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  1. @Jim4884, Thanks for the advice on on- line ingredient research. I tend to forget that option is even available!
  2. I hope you feel better tomorrow! I'm proud of you for not going off protocol! Huge step. Today was the first day that I braved a restaurant and I didn't know what to eat so I didn't eat anything! Any advice on how to eat out Whole30 style is appreciated.
  3. Working on Day 4. The cravings have really set it. I know they talk about it, but I hadn't really experienced it yet. Yikes! Fortunately its almost dinner time. My downfall previously has been unrelenting snacking! So I probably crave that experience as much as anything. Hope all is well with everyone working on the Whole30!
  4. Made it through the first day! I REALLY want something sweet, but feel pretty proud of myself for sticking with it! I had a really yummy halibut along with a jicama slaw for dinner. Delicious!
  5. Hi Heather, I'm also starting today (high school math teacher). It seems like a good time to reset and hopefully become more healthy with eating habits.