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  1. Haha I noticed that too, you and lunarose are both advanced, I'm still a plain ol' member lol. But you two have more posts then me. I'm also thinking a lot about the reintroduction phase, and as excited as I am to test dairy I am actually pretty sure It is a problem for me. I have cut it out for shorter periods of time and then added it back in only to have lots of GI upset, but hopefully I can narrow it down and find out if things like butter and goat cheese are things I can get away with. I have read a lot of ketogenic, and primal books that talk about being a fat burner not a sugar burner and my best advice @SarahSun is to really try to have your carbs later in the day. Our bodies are most insulin sensitive in the morning, so really focus on having most of your carbs at dinnertime. Carbs at dinner also helps with serotonin levels, and even getting a good sleep. That way you can get away with having more carbs and still waking up a fat burner the next day. This is something I have tried to do for awhile and I can tell you when I have carbs with breakfast it messes me up for the whole day, and even for a few days after. I can tell my body has switched back to being a 'sugar' (aka carb) burner basically in a day. But luckily it is easy to get back to being a fat burner quickly as long as you lay off the carbs the next day. However, the next day can be challenging because cravings come back full vengeance. I think this is why I was having such a hard time this weekend! I had potatoes with breakfast, and then lunch the next day! That being said everyone's carb tolerance is different and you will have to figure out what works for you. Exercise can also really increase the amount of carbs your body is happy with. I have started a journal (on an app in my phone) to help me pay attention to HEC- hunger, energy and cravings throughout the day and what I am eating. Not a calorie counter but just something to check in with myself throughout the day and to notice patterns of how things make me feel. I would also recommend the whole30 book food freedom forever. I plan to re-read it as I get to the end of the 30 days. Day 21. Bring it on.
  2. Haha @Lunarose champagne and ice cream yes!! sounds like a great idea @SarahSun I totally agree about wanting to put cheese on everything, seriously cheese makes everything better. Between cream in my coffee and cheese on my salads, for me dairy has been the hardest thing to go without. Like you, I have also told a few people that i'm doing this and I don't want to have to tell people I quit. Not that they would really care but It's definitely a motivation for me to just make it through. My energy has kind of plateau'd, I hope that I get a surge more near the end. I also need to start exercising more consistently, I think that may help with my energy. I have had a few compliments from co-workers saying I look like I lost weight, which is really nice to hear. It also holds me accountable with co-workers asking me how it's going, and what day i'm on. I also bought some new pants today, a size smaller
  3. So how are you guys feeling? Day 19, tomorrow we'll be 2/3 of the way through! I struggled this weekend. I don't know how to describe it, but cravings and poor attitude I guess. I almost feel like giving up. I know this isn't supposed to be a diet or be about restriction but that's how it feels to me right now. So because I feel really restricted with the foods I'm allowed to eat, I'm eating more of other foods (that are on plan) to satisfy my cravings, but now I'm overdoing it on things like potatoes and chicken wings (I LOVE potatoes). This doesn't seem like a healthy thing to be doing! I'm kinda nervous I'm not going to make it through the 30 days, but also that on day 31 I will just totally blow my reintroduction phase and eat a bunch of crap food. I know this is all mindset and hopefully I will snap out of it, but I'm just wondering how you guys are feeling and where your mindset is at? Remind me why we're doing this haha
  4. @coachgad I had a bit of trouble with constipation in the beginning, and I wasn't eating very many starchy foods. Everyone is so different but for me really making sure I got lots of fat and fibrous veggies really did the trick. But carbs/starch do actually take more water to break down ( which is also why they tend to make me bloated I think!). Like she said ^^^ really depends on what else your eating. I've also had a couple food dreams now. They start off with me resisting and resisting food and then somehow by the end of my dream i'm eating something off plan and I'm so stressed! Then I wake up and it's so relieving that didn't actually eat anything Day 17 was tough for me. I had a very stressful week and today I was very emotional. I am really craving some serious comfort food..... It just makes me realize I really do need the whole 30 days to hopefully work some of this stuff out. I also went off hormonal birth control a couple weeks before starting the whole 30 and I suspect that has been playing a factor in how I feel. I'm Just really hoping I can push through the whole whole 30 lol.
