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  1. Dang it folks! I blew it today. Unexpected visitors - wine and pizza and the sugar dragon had reared it's head and I was stressed and blah blah blah. Still we are early on so I'm starting again tomorrow day !... and I might have to spread the word a little. Goshdarnit!
  2. @CaylaNotCarla I think this is a great goal to have! I sometimes think the understanding is easier than the practice tho. Good luck I'm trying the wholistic approach myself. Please share any strategies you are using alongside the W30 food guidelines. 27 June -Day 2 today and it's cold and overcast where I am. But this little duck has planned ahead and I have bone broth so I can throw some veges and meat in and call it soup! OR i'll have it as a coffee/tea substitute. But the plan for today is: Meal 1: spinach omelette with half avo (2 handfuls fresh spinach, 3 eggs and 1 tsp ghee) Meal 2: spicy fried chicken thigh and big salad including: lettuce, carrot, shredded cabbage, tomato, capsicum, 2 eggs, and 1 tb mayo plus squeeze lemon. Plus 1 tb of probiotic pickled veg on the side cos I love it. Meal 3: homemade meatloaf with homemade tomato sauce and mixed veg tossed in ghee and s&p. Today is definitely a day for my fave coffee (hazelnut flavoured and compliant) with a splash of coconut milk for afternoon tea. Good luck all!
  3. This is the best mayo recipe ever and seems to never fail. I've even pottered around with the ingredients adding more lemon juice etc and it works. I dump all ingredients and use an immersion blender. Well I think I'm off to a flying start with grilled chicken thighs (dusted in paprika, garlic and chilli powder) and a batch of steamed veg tossed in ghee, onion powder and garlic powder - I could have added fresh garlic but I was in a hurry. Plus I have lots of salad stuff and homemade mayo to add variety. So I've got my quick go to meals. Yaayyy! I also bought some frozen steam fresh veg which are nice tossed in ghee and s&p. in case of emergencies. To make this work for me I want to focus on my habits as well so I'm giving up eating in front of the telly - Noooooooo which will need some secret superpower I haven't discovered yet!! This will be a huge fall off a cliff drag me kicking and screaming away from my telly and put me at a boring table big. (and yes I know the music, people, dress up the table stuff.) Anywho that's one big change. I will take my superglue for the chair and maybe do some mindful, gratitude eating ritual that I have yet to develop but I think it will be a good direction for me. As well I'd like to focus this round on really listening to my body and moving away from the obsessions (like all of them cultural, social, personal, familial...historical..nonsensical...well you get the picture.) So I did not weigh myself today on day one and I actually tossed my pedometer that I've worn for years (it was always disappointed in me anyway for hardly ever reaching the 10,000 step mark). So I am now in the twilight zone.....and my aims are to listen to my body when it speaks to me in it's own quiet way for the next 30 days. I also want to just move more in my life, freely, without motive or endless fitness or weight loss goals, just to move more and enjoy moving over the next 30 days. For 30 days I'll do it my way with no headspace attached just enjoyment. That's the plan folks. I enjoy walking, rebounding, a hopeless disjointed style of yoga that borders on comedic, and I bought a hula hoop that maybe I will master in 30 days! (ha!) Anyway I've blabbed on but I wanted to put it down for myself and keep myself heading in a good direction. For me it's starts with the food (pun intended) but it's also about the WHOLE 30 which I'm taking to be the whole me this time not just what I put in my mouth. Good luck everyone! We got this!
  4. Hi all, Starting on June 26 too! This will be my second W30, although I didn't do the food checking at the end of the last one so didn't get the learning there. For this W30 I'd like to make it work in my everyday world! In the first one I cooked up a veritable storm and bought cookbooks (W30 recommended of course!) like they were going out of fashion! A lot of the meals I made I didn't really like but hey I ate them. I would love to make this W30 my down-to-earth-grass-roots-me-version and find my personal mojo in the W30 mix. I remain hopeful and confident of enjoying the 30 days! And my quote for the temptation times will be from the Lion King - "Danger? I laugh in the face of danger! Ha ha ha!!!" Let's do this!
  5. Hi @brittanyxo I think we both deserve to take a bow! We did the whole30 brilliantly and made "worth it" choices after that! I love that we both see this as ongoing and a lifestyle change not just a "quick fix". I've read Food Freedom Forever and love it. It will definitely factor into my future. It's not about being "perfect" for anyone. It's about living our best, healthy, happy lives. Btw I think it's great that you can look ahead and plan how to get a good mix for your life over the summer! Part of this journey for me has been about trusting myself. It's only forward from here whichever way we go. You see I don't only want to just be healthy I want to be happy and enjoy life... I believe it's only success from here. Have a wonderful, glorious, happy summer
  6. Hi all, I'm back to W30 day one again - but in the nicest possible way. Last night my son told me I was expecting my first grandchild so there was champagne and lots of food for a family celebration. I didn't worry about staying on track and decided the break was "worth it" as it was a once in a lifetime experience! So I'll start back at day one and do another whole30 from there. Best of luck to you all. And Brittany keep on keeping on! You are doing fabulously!!
