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  1. Hey, that's name says "Advanced Member" under it. I wonder why?
  2. Check it out...I finally got my picture on here.
  3. @Alisha Alexander,That is awesome! Just keep it up and being without dairy (in all it's glorious forms) will be worth it! I know this might sound stupid, but I want to find out how much sugar a person can have each day so that your body continues to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. My biggest fear, after the reintroduction phase, is that I will unintentionally consume too much sugar and confuse my body again. I just really really wish that pasta did NOT break down into sugar! I know for sure that I am going to continue NOT drinking pop after the 30 days. I can already tell that I am a drink-it-all-the-time or none-at-all kind of girl, but I am hoping I can have a little pasta and bread without ruining all of my hard work. Congrats on getting through another day. Sarah
  4. @Alisha Alexander and @Lunarose, it is so odd that you both wrote that because that is almost exactly how I felt today. I actually got on this forum twice today to talk to you guys, but I was feeling so grumpy, I couldn't think of anything positive to say so I didn't type anything. I also felt really tired no matter what I ate and was completely unexcited about any food options I had in my kitchen. I was thinking things like, "if I could just have cheese, this would be better". I have spent so much money on things like Coconut Aminos, coconut milk, Ranch chia dressing, etc. and I can't seem to find those amazing recipes they keep saying you'll find if you just try new things. The book said food boredom is normal for this phase and so is the feeling of just wanting to be done, but I didn't see anything describing my tiredness today. Here is what is keeping me going: There are several people that know I am doing this and I refuse to put myself in a situation where I have to say I only made it to ____ day of the program! I must get to Day 30 just so I can say I did!!! Another funny part of this is that since I am pretty overweight (starting weight 210 lbs), I can tell that a lot of people don't think I'll be able to finish this thing...I really want to prove them wrong! I know those are all extrinsic reasons, but they are helping! Now that work has started back up, I am having a terrible time preparing meals in advance and an even harder time getting in 3 meals a day. I am sort of doing something similar to what you are doing with the potatoes, but with this amazing pineapple orange juice I discovered. I have been thinking soooooo much about the reintroduction days and I really want to do it right, but it is so hard to not eat all my favorite things on Day 31 (Pancakes, Pecan Pie and Chicken Alfredo, anyone?). I am going to have to come up with a really solid plan before that day comes so that I don't ruin everything I have worked for. I have to admit, overall, I really do feel better and have much more energy throughout the day. I don't want that to go away. Also, lots of people have told me I look skinnier...that helps. Have either of you heard that from other people? I hope we all get some Tiger's Blood back tomorrow. We really can do this!!! Sarah
  5. Hope everyone had a good day. I survived making a birthday cake for my 10 year old today. Although my breakfast was lame and my lunch was almost non-existent, my dinner was good. I tried this new salsa (see attached picture) is sooooo good. Have a good night. Sarah
  6. Oddly enough, I have spent my whole life going #2 much less frequently than most people, then about a month before I started the Whole30, I started having a lot of stomach cramping and panicky sprints to the bathroom at the most inopportune times! It was impacting me so much at work and turned errand running into a really stressful ordeal which is one of the biggest reasons I decided to do the Whole30. I also had to get on some medication from my doctor (hyoscyamine) to "reset" my gut. With that said, the only thing that I really noticed about my bowels is that there were certain days (the book predicts these days perfectly) when your body is making changes and causes you some quick sprints to the bathroom. Other than that, I have been fine. Even though I am on Day 17, I just had my first food dream and it was terrible just like everyone else's. I dreamt that I ate an entire candy bar and remembered afterward that it was not Whole30 compliant. Just like you, I was devastated in the dream then woke up really thankful it wasn't real. The human mind is an interesting thing!!! @Alisha Alexander, I really struggled this week too. My twin is detoxing from alcohol at the same time as I am doing this program. We both have really stressful jobs and yesterday was especially tough. We stayed on the phone with each other for an hour and a half after work to help each other from caving in to the comfort foods that have pretended to solve our problems for us our whole lives. It is really bizarre and difficult to NOT use food to temporarily solve your problems when you have been doing it your entire life! Keep it up...we can do this! Sarah
  7. You are absolutely 5 IS a NAP day!!! I was so incredibly tired the first 5-6 days! You are getting close to the time when you will start feeling better and getting your energy back. I feel like you too though with the food boredom. They talk a lot about that around Day 14-16 and suggest you try various different types of fats, etc. As you can see in my previous note, I tried 2 new things yesterday and didn't like either of them! I hope you have better luck than me.
