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  1. @EJSmadhatter Sending you strength to make it through today! I also didn't have a big enough breakfast - totally my fault, the breakfast was pretty light to begin with ( ~2 eggs + a compliant chicken sausage with bacon mushrooms and onions) and then I didn't even eat it all! I ate lunch at a normal time today, but I was hungry about 3-ish hours later. Thinking back, my lunch was short on fat and possibly protein. Definitely not the best day food-wise for me. Plus, I forgot to pack a pre-WO snack. I finished my breakfast, so that'll have to do for now. @Mooie I'm so glad I'm not the only one who laughed about the dog eating all Emily's food. I felt bad because I know how hard it would be to lose so much prep work, but the image of her dog just chowing down all that chicken still makes me giggle. I also love that you've put away your scale...I mean, it IS a rule to not weigh yourself, but it's SO tempting to do during the Whole30. I struggled with it for the first few weeks until one of the mods said something along the lines of "people aren't cattle, so we don't need to be weighed" and that really helped me put my weight into perspective. There is absolutely no reason I need to know my weight, other than to track progress and there are plenty of NSVs that I can use to track my progress instead. I made the decision to throw out my scale when I moved and I'm quite happy without it. I'm exhausted today, but I'm thinking it's because I under ate today, plus I've had a long week already with an experiment that requires me to stand for hours on end. I'm always tired when I finish these experiments. I'm going to my running group this afternoon and I'm pretty excited...the temperature is under 90! Hopefully this will be a good run even though I'm tired. I even remembered to grab my unflavored Propel for electrolytes, so I don't have to drink the dextrose and stevia-sweetened electrolyte drink they provide for us. This is getting to be a bit of a ramble-y post, but this is an experience maybe some of you can relate to. I was talking with a friend about one of my NSVs (that I've dropped about 2 pants sizes in the last 3 months) and she congratulated me, but then said, "And you're not even trying!"....Huh? I think she meant that I'm not weighing out my food, I don't feel deprived, and I'm still eating delicious food all day long, but still, her comment threw me a little. This IS hard work and I'm trying very hard at being healthy! I've never cooked this much or done so many dishes in my life!
  2. @Susabella627 I'm sorry to hear about your nose. I'm glad the tumors were found before they became a bigger problem, but I can understand how that news would be scary. Take care and know that you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you're joining in with the Dragon Slaying group! I think it's going a fun group to follow. @emilyelowe Can I admit that I had a pretty good laugh about the dog eating all 5 lbs of chicken? I can just picture it...your dog is so big he probably didn't need to work too hard to make it to the chicken. It was probably just like a buffet all set up for him. On a more serious note, I hope he's doing OK. That's a lot of chicken and I can imagine he might have some digestive distress from eating food that he's not used to. And I totally sympathize, that's a lot of work and money that the naughty dog just ate. The dog I'm living with now tends to be pretty good about food, but she has the funniest quirk. As soon as I sit down with food, she'll come over, sniff, and then start licking the air and moving closer. It's almost like she's licking her lips or saying "I can almost taste the food, I just need to keep moving closer and maybe my tongue will make contact with the food." It's so endearing I just keep laughing about it while making sure she doesn't actually get a taste of my food. Luckily, she loses interest after the first try. She's really a pretty good dog about food. I really need to do a big cook up of some starchy carbs, but it's so hot I just don't even want to turn on the oven. I made a potato in the microwave the other day and it just wasn't the same. I just ate the last of my balsamic stuffed eggplant and I have to say the flavor improved over time. Maybe sitting in the fridge allowed the flavors to meld better? But, I'm now out of pre-cooked lunch and dinner options and I've got my running group tonight. I might be eating all the breakfast food I made last night over my next few meals until I can get some more protein cooked up.