  7. Hi all, I'm just wondering if anyone can share how they are experiencing tiger blood when it comes? Maybe my expectations are out of whack or maybe I'm just not there yet. I think I sort of have kitten blood but am not really moving on from that By this I mean I feel naturally steady and energetic almost every day and generally purr my way through the days. I'm not wanting to roar out the door....or leap around energetically for that matter Maybe this is my unique tiger blood....? Would love to hear what others are experiencing. Cheers.
  8. Hi @Shawni Good to have you here! There are some aussie ideas on "sourcing food from Australia" (this forum) that helped me out. But glad you are here! Prep away and lots of support here. @ladyshanny I think your calendar would have looked awesome!!! Naive art at it's best! Love it! And @brittanyxo I think I might trade in my florescent dots for sparkly stars...and maybe stick on jewels... If I get creative I could end up with something arty like @ladyshanny. And @thatgirlwholaughs (love the name btw ) A couple of my favourites mirror notes are: "wherever you go, go with all your heart" "nothing is impossible - the word itself says I'm possible" and "keep the faith. You've got this!" Also I'm making the Whole30/whole 9 a lifestyle change for me but I'm aware I don't fit in with most of the planet living "normal" lives (e.g. family, friends, work). So one of my faves atm is "sometimes I pretend to be normal...then it gets boring so I go back to being me" (which is W30! ) This one is sort of like comfort for me. Hope everyone is doing well and let us know if any tiger blood shows up.
  9. Hi all, just a quick catch up. 7 days!!! ONE WEEK!!! (or in W30 speak 37 days!) Am totally nailing this!! Thanks Brittany for the broccoli trick. I bought some this week and it's still in the fridge so I'll use it when I do a big vege palooza in the oven in the next couple of days. secret shame is still eating in front of TV but I'm focusing on portion control and feeling satisfied....oh and chewing alot!! Plus I've made my own sauerkraut and kimchi (very primitive but edible- masterchef material I am not!) trying to incorporate my probiotic fix. My secret delight is...wait for it!...I have ordered a hula hoop!! Yes! This is going to be hilarious - I mean - think Disney and dancing hippos- but hey I could do with a good laugh at myself and I need to be moving more as you all know. I am also still on my 21-days-in-a-row -30-min-walk and am putting a sticker on my calendar so my inner child ( who is still at preschool I'm sure!) feels satisfied . 4 stickers so far. By the way I also got the book "The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do and how to change" by Charles Duhigg - it was recommended in the Whole 30 blurbs somewhere. I really like books that are not only helpful but practical - I don't want a whole lot of theoretical jibba jabba at this point in my journey. So I'll let you know how this one stacks up. Really hope anyone doing this or reading these posts is doing well. cheers!
  10. Hi @Bethmj I rang my local organic butcher who has pasture fed bacon. It was only when I asked about sugar in the bacon he told me they did it themselves without nitrates and sugar. It was interesting cos I had checked on the site (which didn't really say much) and I would have given up - but I was desperate!! So taking the extra step to ring and ask may be worth it. I was actually using a Coles brand economy bacon cos it read as less that 1 gram carb and less than 1 gram sugar so I figured that was probs the best I could find and was using it very sparingly. However with my new sugar-free butcher bacon I intend to pig out!! (Someone had to say it!! ) Good luck. Also thanks @Bethmj I've used your sausage/pattie recipe above and love it! And @_Amy are you still around? I'm onto my second W30. Day 4. Woohoo! Also I'm really interested if there are many Aussies still here?
  11. Thanks @brittanyxo and @SugarcubeOD. I think I'm just feeling like a slug atm. I have all the Well Fed books and Nom Nom Paleo as well. This is going to sound so pathetic but we don't have some of the spices etc in Australia that are referred to and also I have to convert the recipes to our metric so....being in slug's nice just to do something out of my head without fuss. However, having said that I've also seen heaps and heaps of "easy" recipes in the books as well, if I can just get my finger out and my head on straight again!! I'm actually going through my cooking books and getting rid of a whole lot of them. I think I'm onto a new lifestyle here. I don't need books like 887 cakes to make with chocolate fudge. Thanks Brittany for the ideas. It's winter here so cooking up a storm in the oven for 3-5 nights may be the way to go. I've found a recipe for crispy oven broccoli that is supposed to be delish - I might try give that a go (it has liquid smoke in it!! ). On a positive note - got my butt out of bed at 6am and went for a 30 min walk. Is this my new superpower? Ha! hope you all are travelling well. And @thatgirlwholaughs welcome! Would you like to share how you're going?
