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  1. @emilyelowe I hope today went better than yesterday. I'm glad you're still staying strong! As for breakfast, I usually do eggs, veggies, sausage and often add a potato or sweet potato, but it's split between two or three days. I keep forgetting to add fat, and I can always tell when I forget. I get hungry earlier when I forget. @AB_MN yay for your NSV! Getting teens to eat a good breakfast is awesome! Good luck at your BBQs this weekend. I've had a craving for deviled eggs lately, so I made some for supper and added them to a salad. YUM! There are cucumbers, green peppers, and a lot of leafy greens under everything.
  2. @AB_MN WOW! What a gorgeous picture! I love the quiet, wild areas of MN and WI (I'm originally from WI). I bet there are loons in that area. I love listening to loon calls. They're so wild and haunting at the same time. Now you're making me homesick! (Only for the summers. I do NOT miss those winters.) I swear I just read a thread with some links on fat adaptation, but now I can't find them. One of the things I learned about being fat adapted is that our hunger signals change. We no longer get the 'sharp' hunger pangs and rather get something more like 'nudges' telling us to eat. I wonder if that's an explanation for some of the lack of hunger that several people are referring to. I'm starting the final 1/3 of the 30 days today! Yay! Clothes are fitting better and I'm loving the choices I'm making.
  3. Thanks @ArtFossil and @ladyshanny! LOL at the pterodactyl comment. I'll have to check next time to make sure it's really chicken. I realized I may have slightly overestimated the amount of meat I got. I forgot I added a celery stalk, some onion, a few grapes + mayo to my chicken before trying to stuff it into the 2-cup container. Still, it barely fit and there was no airspace left in that container at all. I ate about 3/4 for lunch around 1PM and it held me very well until 6:30 today, so I think that was a good serving for me.
  4. Great resolve @emilyelowe! I know you can do it! That sucks about the dates though. Hope things get better after banishing them from your diet.
  5. I had nearly the same reaction as you when I read that! I just stripped the meat off of 2 chicken thighs last night and they came to about 2 cups of meat. I tried to estimate by palm sizes because I keep thinking I'm eating too much meat and I figured they'd be at least 3 palms worth of protein for me. Maybe I just bought a pack of huge chicken thighs?
  6. Thanks @Susabella627! It's encouraging to hear that you made it to food freedom until a major stressor came along and derailed things. I know I'll slip up here and there, but I'm happy to see that the article on riding your own bike says that bad habits WILL creep back in and that you can get back on track pretty easily from those things. I might require 3 or 4 full Whole30s before I get it all figured out, but that's OK. I'll learn something each time. @emilyelowe I'd love to keep up with your food freedom story too! It would be great to keep up with this group after we're done with the program. The one day I had the weird food dream, I think I didn't eat enough the night before, but I don't know if that's necessarily true for everyone. That sounds like such a weird night though, hope last night went better. @Steph the Desert Rat Are you eating more of something this week that could be an issue for you? I've seen that nuts and nut butters can be particularly hard on the digestive system and things like high FODMAP foods could cause issues for some. If you'd like, you can head over to the 'Troubleshooting Your Whole30' forum, list out your symptoms and your last few days of food intake and the mods can give some feedback on things that might be troublesome. As for your 2nd point, are you eating just until you feel full? I know part of the point of the program is to get us to listen to the hungry/full signals from our bodies, but we also shouldn't be skipping meals if we're not hungry. I'm not sure what the answer is there. I have a feeling my tiger blood is as good as it's going to get right now. I'm not jumping around with boundless extra energy, but I feel better than I ever have, so I'll take it. Camping sound like so much fun! Can you make kebabs over a campfire? I love grilled kebobs with grape tomatoes (and I'm not much of a tomato person), red onions, bell peppers, and meat. I think you can make baked potatoes in a campfire as well, but it needs to be in the coals. Happy Thursday everyone!
  7. I'm honestly not super worried about getting back to whole30 eating after going off plan a bit once I'm back home. I have a feeling my body will let me know when I've strayed too far off the path. I'm actually enjoying this way of eating and I'd prefer to make a lifetime commitment to it, with the understanding that there will be some situations that may call for a few off plan choices. I haven't listed this an NSV yet, but I used to have some GI issues and eating this way has changed that. I'm not eager to go back to feeling like that. I found the 'Ride Your Own Bike' link in Shannon's signature above to be a great resource when thinking about life after my Whole30. Traveling and eating out will be a bigger challenge. I can see breakfasts might be's like people expect you to eat dairy, grains and fruit at breakfast. Hopefully I'll have some other options (I'm especially hoping for some vegetables!). Even at lunch and dinner, it's rare that a place will give you meat and then fill the rest of your plate with veggies. It'll be tough and I may come back from the conference feeling like crap, but I'm confident I can get back on track once I can cook my own food again!