  8. I will definitely look at that!! I tried 2 new recipes last night and both of them were awful. I went to bed feeling pretty grumpy about it, but I survived. I don't know if any of you like sugar snap peas, but I found a brand that is really really good...they stay crunchy even when you reheat them the next day! I'll attach a picture of the bag (they are from Wal-Mart). I just sautee them in ghee for a few minutes. Pic sugar snap peas.pdf
  9. @Alisha Alexander, I like it when the Whole30 experts chime in...hopefully, taking her advice will fix your problem! My week is going to be much like yours. I am a teacher and ours students start back at school tomorrow. I have SOOOO much stuff to do and I am feeling very overwhelmed. I just spent the only 2 hours I had free tonight making dinner for tonight and lunch for tomorrow. I've GOT to get this freezer meal thing figured out quick! Also, I still haven't found a breakfast I really like so that is kind of bumming me out. I used to be a big fan of all the bad breakfast foods (i.e. biscuits and gravy, pancakes, etc.), brain is just not on-board with a spinach frittata or hard boiled eggs...once again, more evidence that my brain needs the WHOLE thirty days to change old habits!!! @Lunarose, So sorry to hear about your hand! Thanks for the recipes...I'll let you know when I try one. We are nearly to the halfway mark! So exciting. I hope everyone else is having a successful day (I'm talking to you, newbies.).
  10. @Lunarose, I am like you...for the first time in my life, I don't feel hungry all of the is very liberating! BUT I definitely need to drink more mouth is so dry all of the time! I have also been eating a lot of sautéed vegetables and chicken or beef. My other "go-to" meal is the Chili on zoodles. I am trying to get up the nerve to try the chicken chowder recipe that is in the book...I'm nervous because it has coconut milk and sweet potatoes and neither of those things sound good, BUT the picture looks really good so I'm just gonna have to be brave and try it! My sister tried the chicken meatballs and said they were amazing...I'll probably try those this weekend. On to Day 14!
  11. Hi @coachgad, @Brandi0301, and @penelope123! Welcome aboard...on this particular thread, there are 4 of us that check in with each other often throughout the week...feel free to jump in anytime and talk or ask questions!!! @penelope123, Congrats on NOT licking or tasting a single one of those 48 cupcakes you had to make. I will be making a birthday cake for my 10 year old in a few days so I'll be going through that same thing soon. Also, I think several of us are looking forward to reintroducing cheese back into our lives...only 30 days without it, right?!? @Brandi0301, Congratulations on having a baby recently!!! AND on starting the Whole30. If you haven't read this in the book already, you will most likely get really tired in the next couple of days and won't start getting your energy back until about day 7 or 8. It is your body trying to hold out for more sugar (glucose) to create energy eventually gives up and lets starts using your fat/liver instead which is a much better source of steady energy. I probably didn't explain that very well. @coachgad, Sorry to hear about all the pain you are experiencing and the crazy hunger you are experiencing. I am not a doctor or even remotely close to being a Whole30 expert, but after reading so many testimonials from people who have completed the program, I am guessing you will not have any of those problems by the end of the 30 days. I am on Day 13 and am quite surprised and happy how much better I feel already. Hopefully you'll get some relief even sooner than that! @Lunarose, @Alisha Alexander and @imaginepilates, how did you guys do today? It was my 3rd day back at work...I didn't a slightly better job of planning ahead, but not perfect so I haven't eaten dinner yet. Of course I picked a meal that requires an hour of simmering (not smart), but it is almost done so I'll survive. Let me know if anyone tries a new recipe and they like it. I've got to start getting a little braver and trying some new things! Sarah
  12. Awesome!!! Get ready for the tiredness to hit you for the next couple of days, but don't doesn't last!!!
  13. @Lunarose and @Alisha Alexander, as cheesy as this is going to sound, I am really proud of you guys! Both of those scenarios were really tough to get through, but you did it. I went to my dad's house for a bonfire last night and felt proud that I ate ahead of time because my assumption that nothing would be Whole30 approved was accurate. I also had a few people tell me they thought my face looked thinner which is really cool because I can't see the differences yet. Have a good Day 12.
  14. @Lunarose and @Alisha Alexander, Hope you guys had a good Day 11...according to the book (and all of their research), Day 11 is supposed to be one of the hardest days and the day most people fall out of the program. Long story made short, I survived. I tried to make homemade is not edible in my opinion. I don't think my brain likes the idea of eating a raw egg mixed with a bunch of oil!! Toast (bottled water, of course) to another day down. @imaginepilates, Good luck tomorrow (Day 1, right?)!! You can do it!! Sarah