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  1. Does anyone have the video for making ghee in the slow cooker? I've looked on youtube and I can't find anything. Wanted to show a friend.
  2. Fat does not make you fat...and I doubt it is what hinders weight loss. But hey, I could be wrong.
  3. So what's the consensus on this stuff? I don't want to use it but I've seen it posted elsewhere by another whole30'er. Seems like it would SWYPO and certainly not helping a bad habit.
  4. Lettuce is my number one loss! Come October though I'll be growing it in pots again, this way I can just cut what I need daily and nothing is wasted. I tend to try and buy produce I know will last awhile like carrots, cabbage, onions, zucchinni, parsnips...
  5. My family/friends and I know each other well enough that I can say.. "Okay this is what's for dinner, if you aren't happy with it, please go cook something else for yourself or feel free to go out and grab something but please eat it before coming back to the house, especially fast food." May sound rude, but I don't have the finances to feed everyone differently and I am working on my will power to resist junky food.
  6. Last week I bought 26 packs of Lauras Grass Fed ground beef for $4 a pack, which to me was a great deal because I bought it in two separate purchases, my husband and I both had $10 off $50 food mobile coupon, plus if you have the target red debit card, that's an extra 5% off. I am set on gb for awhile.
  7. I bought 26 packs of grass fed ground beef from Target tonight. 1lb packs were $4 each and I had a $10 off $50 food mobile coupon(coupon expired today). Yay!
  8. My guess is to eat the pork and forget the beans. Beans are a no no but I don't think they would affect the pork. Could be wrong though..
  9. I did not like Trader Joes ghee, it was gritty to me.
  10. I take Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Acid-A-Cal and B12 complex. I only recently started taking Acid-A Cal because it's "supposed" to help diminish or at the very least lessen the pain caused by heel spurs. I read many good reviews, so here's hoping!
  11. I have Well Fed and just use Amazon Prime to borrow WF2.
  12. I add carrots, mushrooms, peppers and sometimes celery to chili. Very filling.
  13. I have a cast iron frying pan and grill pan, a harden andondized set sauce/frying pans from Guy Fierri and a few enameled lodge pieces.
  14. I am not sure of the distance between Bluffton and Augusta. White Oaks products can be found in WF's but I have found that even with shipping it's cheaper to order from White Oaks directly than buying from WF. I live in Florida but I've ordered from them on occasion in the past when they have online sales.
  15. has not been helpful for me at all, unfortunately I have to buy whatever is available at WF's, TJ's and Costco, sometimes Publix. I would LOVE to buy locally but I don't think that is going to happen. The closest I have found is well over 4hr drive one way. I'd rather buy the best quality I can afford from the stores available to me than drive 4 hours away or order online. The way I see it, if I am buying from the stores here in town at least that is adding to the economy of our town. Besides, most times I can't afford the prices of ordering online.