  12. Hi all and Brittany congrats on doing so well! Your NSV's are really great! I have decided I need to exercise to but have done the gym thing a gazillion times - go for about 3 sessions and quit (after paying $$$)so this time I'm just going to walk 30 mins a day. I'm doing a 21 day challenge starting tomorrow (sat 27th) where I will walk for 30 mins 21 days straight. No excuses. I have to do this cos I feel like a lump and need to move my tush. Learning from the W30 I'm not just wanting the weight loss (which I do!) but I'm looking for the NSV's of more energy, more confidence, more self esteem. I'm on day 3 of the second W30 and am feeling a little over the cooking. In the interests of sharing I drastically edited a complicated fish pattie recipe down to: 440g of canned salmon (drained), 2eggs, 1/4 cup almond meal, I cup of mashed sweet potato, ( I mike it and mash) 4 shallots finely chopped and salt and pepper to taste. Mix it all up in a bowl. Ghee up the frypan, form into patties and fry gently on both sides. I've also whacked them in a hot oven 200C when roasting veg and done a batch that way. It's simple and easy. Nice cold with fresh tomato and mayo on top. Anyone else got any super simple go to recipes?? The cookbooks are great but some of the recipes seem to call for an eye of newt and leg of frog.... atm I just want simple, easy, quick...did i say simple?
  13. That's wonderful @EKuhl!! Very impressive changes to health, energy and weight. This is all soooooo worth it!! And as @jables93 said let's show this next 30 days whose boss!! Yaaaayyy!!!
  14. Hi Britanny, thanks for starting this up! You're a gem! I'm now on DAY ONE of Whole30 TWO. Like you I have the 120 in mind but I'm saying this softly to myself so I don't scare me - so atm I'll focus on whole60! This is about life changes. Big stuff for sure. So come on @EKuhl, @Potion Oneand @ncimi - we got this!! And I'll second Brittany - anyone else interested please join. The more the merrier cos we can support and learn from each other.
  15. HI all, Looks like we are getting our team together to keep going! Yaayyyy! Let's do this together! Well I just did "The. Big. Review." and lost 3.5 kg (which is about 7 pounds - and I can I just say I was slightly disappointed because I really wanted to lose 47 pounds doing this for 30 days an all! ). I also lost about an inch off everywhere. Still many miles to go there tho as you can guess. Plus achieved heaps of NSV's mainly in the areas of: 1. energy (improved), 2. sleep (improved), 3.emotional (more stability and less down-ness) also feeling more in control and upbeat generally. 4. food behaviours (improved with no more using food for emotional stuff like reward/comfort etc, identifying cravings vs hunger etc. 5. physical outside improved with no more dark circles under my eyes (I've lost my panda look!!) 6. physical inside improved as I'm less tired and I've had an inflamed heel for about a year (making it difficult to walk sometimes) that appears to have healed itself! (there should be a pun in there somewhere! ) But what I really wanted to add is this little magical bit that happened on day 30 itself! I noticed a significant shift in that, from the inside out, I felt a weight lift - I felt a huge step up emotionally - optimistic, energetic and hopeful from the moment I got up and less tired and achy. This also happened again this morning. Throughout my whole 30 I did notice soft comforting slow improvements in all these areas but I was still...well me underneath it all. I can't tell you how lovely it is to feel light and hopeful when you wake up not that here-we-go-again,-what's-on-today-and-I-probably-won't-get-most-of-it -done-feeling! I'm really hoping this will last!!! please..please...please... And what I could have done better and will try in the next whole30 mark 2 is not eating in front of the TV for a least one meal if not all three a day and....dare I say it.....exercising...cos I've basically been hopelessly sporadic and really not done anything! I keep telling myself and making plans but....mice, men all that stuff. I know, I know....I wish reading about it counted as exercising cos I've done heaps of that and would be at Olympic level by now! Darn it. So my friends...that's my snapshot. My happy snap I should say! I feel contented and happy. That's pretty damn fine if you ask me. Looking forward to our new thread and continuing the journey. Hope everyone achieves and is feeling great. Please post and let us know. and as @Potion One said cheers to all of us!!