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  1. I feel best when I get lots of starchy veggies, especially at breakfast. And yes, there's something very satisfying about kale sauteed in lovely bacon!
  2. Count me in on the Whole Lent as well! March is a tough month here in Maine. Spring still feels so far away and we all have cabin fever. I appreciate having a mindset geared towards healing and happiness during this time, preparing for the symbolic and literal new life that will be coming in April. My last W30 ended not too long ago (Feb. 20) but I feel like I still have some disordered eating tendencies. For example, this week I bought a bag of potato chips cooked in avocado oil and ate the ENTIRE BAG on autopilot! That's six servings! I'm not beating myself up over it but I do intend to really look at bringing more mindfulness into my relationship with food. I haven't found anything that works as well as W30 at bringing me some peace around food.
  3. Well done!
  4. Day 2 is done! I'm toast. Very tired but feeling proud of myself. I had really fallen into some terrible habits -- WAY too much sugar and junky foods. It feels great to be taking care of myself. Thanks for getting this going, Cristina!
  5. Cristina, that sounds great!
  6. Starting tomorrow, hopeful that I can get my chronic candida under control. Today I'm going out for lunch with my mom and daughter, then a big W30 shopping trip. Feeling hopeful and committed!