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  1. Ahh the dreams have hit! I had several different dreams last night of breaking my whole30, each one with something totally different and random. I woke up really concerned that I actually did break it. I woke up feeling very refreshed! And awake! Which is awesome! I'm not a morning person, so this is a great feeling. Lets buckle down friends, and get through the next few days where statistics say we are most likely to quit. We can do this!!!
  2. @KelliW mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, almonds or cashews depending on what we have, chicken, and olives. I made the Italian vinaigrette for dressing but I'm thinking maybe I'll make the ranch to try. Today was good until I found out I'm 12th alternate for the nursing program. So 12 people have to opt out or drop out before I can be official. That bummed me out majorly, I'm very disappointed, so I've had to fight the urge to emotional eat all afternoon/evening. After dinner I snacked on frozen grapes and then decided to eat more protein since I was feeling the need to eat. Tomorrow will be better.
  3. @Vguck way to go!!! That's awesome! It feels good to have moments like that huh?
  4. @KelliW my husband was just saying today how we have no room in the fridge lol it's true, we've never kept it this full before.
  5. Today started off rough attitude wise but I'm finishing off strong. I seem to be coming out of my cranky slump, which is a relief. So today wasn't bad. We tried a new recipe today that I found on Pinterest. It's called one pan lemon basil chicken. I had potatoes and asparagus as veggies and olives for fat. It made a ton of leftovers. I'll have it for lunch tomorrow and a chicken salad as a back up to take to work this weekend. No more forgotten protein.
  6. Today was so hard. I struggled, I stayed compliant but my meal 1 and meal 2 were not too the meal template, and I snacked on fruit. I was ready to throw in the towel but my husband cheered me on. We made my favorite meal from earlier this week for dinner since it was so satisfying. That seemed to help. I've also been so very tired. I read in the book that that's to be expected around this time. :-/ we picked up some herbal teas from the store today so I'm going to make myself one and go to bed. Day 7 down my friends!
  7. @KelliW I did make it! I ate the rest of my food and just tried to hold on until I got home. Ate something at some and went to bed. I planned out my meals for next week and made sure to be more detailed so I can not experience that again. Let me know how the cauliflower rice is!! I haven't tried that one yet. You'll like the spaghetti squash. That's yummy!
  8. I forgot my protein at home! :'( I guess I wasn't paying as close attention because I brought everything else to work, including the sides for the protein, just not the protein. What do I do? Will this really screw me up? I'm getting hungry too :'( I have a mixed salad with olives, carrots and cucumbers and Italian vinaigrette, asparagus, a handful of extra olives and a serving of strawberries. No protein. I'm kicking myself.
  9. So last night I kept getting charlie horse cramps in my calf muscles. Any insight on that? Are there any specific foods that would help combat that? This is new territory for me.
  10. @Vguck you will rock this weekend! You can do it! That's a good goal to shoot for this coming week!
  11. What do you do when you want to "eat all of the things"? I hide in bed and read or just go to sleep. This will get easier? Won't it?
  12. Well I'm almost through day 5. Today was good but I was up late cooking my lunch, and I had to go to the cafeteria for lunch. Thankfully the hospital cafe is amazing and they had grilled chicken greats and fresh steamed veggies. <3 i realized I was not fully prepared for my work days as I thought I was, so next week will be better. My breakfast was so good! I did the Diner Breakfast. I never liked sweet potatoes at restaurants but the fresh homemade kind are delicious! We didn't do a ton of cooking before this so I'm really excited at my budding skills and all of the yummy things we are trying. Food really is a whole new experience if you can find ingredients and recipes that work for you. How did the rest of your fridays go?
  13. Hey friends. I worked my 12 hour shift today, which was a real test with my dedication for this. It was a difficult day. I've been so stressed and anxious on waiting to hear back if I've been accepted into the nursing program here and I've not been handling it well. Only because my usual coping mechanism is emotional eating and I wasn't doing that. Yesterday I was off of work so I cleaned my house, today I just had to figure out how to distract myself while at work. A coworkers dad brought in cookies, a pie and cinnamon roll, uh yeah, those looked yummy, the hard thing to turn down was the chips and salsa though. My favorite. Anyway, this program is going to help in so many ways because I'm going to have to figure out new ways to handle and cope with stress. I was good on the food front though! And my meals held up to my work day and I got hungry around the acceptable times. Oh and my coworkers drueled over my lunch (the brisket, sweet potatoes and salad)! A lot of them had lots of questions and were very interested. It was nice to share my knowledge and realize how much has stuck with me from reading the book. well carry on my friends, we completed day 4!!
  14. My dinner was the most satisfying thing I have had yet!! I used to think I made flavorful meat, not anymore! I made the brisket with butternut squash and a garden salad with home made Italian dressing. Holy smokes friends, my new favorite meal. First of all, I have never tried butternut squash before, that is a delicious veg. So filling and tasty! Second, I seared the meat and then threw it in the crockpot with the onions and garlic. So dang flavorful!! I had cucumbers, carrots and olives in my mixed greens for the salad, a big bowl full with my dressing. And I had a serving of raspberries after. Im not hungry or craving after that meal. So good. And I have leftovers for tomorrow! I hope you all had a successful day! We finished day 3! Hooray!
  15. Another question, what should the spacing of our meals be panning out to be? What's the typical amount? If I'm not making as long as needed then I'm not getting enough of fat or protein?