  3. @emilyelowe That ice cream has a very strong siren call, doesn't it? Especially in this heat, all I want to do is sit around and eat ice cream, popsicles, and watermelon. The watermelon would be OK, but I keep wanting it all on its own, not with a meal. So glad you enjoyed the weather and the company this weekend! At least there was some good food to potentially balance out some of the indulgent food. I got the pre-shredded cabbage in a coleslaw mix at Wal-Mart, but I've also gotten it at Trader Joe's and I'm sure I've seen it at the main chain grocery store around here (Kroger). I wanted the coleslaw mix because it included carrots so I didn't have to chop up carrots either, because I agree I am SO over chopping food all the time. I think I've seen frozen okra in the frozen veggie section at Kroger, but I don't know if that would work for what you need. I've also seen riced broccoli at TJs and chopped broccoli and sometimes broccoli slaw in most grocery stores.
  4. Wow this thread is so busy already. Which is great! It means that lots of people are making a commitment to their health. @Laurie Thanks for the welcome! I hope to be able to contribute here often. I know I'll need to watch the talk of any off-plan things, but I am doing a mini-reset right now and I'm trying to continue eating according to the template, so I should have plenty of on-plan talk to contribute! Great advice about the fruit and nut butters too, Laurie! I did a pre-Whole30 (two-ish weeks of mostly Whole30 eating with some planned off-plan eating and some "newbie" mistakes). I bought some almond butter during that period and ate nearly half the jar during the two weeks as a daily snack with apples before learning that snacking on fruit + nut butters is not encouraged. Now that half of a jar is still sitting around and I don't know what to do with it. Haha! Some other things I learned while on my Whole30: watch your balsamic vinegar...mine had caramel color in it which is a sneaky sugar, almost all ham and bacon have sugar in them, and make sure to compose your meals according to the template. I was not getting enough fat into my breakfasts at first and would be hungry ALL. DAY. LONG. @Delicacious I got a cold during my Whole30 and even though I was very cranky about it, I could manage and I got over it much faster than my roommate who gave it to me. She was sick for 2 weeks before leaving for a cruise and was still sick when she got back 2 weeks later; I was sick for 5 days. I drank a lot of compliant tea and made myself some spicy soups (when I'm sick I crave hot and sour soup for some reason, lol), and got through it. @SugarcubeOD I'm just going to make whatever you're making! I love the idea of coleslaw with salmon cakes and I happen to have an extra bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix in my fridge right now, so salmon cakes + coleslaw may happen this week. I also see chili lime cod on your list and I'm going to have to try that one too. More fish! @FairyL0u I like your goal and I just have to say I'm impressed with your running abilities. I've started trying to work up to running a 5k, but it's slow going for someone like me who has barely ever been able to run even a mile at a time. Welcome to all the others! Hope you enjoy your Whole30 experience!
  5. @SugarcubeOD Thanks for the ceviche recommendation! I didn't even see the recipe in the newsletter until you mentioned it. Now I've got it saved and I'll have to try it next weekend. I keep saying I need to incorporate more seafood into my diet, so that would be a great start. I think I might need to make the Mexican Salmon Cakes sometime this week too. The recipe is from the whole30 cookbook, but I think it can be found on this website under "recipes". So good! This weekend I made the balsamic stuffed eggplant recipe I mentioned earlier in this thread and it was just OK. It was a good way to try some new veggies, so I'm not complaining, but I probably wouldn't make it again without some modifications. One caveat: I bought canned roasted peppers and they weren't super flavorful, so maybe next time I'd have to make my own. Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress in this group! I swear I went through some of the early days of Whole30 symptoms last week while I was recovering from my weekend of off-plan food. I was moving, and most of my kitchen was packed away for most of the weekend. I pre-made plenty of meat, but kept running out of veggies, so I ended up eating a lot of gluten, sugar, and some pre-packaged foods. My body did not take kindly to that treatment, so I'll be able to be sympathetic as you all go through the process!
