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  1. Day 26 (Friday) here! Wow! And I'm unexpectedly, going away for a week to a town I don't know to a work venue I don't know. So wish me luck as I am intending to be vigilant and finish strong (I hope!). @MonikaDelilah I feel you too. Am feeling fogged in myself a little and hoping it will pass. I wondered if it was the winter weather and feeling a little meh. But I'll check my fats as @Dani Chris suggested. This may sound strange but overall I feel very stable and "at home" in myself and I think this is totally the W30 way of eating. I like the ideas about eating W30 during the week and easing up for worth it foods on the weekends. Let's do this! It's one of the best gifts I've ever given myself.
  2. HI all I'm still here. Wish I had a quiet week - mine has been frantic and all over the place but.... I'm on day 20 today!!! (Saturday) Yaaaayyyy! Two thirds done!!!! I have to admit I'm a bit over the cooking thing too but I still do up my 3 big containers of par cooked veg a week. A combo I'm liking is a frozen mix steamed and tossed in onion powder, garlic powder and ghee. Plus I bake some. Anyway I also cook up a humungus batch of Mel J's chicken thighs. Sometimes I add homemade stock (I freeze my homemade stuff in one cup lots) and have chicken and veg soup. This changes with the veg I add. Shredded coleslaw is my new friend, it goes in salads, soups, reheats with other veg and is currently my good pal. So foodwise my routine is omelette and veg for breky, chicken and salad for lunch, protein and veg for tea. So far so good. My little victories so far: 1. quietly confident with life in general 2. feeling stable and at peace on a deep level 3. skin is fantastic 4. more energy but not in the tiger blood way I'd imagined just able to get through the day with steady, even energy until bed, 5. kinder to others (due to less mood swings ) 6. clothes a little looser - (thank god) 7. more consistent with the gym due to not being so tired in the morning. Still miss my vino tho... Only 10 days to go!!
  3. Good luck with starting over @pearlgirl2017. I've had to do it myself a couple of times and it's tough, frustrating, annoying but really is good for the soul. I'm like you, once I start to slide it creeps in everywhere. Whatever happens, eat healthy, have fun and be the best you. Plus I love that you had some NSVs and lost weight too.
  4. Going out to dinner is a challenge @SLHorowitz86 for sure. I live in farming and cattle country so the beef is good. Also I know the places to eat locally. When I went out to lunch yesterday I ate half an avo before I went just to help with impulsivity (I know I know but it helps me). So I had the grilled steak and asked them to hold the dressing on the salad. Instead of hot potato chips cos i'm feeling the W30 thing atm, I asked for a double order of salad with no dressing. I took my own dressing in a little container and quietly added it to the salad at the table. I was with 7 other people and no-one noticed! I stuck with soda water and lime and coffee. Also I went out with a girlfriend recently for coffee and cake and she ordered the cake. This will sound weird but I take a little container of coconut oil in my bag and add a tsp to black coffee. It has that lovely light coconut fragrance and the mouth feel is a little decadent and I don't feel deprived. It's not the bullet proof coffee as it should be but it works for me. This is something I'll use whole30 or not I think. Day 11 for me (Thursday) and I'm going to the Gold Coast for the day on Saturday. Another challenge but I'm planning ahead and have my cooler bag ready to pack. Today is: M1 Spinach omelette and half an avo M2 spicy grilled chicken (paprika, garlic and chili) and salad (red cabbage, lettuce, carrot, purple onion, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, 1x egg with olive oil and lime dressing) M3 Chili over steamed veg drizzled with ghee and olive oil When my spirits are flagging I keep telling myself the magic will happen! Pantene Principle - it won't happen overnight but it will happen! Roll on Whole30!!
  5. HI all, Had a bit of a thing last night where I was craving craving craving sweets. I had 2 cups of frozen berries and 2 dried figs. Compliant but not in the spirit of it. When I thought about it I realized I was totally exhausted +++. I hadn't been sleeping well, had a very difficult day at work and walked further than usual so my legs were aching and throw hormones in the mix. Anyway I'll have to watch that as the days go on. Heading out to lunch today but should be ok because steak, chips and salad is on the menu. The master plan is - share the chips and have none, ask for no dressing and take my own and enjoy the steak! I find my meals are getting a little boring but easy to "assemble" so I'll have to start reaching a little bit I think. Let's do this! We are heading to the halfway mark!
  6. Hi all, I'm still here peekin in and checkin. As you know I ate food and wine in celebration of my quitting my 10 year employment so I blew it on this W30 thread! So I've started again and am currently on day 9 on another thread but following you all still. And your cooking Magoo!! I seriously wanted to be invited to that BBQ!! Sign. I wish I was up to you all but that's life in the fast lane. Remember when you were all back around week 1??! Nooooooooo!!!! You do not want to be back here I can tell you!! Anyway I will still be reading and wishing you all the best and a healthy food freedom future whatever that may mean to each of you.
