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  1. Morning all!!! Day 16!!! Feeling good. I'm not quite in that "tiger blood" that everyone is talking about but, I'm being patient. I definitely sleep better (huge deal for me). I haven't noticed that I've lost any weight, but, that was never my reason for doing this program. My cravings are also under control. I don't even get the urge to smoke like I did when I started. I'm not saying I don't think about it but, I don't feel that I need it anymore. I know the hump isn't over for me but, I do love the program, the food, and all of you!! Congratulations to us all for making it this far!!! Let's keep it going and before we know it day 30!!!!
  2. Ok, got it!! @SugarcubeOD. I am not a huge nut person anyways. I don't eat them very often. I can do just hard boiled eggs then. After I'm done I will have a chicken tenderloin or something. I don't want to overdo it as I still need to eat breakfast.
  3. Perfect!!! The hard boiled eggs and nuts is right up my alley actually. I can also, handle doing the chicken, turkey or pork even for the post. This way by the time I'm showered and ready for work I can prepare my breakfast and just take it to work and eat it. I have a feeling that it will take me a bit to acclimate to basically eating twice in the morning. So this will have to be a slow transition for me. As it took me until nearly now to eat breakfast without feeling like puking lol.
  4. Sorry, I haven't been on in the last few days. I've been on the go go go. Thank you @invinciblechar you have great input. I used to work out regularly and then something happened that consumed my life and that was that. However, I really want to get back into again. I went to Big 5 this weekend and bought some at home workout equipment for me to try and incorporate. I have a jump rope, medicine ball, kettle bell and a workout ball. I figure until I get myself back in shape 15-20 minutes 5 times a week is good and each week add another 5-10 minutes until I can reach a 45-60 minute workout 5x's a week. I've read all the books except it starts with food. What are the best recommendations for a pre-workout meal?? I NEVER ate breakfast for the last 25 years (except if we were going out which usually was for lunch but, the rare breakfast). I now can eat breakfast without feeling like puking, lol. I actually enjoy it now. I do however, need advise on pre and post-workout meals if you can help with some ideas. I don't have time to read the book in time to start the workout, lol. As far as how I'm doing Guys!!!! We are at day 15!!!! I didn't thing I would make it past day 11!!! The up and down moods was hard but, here we are!!! I've never been proud of myself since usually I never finish the things I start. I'm actually proud of myself for the first time in Ummmmm..... probably most my life!!! I just wish some of you lived close to me. It would be so cool to have group outings and talk about our journeys. Most of my friends, acquaintances don't understand or agree with what I'm doing. I only have my hubby (thank goodness) and 2 really good friends in my corner. But, at least I have you guys here. I'll check in again later. Congratulations to us all for making it to today. Praise Day 15!!!!!!!
  5. Thank goodness!!! My mind stated playing tricks on me and I was thinking darn am I getting a UTI??? LOL!! Thanks ladies @Karen L and @invinciblechar you really made me feel better. Sometimes you get that " I feel so alone feeling". Yesterday was rough but, not horrible. This morning still feeling low energy and didn't even make breakfast. I'll just eat something that I would normally eat for lunch. Just not very hungry but, I know I shouldn't skip a meal. So darn hard to force food down though. Just hoping as I get closer to mid-way I'll get that energy back up. Has anyone started exercise in yet?? I've tried but, one, I can barely do 2 burpees right now and two my energy is too low. I'm hoping come Monday (which is my goal to start incorporating exercise and day 15!!) I can start out slow and do at least 15 mins a day at least. I'm sure I can add more time every 3-4 days once I get in a routine?? Any helpful hints? or suggestions?
  6. I've been smoking off and on since I was 17 years old unfortunately. I've quit a few times and the longest stretch was 3 years. However, when I did quit it was for different reasons. This time I truly just want to stop. So I'm hoping that this time its forever!!! But, I'm taking it one day at a time for now.
  7. So, its Day 11 and I have no energy, feel down in the dumps and just fatigued. I knew this was a possibility but, was hoping I was going to be the exception. I am still hanging tight and will not founder!! Just praying for Day 14 to arrive and be on the good slide down. I was also wondering (not to sound crude, so apologies if I am) but, is anyone going to the bathroom a lot lately. I mean #1 that is. I have been getting up at least 1-3 times a night to pee!!! I must go at least 3x more than my usual during the day at work too. I'm hoping its just all the toxins flushing out?? Anyone experiencing this or am I just drinking too much fluids?
