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    I'm an ultrarunner. (To read about how I fuel for endurance running, see my blog).

    I love to cook. And boy, have I cooked since starting the Whole30 in March 2013! I adore all kinds of vegetables, and was vegetarian for 6 months after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I never felt sated, and my energy wasn't great. Wow, the difference I felt once I went Whole 30!

    A friend and I both coincidentally started the Whole30 during our Spring ultrarunning season. We both had fantastic results overall and loved the program, but our running fared quite differently during this time.

    My experience(s) running while my body switched over to fat burning:

    http://ultrarunnergirl.blogspot.com/2013/08/fat-adapted-running-ultra-on-paleo-diet.html (links to several posts on this topic within)

    My friend's experience(s):

    My page with links to other athletes who fuel this way:

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  1. Rooibos tea is nice. Keep hydrating and getting all the rest you can. Add some cubes of sweet potato to your chicken soup. Feel better!
  2. Roasting any veggie is the best route. Coat veggies in fat and then shower with salt. This works for carrots and green beans as well as sweet potatoes, white potatoes (he might be open to those, right?) You might try to tempt him with roasted broccoli, even though it's on his "no" list. If you cut the broccoli into pretty small florets and roast til the edges are really dark, and add a decent amount of salt, roasted broccoli is TRANSCENDANT. No exaggeration. And if he doesn't eat them? More for you. One more recipe to try - Nom Nom Paleo's Roasted Garlic Autumn Root Mash. It's a mix of carrots, cauliflower and parsnips and it's like a lighter version of mashed potatoes. Really quite delicious. Maybe make some, and see if he'll try it. And don't forget the gravy! A fair amount of SAD-eating folks do not like veggies, once they eat Whole30 for awhile their taste buds begin to change, so there's always hope for the future.
  3. It's been suggested in the past to chew mint leaves or another pleasant tasting herb. You might try that.
  4. Eating out is a little bit challenging. It's almost guaranteed that no one but fancy restaurants uses actual butter. It's going to be cheap margarine or seed oils for the most part. Dry grilled is probably the best option. The waitstaff often have no idea about ingredients in the food/preparation methods unless you're eating at a more expensive restaurant. Good reason to cook for yourself more often and a good excuse to upgrade when you do go out!
  5. Hmm. I'd say not that coconutty. Start with just a little and see how you like it.
  6. "Hi, [Waitstaff Name], I'm hoping you can help me. [Big Smile]. "I can't have soy, dairy, sweetener, flour or grains or corn or peas or beans. I'm not allergic, but I need to avoid them. I'm hoping that [menu item] could be prepared without any of those ingredients. If not that [menu item], perhaps there is a salad with steak or chicken that hasn't been marinated or something similar? I really appreciate your help on this." [Big Smile]. Prepare mentally that it will be a burger sans bun, or a salad. Request lemons and olive oil to dress it. Avocado too if they have it. You can do this!
  7. Hormones, @coconuts. Chapter 5 of It Starts with Food is my favorite. FASCINATING how it works. Enjoy the journey, and kudos for supporting your wife. Cheers!
  8. Wow, you've made some impressive strides!! Yes, skin often gets worse before it gets better. Though it's always prudent to check in with what you are eating - anything new, or more than you're used to eating of a particular food? Also, please list a few days of your food so we can see if we can spot anything.
  9. Way to go on the food prep! You are ahead of the game. Remember that every meal does not need to be fancy or even great. Use shortcuts when you need to like frozen veggies, hard boiled eggs, olives, etc. Follow the Meal Template. And don't skimp on the fat! You can do this!
  10. What you are talking about is exactly the Slow Roll! There's pros and cons -- if you don't miss anything, it's a good option, but on the other hand, if you happen to be at a party and the 7 layer dip looks too good to pass on, but you never tested out beans ... you might wish you had. Congrats on being so near to your 30 day mark!
  11. Hi Rochelle, I'm sorry you're having trouble. Since you're nursing you almost certainly need to take in extra calories in addition to your 3 meals. You're working with an FM, have you explored digestive enzymes? That is the logical next step if you haven't yet. Olives are another good fat if you are able to tolerate them. I hope things improve for you soon, if not, a full workup may be the best option.
  12. Hi LLavender, Your Meal One example sounds good for the most part. Rather than using oz, try to measure in palm size for meats. 1 - 2 palm sized servings of meat, 2-3 cups of veggies (more if it's greens), eggs serving = number of eggs you can hold in one hand (for most of us, that's 3-4). Always include fat, if you are only using cooking fat, scrape it out of the pan onto your meal. The real test is, are you able to go 4-5 hours before getting hungry? In the beginning, it may seem like a lot of food. If you are having trouble eating Meal 1, our recommendations are: eat within 1 hour of waking eat before you allow yourself coffee (it's an appetite suppressant) Don't hem yourself in with Meal 1 veggies, whatever sounds good. Breakfast salad can be surprisingly nice. Sauteed spinach, onion and mushrooms is one of my favorite combinations. Keep up the good work. You can do this!
  13. Since you're not eating yolks, you need more fat with Meal 1. Add more ghee, scrape it out of the pan over your egg whites, or add a half an avocado. Also try the post-workout meals. Working out twice a day is going to keep your appetite whetted.
  14. I'm sorry you are suffering! You sound like you have good sleep habits. Give it a few more days so that your hormones have a chance to reset with your new habit of eating within an hour of waking. Continue having at least a small amount of high carb veggie at Meal 3 each night. Anything else that could be a factor? Stress in your work or family life? Are you getting some sunshine/outdoor time each day? You don't say your age, but if you are pre-menopausal that can throw a wrench in the works. Finally, have you tried meditation? I highly recommend giving it a try even for 10 minutes a day. 10% Happier by Dan Harris is a great book to introduce you to the subject with his biography woven in. And here is a simple how-to explanation on his website: http://www.10percenthappier.com/how-to-meditate
  15. More fat. Don't fear the fat! You need a good amount. The Meal Template guidelines are minimums.