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  1. Hi there! How is everyone doing? Day 6 for me. So far so good. Made the shepherds pie tonight. Had that with some sliced cucumbers dipped in the homemade mayo. Looks like a lot of leftovers so don't need to worry about that for a couple days. Hope the sleep improves. Darn dogs! I've never tried the Rxbars. Might be something to try after. I did get some pork rinds in case I need a snack, but haven't opened them yet. I just realized my headache from the last several days is gone! Hope things are going well for everyone!
  2. Hi Lyndylu! I am on day 5, so you are just a little ahead of me. Sitting here sipping a La Croix. That is my treat in the evening. I am cruising along ok. Had burger & compliant marinara sauce over zucchini wide noodles for dinner, & some cut up veggies-carrots, bell pepper, & cucumber with compliant ranch from the book. My garden runneth over with zucchini right now, so trying to think of ways to use it. That's awesome you prepped so well for the 30! Yes, the sneaky sugar demon! If I have fruit I try to make it berries. Picked 4 pounds of organic blueberries this morning. My husband brought home a real tasty watermelon yesterday so I had to "sample" that! My hope is for the cravings to go away. I don't normally eat much sugar, but (before whole 30) use stevia/monk fruit/erythritol. I hope to lose some weight during the reset, so, even though white potatoes are compliant, I think I will avoid them. All that starch gets me craving. To me it's the ultimate comfort food
  3. Welcome Laura Lee. Well, I've been posting right here. I am a total newbie to a forum so that's all I knowI'm hoping to figure out as I go along. Thanks for the great info RB Cali. I will definitely check out the real meal plans. Cramps always bring to mind electrolytes. I hate cramps! Used to get them in my inner thighs. SO ouch! This is my day 3, & I have had a terrific headache all day. Not sure if it is this or something else. Good luck all, will check back tomorrow!
  4. Welcome Balo39! I think the most potential stumbling block is getting hungry & not having enough food made ahead/and or available. I mean why torture ourselves? That makes it really hard and can be avoided. That being said, I need to crack the book & plan some more meals this morning! About the water, I find it helps to measure out a pitcher of around 8 cups in the morning & leave it on the counter as a visual reminder. I don't always get it all down, but it is a lot closer than before I was doing Whole30. Restaurant meals is another dicey area. Think ahead on that one! Personally I would just as soon skip it entirely, but sometimes that isn't an option. Last evening we went out with friends & I had a big "Mediterranean salad" with grilled chicken on top. I brought my own ranch dressing that I made out of the book. The hardest part was watching my friend down 3 Bud lites! I really feel this forum support will be a big part of the journey. I need accountability when I get weak. I hope others will chime in with some other ideas!
  5. Today is day 1 for me. That does seem rather picky MMC, but I guess those are the rules. Today has gone well so far, but am pretty hungry now & can't wait for the basil chicken thighs to get done. Wish hubby would join me, but he is doing something else. Good luck all!
  6. I'm 64, & considering my 2nd Whole30. Last time I did it with my daughter & daughter-in-law via texts & email. This time I am solo, & I think the comraderie & accountability were key to success. I would love to join in with some like minded/age women!