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  1. I had to send my mom to the hospital because of a health scare and could not find compliant food in all the food places in the hospital. Found a small cafe and their salad dressing (which I was told was just olive oil and balsamic) turned out sweet. I did a taste dab and it was way sweet. It's amazing how sensitive I am not to any artificial sugars. I asked and they said orange juice but could not tell me if it's real orange juice so I had to pack it and asked for a new salad order with just olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Just thankfulness i can find food!! And very very thankful the health scare turned out to be not serious.
  2. Yes, some cravings are still present. But we're almost there! And I hope I will be able to make wiser decisions then. Anyway, I've some questions for reintroduction. We're probably going to a somewhat fast track introduction because the husband wants to know what affects us. My question is, if I start with legumes, and say, I don't have much of a reaction to soy, during my next re-introduction day, does it mean I can start including soy with say, gluten free grains? And is it always neccessary to wait the two days in between if my body is ok? I don't plan to introduce all legumes, maybe just the ones that we typically have in our diet like soy. I do miss a good soy sauce with sashimi. I also have an event on Saturday night...
  3. Hellooo everyone! How's everyone doing? It's Day 24 for us. Just made a spinach, peppers and bacon frittata this morning and it's so nice to have fresh food for breakfast. Kids have been taking turns to wake us up (more my hubby than me), so he's upset that he's really tired and not feeling that much tiger blood yet. I'm sleepy but more energetic than I would usually be when I'm sleep deprived. So it's good. I've been busy (and lazy) last weekend and so this week's food has been rather rushed since not much food prep was done. All my freezer stores (except a fresh batch of roast pork) have been depleted and so I'd really have to cook this weekend! Dinner is probably going to be lemon pepper wings, and I might start making some beef stew for next week. Have a great day everyone!
  4. Yes! Scallions.
  5. Just some thoughts on chow mein - we typically don't add sugar in chow mein, it really doesn't need it. A good splash of coconut aminos + fish sauce can give it the depth it needs. I like to use lard or a light olive oil because coconut oil and ghee just tastes weird with chow mein. Then I sauté some chopped onions and minced garlic to give it the Asian flavour before adding the rest of the meats ingredients etc. noodles (squash) goes in last. Spring onions also makes the dish more fragrant.
  6. Ok will try that. Today's amount of tomatoes were low. About 5 cherry tomatoes I think. I'll drop off nightshades for the next few days and observe. Come to think of it, I occasionally had these cramp feelings before whole30 and could never figure what caused them. I always attributed it to IBS. Maybe it's nightshades all along.
  7. Anyway guys, I think I may have made a discovery. I had mash potatoes with my beef stew tonight for dinner and about an hour later, I started to get crampy and gaseous. Similar to the feeling I got when I had that brinjals and tomatoes combination that day. Turns out potatoes are in the nightshade family too. My question is, why wouldn't I have discovered this before? I eat potatoes occasionally and never seemed to have a problem. I don't seem to have a problem with tomatoes at all now still. Is it because I'm eating more tomatoes with whole30 that I'm seeing a reaction to other nightshades? Or maybe I had more potatoes than usual? (Not really actually, probably a potato worth of mash?)
  8. @emilyelowe Nori is essentially seaweed. So I'm guessing supermarkets with a Japanese aisle would have them? They are roasted seaweed sheets, those we use when we make sushi. You'd need to look for plain roasted ones, without seasonings because many are seasoned with soy.
  9. Yes. My husband has been asking me about reintroduction and I told him it takes 10 days! I'm suspecting reintroduction is tougher to prep for than just whole30, because I need to remember to include just that one type of food and not the rest. There's 9 more days anyway, so I will think about that in a couple more days time! Oh and I just discovered a great way to serve breakfast/lunch/dinner etc.... I pulled out some unseasoned nori sheets, and some vegetables (strips of cucumber, carrots etc), bacon, egg mayo, avocado, whatever you fancy actually and everyone just makes their own nori handrolls! I ate three large ones for breakfast and am still pretty satiated 5 hours later.
  10. Day 20's over!! I was really busy over the weekend and didn't have much time to meal prep. That translates to a lot of last minute prep for the next day just the day before. I just made a new batch of mayo - turned half into curry mayo which would be an interesting flavour for the week. Oh and I made cauliflower fried rice today. It's so awesome! Yet a new way to eat cauliflower. I don't know if I'm feeling tiger blood yet - slightly sleep deprived and another kid is sick again. I'd say I'm more energetic than usual and that's definitely a good thing. Hope everyone is doing great!
  11. Thanks for sharing @SugarcubeOD. I hope that you feel better soon with the medication and that restarting Whole30 will once again give you the control and structure that helps you in your journey. Hugs.
  12. Hey @Laurie, I was recipe surfing and saw this quote on a site. “You will not be perfect. Don’t even try to be perfect. No one is judging, no one is keeping score, and there are no penalties for acknowledging that you are struggling. Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself.” A reminder for myself too. Have a great day ahead.
  13. @Laurie, @emilyelowe has expressed my sentiments exactly. You've not had an easy time the past two weeks and you've not given up but kept going. Rx bars may not be the best compliant food but you did not go back to binging on snacks, sweets etc. Personally, I think Rx bars to you could be what fruit is to some of us, or potatoes for that matter. It's the awareness that leads us to make better choices for the last two laps.
  14. A joke for the day. I woke up this morning and grabbed the container of chilli in the fridge, dumped it into two bowls and microwaved it. Sliced some avocados over it and threw in some extra zoodles from yesterday. Started eating it and wondered why there was olives in there. And so much vegetables. Where's my mince beef?! And..... to my horror, I realised that I had reheated my leftover chicken cacciatore SAUCE instead of my chilli. Husband ate up the bowl of sauce and vegetables while I found the real chilli and heated that up and packed it for us to bring to work. Lesson of the day: label all tomato-ey looking containers of food!!
  15. You can do it @diamonds422! You've come sooo far! Sending lots of good vibes your way! Re cauliflower rice, another tip is to make sure the cauliflower bits are about the size of rice, or even slightly larger. I started to grate them instead of using the blade in my food processor as it tends to get a little too fine and when it cooks it becomes mush. If you're eating it fairly plain, you can season with some pepper and salt, and toss with some herbs after it's done.