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  1. Me too! Going more on all "fronts" (and "backs") lol. Pretty sure we're drinking more water. I am thirsty ALL THE TIME. Heard that is normal too. I also have a nice big cup of tumeric and chai tea right before bed so I know that's not helping!
  2. I will do this over the next few days and let you know. I also now am hearing from folks that this period I'm in can be the toughest, so I am hopeful I'm just at the "worst time". The new me is coming out during the eclipse!!!
  3. Not keeping a log but I have been doing a really good job of following the menu in the Whole30 book. Also, eating a considerable amount of good fish - had the poached salmon last night in fact. Plus, I'm taking a really good Mercola krill oil supplement and I add MCT oil to my food, as well. Hmmmmmmmm.
  4. Thanks @amandamay83 I know you are exactly right. I need to abandon the traditional breakfast idea. Probably need to plan better so I have extra Meal 2 and Meal 3 food!
  5. Hello 8/7 friends. So sorry for vanishing - I'm reading all of these wonderful posts at the end of the day but have been swamped at work and finding it difficult to respond like I'd like. All compliant on Whole30 - even changed my network password at work to Whole30Rocks. That said, I think I'm stuck . . . We're on day 11 and it feels like I should be raging with Tiger Blood or at least feeling it coming. I'm not. Like I said, I'm totally 100% compliant and I am very proud of that - not looking back . . . but, here are my concerns: I am having a very difficult time eating food. I am hungry but not hungry. I dread breakfast like the plague. If I eat another egg or avocado, I think I'll barf. Lunch is ok (usually dinner L/O's). Dinner is ok too but by that time, I'm finding myself exhausted and kinda angry about having to cook - again. My husband has been a SAINT and is helping however he can but the struggle is real and the feeling of challenge is not going away. Aside from that, I feel heavier. I see people saying they feel like their clothes are getting loose - not me. I'm doing this for other reasons too, but it would be nice to get something back at this point. My joints still ache. Good grief. Can't say I'm feeling anything like what I was hoping by now. Can those of you who have been down this road give me the benefit of your thoughts? We have been following Dr. Axe's clean plan for years and, aside from adding back in occasional gluten and consuming wine, we have been generally clean. Maybe I won't see results like I'm hoping??? Anyway, I'm in for good but it's been a tough week. I'm not usually one to complain so this is really getting to me. Thoughts and tough love welcome!!!
  6. Right back atcha @Kdog777 . And, you may hear this from other people too . . . . don't skim the fat off the bone broth. That where all the magic happens!!! Have a great end to your day 7!! About to sit down to some roast beef and veges and a cold thai salad!! Yum!
  7. @MelissaSue You are amazing. So proud of where you are taking this!!! I am happy for you!
  8. Hello all. Been away this weekend at a Yoga Retreat. Great timing as it totally got me in the spiritual space to be strong when I feel weak. All that said . . . I have an experience to share on not eating. I woke up this morning planning to make the pot roast for dinner tonight (and tomorrow night and the next night . . . lol). Hubby woke up with me and we realized we didn't have all the ingredients so I made the (miserable) mistake of grabbing my cup of coffee with coco milk (no other food, mind you) and out the door we went to Whole Foods. One long trip around Whole Foods studying food labels after we bought carrots, one un-planned trip to Target for paper towels for the war zone our kitchen has become, and one very long wonderful unexpected phone call from one of our 5 children later and it was nearly 1pm and I had eaten nothing. Wow!!! I had to leave Target and go lay flat in the car with A/C blowing in my face. I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up or faint. Not good. I promise myself I will never skip my meal 1 for sure. I can see how my body needs the nourishment. Before I could have taken my cup of coffee with coconut milk (and honey) and been just fine. Not now. Anyway, stay nourished. My new mantra!! Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  9. YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!! I am having the pity party here thinking how challenging this weekend has been and you are sleighing TWO dragons simultaneously. I am damn proud of you!!!!! One day at a time and remember, we are getting close to the Tiger Blood phase - can't wait.
  10. @Karen L My husband and I are doing a Yoga Movement and Chakra seminar this weekend. It starts tonight and runs through Saturday afternoon. I plan to spend a great deal of time reflecting on my commitment and will hopefully come out the other side stronger. Yes, weekends will be tough but we can do this!!
  11. Very well said @invinciblechar I think I am suffering from Frazzled-Day-5-Syndrome! All good.
  12. I got the message everyone. Wasn't meant to offend or hurt others with allergies.
  13. Here's an idea that I'm planning to do that grew out of someone's suggestion on this thread . . . call the restaurant ahead of time and tell them you have "serious food allergies" and ask questions about how they are prepping their food items. I found (in a prior clean eating program I did) that restaurants will tell you that they grill their chicken, for example, in olive oil, when, in fact, it's olive oil or margarine, or safflower oil, etc., etc.. The food allergy thing tends to cut through that generalization. Ask them how flexible their kitchen is to prepare something differently if you are there for a special occasion. No restaurant wants a case of "serious food allergy reaction" in their dining room - lol! And, it's more considerate of them to call ahead versus trying to work with the waiter who is likely in a hurry and trying to accommodate multiple tables. You can take them completely out of the transaction by handling it for them ahead of time and then tell them you've spoken with the manager and they agreed to cook your chicken, steak, egg, whatever in pure olive oil. It takes some work and persuasion but it's doable. And, in my opinion, if a restaurant isn't in a position to be flexible (in that case of "serious food allergies"), then maybe that's not where I need to go. Doesn't make them bad. Just means it's not a good fit.
  14. Me and my big mouth up til now talking about doing ok . . . I have felt really good but I am feeling weak now - my day 4 is everyone's day 2-3. I keep having these evil thoughts of walking in the house and eating something "substantial" and having a nice, cold glass of pinot grigio. I think I have just been buried in work all day and, on these days, I would normally go home and have a glass of wine and some crackers and hummus for dinner. Don't think I'd do that for ANYTHING today, but I'm sad to feel this way. I was doing so well emotionally. Ugh. Double ugh. So, I am going to go home and grab my husband and my dog and go for a walk to get some fresh air. Then, we'll make our chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts and then I'll distract myself in my It Starts With Food book. Sorry to vent. Just frustrating. Still focused and still passionate. But, still human!
  15. @Karen L I am not really weak but I have this strange thing going on. I could barely get my breakfast down (1 piece of egg frittata, one fried egg, 1/2 avocado all drizzled with avocado oil, and a cup of coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon) and while I was trying to eat and still now, I have this feeling of hunger. So, I didn't feel like eating, ate anyway but my tummy feels empty. I'm not sure it's real hunger or maybe just intestinal something. It's annoying because I don't want to focus on this feeling of deprivation when I know darn well I've had plenty of food. I am also brain-dead. I was trying to talk to my husband and couldn't find words. Now that's strange. But, I am an AVID wine drinker - I'm the one in the wine business! - and I have not missed my dinnertime wine at ALL!!! That's a win for me all around! Good luck today all 8-7 folks!