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  1. Hi everyone! Day 29 ... I really can't believe how quickly this seemed to go and if you look back on the first posts ...we've come a long way. How is everyone feeling? What is everyone going to re-introduce? Day 31 is my birthday (yay!) but I will still do the re-intro plan so Wed I will stick with the food plan but will have some wine. Then this weekend we are going to the big weekend festival concert here in CA - Stagecoach. This will be challenging for re-intro but I will plan ahead and do what I can and do my best while still having fun!!!
  2. @sooladybug - I'm sure that is so hard that BF is getting comments ... hang in there!! I'm sure you have made great progress. At least he's doing it with you ... my husband is counting down the days for me to be done. He has hated this - he has missed his partner for restaurants, wine tasting, BBQs, drinks by the pool and more - ha! @SugarcubeOD - can we stay together here as a group for our reintro - posting what/how we are doing including posts about non-compliant food?
  3. Hi @Miranda E and all! Very tough day - not the same kind of fun - but the food was good. The gravy is a keeper now, as well as the ranch dressing and deviled eggs with Whole30 mayo. No need to go back to unhealthy versions of those. I ended up making real mashed potatoes (butter and cream) just because they are everyone's favorite and I just don't love the Whole30 version. For any other dinner the Whole 30 would be fine but not on a holiday with tons of people. I LOVE mashed potatoes. So I didn't have any - not even to taste for salt and pepper. So, I hear you with your dessert. Having the structure and rules of the program made it easier to resist. It was also tough because the day was so long with everyone snacking all day and lots of champagne and wine. I had so much sparkling water with every variation of squeezed lemon, grapefruit, lime ... whatever I could think of. BUT - made it through the day. And I'm happy for that. Someone said it earlier ... I didn't really miss the food and beverage it was more the ritual. That is so true. It was a different kind of day. I am learning a new way to socialize. I am feeling uncertain also about days 31 and beyond. There are so many good practices I want to continue and lazy practices I don't want to start up again. How did everyone do over the weekend??
  4. Aww @bronnyd GOOD FOR YOU! You stuck it out... I'm so impressed happy for you and I'm laughing that we were in your head... so happy we are all there for each other. Let's not break-up after Day 30. So, today is Day 18 and I look at it this way: only 2 more days til only 10 more days and we can do it for 10 more days! Ha! Today I made mayo and clarified butter and hope to continue with these ... they are so easy and healthy ... never want to by mayo again. Love my immersion blender for the mayo ... a must! Thanks for all the Easter ideas and recipes ..I made practice gravy today and it is good... will be even better with some turkey drippings on Sunday. I'd love to hear what everyone is serving/eating on Easter. I will have a houseful so am making a ton of food ... all compliant! Here's what I'm doing - thanks for all the ideas! Appetizers: Veggies with Whole30 ranch, Quac with plantain chips -( thanks @SugarcubeOD for the thumbs up on homemade plantains), Deviled eggs with homemade mayo, chives and dill. Dinner: Roasted turkey, Waldorf salad, Sweet and spicy sweet potatoe wedges, Sesame roasted asparagus, Mashed potatoes (thanks @ShannonM816) No Dessert!
  5. @ShannonM816 thanks! Both sound and look great! I'm def doing the mashed potatoes !
  6. Hi all - I've been all over the internet and Whole30 sites for Easter menu ideas. What's everyone doing? Any great suggestions?
  7. @SugarcubeOD thanks! Can we make our own?
  8. @Miranda E thanks so much for this ! I'm going to make as appetizer for Easter. I just read plantain chips are not allowed anymore - did you guys read that? Does it apply to those of us half way thru?
  9. This may be totally SWYPO - but love my Kombucha martini! So cold and refreshing!
  10. That looks so good .... omg!! Damn fine chicken! Thanks for the tip on the Costco bacon - I've been looking all over .... was just about to head to Whole Foods tomorrow but would rather not... I can never get out of there without a full cart. Kombucha - the Whole30 rule is to find one without ADDED sugar. It takes sugar for the fermenting but some brands add sweetener after fermentation. I found GTs Kombucha - no sugar in the ingredients. I think I've probably read just about every forum post on Kombucha to make sure it's compliant and GTs meets the specs. GTs offers so many varieties so I've just started trying them. Trilogy is really good. Hang in there everyone!
  11. Hi all! I just love having this forum ... what a great group we are ... I really enjoy all your comments and suggestions and advice and encouragement and experiences...tomorrow is Day 10!!! I'm with you Marianne on breakfast ... really miss a piece toast in the morning, but I must say today I didn't even think about it. I've been doing boiled egg, avocado, sautéed zucchini all mushed together in a bowl. Also - I LOVE sweet potatoe toast now ... what a great discovery. I'm still not to sure about portion size ... starchy veggies the size of a fist? So a whole small sweet potatoe? Sooladybug- the overnight chili sounds so good. I'm gonna try that...where did you find the recipe?. Harpchick and bronnyd- mocktails - I will get some white balsamic tomorrow and try that sparking drink. What does everyone think about Kombucha? I've been reading up on it on the other forums and it's allowed ... sounds like GTs is the best with no added sugar after fermentation. I tried Guava Goddess today and it was pretty good.
  12. Hi and Happy Day 6 - I finally feel better....more energy. I've been envious of you all and all your activities while I have felt so tired and low energy. I keep wondering if I'm getting enough calories. But - this morning felt great and went for a 10 mile bike ride. LOVE the Whole30 cookbook - if you are thinking about a reward! We live in Southern CA and today is beautiful so kids and others are coming over for pool day which also means margaritas by the pool - ARGH! I'm making a concoction of plain LaCroix with squeezed grapefruit and maybe mint. Any other refreshing fun mocktail ideas? The sweet potatoe casserole sounds so good - thanks for sharing. And Marianne the sweet potatoe toast sounds like a good idea!
  13. I made oatless oatmeal today (also called creamy zucchini and eggs) and it was good, especially for a break from same breakfast eggs dishes ...but is it SWYPO? and is that ok? This was posted earlier: zucchini-eggs, also called oatless oatmeal, which is a little SWYPO, So what are the rules about SWYPO? I'm not trying to mimic oatmeal, which is non- compliant, this is just a breakfast choice with ingredients that are allowed: egg whites, almond milk, 1/2 zucchini, 1/2 banana, flaxseed and cinnamon.
  14. Hi all - day 3 and I was so tired today ... anyone else? It must be the sugar detox. Made the coconut curry chicken for dinner and it is so good!
  15. Hi all! I started yesterday (3/27) also! I did the shopping prep and cooking over the weekend. Food-wise I think I'm ok but the 5:00 glass of wine is hard to skip - cooking in the kitchen is not as much fun without a glass of wine. Just being honest. I'm doing La Croix in a wine glass with lemon. Happy to have this forum. kitchen