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  1. I use the NOW foods D3, and the Rainbow Light Prenatal, and NOW foods probiotic. Check labels, but they should be safe. I order most supplements from Amazon.
  2. I worried about dropping wine and sugar the most. That first weekend of hard yard work without a glass of wine to unwind after was tough. I drank a lot of seltzer that day. Since then it's been easy. I don't even miss it on yardwork days now. Just push through, your body will appreciate it!
  3. It could be FODMAPS, but I actually found around Day 12 that I cannot have hardboiled eggs at all. They cause horrific bloating and gas for me. I've eaten them for years, but the Whole 30 helped me figure it out quickly. I also struggle with eating the cruciferous veggies for the same reason, particularly brussel sprouts and cabbage. I ration broccoli and cauliflower.