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  1. So I had an extremely hard day today, and I am so happy to say that not once did it occur to me to turn to food or drinks for comfort. That is a HUGE NSV for me!!
  2. I cannot believe it's already day 28. Insane! I'm excited for reintroduction. I'm starting with natural sweeteners. I'm planning on avoiding sugar as much as I can. I'm also going to be dividing up the different types of dairy. We are driving across the country very shortly after my reintroduction, and I'm going to do everything I can to make conscious food choices and stay on my diet plan, but I'm also going to stay away from beating myself up if I'm not able to.
  3. Question for the veterans doing this round - have you tried different ways of doing the reintroduction? How do you prefer to do it? Right now I'm thinking that I'm going to split up different kinds of dairy because I'm almost positive I'm sensitive to it, but I want to know if it's all of it. I also think I'm not going to reintroduce sugar until it's really, really worth it. I think I am going to reintroduce natural sweeteners though to see how those affect me. I guess I'm just weighing my options and trying to process so I know exactly what my plan is next week.
  4. We have a cross country move coming up in less than a month that was just confirmed last week. I am thankful I'm on the whole30 because I actually have the energy and motivation to do what I need to do! I am nervous about reintroduction, but I'm excited for some flavor change. I'm getting bored with my food, but a lot of that is I just don't have a ton of time right now to prep with the move coming up and a toddler running around.
  5. So my days can be a little unpredictable because I stay home with my toddler, and while nap time is the same each day, our play groups and appointments and such are not. I need ideas for cold lunches that I can quickly prep in the morning. I'm kind of tired of tuna salad, so something other than that. I've been struggling with getting enough fat in to keep me full too so I'm looking for any creative ways to get that.
  6. Lara bars haven't been super frequent, but I did have quite a few cashews on Sunday and Monday. That (obviously) didn't occur to me! Why are nuts so difficult to digest?
  7. @jmcbn prior to my whole30 I frequently had diarrhea or very soft stool. Since starting my whole30, my stool is still very soft, and in the last couple days it has been almost diarrhea with stomach pains. The first day or two I attributed it to my period, but now it seems like more than that.
  8. I know the general rule is for things to get worse before they get better. And I know it takes a long time for certain foods to fully leave your system, namely dairy. I'm almost positive I have a dairy sensitivity of some kind. Is it possible that I could still be having issues from having dairy over two weeks ago? Or is my body still balancing out? Should I consider eliminating other foods? I feel like my intestinal issues have gotten worse in the last few days.
  9. I haven't been logging as much, and I can definitely feel myself losing steam so hopefully keeping myself more accountable will help. I didn't really plan out meals this last week, which I think may be why I'm losing steam. I'm not very creative with meals unless they're already planned out, so I've just been bored with my food. I guess I'll make a plan today with the food I have available. I probably won't have to do much shopping because I bought a ton of produce and meat last time. I had dreams last night about ice cream and cookies and all sorts of goodies.
  10. Good for you! I'm on day 13, and I feel soooo much better than I have in a long time. So ENJOY your Mother's Day gift. It will absolutely be worth it.
  11. @Pumpkinm enjoy Outback! I had Red Robin yesterday, and I got the avocobbo salad, and I got guacamole instead of dressing. It was delicious!
  12. @LBison can you explain to them ahead of time that you've cut out several foods and can bring some food of your own to supplement their meal if that's easier? Just so they know what's going on and you are still able to eat enough, but you also don't feel like your inconveniencing anyone... if I were to explain to my MIL what the whole30 is I think she'd be very understanding.
  13. Good day today. Lots of energy. It was so nice to already have breakfast in the fridge ready to go. I went on a walk with my friend today. I felt a bit weak honestly, but I'm also very tired from getting my daughter into her own bed for the first time last night. I made pork chops for dinner, which were delicious. Tomorrow is my 4th wedding anniversary, and we're going to see guardians of the galaxy, so I'll need to bring something to eat probably. I need to plan that tomorrow. 1/3 done! Oh I totally had a dream about pizza last night...
  14. Today went a lot better. I wanted to cry when my lunch got knocked off the table by a toddler at our play date today though. Like seriously, cry. But I just ate what I had left and ate again at home. Then I wanted to cry when I realized I had forgotten to cook my ground turkey when dinner was "ready." But other than those times, today was good. I feel like I had more energy than the last couple days. No uncontrollable cravings or need for a break. I finally prepped my breakfast casserole tonight so I'll have that for a few days. Dinner was delicious - roasted spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, and ground turkey + banana & almond butter. I was pleased to notice that after finishing my banana & almond butter I wasn't dying for more almond butter. Usually after eating peanut butter all I want to do is keep eating it. It's crazy what cutting out sugar can do. I also really don't think I would have even liked the almond butter before starting my whole30. Anyway, happy day 9 everyone!
  15. I know this was posted a while ago, but I'm also in alaska and wondering what ways you found to save money. We are just a family of 3, but on a very very tight budget so I'm trying to find ways to cut costs and still be successful. Going to Costco has helped a lot, but I'm wondering if maybe there are butchers who sell meat for cheaper than the chain stores...