  8. @emilyelowe I'm a huge salad lover, especially now since I've been on the Whole30. My favorite salads have been the ones that include fresh bell peppers and cucumbers. I've been throwing in some sliced radishes from the farmers market as well and maybe some carrots or onions. With the right amount of protein and fat, they're just perfect. They do take a lot of chewing though, and I always spend nearly an hour eating one at work. I've been ignoring the "eat away from your desk" suggestion, partly because they take so long to eat. I think something I may do is look up and make a whole30 dressing for my salads. I've been going the EVOO and balsamic vinegar route lately, but I'd like to try something a little different. Thanks for the tips about the conference. I'm starting to think I should pre-commit to a second whole30 to start the Sunday after I get back. I have a feeling there will be situations in which it will be nearly unavoidable to eat some off plan food, such as if my choices are meat, fat, fruit and grains at one of the meals, there's no way to make a good template meal out of those options. Might just have to suck it up and eat some of the grains (or maybe the fruit would be better than the grains?). If the meals aren't offered as part of the conference, we'll eat out somewhere and usually at a pretty nice place that should have options like steak or chicken with potato and veggies. We'll see how it goes. I'll think about it a little more and do some planning soon.
  9. Thanks for the tips @SugarcubeOD! I've looked through the thread by kirkor and I might try to develop a similar way of tracking my meal expenses for the rest of the time. I've realized that my breakfasts with pastured eggs and whole foods compliant bacon were pretty expensive, but it would probably be pretty eye-opening to see all the rest of the expenses laid out in front of me. I finally went through and figured out how many days I have left and what my reintroduction schedule will be and realized that the final reintroduction (gluten) will take place the day before I leave for a 6-day work trip. I am highly suspicious that gluten will be something I'll be sensitive to and I'm thinking I might move gluten up in the schedule so that I'll be able to evaluate whether I'll want to avoid it or not before I leave. I was hoping to have more time to do the reintroduction phase so that I could evaluate specific grains (i.e. rice vs. quinoa vs. oats) and different dairy products separately. I'd love to be able to eat mostly whole30 on the trip, but we'll see how it goes. There are several meals provided for us at the conference and they're usually sandwiches or burgers, chips, pasta salad, maybe some fruit and dessert, of course. I might be able to scrape off the gluten and just eat the meat, find some mayo, and maybe they'll have some veggies?
  10. Sounds like you've got some good and some bad. I think that happens for a while on the Whole30. Focus on the good! Yay for no more candy day dreams! I'm not there yet...I'm day dreaming about doughnuts right now. Sorry to hear that you're not loving eating meat. Would you prefer to eat more eggs rather than meat all the time? Are you eating a variety of meats? I get sick of the high fat meats like steak and pork if I eat them too many days in a row. I try to balance them with some fish, chicken and turkey when I can. I also try to make sure that veggies are the largest portion of anything that I eat. I had an amazing garden salad this afternoon with about 4-5 cups of greens, green pepper, orange pepper, cucumber, and radishes with some evoo and balsamic vinegar. So good! My protein was some pork, so the salad balanced that out nicely. There are some threads on the female issues in the 'Ladies Only' section of the forum. I found it helpful. Apparently a lot of people experience some changes while on the Whole30. I'll admit to being disheartened by the cold I had recently, so I understand how it can be tough to not feel well while you're doing something that is supposed to be making changes for good! Hope things get better. I feel like I'm close to all the energy and tiger blood, but I'm just not quite there yet. I'm sure it's coming though! Hope everyone else is doing well.
  11. Thanks for all your get well wishes. I started feeling better again on Sunday afternoon and today my symptoms are almost all gone. So that makes me happy. I do think I had a slightly less awful version of this virus as compared to others who have had it, but I really could have done without it. Some other recent NSVs: I am trying new vegetables or trying new ways of preparing veggies. I successfully made mayo and it's incredible. I love my meals and love that I'm not hungry and snacking all the time. My resting heart rate is decreasing! It hadn't done that even though I started exercising more regularly a few months ago. Things that aren't so great: Um...I've spent $200 more than I budgeted for groceries. I've got to do a little better in that department. I'm not hurting for money because of this (I basically replaced my 'eating out' budget with an increased grocery budget), but I'm also not saving any. Guess who has two(!) moves to make in 2017. Yeah, you guessed it, it's me. Having some saved money for the out-of-state move would be awesome. I probably won't be buying any more compliant bacon and will be living on chicken thighs for the rest of the time. @msois Way to go!! You rocked that party! @emilyelowe I hadn't thought about a halfway celebration. I like that idea though! I might have to go buy some handmade soap or a bath bomb and treat myself to a little home spa.
