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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence @racheleats It's nice to have a whole community of cheerleaders.
  2. I like the 'put it at the end idea.' That is what I did the first time @SugarcubeOD and I made it 27 days. This time it's a whole week on a business trip at what would be week 2 @slc_melissa with business partners we haven't had face time with in years! Cocktail parties, late dinners, get the idea. Of course I can't throw caution to the wind with certain things ,like gluten or dairy. Otherwise I'll spend 2 days in bed with a migraine. No bueno!! I actually could do a Sept 18 start date with the event, my 24th wedding anniversary, at almost the end. We don't always celebrate ON the date anyway so I could probably convince my husband to wait 3 days to open that bottle of anniversary wine. I just really want to complete a full round...for myself! And yes I feel so much better eating compliant as I have been for almost 3 months. These last 3 weeks have really kicked my butt, though. I'm realizing that is probably why I've been more tired. There have been more 'treats' in my diet. Lightbulb moment! Thanks for helping me see that. And thanks for letting me vent all this. While my hubby is supportive (but he can't give up bread or diet soda to do a W30), he gets a little tired of listening to me about this. I get it! So I'm glad to have ones who understand and are willing to listen.
  3. I am in love with this program! I haven't completed a full round yet, although for the vast majority of the summer I ate compliant. My first attempt was 27 days. Three day short! What is wrong with me? I have felt amazing. But I really want to make a go of a full round of whole 30. I seriously cannot find a time, even one month, in my schedule until November that not one day or two days or a week I have things going on that would make it very difficult to be compliant. It's very frustrating. I'm starting to feel a little bit like a failure. It doesn't make me want to abandon the things that I have accomplished over the summer, however I'm starting to doubt my commitment to doing a full round. Has anyone else experienced this kind of frustration?
  4. I know I know! Give. Up. The. Cheese!! And all dairy in fact. But I made my piece wth ice cream and milk like 10 years ago. I just always allowed cheese because it tastes so yummy! Although I don't crave it like I did when I started my first W30 in May. NSV for me!!!
  5. No soy. From memory its cassava and tapioca, maybe something else, with carrot for the color. Thanks for the reply.
  6. So, I'm on day 5 of round 2. I've done really well both times without cheese. I'm not super missing it even still, almost 3 months later. And in between round 1 and 2 I could count the number of times I had cheese. But I do have a question. Could Daiya dairy free cheese products be considered compliant? I was thinking some "cheddar" would be nice on my sweet potato nachos. I think technically they would be compliant but maybe not in the full spirit of Whole 30.
  7. @crochetkim, I have use refined coconut oil for cooking in place of ghee. Trader Joe's has a triple refined that has almost no coconut smell or tatste. I understand your dairy obsession completely! I unfortunately cannot say I finished Whole 30, mine was Whole 27. But I was quite amazed at the difference in my almost overwhelming desire for dairy and how it changed over that time. On day 23 my mouth still watered at the smell. By day 28, even though I had stopped for a glass of wine, my desire for dairy had lessened. Now I'm going to keep it out for as long as possible along with many of the other foods. You can do it!
  8. Yes, SugarcubeOD, you are right. It is a choice. And I need to figure out what my motives are for doing the Whole 30 and making the effort to finish what I started. My eating habits were already pretty good except for the dairy. Cutting that out has made a huge difference in how I feel, even though I still miss it. What it comes down to is how badly I WANT to finish it. What I do know is this...I already have a start date for my second TRUE W30 without any footnotes. Thank you for giving me some things to think seriously about in the next 10 days.
  9. I'm in my first W30. I'll be in a social situation with conferences beginning on day 25. I'm going to give it my all but am expecting a couple times of caving to a glass of wine or vodka gimlet. This thread has helped me see that's ok! It's my plan to work. I've been 90% GF for almost 8 years. I don't have sugar issues...or food addiction issues. I have dairy issues. I mean serious!!! I'm on day 15 and it's still hard. I miss my nachos...sour cream...Brie! But I feel so much better without the dairy...and I want to keep it to a minimum if not out all together. So this first time will at least be W25 with the intent of doing a complete W30 the next time. I'm trying to focus on NSV's also. I mean...I'm hoping to lose some weight since I've seriously tried for 2 1/2 months to lose just 10 pounds. But I am noticing the other markers to keep a positive attitude in case the scale doesn't show much of a victory.