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  1. He could try "I just don't have the stomach for heavy foods right now," if anyone asks. In the meantime, my condolences to him (and to you) - the loss of a parent is really rough.
  2. I make a bunch of this (as a hash, not patties) and reheat in the microwave each morning -- Also, if you bake a bunch of sweet potatoes ahead of time, you can have one with almond butter for breakfast -- it's really yummy. Those have been my go-to breakfasts (which I usually have about four hours after I first wake up).
  3. You could try something like this: -- I had to add some almond flour to get it to stick together, and could never really get it to hold together in the pan, so now I just make a hash. But your luck may be better than mine. Or maybe you could add just one egg, or some egg whites, to give it shape and hold it together.
  4. I try to be low-maintenance. Dollop of compliant mustard, some vinegar (I usually use balsamic, but use whatever you like as long as it's compliant), some oil, some herbs, salt & pepper. Mix thoroughly. Yum. I learned this approach when I lived in France, and the family I lived with would put those ingredients in the bottom of the salad bowl, mix, then make the salad in the bowl, then toss.
  5. For me I think it definitely is. I found this very interesting.
  6. Another "starting today" member! I'm taking the "no time like the present" approach (as opposed to the "I'm fully prepared and ready for this" approach. The first few days are going to be particularly interesting as I try to scrounge together W30 compliant meals. After that, I have a nice window where I can go grocery shopping and get some cooking done. Let's do this!