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  1. I might start with reintroducing molasses and then a few days later on the 4th try having an alcoholic organic cider. As far as the 7th and beyond, I haven't decided yet. I'm in no rush. I do keep wondering how much SWYPO would be acceptable at that point.
  2. Well, I just finished dinner which makes me feel like day 27 is done. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to accidentally go out and buy some junk food on my way to bed so I'll call this day another success. 3 days/9 meals to go until the start of the intro phase. I put the rest of my chili in the freezer after lunch because I think I've had enough of it for this week. lol I rubbed a steak with lots of salt and cocoa powder plus a dash of cumin and let it sit out for about an hour before pan searing/frying it in bacon grease from this morning's breakfast. It was a big steak so I only ate half of it but it sure was delicious and I am looking forward to having the other half tomorrow. I made a little sauce with mayo and tarragon for it since I wasn't sure the fat in the steak was enough. Green beans were my dinner veggies of choice to go with my steak.
  3. Please don't underestimate the importance and value of doing the reintroduction steps. The reintro phase is still a lot like staying Whole30 plus you can go right back to Whole30 once you've done the tests and learned/recorded your results from it. This is your perfect opportunity to find out which foods were/are most responsible for your issues and which ones you can have again with little to no consequence. Also, if you are not getting as much improvement as you wish, you might want to plan an AIP Whole30 or Low FODMAP Whole30 in the near future. But please still do the reintro phase after this one. I know it's scary. I took my time and spread mine out well past the minimal 10 days after my first Whole30. What I learned changed my life.
  4. If it's listed as an ingredient that means it's an added ingredient and not naturally occurring so it's not allowed during your Whole30.
  5. In addition to the milk, I don't think the coconut fruit nectar is compliant, I think it leans too much into sugar/syrup category. ( I believe that's why there is a post explaining about coconut aminos being allowed as an exception while other coconut nectar stuff wouldn't be. )
  6. Hello everyone and hello day 27! I think I'm having chili for lunch in a bit, probably with sweet potato, I'll figure it out for sure soon enough. I made green eggs with a side of bacon for breakfast. I don't remember the exact recipe measurements given but I read it a few years ago from Paleo Mom. Fresh spinach and eggs, salt, pepper, in a blender until smooth. Pour into hot greased/oiled pan, cover until done, no stirring or scrambling. I go through phases where I make it a lot but probably hadn't had it in a few months.
  7. I'm sorry to hear about the tomatoes. I was thinking of doing an AIP Whole30 later this year. I also have nightshade issues and have to avoid having too much or too many over the course of a week or so.
  8. Looks like my ninja blender does indeed give a creamier mayo. The stick blender does a great job but the ninja still beats it. I will probably use the stick blender much of the time since it's a faster process plus easier clean up.
  9. Yesterday was pretty hectic. I made more cucumber gazpacho soup but this time I blended 2 cucumbers with some raw almonds and cashews and tossed in a bit of cinnamon apple sauce. I can't get over how satisfying it is after working up a sweat/thirst. I also made more silky gingered zucchini soup but actually used more yellow squash than zucchini. I've done it before with this recipe, it's all about what's in the fridge. I made a new pot of chocolate chili today (using ghee instead of coconut oil) and finally got around to doing all of yesterday's dishes in addition to today's. It's amazing how it can pile up so fast once you get busy and think you'll just be one meal's worth behind but catch up at the next meal. So, I've been making my mayo with stick blender but feel like I just can't get it as thick as with the blender so tonight I'm going to make it in the blender. I'll see if my memory just romanticized the blender method or perhaps the weather is the culprit and not method.
  10. What type of gum/sweetener do you plan to use? Some sugar free gums contain ingredients much worse than sugar.
  11. I'm still here and on track, just kind of wiped out and short on time. Still bummed at facing the reality that coconut is not my friend but happy to be feeling better.
  12. I went to the drop down menu next to my profile pic and username at the top right of the page then selected account settings. From that page I selected Signature from the menu on the left. I typed in what I wanted my signature to say and saved it.
  13. Oh, I kind of hate admitting this but I've been feeling better since stopping all coconut. I feel and look a lot less bloated in spite of it being a time when I'd typically be MORE so.
  14. Hi all, glad to see we're all still hanging in there as we approach our final week before introductions! I am dealing with hormone and cramp-driven cravings but managed to avoid going too overboard with dinner. I cooked some brown turkey with thyme then tossed in an apple that I'd sliced and cut into cubes. I added some broth to simmer and reduce a bit then cashews at the end and served it all over fresh spinach. It was tasty. I still want non compliant junk and I don't want to get out of bed tomorrow and internally cringed my whole way through my workday today.
  15. Thanks, I have a hard time figuring out which lists to believe since the summer squash are sometimes on starchy lists and even carrots have bounced around depending on who I'm reading.