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  1. I think if you have your full meal before your workout-- and your workout doesnt suffer in that you're super full then you would be fine.. same with if you just had your pre workout snack before-- if your workout isnt suffering because you're under-fueled or you find yourself hungry during the workout.. then you're fine... Sometimes I switch it up just depending on how I feel that day, or what I have time for/how hungry i am!
  2. I definitely plan on it.. but after I finish out this one. I understand it isn't the same.. but I also understand my mental state, and If i were to view that as a complete failure and having to start over from ground 0- it would have done me more harm than good.
  3. Hi! i just saw your post... im personally on day 13... yesterday i CHOSE to have Gluten free pizza. I could give probably 5-7 reasons to what lead me to eat the pizza.. but the fact of the matter is that I ate it... and let me tell you what-- i PAID for it immediately. I felt SOOO sick 20 minutes later i ended up falling asleep on my couch at like 8. I woke up bloated, feeling bad etc.. BUT-- im not starting over. Just like i CHOSE to eat the pizza, im also CHOOSING to use this as a big learning moment. It taught me alot about myself and how i respond to stressful situations/poor planning. It also taught me alot through the reaction I had to the pizza. I thought maybe since it was gluten free it would be fine but I was so wrong. It made me completely appreciate the work that I had done in the 12 days and made me appreciate the foods that I had been fueling my body with. My next 18 days are going to be 100% spot on, but I'm not starting over. I'm not sure what you decided but just giving you my story.
  4. Started the 5th as well! I totally get what you mean about the Toddler, i have a 19 month old and she's always trying to "feed me" whatever she is eating.. without realizing it i almost let her do it! she will have to learn that mommy cant eat animal crackers any more hah!