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  1. Just a quick note.... Day 20 of my first round is today! I tend to have a high heartrate and really low BP. I have mitral valve prolapse, and genetically predisposed to heart problems. I'm not overweight. I started my w30 because of a number of health issues. I just happened to check my fitbit, and my resting heartrate has dropped 9 BPM since I started w30! I just looked at the graph on Fitbit and it slowly lowered since that day! And I've only worked out 4 times. But I'm starting back to my workouts tomorrow because I now have pretty consistent tiger blood!!
  2. That's great @newwhole30er ! I didn't bake, but I bought 3 dozen cupcakes yesterday for my office. The bakery smelled awesome! But I wasn't tempted to hurt my gut and ruin my w30. I'm on day 30 of round 1.
  3. @Rachie037 Thanks for the BBQ sauce recipe! Can't wait to try it!
  4. I have the energy now. My mind is just so much more clear that I've been getting into reading more, all the planning for shopping and meal prep.... I think I will get into the routine of workouts again this weekend. I'm a little daunted by all the food needed to workout. If I workout in the morning then I have to eat 2 and a half meals by 7:15, and do the exercise and preparing them. If I exercise after work then I have to have 2 and a half meals from 6 - 8 pm. Just trying to figure all that out. And if I have to run an errand after work that pushes everything back.
  5. About the first 12 days I was exhausted, and definitely felt like I was hungover and detoxing. Had very low energy. After day 12 I started having a lot more energy. I started doing more around my house, more errands, and have more energy at work. It's like my mind is hyper focused. But I've had so much mental and emotional energy that I haven't wanted to start working out again. I worked out before w30. I also had a lot of insomnia. And now I'm enjoying the good nutrition and being able to sleep. I think exercise is going to have to wait until I can/want to focus on workouts. I'm on days 18, but extending at least a couple of days because I was taking a non-compliant vit d3 with glycerin for the first 2 days. Oh, and I have Hashimoto's and psoriasis (autoimmune disorders). Now zzzzzz
  6. Congrats to all of you for committing to w30! You can do it!! I'm finishing day 18 of my first round. Feeling great!!
  7. @Rachel007 Since you weighed yourself before you fell off the W30 wagon do you think that helped to derail your w30? Maybe that's one reason not weighing yourself is a w30 rule. I understand friends and family pressure people about food. I've never done that, and I don't understand why people do that. i think you should be proud of getting that far. And do what's best for you. But you could just continue the w30, but extend it 11 days... Tell yourself whatever mental boost you need to to get through it.
  8. Just wrapping up day 15. Feeling great! So much energy! Health problems are much better! Asthma, Hashimoto's, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, .... And my tastebuds have come alive! I love spinach! I never thought I would say that. I did struggle with a hung over feeling the first week. I hope everyone else is feeling good! I started March 5th.
  9. I think I will ask at Fresh Thyme first! And I don't mind paying a little bit if they are from quality animals Thanks!
  10. Has anyone ever asked your supermarket butcher for beef or chicken bones to make homemade bone broth? I wonder if they would give them to customers for free? Or even for a reasonable price? I can find chicken broth that is compliant, but I'm having a hard time finding compliant beef broth that also doesn't have yeast (moderator Tom said some companies use yeast to hide msg from consumers). I'm finishing day 14 and feeling great! Still so much to learn though....
  11. You can do it! Stick to it! I'm finishing up day 14, If you have the Whole 30 book read the section about what to expect every day. It's on point, and will help get you through. I'm feeling great now!
  12. I agree! I have to get over my insomnia completely before I go back to Focus T25 (off-shoot of Insanity by Shaun T). I'm walking and focusing on the W30. Hopefully by Monday I will be able to start back to T25. If not, I will start with another Beachbody workout that's not so rigorous.
  13. I'm going to make the hash tomorrow! I've been switching back and forth between eggs and Aidell's chicken sausage. Soooo good! I think I'm going to try out a whole 30 compliant chili this weekend, and also throw together a soup with ingredients I like (maybe a taco soup with the whole 30 listed seasonings.
  14. I've been taking 2 doses a day of Rainbow Light cal/mag/D3 (compliant ingredients) for the past 5 days for muscle twitching and insomnia. Both the twitching and insomnia are slowly fading. If/when I don't have anymore twitching or insomnia I will go down to one pill in the evening. I chose that one because I'm supposed to take D3 for my autoimmune disorder, and because I have seasonal depression.
  15. Dan, I have a huge sweet tooth too! But whole30 has been the best thing for it! Today ends day 9 for me. Since Thursday I've only had a few very quick cravings. I'm feeling great! And real food tastes amazing now! Plus my health problems are already better! You can do this!! Kwtie