  6. Group hugs all around! Glad to see you back @Susabella627 and believe me, there's no judgement here! You've seen me stumble here and there, and as we've said in previous posts your next meal can begin your reset. You know the information now. You wouldn't even necessarily need to commit to a full whole 30, just get back to eating the way that makes you feel good! You have no idea how tempted I've been by ice cream these past few weeks and I KNOW ice cream is not worth it. Even so, I still wander through the ice cream aisle at the grocery store and drool while trying to convince myself that it'll be worth it. Haha! Luckily, the bad experiences with ice cream have left me less enthusiastic to eat more and the rational voice in my head has won out for the past few trips. I've been doing pretty well this weekend, getting more and more used to living here and cooking in a new house. My friends were so sweet and put together a kitchen unit with all sorts of storage space just for me. I managed to get the big boxes out of my room, although they're just piled up and taking up space in the dining room now. I did a bunch of cooking this weekend and made paleo egg roll in a bowl: So yummy, with or without the sweet and sour sauce! I've made it a few times now and I always buy the pre-shredded cabbage mixes for easier prep work. I also made an egg bake with Aidells chicken sausage, mushrooms, onions, and made some bacon on the side (the bacon wasn't whole30 compliant, but I'm not sweating the sugar). I also tried making the balsamic stuffed eggplant. That one was OK, maybe it would have been better if I hadn't needed to scarf it down in 10 mins, but it just didn't seem to have a lot of flavor. I might have to sprinkle it with extra balsamic vinegar later. I feel well prepared for this week! I've got meals ready and I shouldn't need to cook again until Tuesday! I had a weird thing happen today though...I was feeling somewhat slimmer than last week and was noticing that the pair of shorts I was wearing were loose when they used to be pretty tight before the whole30. I've thrown out my scale, so I thought I'd re-measure myself. Well, I thought I lost 6" off my belly area after my whole30, but today I was back up 4" as compared to that end of whole30 measurement. Weird. I don't think I've regained anything and I know the shorts are looser, so I'm not sure what to make of it. Then I went to try on clothes with some friends and tried on a pair of shorts that was 2 sizes smaller than the shorts I was currently wearing and they totally fit! So I'm at the measurements. I've got other things to let me know I'm making progress. Have a great week everyone!
  7. @emilyelowe Funny you should say that about the puppy! She's often to be found in my room in the evenings napping on the floor or my bed. Luckily, her owners have her sleep overnight in a crate in their room, so I won't have to try to share my small bed with her. I love the pupper, but there's just not enough room. Best of luck this weekend Emily! I hope things settle down and you're able to eat things this weekend that will help make you healthier. It sucks to be learning all this right before a fun weekend, but I'm sure the experience will provide you with information about what you should or shouldn't eat before your next trip. Your breakfast sounds very yummy! I've been feeling a little like I've been having to force down food lately, so I know I need to change things up and that sounds like a good possibility. I also started following a bunch of paleo/whole30 people on Instagram and saw a delicious-looking blueberry + egg dish. That would be a totally different flavor profile and might be something to try.
  8. @emilyelowe I hear you on that sugar dragon! Last weekend when I got the donuts, I think I ate 3 or 4 in 24 hours. They were just sooo good. *drool* It seems like a ridiculous amount of sugar in retrospect though. I feel like I'm still suffering the consequences of my off-roading that weekend. For the past few days I've almost been feeling like I've restarted a whole30. I've been a little achy, my GI system has been messed up and I've been extra tired, especially in the afternoons. I didn't think my weekend had been that bad, but apparently it really threw me off. Or I've picked up a mild bug, but I kind of doubt that. You will definitely figure this riding your own bike thing out, Emily! All the off-roading gives you new information about what is worth it, what isn't, and which situations are easier or harder for you to eat the way you want to eat. Did you learn anything from the Panera day? Perhaps that it's nearly impossible to avoid eating something sweet when it's sitting there staring you right in the face? Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their weekends! I'm hoping to finally get some boxes out of my room and into storage so I can get my room almost back to normal and have some space to move again.
