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  1. day 21.
  3. can you taste it and then spit it out (gracefully)?
  4. have you read food freedom forever?
  5. Extending the whole 30 can indeed be beneficial for those with longer-term health conditions.
  6. I have a disordered relationship with food. I have found these are massively impacted by anxiety, self esteem and blood sugar/ hormone regulation. The whole30 is helping with all of these, so I am feeling less urge to binge. I have not had a "w30 compliant binge" either; today is day 19.
  7. I found eating three meals a day actually helps my migraines (vestibular migraines), due to its positive impact on hormone regulation and blood sugar. Can someone help you make the third meal?
  8. I take baclofen (which has lactose in) and fluoxetine. I absolutely cannot come off these, and I am getting results from my whole30 still (day 19).
  9. day 19.
  10. yep, gotta starve the sugar dragon.
  11. can you post a few days of what you have been eating and drinking?
  12. sometimes food can cause a delayed reaction, what else have you been eating in the day?
  13. Mhmm very true. i was feeling really tired and "meh" today, and I realised I haven't had any particularly starch veg. Sweet potato wedges with turkey burgers and 2 fried eggs and now I'm laughing at disney songs
  14. thank you xx
  15. I survived the meeting, just, but now I'm sooo hungry from the smell of cake haha