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  1. Thanks for the info
  2. During my first Whole 30 I lost 8 pounds but nothing during the second month. I know it's not a weight loss program but I do need to lose at least another 20 pounds. I want to stay Whole 30 because overall I really like the way I feel and look but would like to know if there is a way I can do this and actively work to lose weight. I do work out at the gym 4 days a week, cardio and weights.
  3. I ca remember when tuna always came packed in oil. I wasn't reading labels back in those days, but I bet there was no sugar then. I think it's all part of the push that started back in the 50's to take the fat out of food on the assumption that fat was the culprit in heart disease. Having removed a big flavor component, the food industry replaced it with sugar. If you haven't seen it, watch That Sugar Film. It's an eye-opener.
  4. I'm using the immersion blender method of making my mayonnaise and am wondering, can I make a double batch of this at a time, or will that cause problem?
  5. That's something I need to check on. I've always been told that 4 oz of meat is equivalent to a palm, but you're right, I should compare it to my own palm specifically.
  6. It only happens occasionally but thank you for the suggestions. I'll be sure to check the protein. All my meals are basically the same as far as protein/veggie/fat quantities are concerned.
  7. For dinner, which I eat around 7 pm, I always have 3-4 oz of protein, 2 cups of veggies (usually roasted or sautéed with oil) and either half an avocado, a handful of olives or 2 T of mayo or olive oil, and by the end of the meal I feel full and satisfied. However, sometimes I wake up around 2 or 3 in the morning and am too hungry to get back to sleep. Is a small snack ok under these circumstances, and what should I have?
  8. Thank you kirk or and art fossil re the mustard
  9. Thank you both.
  10. I've seen several comments that sound as though mustard isn't Whole 30 compliant, but I've carefully read the label on my French's classic yellow mustard and nothing there looks non-compliant to me. Am I missing something?
  11. Has anyone tried freezing the salmon cakes? If so, how did that work out?
  12. Thanks- that makes sense. I think I was just being lazy. lol
  13. Tonight we had the chicken chowder from the recipe section in the Whole 30 book- yummy yummy. Now I'm wondering if a serving of these one pot meals provides everything called for in the meal template? I kind of assumed so, at least in this case, with the sweet potatoes and all the broccoli providing the veggies and the coconut milk providing the fat.
  14. Just finished watching That Sugar Film. What an eye opener! If you're dreaming of all the sugary good things you'll go back to at the end of the 30 days, watch this first!
  15. I think the trick here is to take a page from AA and not think about the long haul but rather just one day at a time. I actually think a lot about what I eat these days- both in terms of planning what I'll cook and savoring the textures, aromas and tastes of what I'm eating. For me, I think the extra time planning and prepping meals is a kind of substitute for eating between meals when I'm missing an afternoon or evening snack.