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  1. Good for you. I think there really is a good reason for everything the authors say to do or not do and that the intent is to help us succeed, not to deprive us of goodies just to be mean. lol
  2. Duh- wouldn't you think that by age 74 I would have learned to read the label on a new product?
  3. Yikes! I just looked in my pantry and saw that the bottle of coconut aminos has a patch of white "stuff" floating on top. I just bought it a little over two weeks ago and have only used it once ( wasn't that crazy about it as a topping on veggies in lieu of soy sauce). Should I have refrigerated it after opening? Do I need to throw it out?
  4. Both recipes sound so yummy but I'm glad I saw the comment about the oatmeal. I will save that for a treat sometime when I'm not doing Whole 30.
  5. I've had the same experience with licking my fingers when there's something non-compliant on them. So far have stopped myself just in the nick of time and now my husband has started the program too, so no more worries on that score.
  6. Sounds great to me. I don't really get bored with things I like.
  7. I've been reading a really interesting book by Charles Duhigg called The Power of Habit that you might find helpful. He talks about ways to identify what triggers cravings and how to take alternative action rather than give in to them.
  8. According to the daily email that I signed up for this is a common phenomenon called an "extinction burst", which is your brain's last ditch effort to get more of the things it was used to getting before you started this new eating habit. So be of good courage and hang in there. This won't last.
  9. From the Whole 30 book I've made the chili, the chicken cacciatore, the brisket & the ,butternut squash soup, and the salmon cakes. They were all yummy. Most of the time I just roast or sauce large quantities of veggies so that I have them ready to add to the meat for a lot of meals. I've been trying to keep the meats simple: chicken thighs browned & then simmered in a little bone broth for about half an hour, hamburger patties, Aidell's chicken & apple sausage, compliant franks, and canned salmon. I'm retired and it's just my husband and I at home (he just started the program yesterday when they had to cancel his cataract surgery because his blood sugar was so high). Even so I've found the program to be pretty labor intensive compared to the way we were eating before. Especially at first it seemed like I was always in the kitchen either preparing or cleaning up. It's a little better now that I've realized it doesn't take any longer to clean up after fixing a double batch of something but even so I wonder how people with jobs and kid manage. I stand in admiration of them.
  10. I'm happy for you. Unfortunately, my sleep and energy haven't really improved. I do feel generally good, though, and am enjoying feeling in control of my eating. On the cooking front, I've started cooking large quantities of veggies, like sautéed mixed bell peppers and onions, or red cabbage onions and green apple, so that at least I don't have to mess with them at every meal. I also cook a bunch of sweet potatoes or spaghetti squash at the same time. And double up on recipes like chili and chicken cacciatore. It helps.
  11. That's gotta be a real bummer. The only thing I can offer is don't quit yet because it may be that your system has been so messed up from past eating practices and perhaps food allergies you didn't know you have that it will just take longer for things to get better. I know I'm planning to do a "Whole 60" for that very reason.
  12. Hi Kaylakat, I started April 1 and am planning on doing 60 days also. This is my first time on Whole 30 and I'm not finding it hard at all. After 30 some years of alternately bingeing and dieting I think I need more than 30 days to get everything into good shape metabolically- and hormone- wise
  13. Others may have a different take on this, but for me it's about focusing on what I eat. That is, what I eat is something I can directly control, but what the scale says is influenced by a lot of things that are beyond my direct control. If I start obsessing about what I weigh, I think I'd be tempted to start tinkering with the program rules in order to show a drop on the scales.
  14. I really like Rooibos tea either hot or iced. And you can get it in different flavors and it's naturally non-caffeinated.
  15. Thanks again. I had googled "storing cooking fats" and only got places where you can buy them.