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  1. How was your first day? I had the worst headache ever. It started after I exercise, I don't think it has anything to do with sugar or carbs because I have done no carbs no sugar many times before an had no experience any withdraw up until day 4 or 5. I did change my exercise routine and did a HITT in the elliptical and I might just over do it. will see how it goes today. I had some cravings carb/sweets cravings at around 3pm, but that is usually at the time where I normally have something sweet with a cup of coffee and milk. So instead I just had a black coffee with cinnamon. I had dinner at 6:45pm and then I brush my teeth to avoid wanting to eat more but I had no cravings at all. Welcome to day2 - I wake up feeling very positive, for breakfast I had potato hash leftover from last week (1tbs of dice potatoes, red and green peppers, and onions) 1 fried egg, some grilled chicken thigh leftover from last night and a banana and black coconut tea. I just came back from the gym, today I did week 2 day2 of C25K and so far no headache. For my post workout I had a lettuce wrap (2 lettuce leaves with a some leftover chicken thigh) Lunch- same as yesterday, stir-fry veggies and chicken. Diner- I will update later
  2. Day 1 here we come! I still have to stock my fridge, but I do have some veggies left in the fridge that I want to finish first, so I might go shopping tomorrow. This morning I wake up early, had my regular warm lemon water, breakfast and then I hit the gym. Breakfast- 2 scramble eggs (used 1tsp of grass fed butter) with onions and tomatoes and black tea. Postworkout- 2 small lettuce wrap (lettuce and shredded chicken breast) Lunch- zoodles with ground turkey and a apple and almonds Dinner- stirfry veggies (onions, peppers, snap peas) grilled chicken thights
  3. I'm not ready yet. I have a busy afternoon today, but will be making a shopping list tonight so I can get ready over the weekend. How about you Amyrotella? are you food prepping or cooking daily? I think I'm going to have all my proteins precook and my veggies prewash/cut ready to be cook daily. I don't like soggy veggies
  4. Linda, I'm also starting the 22nd. I have read the book before, but I'm reading it again I do have a lot of food that is not whole 30 compliant in the house right now and I can't get rid of my two teens and husband won't be whole 30. So I need all the accountability and support I can get. There is two other threads that are also starting on the 22nd, maybe we can pick one and use it for accountability.
  5. Hi I'm also starting on May 22. I'm not ready yet, but will be making a grocery list tonight to go shopping on Friday and meal prep through out the weekend. I have two teenagers going on Summer vacation in two weeks, so help me God.
  6. Hi, I'm also thinking on starting May 22. I mostly want to do it because I want to reduce inflammation but I also need to have my Sugar Dragon under control and of course lose weight on the way I have tried to do it a few times but never completed, so I need all the help I can get.
  7. Good morning, today is day 4! Today, I have lots of errands to run in the morning so that will keep me busy. I realized that when I'm home I get bored easily and that is when the cravings attack. I will post my meals at the end of the day...wishing everyone a great day!
  8. Hope you have fun this weekend Nacy!
  9. Looks delicious! what brand of bacon do you buy?
  10. Day 1 so far so good... M1- scramble eggs with green onions and tomatoes M2- pan fried chicken breast, potatoes, and broccoli I know smothies are a no in whole30, but I normally have a green smothie before my workout and then come home to eat breakfast. Will this be acceptable? 1cup spinach or kale 1/2 cup celery 1/2 cup cucumber 1/4 cup parsley 1/2 a small banana 1/2 a green apple 1 cup of water 1tbs cinnamon a dash of cayanne pepper and tumeric juice of half a lemon 1tbs chia seeds
  11. I love plantains, but I'm always confused about what portion can I eat. Do you eat one whole plantain, half, quarter? I normally, cut one plantain in 4 to 6 pieces and make tostones. I usually eat 3 or 4 is that too many?
  12. I better go back and read the book again...I don't remember reading about it thanks for the examples
  13. I'm in too for Sept 1st! Tomorrow i will be food shopping/prep. I will also be going back to gym after 2 months of pretty much no exercising. Should I take a pre/post workout snack when doing whole 30?