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  1. Happy Earth Day everyone! The past three days have been full of, dare I say, "boundless energy!" I think it's going to stick around. Honestly, I never want to not feel this way again. This makes me feel like a regular person--the kind that is actually motivated to clean their house, cook something, take a walk around the block to meet neighbors, etc. If you're not experiencing the energy yet, I'd encourage you to stick with the process as long as it takes. I'd also say this: having "boundless energy" has not made me feel super happy or have some kind of emotional high. For me, it has just meant that I can do significantly more with my time than I was doing before. Almost every day the girls and I go out to a program of some sort for a couple of hours, then I come home completely fatigued--2-3 hr afternoon nap, chores pile up, little planning of meals, etc. Now I can just do things without it being so hard. If you're starting out with a health condition, just look out for the feeling being able to do more, even if it's not "boundless" to someone else (because that doesn't matter).
  2. Super good news--I hope he's able to get his blood sugar down and that he enjoys the process!
  3. Yeah--I did that sort of thing a few days ago with fresh strawberries and raw cashews. Who even needs cake after that? Got through it, then a couple of days of funk, and now my energy has been pretty high
  4. The past three days there has been a definite increase in my energy levels. My afternoon slump is shortening, and the kids and I make better use of our afternoons and evenings because I'm not dragging. I do wish that cooking wasn't taking so much of my extra time and energy, though. There are a few new recipes I'm getting good at, so things are getting a little easier and more streamlined. I think I'm pretty much entering Tiger Blood--or what it will look like for me!
  5. I bought some from Yogi Tea to have during the 30 days, but that brand has stevia (didn't check since I didn't think the tea would have sweetener included!). I'll have to get a different brand and try it!
  6. That's a good idea--I guess you get them from resale shops? I want to switch from plastic but need to gradually to stay in budget. Kudos to ya'll doing all the hand washing! Just getting everything cooked, rinsed, loaded and started is hard enough with all the, ''Mommy watch this, play with me, sister's hitting me, why do you always ignore me,'' commentary I've been getting lately. Unfortunately more time in the kitchen won't go away when this is done if I keep cooking like I should! PS: The past two days I have been able to do more. Energy level is rising, and I like it! Also coffee makes me feel terrible, and I'm in serious need of a tasty drink that can be warmed or iced. Chai tea?
  7. Just with all the cooking I have to do an extra full load of dishes every day! One of those lifestyle adjustments!
  8. The dish situation is starting to get to me...
  9. Note: I am very tempted to weigh myself tomorrow to see if what I think is 'depuffing' is all in my head. Tomorrow is the best day of the year--tax day! I get my husband back! After taking up coffee again in the middle of all this (and feeling really crappy-bloated, irritable, wited-not worth it sadly) I think I am really going to have to do a Whole45. My husband is looking to slim down but not going to do a Whole30. Just a little nervous about the transition.
  10. Side question: Got back to coffee post Lent and also took up drinking La Croix. Now I have some bloating issues. I know sparkling water does it, but can coffee?
  11. Glad to hear Tiger Blood is starting to appear for some! Went shopping yesterday and didn't get any raw nuts--going to rock the next two weeks nut free. There was a little temptation to eat some of my girls' Easter candy, but I didn't do it. The next two weeks will be about learning new recipes. My husband is a CPA and after tax season ends we tend to party. I'm more concerned about falling off the wagon then. Having decent recipes that he might like will get me through I hope. Happy Easter!
  12. Thanks! I understand the boundaries they have regarding medical advice and the potential concern that those with depression (and the symptoms that go with it) may not seek treatment. It could be presented as the advice for diabetics, pregnant/nursing moms etc. was presented. Maybe more information is needed. I only know the tiny bit I've learned over the last two weeks! In general this has inspired me to continue learning about the effect of food on one's total health which I think is the Whole30 working its magic!
  13. True, the moderators frequently reinforce the need to eat starchy veggies. For this particular issue, though, it would be good to have it as common knowledge that those dealing with this issue may need more and it's not really an option.
  14. I am so happy this helped you! I was sure that I was not the only person who has had this happen, and regardless of what is said the material is not particularly clear, up front or urgent about the fact that this can occur. I tried to make this post very direct because it seems you have to comb through a lot of uncertainty to get an answer. I did find an article from 2011 on the website which addresses it (Whole30 depression) if you want to look it up--can't get the link right now. Go ahead and use some white potatoes since you're so low--roast 'em up and have a big serving. Make sure you have some potatoes each day in some way. I was hoping to thrive in a lower carb situation, but this process is about learning more about your body, so overall it is good to know we may have to support our seratonin production a little more than those without the same family health history. Again--moderators--can this be revisited or highlighted in some way every once in awhile so people aren't blindsided by it? Not just say 'we recommend a fist sized portion of starchy veggies,'' and add ''or more if you are prone to seratonin/depression issues.'' Because it's not an optional thing for those who are looking at 30 days of sadness.
  15. Hello everyone! Currently on day 15 of my first Whole30, and I have experienced something surprising. The first week instead of having the carb flu I had bouts of sadness. Like weeping, world will end, dark thoughts, etc. Through reading around, I have found that for some eating too few carbs can have a negative impact on seratonin (mood lifting hormone). This is something to watch out for if you are prone towards depression (which I do not have) to begin with. After eating a potato each morning it got better. Two days ago I didn't have a morning potato because I ran out of time to make it, and it took until the evening but the blues were back. Since my father passed away from depression, there is definitely a seratonin deficiency issue in my family background. I did not think that doing a Whole30 would give me insight into this area of need for self care and am surprised to learn I may need to watch it more than I thought. In general, I can be given to low moods and have had a span of dark days within the last two years, but nothing diagnosed, etc. I am writing this post to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Also, if you are having that experience, I'd say don't be afraid to have carbs or even a daily Larabar (oooh--vilify!!!) to keep your hormones in check. For me, this process has been chiefly about the elimination/ reintroduction experience to determine what works for my nutrition. As long as I can keep the carbs at a decent level, I am willing to continue past 30 days for additional healing and weight loss. As we know, dealing with this sort of disorder is not a 'mind over matter' issue--our mind is, in fact, made of matter and can be damaged! Moderators, can you pass along this issue to the Hartwigs in hopes of some more info? Perhaps in a new edition seratonin issues can be discussed in the 'special populations' portion of the book? Despite the bouts of sadness, clearer skin, less bloat and a flatter belly are some positives I have had so far, and I'm glad my poor moods at the beginning didn't derail me from the process.