  5. Yes I am eating three good size meals a day, the sausage was fairly fatty and I cooked the cabbage in a tablespoon of ghee. I usually make it 4-5 hours no hunger problems and my episode happened 3-4 hours after breakfast. For lunch that day I had steamed veg with some chicken in a coconut sauce, and dinner I had shrimp and mushrooms cooked in ghee and roasted cauliflower and beans with olive oil. @Lunarose salad for breakfast is actually really good. There is a recipe in the whole30 cook book and its a bacon tomato avocado salad with poached eggs. Its sooo good. It's a nice way to get some greens in the morning, and poached eggs on salad with whatever leftover meat is surprisingly good. I feel the same way about breakfast sometimes! It can get boring. Also I when I go for a run, I only half run half walk too, It's all about improvement right!
  6. I didn't have the best day 14. I'm doing a class for the next two weeks and I knew it would be stressful but it's only two days in and I fee like I have no time or energy. The cooking and dishes is really getting to me now that I have no spare time, it is still a priority but It would sure be nice to have at least an hour to relax in the evenings! I seen a thing on pinterest about building slow cooker meals in freezer bags and then all you have to do is dump them in the slow cooker in the morning, and I also just picked up a paleo slow cooker cook book, So on the weekend I'm going to do some food prep and hopefully that will help me next week. I had a good size breakfast today of cooked cabbage, eggs and a chicken sausage but this afternoon I had what felt like a low blood sugar episode! I was shaky and almost feeling nauseous, It was very weird! I'm not sure if i'm not eating enough or maybe too much caffeine ( I drink two cups of half caff in the morning and thats it- but maybe i've gotten more sensitive to caffeine??). I have also been working out this week, so maybe a combo of exercise and stress... but other then a strooooong craving for coffee with sugar and cream in the afternoon (my usual school afternoon pick me up), I have no cravings and I seem to get full pretty quickly at my meals. That is my rant for the day lol. Thanks for listening PS tomorrow is halfway!!! yay!!
  7. welcome @coachgad That's tough being hungry all the time! My best guess would be that your body is used to using carbs for fuel and switching to this way of eating it hasn't adapted to using fat for fuel just yet. How were you eating before you started this? I'm sure it will get better for you soon! The first few days were the worst for me and now almost halfway through my cravings and hunger are very low. Just make sure you are eating lots of fat with every meal, fat is very satiating and will help get you through.
  8. @Lunarose I've been running and doing weights this last week, and while I do feel a little tired during and immediately after, later in the day I feel great. I also notice I sleep great the nights I've exercised. I'm just easing into getting back into the gym, so my workouts aren't crazy intense or anything. But I think it's definitely safe to do more exercise now and see how your body feels!
  9. We all survived day 11, which sounds like it was in fact the hardest day for all of us! My sister and brother in law were in town and I am soooo impressed with myself for staying on track. We had a full day out of eating (and drinking for the rest of the group), and all my food choices were compliant with whole30 and I never gave in to having a drink! It ended up going a lot better than I thought and most importantly I showed myself I can have a good time out without it all being about bad food and drinking. And of course feeling good during and the next day is a big bonus! Having you guys on this forum really helped keep me accountable, because every time I was getting seriously tempted I would think about having to post on here that I gave in and now my whole30 was over, or I had to restart. It just wouldn't be worth it! One of the main reasons for doing this whole30 was to help me with my relationship with food; bad eating habits and cravings to just binge on bad food, all that kind of stuff. I really am starting to feel that It is helping me dramatically with all of that, and I'm feeling really good about coming out of this whole30 with such a better perspective on my relationship with food! Also I definitely still have that urge to weigh my self but I'm learning to connect better with my body and It has been feeling really good.
  10. I agree, shrimp and zoodles look delish! So I guess it's day 10, I've been feeling kind of the same for the last few days. Nothing terrible but nothing great either, I'm hoping for a surge of more energy... anytime now lol. I also agree that the food prep is a lot, I'm getting to the point of day dreaming about getting pizza for dinner. I know I wont actually do it, it's like one of you said its like a switch that is flipped off and It's nice because normally i'd debate and fight myself and then most likely end up getting pizza for dinner (and then feeling bad about it later), and now I just sadly resign to cooking or reheating food even though I don't feel like it. On one hand I'm feeling like this whole 30 is going to take forever! and on the other hand I don't want this safety bubble to go away because I am making better choices (even though it requires more planning) and I'm not having the internal debate every time bad food tempts me. @SarahSun that sucks about the stress of going back to work and being surrounded by bad food! If anyone understands its me, I literally have to decline pizza, nachos ect. from well meaning co-workers wanting to share. The best things I've found is always planning and having my food with me, so i'm never starving when someone tries to offer me bad food. And luckily it's in the back room so I just avoid going back there all together. Just know your not alone in this struggle! Hope everyone has a good whole30 weekend!
