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  1. Recovery from owning all of the things can easily become a new religion and legalistic. Extremes beget extremes. This is the new thing and it may be amazing. Until it isn't. Wild swings back and forth, UP and down. It reminds me of the Grapes of Wrath. My greatgrandparents told me about the Great Depression. They were long lived people. Grandparents, parents. They did more with less and Bear's ancestors did, too. Some of them went out into the fields and ate dirt because they were so hungry. It was another trail of tears. Paw and his siblings had rickets from going days and days, months and months without much food. Finding our balance with food, belongings, shelter. It all comes down to having peace in our heart. In our final hours here on earth, the last thing you'll be thinking about is your possessions or whether your house was tiny enough or if your hiney was tiny. You will want all of your family around you. Holding your hand and speaking life unto your life. Be very careful what you say to others in their final moments. Tell them how much you love them.
  2. "You might think that someone else is your best friend...but they aren't." When you live in a sea filled with non-stop food rewards and you cannot control what comes into your house, you will have to remind yourself, talk to yourself, encourage and motivate yourself that you really are your best friend. Recovering alcoholics have to do the same thing. For real. A Dry Drunk white knuckles it with sheer willpower. It takes more than willpower and discipline to recover from addiction. We've lost another young person to addiction. We were UP all night long. Extremes beget extremes. Boredom begets, aids and abets addiction. So go ahead and throw away all of your belongings. Or not. Get rid of your connection with others if you think it will bring you peace. When you're all by yourself, alone, what then? We need each other. I'm not the same person I used to be on the first part of this journey. I no longer edit myself or delete my words. I blather and foam at the mouth. It helps me make order out of the rough seas of addiction, chaos, heartache and pain. It takes me to a place of hope, faith and Happy Awareness. Thanks for listening. Universe. Much Love. Tanto Amore.
  3. Recovery is what you make of it. It can be a boring routine or the beginning of a new life. Food Addiction Recovery is hard. So is remaining exactly the same. If you're exactly where you were 1 year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago, 4 years are not healed.
  4. Food Boredom = Dull Food Routines Constant exposure to deliberately engineered to be craved foods made out of 3 ingredients.... Sugar. Fat. Flour. The three items in every baked good and refined food changes the brain chemistry. That brain chemistry results in addiction. Trying to numb yourself out to food by eating the same things over and over and over again backfires. It comes with a mighty big bite. Starting over and over and over again after Relapsing over and over and over again All dieting all of the time Constant relapsing all of the time Constant restarts all of the time Is some cray cray shizz for the food addict. It does not stop binge eating, it adds to it. These are the routines of a food addict that affect the brain and body.
  5. Habituation with everything - food, exercise, routines, words, clothes is not good for your brain. Open. Mind. Insert. Possibilities. Think about it. A bored brain becomes dull.
  6. Habituation with food is not good for your health. Eat the widest variety for the Big WIN vs. dialing food down into 2 or 3 items. Food Addiction = Reward Driven Eating Food Addicts and food disordered are driven to eat the same foods. Has that changed everything for you then?
  7. "Whatever" was voted the most annoying word. Know the most annoying phrase? "Thanks in advance". ^ This demeaning management phrase, often accompanying some unwanted assignment, is the polite corporate way of saying...... Next. "It is what it is." "At the end of the day" "Just sayin" And on it goes. Your end of the day may not look like mine. I mean, at the end of the day let there be no excuses, no regrets, no rationalizations, no explanations and without further ado, just go to bed.
  8. Are you good with remembering faces? Rather than focusing on the eyes, focus on the nose. That allows you take in the Whole Face. After all, it's not the size of the nose that's whats in it that counts.
  9. Those who are stuck in all of the same routines, day in and day out are 53% more like to edge up against Alzheimer's. Varying aspects of your environment - MUSIC, time of day, sitting, standing, location, location, location Your brain links whatever you are learning to the context around you. The greater the amount of contextual cues the more your brain has to draw upon. The greater the memory and your ability to learn. You can teach any dog of any age new tricks.
  10. Eating the same bowl of dog food day in and day out?
  11. Strike while the griddle is hot. Or not. When I walk away....Bing! When your past comes calling let it go to voicemail. It has nothing new to say. They say that motivation doesn't last. Neither does showering. That's why we take one every day. So get out there and blow the stink off of yourself. Much Love. Tanto Amore. Eclipse mania is ramping UP. I'll be at the grocery store for a Total Eclipse of the Cart.
  12. One more for the road because I've worked myself UP into Happy Awareness. There is no lasting glory in fast weight loss. Losing weight by a force of your will. Deprivation is the mother of failure. Whatever you choose to do yourself that is brutally strict right of the chute your body and mind will interpret that as punishment. Body and Mind will both rebel and turn on you. All-you- can-eat-bender, Dog Breath is hot on your heels. You will consume everything you've abstained from and more. Don't bring the food triggers or offenders home.
  13. I was a rebel from the day I left school Grew my hair long and broke all the rules I'd sit and listen to my records all day With big ambitions of where I could play My parents taught me what life was about So I grew up the type they warned me about They said my friends were just an unruly mob And I should get a haircut and get a real job Get a haircut and get a real job Clean your act up and don't be a slob Get it together like your big brother Bob Why don't you get a haircut and get a real job Overthinking everything. It's probably time to get a haircut and get a real job. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and stuck to the couch like a blob, Bob.
  14. Do you have any peace? If getting rid of all of your things will give you peace. You should do that. We are a product of our raising. But I wouldn't trade my Paw or his wisdom for all of the things. Bear's never been to Spain but I've been there. I've traveled all over Europe. I'm soooo glad I did. I've been to Oklahoma, too. Bear and I went to the end of the trail of tears. Tangible. The atmosphere will still make you fall on your knees and weep. You should go. It's not a theme park and you won't find all of the pesky tourists there. Your heart will be touched. You'll break... but in good way. I like history. All of the versions are interesting.