  9. Good afternoon all! @emilyelowe I feel the same way about you and the rest of the ladies in our amazing group! It has been so nice to hear what people have been through. I think your collective successes and struggles helped put things in perspective for me and the wonderful encouragement you all provided was amazing! <3 I've been battling some food boredom, so I'm committing to searching out and making new recipes. At least 1 per week. I feel like I need some new flavors, veggies and meats in my life. I found some recipes for stuffed eggplant, an artichoke, beet, olive and lemon chicken, and a curried shepard's pie that sound like they might be good for mixing up flavors. I've been pretty good in terms of staying on plan the last few days other than some electrolytes in the form of nuun (which has dextrose and possibly stevia in it) after my group run yesterday. I didn't have much, but I normally run with some unflavored Propel to replace electrolytes and I just plain forgot to bring it with me, so I had to rely on the provided options. Not a big deal because I'm not on a whole30, but I was a little bummed that I forgot my drink with no sugar. I went to the grocery store after the run and it was kind of funny how fast my appetite changed. When I first walked in, nothing sugary or sweet looked good, but as soon as my body realized it was hungry, ALL the things looked good! I had to book it out of there quickly and go home to make myself some food. I don't think the sudden change in appetite was necessarily due to the sugar consumption, but rather that my body had finally recovered from the exertion of running in this ridiculous heat to realize it was hungry.
  10. AHHH! Forgive the intrusion, but I have to admit I'm kinda jealous of this group. With both @emilyelowe and @SugarcubeOD participating, it's going to be amazing! I wish I could join, but I've got to practice food freedom through at least August. I'm hoping to do a 2nd whole30 (or 45-60) later this year though. I might have to keep checking this thread though just for inspiration and advice. I've just been thinking this too! My current food freedom plan is to try to eat as close to the template as possible other than the occasions when I'll have food provided for me. I just keep thinking I buy and eat the same things over and over. I could pretty much roll my grocery list over from one trip to the other, especially for veggies. I started looking up new recipes this morning to incorporate some new things and came across 2 interesting-looking stuffed eggplant recipes: 1) A tomato-based ground beef version - and 2) a balsamic ground chicken version - I also found a drunken zucchini noodles recipe that looks interesting: (although note the page is not coming up on my computer, but it is on my phone). I'm considering buying some new cookbooks and the Well Fed ones sound like a good starting point, thanks SugarCube! I'm sure this was just a response to something that had happened yesterday and not really the way you think about yourself, but I wanted to jump in with some encouragement. You are definitely not 'mean'. I've always found you and @ladyshanny to have lots of encouragement, tough love when needed, and great advice! Coming from someone who has done a little modding on a different forum, I know it can be draining and I'm glad you're treating yourself to a reset and joining in with a group!
  11. @emilyelowe, I just requested to follow you on Instagram! @Susabella627, I couldn't find you there, but feel free to look me up! Now I'll have to commit to making some whole30-related posts! Emily, don't forget to just swing by Virginia and pick me up on your way to the lakehouse. Totally kidding, obviously. Your friend sounds amazing! It is so awesome when you are surrounded by supportive people who want to make sure that you will be able to participate and eat with everyone else. <3 Haha about the hashbrowns though! I have a friend who does similar things, she just thinks I'm eating "healthy" which means quinoa and lentil bowls, right? LOL! I don't expect her to remember it all and she's great enough to ask or confirm before making plans. I love that mission statement! I am going to have to work on that for myself. I feel like that would be very helpful in bringing some priorities into focus. I read a few pages of FFF this past week sometime and remember reading that reintroduction is a lifelong process and that symptoms may be dose-dependent. So, even if you didn't get symptoms from something during reintroductions, perhaps 3 days in a row of some potential irritant would be enough to cause some symptoms. I can get on board with that seeing as how I'm studying pharmacology and think a lot about dose-dependent effects. I think I overdid it on the gluten and sugar over the weekend and didn't get enough veggies or fat in my meals, so all that in combination with moving left me a mess on Sunday and Monday. I am feeling MUCH better today after pretty good compliance yesterday even though my sleep didn't improve much. I managed to get a good batch of cooking done yesterday and even went for a run. I'm going for as much compliance as possible for the rest of the week so I can keep feeling as good as possible. It turns out that those donuts might not have been as worth it as I thought. Maybe 1 would have been fine, but I should have stuck to just 1. I'll get there in the end. I've still made wonderful progress and I'm very happy with where I'm at with my nutrition now. I'm so happy that I can get back to semi-normal with just a few days of eating well.
