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  1. Hi. I'm on Day 15 as well. No 'tiger blood' for me yet either! Still kind of sleepy. I am finally sleeping better, not waking up at 4:00 am, but still only getting about 6-7 hours/night (normal). I had cravings yesterday, but I knew they were more mental. I saw donuts, cheese & meat... otherwise the cravings aren't really there. I'm hoping the tiger blood will come in a bit?
  2. Thought for the day. You know how it's hard to eat some days? It's not that we're dieting, per se, just eating healthfully. Makes you wonder what's in all that other food that makes us want to keep coming back for more. Yuck. I'm so glad I "overshopped" last week. Save for a few fresh items, I should have enough food to get me through this next week.. I will NOT be spending hours shopping and prepping tomorrow! Learning to make bigger batches of stuff and freezing, so I can just add some veggies and move on. Building up a variety too.. yay.
  3. So I'm definitely going a lot more. Maybe not more often because I always drink a lot of water, but definitely longer each time I go. Luckily I make it through the night, but definitely have to go as soon as I wake! I'd suggest cutting down on water intake 2 hours before bed. Your body should definitely adjust regardless, but who the heck wants to wake up that often?! Keep up the good work. You're getting healthy!! What's the longest you've stopped smoking before or is this it? (If you don't mind me asking)
  4. Made it through day 11. Have had an awesome breakfast last two days! Mashed banana and two eggs mixed together and scrambled up in coconut oil. Put on 1/4 sliced green Apple, 2 tbsp almond butter, cinnamon, and coconut flakes. My new favorite and whips up in no time and is delicious! If I'm in the mood, I add cooked spinach on the side, otherwise just up my veggies at lunch and dinner. Love it and it keeps me full until lunch! I've also discovered I need more carbs at lunch and dinner. I'm so used to diets with no carbs. So I'm adding half a yam, or some kind of squash. As far as grabs, I keep frozen turkey patties on hand. I just throw one in a pan if I don't feel like or have time to cook. Add some veggies and half a yam. I definitely need to plan better, or start cooking more big batches to carry over. I think that's the key. Then I don't feel like I have to make it fresh every night. Just some little hints I've discovered that may be helpful to someone. Congrats to everyone who's made it through Day 11!!!
  5. @MarieC1978 I'd definitely contact one or the other on this. Just to check in and let them know you're doing it and see what insight they have. At least keep a food diary so you can see what triggers episodes and what works. Maybe you'll see a pattern.
  6. Hi all. Just wanted to check in. I'm still with ya'all! Been following posts but been crazy busy. Glad I made a big batch of carnitas Sunday, otherwise who knows what I'd be eating?? So sleep hasn't gotten better. 5 hours each last two nights, but I think a big part may be work stress. There are problems I don't see a solution for, which I usually do. I guess it's weighing on me heavier, and I do think whole 30 messes with your emotions a bit too, so it's probably exacerbated. That, and no wine Anyway, feeling pretty strong (but tired) going into day 11! More on the side of "I don't want to eat anything" rather than "I'm ready to eat whatever I want". Another weekend to get through and I'll feel in a better place! Happy belated birthday @SnappySue So glad you reached out to the group for support. This forum is such a great go-to. Wish we could all meet in person! Totally lucked into a great group!
  7. Hi there! I rooted around at lunch and found these two articles: http://whole9life.com/2014/09/improve-your-sleep/ http://whole9life.com/2014/09/improve-sleep-quality/ Another suggestion I heard was to make sure you're getting enough carbs with dinner. I'm not hungry when I wake up in the middle of the night, so it might be work stress, though I'm not having any more than usual. I don't think. Maybe usual stress combined with change in diet. Anyway, good luck & may we sleep better tonight!
  8. You can do it! Bring a water with a straw, or other favorite drink - it will at least keep your hands full. 15 minutes to get through, and you will feel so empowered after!
  9. I had my first food dream last night. I drank a diet coke, and it was so so good! *sigh*. I also woke up at 3:50 am and couldn't fall back to sleep. Early to bed, early to rise, I guess. Grrr...
  10. Super tired today. Woke up before my alarm this morning but didn't feel peppy. Going to bed early. Can someone just wake me at Day 14? Thanks.
  11. @MelissaSue that stinks! I'm sorry. Good for you for your decision to keep going. I'm so afraid something like that will happen, or has happened without me knowing! I went to a salad bar and made healthy choices, but then got paranoid.. what if they put sugar on their fruit or vegetables! The fruit tasted sweet, but is that just because fruit is sweet? What if they soak it in something I don't know about? Super paranoid.. now I don't even trust salad bars.. I feel like I have to make all my own meals!
  12. @amandamay83 Hi there! I feel for you! I'd lost 65 pounds on a previous diet, then gained most of it back. Lost 20, then been stuck. Over my life I've gained, lost, gained, etc. So many of the 'diets' I do are short-term, feel like deprivation, then I binge. I usually give myself "cheat days", which turn into "cheat weekends", etc. I'm really hoping this truly re-sets my relationship with food. I'm just ready. I quit smoking last year.. again.. I gave up alcohol for 2017, so now I'm ready for the food. I really can't say what's done it, except I, myself, am ready. It's more concentrating on what I need to be doing instead of what I'm doing without, if that makes sense. I think everyone's story is different. Similar, but different. All us overeaters have triggers that've gotten us here. Unfortunately, I think you have to figure out what works for you. The only recommendation I'd have is not to concentrate on what you're giving up, but concentrate on all that you'll be getting. If you can make it just 30 days... just 30 short days... then re-evaluate and see if it's made a difference. I can do anything for 30 days, I tell myself!! If it's truly something that you just can't master, I know there are therapists out there that specialize in food relationships. Maybe it would be worth talking to one? I wish you the best! It's not an easy thing to do, but recognizing a problem is a big step!!
  13. Today I spent 2 hours shopping and got so frustrated looking for ingredients, either their location, or finding one that didn't have sugar added! I'll have to "wing" some of my recipes. Didn't want to repeat last week's. I'm finding breakfasts the hardest. Does anyone have a good go-to?
  14. @amandamay83 ack! Your auto correct has a dirty mouth! good for you for sticking to it! I "cheated" last night while watching tv, but with some almonds and dates. Wasn't hungry, and also didn't eat as much as I would. I know I have to keep myself busy to get through this..
  15. If you run out of things to clean, you can head over to my house! Lol. That's funny though. I actually made a list of projects I want to tackle. I need to keep myself busy too!