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  1. Day 12 and still going strong! Sausage, eggs, & red bell pepper for breakfast, leftover meatballs, tomato sauce & spaghetti squash for lunch. Lamb chops, sweet potato, & carrorts for supper. I'm trying to make some kale chips now. I talked to someone to today that said we probably won't see any real drastic improvements until we get toward the end. She is doing her re-intro and found peanut butter broke her out. My Pastor did it for 45 days and lost at total of 30 pounds. Let keep the ball rolling folks!
  2. Day 11 is done. I made sausage this morning and it wasn't half bad, I followed the Perfect Sausage recipe in one of the Whole 30 books, my husband said it needed more salt. I ate a steak, salad, & baked sweet potato at a steak house today. I asked for oil & vinegar for my salad but think the oil was not compliant so I only used the vinegar. I think I ate to much fruit after supper or not enough protein because I got REALLY hungry during church and came home and ate some more of the fish & veggies I had fixed for supper. Didn't sleep as well last night but probably because I was working to late on the computer. It is hard to work from home because you never leave the office. I'm nursing a stone bruise and hope to begin walking again in a few days. The pollen count is still high here and my allergies are not nearly as bad as they usually are. Hope everyone had a great day 11, we are getting close to the halfway point.
  3. Day 10 is down. I fixed some fresh brussel sprouts I bought at Wal Mart in a package I just popped in the microwave for about 6 minutes after drizzling with olive oil & a little salt & pepper. They were DELICIOUS! My husband got us some bacon from a butcher that didn't have sugar. It will take some getting used to but I think it was a pleasant change. I made ranch dressing for a salad at lunch with tuna & poured some of the dressing over the brussel sprouts for supper. Had leftover meatballs with spaghetti squash for supper. I wear a FitBit that tracks my sleep & had set it to sensitive back in early February because I knew I was not sleeping as long as it said I was. My husband has restless leg syndrome, snores, & has sleep apnea, hence very little sleep when you are achy yourself & toss & turn all night. I pretty much go to bed at the same time every night & get up fairly regularly as well, usually 10ish to 7ish. Well last night for the first time since I set my FitBit to sensitive I got 7 hrs of sleep with only 73 minutes awake & restless. Normally, my awake & restless is in the hundreds. In fact, when I look back at my sleep times they have been increasing every night since day 7. Good night & I hope you have a great day 11 tomorrow.
  4. Could be MSG, I used to eat salads when I taught school and kept getting diarrhea. I found out the vendor that sold them the salad mix used MSG so that ended me eating salads from the school cafeteria.
  5. Day 9 is complete. Still battling the sinus issue. I went to the doctor today because the lymph nodes in my neck were swollen so big It hurt to move my head. Dr thinks it is something viral. I made meatballs for supper with zucchini noodles and threw the meatballs in Whole30 compliant tomatoe sauce and tomato onion garlic with a little added oregano. My NSV is definitely not being chained to the scale. I used to weigh myself every morning when I got up. I've only had to resort to BC powders twice since starting Whole 30 so I can say I've had few migraines. Hope everyone has a great Day 10. I'm going to make some more mayonaise now.
  6. Day 8 is in the books, Anybody have any ideas for eggs other than scrambled for breakfast. I've had them with onions, peppers, mushrooms, & spinach. My husband smoked salmon last night with baked potato & fresh green beans. Fixed boneless pork chops, asparagus & butternut squash today. Got sleepy today but had company & couldn't take a nap. Still waiting for the sleep to improve but I am seeing many other improvements in energy & clothes fitting better. A lot of my aches & pains are slowly going away. I just turned 60 last month & don't want to depend on drugs to get me through every day. My goal is to get off my cholesterol meds.
  7. Day 6 is in the books and Day 7 is almost complete. I didn't eat breakfast til late today and was working and got extremely hungry before I got home. I'm thankful I had a boiled egg in the frig to tide me over until I got my lunch ready. Still battling the sinus drainage but definitely feeling more energy. Hope the sleep gets better or at least that my granddaughter sleeps in her own bed tonight. LOL
  8. Day 4 is history with only a slight head ache around 4:30 PM which I knocked out with some BC powders. I sipped Celestial Seasons Tension Tamer tea most of the day which helped a lot. I also think that easing into whole30 just like yo ease out is the key to success.
  9. End of day 3 and I think maybe the sugar dragon is rearing it's ugly head. I started getting a headache this afternoon. I also am experiencing a really nasty sore throat but the pollen is high in Eastern KY and I normally have to deal with sore throats and sinus infections until all the trees are in full leaf. I took an allergy pill and can now swallow better. I too have seemed to be hungry all the time even though I'm eating the meal template and then some. Praise the Lord I've not been cranky yet even with some stressful situation I've had to deal with at work. I read the day 3 email and think I will try the nap tomorrow if I can.
  10. I started March 12 too! I'm so excited I've done a lot of research & read 4 of their books. Day 1 & 2 have not been bad. I have been prepping myself by slowing removing a lot of the things we are not eating for the next 30 days so I'm hoping day 4 is not the killer everyone I know has been telling me about.