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  1. Team! I am going to a reception tonight and if there is a hard cheese there that looks inviting I will have it.
  2. Hi scma, I'll let someone more up on the pros and cons of tofu weigh in here. As for us, we haven't really gotten into the habit of having tofu and would probably only have it in miso soup.
  3. We'll have to see how well we tolerate soy on reintroduction. I'd prefer to try to avoid it of if we are going to have it, keep to the fermented versions - non-wheat soy sauce, for example. We should be able to avoid soy lecithin when it comes to chocolate - we'll just have to sacrifice the convenience that comes with grabbing M&Ms and plan ahead.
  4. Hi everyone. My wife and I are still hanging in there and starting to plan the reintroductions. I'm trying to decide if it will be alcohol or dairy on Friday. She misses chocolate - am hoping we can steer clear of soy lecithin in the future. I miss wine and cheese. Good luck the rest of the way and during reintro.
  5. Hello, everyone. My wife and I also started on February 15th. I did a Whole 30 a few years ago by myself and I've found it easier this time going through it step by step with her. Have a nice weekend.
  6. I had two in my coffee this morning. Blended. Very frothy but I think I will add a touch of salt next time.
  7. I know Kellogg's makes Larabars. Who makes RxBars?
  8. What kind of emergencies would require having a Lara Bar on hand?
  9. I'd go with a hard cheese so that the lactose piece is minimized.
  10. Does this mean that red potatoes are OK or that they do not require a restart? I had thought all potatoes were a no go unless they were sweet potatoes.
  11. Your guess is correct. You'd have to check with them to know for sure but I think most tomato paste is made with just tomatoes and maybe citric acid so you should be good to go.
  12. Good morning, everyone. Productive day so far - Farmers' Market - ramps, butter, potatoes (going to make potato salad), chicken, eggs, spicy micro greens ($4 per 1/4 lb so didn't go crazy - looking forward to warmer times when greens really get growing), beef tongue... And just started up a batch of bone broth with a bit of kombu. I'll let you know how it is in a couple days. The plan for tomorrow is liverwurst - has anyone tried making it with just liver, pork fat and spices? Have a great weekend. PS EmayPA - Inwood Hill Park is across the street. Fantastic views of the Hudson / GWB from there.
  13. I've looked at the vending machine and wondered why all the ingredient labels were facing away from me.
  14. Chicken is the gateway liver. I like to bread pieces of it in almond flour and then cook them in duck fat. You could also wrap pieces up in the very rare compliant bacon and bake.
  15. Welcome, Dean!