  8. I understand @MarieC1978, truly!!! I found some workouts for the home (for beginners, lol) and I literally did some star jacks, and a couple of burpees only!!! I was so sore the next morning. Unbelievable!!! I'm apparently VERY out of shape, lol. I too like to run but, no way I can right now. I have little energy as well. But, we are close to Day 14 which should turn things around for us, (fingers crossed). I'm going to attempt working out again this weekend. Hopefully, more successful?!? LOL. I have faith in you!! You got this girl!!! As soon as thoughts start try and tell yourself "ummm, no thanks, next chapter". Sounds stupid but, worked for me. I usually obsess in the car drive to work and home. I thinks that's also because that's when I would smoke. So now, I crank up the AC/DC and sing as loud as possible after I tell my head "next chapter". I got my US Wellness meats yesterday. It was still frozen so I probably won't be trying it until this weekend. But, I will def tell you how it is. Let's chat again later : )
  9. I'm with you there @Cinlynn! I never dream of food. I did last night though. So weird for me. However, I dreamed I wasn't on the Whole30 anymore and I was having a cold beer, eating things I don't even like to eat. Super Crazy!!! BUT, it was a dream. Has a great day today. I'm definitely sleeping better. I'm still waiting for that big "ding dong" everyone has talked about but, I'm patient. Day 9 down! Tomorrow is Day 10 and I think we all got this! Thanks again everyone for all the support here! I just got my meats I ordered from US Wellness and I can't wait to start using it tomorrow. Whole30 compliant bacon, ham, Canadian bacon, spicy beef jerky and beef hot dogs!!! This weekend will rock!!!
  10. Thanks @SugarcubeOD!! I didn't get the bones this time from the butcher or whole foods. I bought them from the grocery store. So bye bye fat!! Not risking that.
  11. Oh really? Is it still whole30 compliant? If so, then I won't. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Thanks for the kind words @Sara Cameron-Ragazzo!!! Today was a good day for me. However, I also made the mistake of not eating breakfast before leaving for the grocery store. Big Mistake!!! I only had a cup of coffee with some nutted and out I went. The good news is I made it home before 10:30 so after I put the groceries away I made my "brunch", lol. I'll be honest I've hated left overs most of my adult life but, this last week is all about left overs and it feels great to eat them and not waste food anymore. I'm also trying to be more prepared this weeks menu. I did all my prep today. I have a pork butt in the crockpot that should serve at least 2 days. I have all my veggies pre-chopped and stored in airtight containers. I'm making beef bone broth that I can strain in the morning and my hubby said he'll make sure to scrap the fat off the top for me while I'm at work. I made coconut flour crusted baked chicken tenderloins for a quick lunch too. I will also grill up some little steaks so I can have steak and eggs for breakfast. I want to say thank you to all of you on this forum that started with me and have given me such great support!! My hairdresser is the one that told me about this Whole30 and she has also been a great support. She told me that day 11 is the hardest but, once I reach day 14 I will notice the changes. I can't wait. I'm also not as scared now to face day 11 as I have you guys. And you guys have me. Wish we all lived close so after we complete our journey we could celebrate together. Well, we can here at least! Hope to hear from you tomorrow!!! Here's to completing Day 7!!!!
  13. It made me get teary eyed actually @MelissaSue. I felt like you were telling my story as well. I have an older sister that is absolutely beautiful, skinny, and tanned skin. Always felt inferior to that. I always wished I looked more like her and had her strong minded personality. I think now that this program is changing me for the better too. Each day that passes is an accomplishment now. And a day closer to completing something like this for the first time. I have said in the past I would do things but, never followed through. I actually feel like I can this time. Thanks to you all!!!!
  14. First of all thank you to those that had some tough love words that I NEEDED to hear and it helped so much!!! Day 5 was tough for me but, I stuck to my guns and didn't cheat. Day 6 is here and almost gone and I had a good day. I woke up feeling so accomplished that I made it through the last night. LOL!! I know I'll have tough days ahead as well. I've read posts of others that have completed and their adventure. So, I won't promise that I won't post a small breakdown. I ordered some bacon, ham and sausage from us wellness meats (whole 30 approved) so I can add more different proteins for breakfast and stuff. I was even able to have lunch out at Jason's deli. I had the salad bar and ordered a grilled chicken on the side. I was able to ask how they cook it and they only add spices that are compliant so I had a nice filling protein salad with fresh lemon and a little olive oil for the dressing. Again thanks so much!! I need you guys : = )
  15. Thank you so much!! And yes today was a better day. I needed to hear that. = )