  11. Day 8 was ok, I also had some GI problems and bloating! Good thing you guys mentioned that otherwise I would have been wondering what I ate or why I feel this way. I have a spiralizer to make noodles as well, I also love it. I make zuchinni noodles all the time, but i've even done parsnip and sweet potato noodles and they worked really well too! Zoodles along with spaghetti squash and cauliflower rice are my go too's! On to day 9 we go
  12. Day 7! I agree @Lunarose this week has given me more confidence I can do the whole 30 days, even though I know there will be more challenges. Not drinking has been one of my biggest challenges as well. I have my sister coming to town this weekend and I'm already getting worried about it because it's my brother in law's birthday (and mine in a few weeks) so we usually have a big out on the town night, and I know they aren't going to be happy that I'm not drinking. And yes sleep is very important. I'm lucky that sleep is very rarely a problem for me. My body seems to be happiest at 7.5 hours, but since starting I have been sleeping more like 9. I'm ok with that especially because i'm waking up feeling.. well awake lol. I also haven't been getting really sleepy in the afternoons or early evening like I usually do, which is nice to be able to get more done. I haven't really noticed any other changes yet, other than I just feel really good. Mind and body. One thing that has been helpful to me (along with this forum) is a podcast called Primal Potential. For me this whole30 is really just a jump start into the habits I've been trying to nail down for a couple years now. She talks about health being long term and really an everyday practice, and she does talk about things that are very in sync with the whole30 as well, things like the blood sugar regulation and some topics that will be more relevant to when we are done our whole30. Just thought I would mention it because I love it.
  13. Thanks @ShannonM816 those are some great tips to deal with my scale. I'm going to get my boyfriend to hide it somewhere and I think that will solve it. @SarahSun Good for you for making until 6pm! Before I started the whole30 I had been doing some intermittent fasting. I found it really helpful, and it made me realize I wont die if I go more than 4 hours without eating! Especially when my body is in 'fat burning' mode (aka i've been eating fairly low carb for more then a few days). @Lunarose I have the whole30 cookbook and I really like it, i've had it for a few months and I use it alot even when i'm not doing a whole30. So i'd definitely recommend it. I have all the books except for the actual 'whole30' book, do you guys recommend that one even though I have the other ones? Also yes it's so tough to find bacon and deli meats that are whole30 compliant! I found some at my local organic market type store and also at the farmers market. Good job everyone, and i'm really loving this support network
  14. Day 5. As far as noticing anything... I had more energy today than usual, but also had some not so pleasant detox like symptoms in my GI tract... If you know what I mean. I've definitely had some cravings and I'm dreaming of chocolate and beer, but regardless I am feeling strong about staying on track today. You guys are making me wish I would have signed up for the emails, oh well maybe my next whole 30 lol. Also one thing I am struggling with, it seems silly, but weighing myself. Before starting this I weighed myself pretty much everyday, and I've had a really hard time stopping( I may have weighed myself once or twice already ). I don't think I have a unhealthy relationship with the scale or anything. It's more about me wanting to see my hard work reflected on the scale. But I do think the program has a valid reason and that it would be good for me to give it up for a month.
  15. @SarahSun I agree it's nice to not feel alone, I think one area I really struggle with is accountability so it's nice to know someone out there is in the same place on this whole30 and I really hope to make it through without quitting. Also yes, cooking more delicious food makes this way easier! I cook a lot and it can be pretty time consuming but at the end of the day it's key to my staying on track. I also work in a restaurant where we serve things like pizza, nachos ect, and it can be really challenging to be around all that bad food without craving it. I had a pizza omlette for breakfast, one of my personal creations (probably because i'm always craving pizza) - no cheese of course Lunch I made the Asian chicken salad from whole30 cookbook (very good) and dinner I made some lettuce wrap fish tacos with pico de gallo and guacamole. I'm also lucky that my boyfriend is on board and helps me with the cooking and cleaning. I was really craving ice cream or chocolate after dinner... so I had some blackberrries.