  12. Hi All! Glad to see you back @Susabella627. I did my final moving this Saturday after going for a run with my running group. There wasn't a ton left to move by Saturday, but there were still 3 carloads and I lived on the 2nd floor with no elevator. I was so tired that night I went to bed at about 8:15, but being in a new place, I didn't sleep that well. Sunday I worked on unpacking and was going to take it easy, but with one thing and another I was still exhausted at the end of the day. I am still so tired today I can barely concentrate. I've done some food off-roading through the past few days out of convenience (it's shockingly hard to cook while your kitchen supplies are packed up ), but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I think about 2 out of 3 meals a day have been pretty well on track. I did finally go and get the donuts that I'd been threatening to do for the last few weeks and let me say that they were 100% worth any consequences that came from eating them. Amazingly, I don't think they woke up my sugar dragon more than it was already woken. I'm not craving sugar right now and after I ate my fill the first day they sat around for a few days because I just didn't feel like eating them. I'm hoping to do some more cooking tonight and go for a run, but we'll see how my energy is doing at 5 PM. I may have to choose one or the other. I'll probably choose cooking because I'm guessing that my recent nutritional off-roading isn't helping with my lack of energy. Hope you all have a great week!
  13. I'm not sure what happened, but I definitely replied on this thread yesterday and either forgot to hit "submit" or the post disappeared. @emilyelowe Great job over the weekend and at the pizza place. Sounds like you made some good choices! That reaction to the pizza is pretty strange though...are you feeling better? When I got back from my trip, I also had a week of "What, I have to cook AGAIN?!?!" until I realized that it was me just trying to get back into my routine after having food prepared for me all 6 days. I don't mind cooking once in a while, but the amount of cooking that this lifestyle requires is taxing. I just read a post by a mod in another thread talking about the definition of "Worth it". I'll see if I can find it again and link to it. Basically, she was saying to make sure to include all the negative consequences into your deliberation. For example, "Is this cookie worth the afternoon sugar crash and headache?", and I would think it would make sense to include long-term consequences in the definition as well. I feel like I've made some progress in some areas. I had a bad day on Monday which included someone making me feel like an idiot at work and then getting locked out of my building because my experiment ran too long, so I had to wait 30 mins outside in the 90 degree heat for campus security to come and let me in so I could get my stuff to go home. Normally my reaction to a day like that would have been to treat myself to something, especially because I got home pretty late. I thought about it, but it was more like a memory of something I would have done in the past, not something I wanted to do that day. Then the next day, I made the deliberate decision to try the desserts that I had bought the other day. I was curious about whether the watermelon cake actually tasted like watermelon or if it was just decorated to look like one. Turns out there was watermelon flavoring in the cake, but my taste buds revolted and let me know that I was not eating food, so I stopped eating after a few bites. Later that day, I tried the chocolate pecan pie and again my taste buds were not having any of it. I wasn't paying as much attention this time though, so I still ate most of the piece of pie before realizing I didn't even want it. I've been in a bit of a food funk the last few days with moving and not really having a functional kitchen, but I went to Whole Foods last night to get supper and wasn't even tempted by the desserts. So YAY! In the process of moving, I have finally thrown out the scale. I weighed myself one last time and I lost another pound, which seems like good progress to me. I'm losing at a rate of about a half a pound a week now, so I'll take it. As for an NSV, I know I said earlier in the thread that I need to go jeans shopping. I tried one day, but it has been too hot lately to think about putting on jeans, even in a store, so I tried on dresses and shorts instead. Dresses are fitting me better than ever and I think I'm down about 2 pants sizes! Have a great end of the week ladies! Edited to add: OHH! I forgot! Instagram! My username there is the same as here, I think, NoneOtherThanAmy. Right now I mostly post pictures of knitting, spinning, and other crafty pursuits, but I'm wanting to expand to Whole30 and health/fitness stuff too! I'll look for you Emily.