  12. After my post yesterday things went downhill for me energy-wise, anyway. I think my cold is still getting worse. How is that possible??? I'm cranky about it...I haven't been really sick in nearly 2 years, so getting this cold in the middle of my Whole30 and not getting better quickly is a little disheartening. I'm sure it's all coincidental, but I'm annoyed. I'm also having massive doughnut cravings. The farmers market is a great place for fresh produce, but this one is almost a fest and includes food trucks. One of them serves the freshest and most delicious doughnuts I've ever had. Ever since I went to the market this weekend, I haven't been able to stop thinking about sweets. Sigh. Of course! Glad my thoughts on exercise helped. And good for you skipping the treats while hungry at Trader Joes. I have had similar experiences while there hungry and seeing all their treats. They have some temptations there! @emilyelowe Your puppy is so cute! LOVE! My friend's puppy is nearly the same age (15-ish months?). She's a bit smaller than yours though, only about 50 lbs. She's such a handful though. She's very social and wants to meet everyone, especially all the other dogs. @Susabella627 My heat up breakfasts usually include a big batch of sauteed veggies (some combo of zucchinis, onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach etc.) I'll make eggs and/or another protein source (ground pork or some sort of sausage usually). It's never quite as good as it would be freshly made, but it's still usually pretty good the next day. I'm really not all that picky early in the morning. @msois Welcome! I hope your party goes well. Relax and celebrate the end of the project while also celebrating your health by not partaking of the party fare.
  13. I'm sorry you're having a rough patch. I found that when I was lethargic or even just tired workouts did seem to help. I'd be tired all day, but then after working out, I'd mysteriously find the energy to cook and do dishes. My workouts weren't the greatest (in fact, I stalled in my couch to 5k training and was stuck on week 4 for about 3 weeks), but they did help. Maybe an NSV for you will be finding a new motivation to workout? Exercise is supposed to be a great stress reliever. I've always used food as a stress reliever as well, but it's so automatic I wouldn't even know what I was avoiding or feeling stressed about. It's much better to have it all out in the open, but, of course, now I actually have to DEAL with all this stress and anxiety. It's a process. Hope the weekend goes well! @Steph the Desert Rat Last week I had a lot of what you're experiencing right now. One day I'd be energetic, the next day I'd be dragging. I think I'm a little more consistent now, but I hope things pick up for you! Are you getting enough food/water/electrolytes? The night I dreamed about eating chocolate, I think I hadn't eaten enough the night before. I haven't had dreams like that recently (at least not ones that I remember, lol). Great job avoiding all the temptations at the parties! Parties would be so hard for me. I'd be so tempted just to have just a bite of something really yummy. At the same time, I'm not as tempted as I might be. I feel so much better and that's giving me the motivation to see this through to the end. I've had a great morning. I got up, made breakfast (which I rarely do...I almost always make my breakfasts the night before and just reheat when I wake up), ate, did the dishes, and washed my car all before heading out to the farmer's market with a friend and her puppy. The market was very crowded, but we made it through and I have some fresh veggies for the weekend now! Hope everyone else has a great weekend!
  14. Good for you @emilyelowe for avoiding those bagels and cream cheese. I am exactly the same way...I LOVE bagels and cream cheese for breakfast and I have a very hard time resisting free food, even if I don't want it. That is all about to change though, right?!? @Susabella627 So happy to hear that NSV! That just makes me smile. Hope things continue to get better! And seriously, what is with this 90 degree weather in May? I'd so much prefer for the weather to hold off until July for this 90 degree stuff. I'm still a bit stuffy, but I think I'm going to go out and try another run tonight. Might make some sloppy joes and baked potatoes for tonight if I can remember to stop after my run and get some compliant tomato sauce.
  15. Welcome! It sounds like you're in a bit of a tough spot being in a country where you don't speak the language. I've made many meals where I don't rely on anything processed. Things like my egg breakfasts above and slow-cooked or pressure cooked meats with veggies + some fat should all be compliant and shouldn't require too much label reading. Hope the stress levels go down at work. That's definitely a huge contributor to quality of life, and not in a good way. Let us know how things go!