts about doing the Whole30 the first time around. I actually used all the vegetables and herbs I bought, and nothing went bad! And I was buying a LOT. Also, having to take out the kitchen trash so often and seeing it filled with egg shells, vegetable peels, etc. (as opposed to takeout boxes or whatever) is oddly satisfying...
  15. I also wonder if sometimes people give up too soon? On Sunday I made mayo while I was prepping for my second Whole30. I used the same food processor and ingredients I always have. I'd poured in more than half the oil and it was still liquid. I almost stopped because I didn't want to lose more oil. Then I thought, oh well, if this fails I'll turn it into something else. Finally, almost at the very end, it emulsified. Strange.