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  1. Your next meal is your Food Reset and Head Reset and Food Freedom Forever. Learn to wipe all of those negative, black and white value judgments out of your head. Return to your original factory settings. Constantly telling yourself that you're All-In or All-Out, a very bad and naughty girl, describing food in childish ways fosters more food trigger temptations. It causes more binge eating. Come hail with Monday Mindset. Take the wind out of that sail. For real.
  2. I'll take things seriously on Monday. Kick the Monday Mindset to the curb. It's backing you into a corner. Nobody puts baby in a corner. Monday Mindset is wrecking havoc with the habits and side effects of full-blown food addiction that are the most difficult to overcome. Telling yourself that you are not dieting but you really are is a total disconnect for the brain. When you master the keys of all of your past flops and STOP starting over and over and over again - you can see the forest for the trees. STOP telling yourself that you are "messing UP" and Cheating and giving value judgments to food. STOP in the name of much love for yourself. Monday Mindset won't change your relationship with food. It won't fix food addiction or any kind of addiction. There is no such thing as the Finish Line with your health and overall wellbeing. When you STOP starting over and quit thinking about the Finish Line - you are giving yourself the best chance for lasting success for the rest of your lifetime.
  3. I'll be a really good girl tomorrow. I've been a very naughty, bad girl today. Black and White Thinking , research it. Monday is the busiest day at the gym and enrollment for dieting programs soars on a Monday. Food Logs = Monday is the day of the highest level of food compliance. Monday. A fresh start, always and forever available. It's never more than a week away. "Cheat" yourself away on the weekends and start over every Monday. The Monday Mindset manifests itself in remarkable ways. I've just blown through the weekend but I'll start back at the gym on Monday. Come Monday, it will be alright.
  4. Common horsesense and wisdom says that if you're in a hole - you should quit digging. Well, I've ruined this entire day, might as well engage in a full on blow-out food bender. Digging yourself into a much deeper hole.
  5. The weight 'releasing' mistake you keep making. Starting over and over and over again. The Food Addiction mistake you keep making. Starting over and over and over again. Starting over, constantly = A state of extreme emotional dissonance. What you're doing by constant restarts is antithetical to what you want to be doing. You can only exist in an dissonant state for so long. Something has to give and it will be you.
  6. “If part of your immune response is always allocated to repairing gut irritation, you are essentially sick all the time.” -Robb Wolf
  7. Food addicts have fewer dopamine receptors because their brains are trying to compensate for having chronically high dopamine levels which are triggered by chronic overeating and chronic food rewards. Many assume that food, alcohol, substances are responsible for the damage they do to the brain. New scientific research says that the 'damage'- may have been there to begin with....already engineered and geared towards addiction. Many other factors enter in along with environment and genetics. The only real antidote is exercise. It won't cost you a dime if you take it back outside. Exercise is the safest way to increase dopamine levels in the brain.
  8. Yes. All of your questions can be answered by reading ISWF. If you google Whole 30 with your questions, they've all been answered on the forum, too. Meal timing, hormone healing, snacks, the Whole works, in entirety.
  9. Last call for alcohol On the train headed For nowhere fast Want to buy a ticket Creating nightmares That will forever last Trading your dreams And kids For addiction It will stick around Until the end Addiction That faithful friend
  10. Addiction Recovery comes first. You have to WANT it more than you NEED it.
  11. You're developing an addiction all along. Losing your lung and heart function or your pancreas and kidneys are knocking up against the rocks... If you're a're looking bankruptcy directly in the eye. Like many addicts of every kind... Just deny it and put it off until it really hits.
  12. Addiction Recovery Got 2nd hand smoke in the house? The kids are smoking your cigarettes...putting them at risk for COPD.'s a helluva way to go. Patients feel like they're literally drowning in the end stages. Want to be tied to an oxygen tank for the rest of your life? You'd better lay those cigarettes down. If you can't do it on your own, find help. You don't want to go out like that.
  13. As the disease worsens oxygenation goes down and carbon dioxide levels rise. Blood gas abnormalities acutely worsen during COPD exacerbations and often worsen during exercise and sleep. Because most patients have a significant smoking history, most patients have many of the other illnesses associated with smoking, especially cardiovascular disease. These patients also have high risk for smoking related malignancies. Poor lung function often interferes with or prevents treatment of the other diseases.