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  1. Thanks for the link - I am all about shortcuts and time savers, and the crock pot is a great one. And even if I don't buy the whole shopping list at once, it is a great starting point...
  2. Well I hope you ladies don't mind a man joining - I am 55 and completed my first Whole30 about 10 days ago. Best advice I've found for eating out is doing research in advance, and try to keep questions and requests as simple as possible - like "can you grill the fish in olive oil instead of butter?". And just eliminating certain things rather than asking for an ingredient list - depending on the place and the server, I've heard answers that (in thinking about them to myself) ranged from completely honest and correct to them not really having a clue. I saw some good tips prior, and I would add READ EVERY LABEL. Twice before buying something. It is mind boggling the things they put sugar in, not to mention soy and grains to a lesser extent. I had to start over on day 17 because there was sugar in the breakfast sausage I was eating several times a week. And in the hopes of this being encouraging - since I started sort of following, then trying to follow, then actually completing a whole 30, (a little over two months) I have: - reduced my blood pressure while getting off of medication; - gone from a diagnosis of pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar; - reduced triglycerides from extremely high to well within normal and reduced my pants two sizes. All while not increasing exercise, and not limiting food portions. I love the way I am eating now. I look and feel better (I have received several unsolicited comments about how much better I look). It's a lot of work - I spend a lot of time thinking about, buying, cooking and eating food - but I really have come to enjoy it. Best to all...
  3. I hope this comes out the right way - supportive-ly and trying to put a positive spin on things - I am now 55 years old, and I would kind of kill for 40 again But in all earnestness, there is no "proper" way to view aging, and happy birthday to you both...
  4. I believe only the carnitas - and possibly the veggies. chicken and beef are cooked in rice bran oil so a no-no. mild and medium salsa are OK, I didn't double check the hot
  5. I typically top my meatzas with broccoli, squash, and black olives, and add some avocado after baking. I think the olives and avocados plus the meat provide enough fat - seems to be OK for me...
  6. I guess I can offer a further perspective - my old life IS over, and I am so friggin' glad. I am enjoying how I am eating and I am healthier and happier. Oh, I miss some things here and there, but there are so many foods I look forward to it is not bad at all.
  7. Thanks for sharing Sugarcube - I have 2 of those 4 diagnoses and that's more than enough, I feel for ya. I self medicated much of my life with alcohol pre-diagnosis - fortunately now, mine are well under control with actual prescribed medication. I don't think was going to fall into the trap of "well my new eating habits got me off of my blood pressure medication, maybe my other meds..." but you never know where my head can go - I think your experience will help keep my thinking straight on that topic. I think this thread is stuck with stragglers and hanger-ons because it has such a cool name I'm in re-intro phase and still feel the need to chime in here, now and then. Speaking just for myself I hope to see you around...
  8. Eggalicious! Mine were scrambled this morning (which I don't seem to get tired of, but SO prefer over easy). I'm pretty good at the flip technique, but do experience the occasional fail, so must try the steam trick @SugarcubeOD. NSV (which does translate into a huge scale victory too) - buying new pants 2 waist sizes smaller
  9. So grill some kind(s) of red meat and he can skip the accompanying veggies
  10. The recipe is Mel Joulwan's - she's a whole 30 cooking genius and entertaining blogger: https://meljoulwan.com/2010/02/16/dinner-and-a-movie™-meatza-pie-and-the-vancouver-olympics/ Enjoy!
  11. The one non-compliant food that was continually looking and sounding good to me, as I progressed through Whole30-dom, was pizza. Thin crust, deep-dish, pizzeria, delivery, frozen supermarket brand, you name it, it sounded good to me. Most things that I've read people struggle with during a whole 30 were easy for me (and I am SO grateful!) - I've always drank my coffee black; no carb flu; diet soda stopped sounding good a week in; etc etc etc. But pizza - damn! Then I found that meatza recipe, made it, and it is markedly different than traditional pizza, but it satisfied me in the same way. I make the crusts 4 or 6 at a time and have it at least twice a week For the record, I am in re-introduction phase (not going to post details here, don't worry mods), and I don't think I will even bring back "old" pizza...
  12. Yeah that! I thought I had seen food with no breaks somewhere too, but point made now
  13. Rice bread didn't seem to bother me at all, but neither did it knock my socks off. 2 more compliant days then I'll try dairy
  14. I bought the NY at Trader Joe's about three weeks ago. It's not a huge bag and I didn't think it was expensive especially now that I see how slowly I am using it. I mainly sprinkle it on the Meatza recipe I got from Mel at Well-Fed. (I'll post upon request, I love it but I think most can find it easily enough.) I would agree that it's sorta like Parmesan cheese, not close enough to fool you if you were really craving that, but also not close enough to be FWNB (that acronym doesn't look right - Food With No Brakes?) I'm glad I have it but wouldn't die if the program suddenly declared it non-compliant. The riced broccoli and cauliflower bags at Trader Joes I might die if those became unavailable
  15. Great feedback, thanks for being guinea pigs lol. Day 31 here, stayed compliant. Tomorrow will be non gluten grains - going on a road trip and will have a sandwich with compliant deli meat, avocado, and rice bread whilst on the road. Home made mayo if I get around to making it tonight. And maybe a taco salad out somewhere tomorrow night, that does sound kind of good...