  7. Yup @SLHorowitz86 I think I hit that wall with you! I'm about to start day 9 (Tuesday). But yesterday I just fell in a heap by the afternoon and this morning I feel like I could just crawl back into bed. I just feel exhausted! So....I'll just hang in and wait for the magic to happen.... waiting.... waiting.... Anywho have a great day wherever you are. And I'll just stick with it and keep on swimmin.
  8. Thanks for the recipe @Dani Chris I have faithfully copied this and will be trying it soon!
  9. @Dani Chris Love the look of the chicken dish - care to share the recipe?? looked at all the pics and thought I wish I could do that! Ha! Struggled a bit last night with friends visiting after work and staying so it was red wine and pizza all round. I didn't say anything but really really REALLY wanted the wine. Got thru with compliant salad, (extra boiled eggs in mine), nil pizza and NO WINE just sparkly water. Not happy at the time but today (Saturday) I feel like a saint!! Ha ha. Onwards..... and I might have to find the attitude shop and buy a new one... i don't want to keep feeling I'm missing out!
  10. i know what you mean @pearlgirl2017 I'm finding it hard to eat three template meals atm. M1 is the hardest but at dinnertime I'm feeling meh about yet more veg! And it's only day 5 for me! Maybe I need to add bacon to everything - we all know things are better with bacon! Just kidding but not kidding. @FoodFreedomFighter I have been meaning to try Melissa's hash and have seen quite a few comments that it's delish - your version looks spectacular! Might put that one on the menu for this week I think. Plus I'll send you some prayers and good vibes for the kill all things moments. I'm waiting for mine to arrive. I made up Nom Nom Paleo's slow cooker pulled pork. I'm sitting here at 6 am on a winter morning and have just turned off the crock pot. It smells yummy so I may yet have pulled pork and veg for breakfast! Some days I just feel like Alice in Wonderland with all this. I'm trying to keep at least 3 containers of pre cooked/par cooked veg in the fridge so I can just add a protein and there's limited fussing. One container is fresh steamed zucchini added to a steamed frozen thai mix with onion powder, garlic powder and a little chilli and tossed in ghee. My other container has broccoli, cauli, brussel sprouts and onions cooked and tossed in ghee and s&p. My third container has roasted sweet potato. This is getting low so I'll have to do up a big batch of roast veg soon. It's friday morning here and most of you guys on the other side of the world will be asleep. But when you wake up have a good friday!
  11. Hi all, glad we are getting such a great group. I'm reading the food and tips with interest! Start of day 4 for me. M1 Spaghetti sauce but my zoodles (zucchini noodles) had died in the back of the fridge so I substituted with coleslaw mix (green/red cabbage and shredded carrot from a supermarket premix). Heated my sauce over my "cabbage noodles" and it actually was ok! Gordon Ramsay I am not but it worked for a quick meal! Oh and half an avo. M2 Chicken and 2 cups of veg spiced up with onion powder, garlic powder and chili flakes and half and avo M3 Fish cakes (made with 1 x 440g tin of salmon, 1 x cup of sweet potato, 3 x sliced shallots and fried in ghee) Plus same veg as M2. If I feel like it may have half cup of berries. Am feeling a bit tired and am coming off the back of a flu but am holding out. Am starting to feel very settled and stable deep inside if that makes sense. Less mood swings and ups and downs. Nice.
  12. @Dani Chris Me either!!! Let's go!
  13. @Maireada glad to have you aboard for as long as possible! I've had a couple of false starts recently so am really trying to commit with this one. I keep telling myself 30. days. is. not. hard. And I love my wine too so I'm gonna miss that Today is Monday 17 for me but I think I'm a day ahead on this part of the planet. So here we all go for our 30 days. I'm looking forward to the support and posting here. Meal 1 spinach scrambled eggs (3 eggs) plus half an avo Meal 2 vegetable hash (cooked with ghee) with grilled chicken. Add a dash of olive oil and lime juice at the end. Meal 3 warm chicken salad ( I'll heat my chicken thigh and add to salad made from lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, one egg and home made Mayo). cheers
  14. I hope you get your fix of Balmain bug @CookyMagoo Yum!! The temps are fine here up in the hills sitting on about 16 during the day but we still call that winter. Coober Pedy sounds like its having its usual mild one. I'm not up with the GMO and hormone thing but I know a lot of our big brands advertise hormone free, RSPCA approved etc. but once again it's always read the label or ask the butcher the questions. I get our grass fed lamb and beef from a small organic local family farm and I notice the meat can taste different depending on the grass and the season - I thought that was weird after buying in supermarkets for years. I read your posts, what you cook and how you cook with all the seasonings and I feel sorry for my meat! But hey it sure is enjoyed! Hope you keep feeling better and keep posting. Have copied down your BBQ recipe to try!
  15. Feel better soon Magoo! Even with feeling not well still love your spirit and attitude!!