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  1. Great Job restraining yourslef @Vguck. A NSV! @pilatesfan. I am trying not to graze now also. Have a huge glass of water at my desk while I"m sitting here working. That spaghetti squash and pesto with shrimp sound good. My co-workers and I went to lunch at a authentic mexican restaurant to celebrate someone leaving the office. I worried and worried what i was going to eat. The chips salsa and guac were right in front of me the whole time and all I did was drink my iced tea. Then I asked the waitress if I could just have some chicken and veggies. She complied with my request, so I got the fajita chicken and veggies, no beans and no rice. I used the guac on my chicken and veggies. It was yummy. The guac was definitely compliant. I didn't eat the tortillas either! @CaLorraine What is in you chicken salad? @ErikaA Thanks for being our cheerleader yesterday! It definitely helps! Day 9- Done!
  2. Good evening! @pilatesfan Hope you are feeling better! I had a hard day also. I had my breakfast and lunch packed - had tons of food - to take to work. About 2:00 I started feeling unwell, like I hit a wall. I kept thinking, if only I could have some sugar, I would be better. My co-worker keeps Hershey kisses on his desk. The only thing that made me stay on plan was the threat of having to start over on Day 1! When I got home, most of my family felt the same way. Needless to say, it was a low-key dinner night. I ended up using Rosemary flavor olive oil and Italian seasoning and browned the spaghetti squash I made over the weekend. I heated up the spaghetti sauce I made last week and boy, it was good! I'm an not a squash person, and I was eating the "noodles" by themselves. I was so tempted to eat some of their pasta, but I stayed away. @Vguck - My kitchen is kind of the same - have certain shelves that are only mine. I haven't had this much stuff in my fridge in a long time! Going to bed early here also! Hope everyone gets through the day!
  3. @ErikaA - Yes - the Dump Ranch recipe is in the Whole30 cookbook. I took some to the family get together today and my sis and mom wanted the recipe. They also wanted the recipe for the Egg Bake! Success! Today was rough at times though. There was wine, coffee cake, non-compliant bacon, and lemon cake. I didn't eat any of it - Not one taste. In the past I would have had one (or more) of everything. I'm tired tonight, so will head off to bed early. This coming week is busy, so I need my rest. Hope you all had a good weekend!
  4. @ShannonM816 Thank you for the information. I will definitely read up. I didn't eat quite as much oil as I did the past couple of days, so I did feel better. I will start logging my food so I can find the trigger foods. @CaLorraine I hope you made it through the day without your protein! I was busy today and cooked some things I thought I would never ever do. I made cauliflower rice and spaghetti squash. I didn't eat them yet, but they are ready to go for the week. I also made the dump ranch and it is delicious!! I haven't spent this much time in the kitchen in ages. I cooked complaint bacon, chicken sausage links and pork sausage. I'm making it for a complaint egg back tomorrow that I'm taking to brunch and also for the week. I hope to vary my diet a bit next week. Hope you are all having a great weekend! Cold and rainy here, but I was too busy cooking to tell.
  5. I stayed on plan today although it was hard at dinner because my kids had pizza. I went to the grocery store yet again today and found ghee (I was nervous about making it), coconut aminos, compliant bacon and sausage. I'm excited to make these for a varied breakfast. I really don't like to cook unless I have the time, so it's been an adjustment for me. With a job and three busy kids, it's hard to have time for the cooking. I am making sure there are items in the fridge that I can grab for a quick lunch/dinner. I am planning to do more cooking tomorrow to get set for the busy week. This might be TMI - but again I have problems with food going through me after I eat. I had my gallbladder taken out in March, so I'm pretty sure this is the problem. I'm not sure how to handle that right now. I also get bloated and uncomfortable. Today I tried taking probiotics, but that did nothing. Very frustrating because I need to make sure I'm near a bathroom. My plan for the weekend: Sunday is my nieces confirmation luncheon, so I am bringing a W30 egg bake and tomorrow I will be making one of the recipes I found in the W30 book. I'll have time to try new things so I can vary my meals. I'll have to try the coconut curried chicken. That sounds delicious! Day 5 - done!
  6. I'm going to have to try the coconut oil. This black coffee is for the birds. I miss my cream and don't like almond milk in it. The vinegar I've been using doesn't have sugar! It's the agin process using the grapes. I am so happy!!!! I don't have to start over!!
  7. Great job @CaLorraine ! @ErikaA I will look up the shop for the vinegar and call today. Does anyone one know if I have to start over if it has sugar in it? I've joined a couple FB support groups and they seem to think if you go off plan st any time, you need to start over. Thoughts?
  8. Hi all! Today had its challenges, but I did well. There were donuts from the local bakery in the copier room which I passed at least 20 times. Didn't even peak although they smelled incredible! I had a huge salad with leftover pork loin, greens, kale and my oil and vinegar. I'm just getting home from my sons baseball game, so I'm glad I ate almonds at 5:30. They tied me over. Now another salad. The bad news is that the vinegar I've been using is from one of those speciality stores. It is cranberry flavoured and it dawned on me that it is probably sweetened. Not sure what to do- I've used it 3 times now. Ugh!
  9. Thanks @ErikaA !
  10. @pilatesfan Thank you for saying something about being hot. It's such a weird feeling! It's been a rough day. Tired and my stomach is still iffy. I have kept at it, though. For dinner I made spaghetti for the family. I was going to make a spaghetti squash, but was just too tired. So, I improvised. I found a Whole30 compliant jarred spaghetti sauce, added lots of ground beef, portabella mushrooms and put it over a small baked potato that I cooked in the microwave and some left over pork loin. I was still looking at the pasta longingly, but didn't even take a taste, instead ate more broccoli. Day three - almost over, thank goodness!
  11. Holy hot flash! All day long. I read some articles that talk about being hot on Day 3. Whoa!
  12. Oooh - glad I mentioned this. Will have to come up with a plan and look through the recipes since I don't have much time in the mornings and I'm sure I'll get tired of eggs. Thanks!
  13. @ladyshanny I ate only eggs with some basil in them. Coffee with almond milk also. I will make sure to eat plenty of fruit tomorrow !
  14. Thank you! I was wondering the same question. My stomach is not liking me today. I made scrambled eggs and couldn't make it through them. Now I feel like there is a lump of coal sitting in the pit of my stomach. I'm sure it's the dietary changes, but it's hard. I'm drinking a lot of water today to help. I'm also feeling very warm. Is this weird? I'm usually the cold one of the bunch.
  15. I am the same way with sweet potatoes. I am starting to like them - onou if they aren't mushy. Yes - pickles are compliant! Day two is going alright. Had grapes and a hard boiled egg for lunch. Then had to run all over and got hungry during my grocery shopping - but I kept it in check and stayed on my grocery list. I ended up having some cashews to hold the hunger off. My grocery cart was much different today than it had been in the past. I was proud of what I bought. Good luck today everyone!