  14. Morning all. Hope your weekend went well @emilyelowe! And I hope the rest of you are spending some restful and relaxing family time. I did some good work on moving over the weekend. I'm incredibly grateful that I can have a few weeks to bring things over and can even take time to unpack and start getting things set. My roommate at the place I'm leaving moved out this weekend and it left me with a bit of an unsettled feeling. All the living room and dining room furniture and most of the kitchen stuff was hers. So, I'm in the weird spot of having no furniture and having to unpack some my kitchen stuff to get through the week. This experience is making me reflect on what it will be like to move when I can finally get my own place, sometime later this year hopefully. I'm going to need furniture in a bad way. OK, enough reflecting. I joined a beginner 5k running group late last week and I'm pretty excited about it! I'm feeling like I've plateaued in my couch to 5k training, so I think this group will help. I had another massive sugar craving yesterday. I had been thinking about going for a donut all weekend, but it just didn't happen, so Sunday while I was grocery shopping at dinner time my cravings convinced me that if I didn't buy some sugar now, I'd dive headfirst into a pile of it sooner or later. So, I gave in and bought a single serve slice of cake and a slice of pie. Better than the whole pie I was eyeing. Oddly, as soon as I bought them, my cravings dissipated. It was like I just wanted to know I could have sugar, not that I really wanted it. So I went home, ate dinner, and was craving something afterwards, but I paused and asked if I was really hungry. No, I wasn't. So I distracted myself by doing the dishes and making food for today. Worked beautifully. I wasn't even hungry for the cake or pie when I looked at them later. Yay for learning and applying what I learned! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!
  15. @Susabella627 Thanks! This does feel much different than the last few times I've tried a diet. There is still some guilt and shame when I screw up, but this time I thought, "I wonder if I can learn anything from what happened?" and that helped put the screw ups into perspective. Have a great time with your family! I wish I could have traveled for 4th of July again this year. Last year I got to go back home and spend some vacation time at my aunt and uncle's lake house with no internet access. It was so relaxing. This year with the conference and moving so close together, traveling just didn't work out. I hope you get some good relaxation and some quality family time while you are out there. @emilyelowe Wow! 50 days of food in 2 days of prep? I bow to your planning abilities! I have enough made up for a few days, but I'm hoping to still cook more tonight. I'm not sure when my roommate is planning to pack up her kitchen stuff, but I think a lot of the big furniture items are going out this weekend. I do have some kitchen stuff in storage though if she needs all hers before I'm done. I'm glad my post was useful to you. I always hesitate to post about my screw-ups or less-healthy choices, but I feel so supported here that I am able to share my less-than-perfect self with you ladies. I hope you're feeling better from the weekend, Emily! I know it's different for everyone, but the first day of my period I often get so tired that I wish I could just sleep all day long. I hope your energy returns quickly. Eat a few sweet potatoes, perhaps? I completely understand your feelings about your Europe trip. I was panicking about going to Montreal and I think it would have been hard to navigate if I needed to stick to the strict template. Since gluten isn't an issue for me, I found I was able to navigate pretty well and eat good food while keeping to things that didn't make me feel terrible. I even ate about one dessert a day and was OK. It wasn't until I got back and ordered the deep-fried sugar-coated Chinese food and bought the never-ending package of lemon squares that I got into real trouble. You've got plenty of time to practice and to find out which things make you feel REALLY crappy and which things can be worth it. Have you tried reintroducing gluten on its own yet? I can't remember, but it seems like gluten has generally been combined with dairy for you. I've found I can handle little bits of dairy, like butter on my bread, but no cheese at all. Maybe there are some forms of dairy you'd be able to experience and some you can't handle. Maybe gluten on its own as buns or bread would be fine, but in combination with dairy it would be a no-go. The more you can find out about the individual items as well as the combinations, the easier it will be to find things that will work and to avoid the things that will not. I've been back to whole30 eating for 2 full days now. Sugar cravings are low and GI issues are slowly dissipating. But, I'm debating trying a donut from a local place this weekend. I've been loving living in this area because my apartment complex is right next to a very pedestrian-friendly area. It's one of those communities where there are a bunch of condos and apartments plus shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. It's such a cute and fun little area, but I'll be leaving it in a week. :sob: I feel like I should take full advantage of living here for another week and so this weekend I should go out for a nice walk and end with a totally-worth-it-made-fresh donut. I've been meaning to try those donuts for a long time, but just haven't done it yet. On the other hand, I need to get some moving things done this weekend a donut will not help with that. Sigh. Decisions.