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  1. Good for you i am on day 23 and I am so happy I began the journey. I am planning to do this for 60 days. good luck!
  2. Day 22 is going great. Anyone interested in extending for a Whole60?
  3. Well hang in there. Just think that your life can change and all you have to do is NOT do certain things which is namely eating certain foods. Most things that come with a price means you have to DO something. It can become a mind game which can make it seem easier. good luck and hang in there
  4. Interesting, I had a dream last night that I had a cheeseburger and some chocolate and as I ate it I was thinking WTF and I was bummed thinking why did I do that. I don't recall dreaming about food before and I am definitely glad on day 18 that it was just a dream lol
  5. It is going very well which is a really pleasant surprise:). I have procrastinated cleaning up my eating and curbing my drinking for so long that this seems to be what I needed to do.
  6. My whole30 is done on 9/26, I will belatedly join you! Good job!
  7. Well one thing that's huge for me is just eating 3 times a day and feeling hungry before I eat. Before I was never really hungry often because I ate too much and too often stuffing my face with processed carbs. It really is quite amazing!
  8. Well they 11 is going well, I am so glad that I started this.
  9. Well Day 8 is going well. I must admit I did have a few thoughts about enjoying a draft beer or a glass of wine. However, I really like what is happening through this so far.
  10. So day 4 is going well, really glad I came across this program. I will go out on a limb and commit to a whole60 program.
  11. Well it looks like you are a good cook:). I'm using Territory Foods for some of my meals. If you can, try eating some raw baby spinach with plenty of water, that may help you too. Good luck!
  12. Hi Suski are you sure you are eating enough? Perhaps you may want to eat some more protein and fat or load up on some green veggies. Hang in there ...
  13. So far so good although I did have a lingering thought of some comfort food yesterday. i was thinking that with a lot of things a person may want to achieve require positive action such as the performance in a job. In this case it is just not doing something namely eating bad food choices. It is hard to believe you can anticipate such great things by simply not doing something.
  14. So far so good. I actually started cleaning up my diet last week ... I am very excited about this change of food relationship:) good luck all
  15. Well good luck to you. I don't know if you read the book, "it starts with food" but I think there is a whole chapter on One's approach and attitude towards actually eating (apart from the actual food itself). If you haven't read it, you may want to consider reading it. good luck!