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  1. One more for the road. Literally. Seeee, if we'd put our heads together a long time ago, we'd all be flying above the power poles on a grid. Think of all the crashes that would've been prevented by now. Running? Ya gotta be kiddin' me. Can you imagine everyone trying to make a run for it on narrow 2 lane highways. That's where the rubber really meets the road. Pile up - after pile up. Nuh huh. I'm not running anywhere. Ever.
  2. Fear mongering gives me a really big pinch. Scaring the older folkaronies is useless. I lurve them. All of them. They're vulnerable. They need tender loving care just like the kids. Behold the elephant. Pesky from afar have created all kinds of revenue streams - surmising our demise. If any of those fear based predictions came true, their revenue streams would all dry up. What then. Would you be happy, saying seeeee I told all y'all it was gonna happen. I don't believe any of them. We don't live our lives in fear. Running doesn't solve anything. They say, Ooooo, you need to run, make a run for it. Where? I don't base my decisions on what others say. We use our heads besides something to part our ears with. We only know in part. No one has all of the answers. If they did have all of the answers they would use those abilities for preventing all kinds of disasters. But they don't do it because they can't. Being comfortable in your own skin is allowing yourself to unfold with the process. All of the processes. Come what may, you can roll with it, Felicias. Don't worry. Be happy. Let's gather here long after the eclipalyspe is over. It's not bragging if it's true. We all have the gift of faith. Some believe in disasters, some believe in nothing, some believe in fate, some believe in miracles, some believe in the sun, the moon and the stars. It takes the same measure of faith to believe in all of those things. I believe. I care. I don't care for fear mongering. We can't stop the earth from shaking. Running won't solve anything. I'm not running anywhere. I'm still standing. Defending my pea patch in my small corner of the world. It takes faith to believe in recovery. It takes faith to believe you can make it through 30 Whole days. Compliant without complaint, no Whiny Tiny Hiney. The last shall be first and the first shall be last. Your thank yous may not ever be forthcoming on this old earth. But one day, it's possible. I'm staying home. Some order out of that chaos must be imposed. I'm gobsmacked that peoples would come from all over the earth to watch a 7 minute event. I'm keeping my eyes forward on the horizon. I'll walk a mile in your shoes. That way, I'll be a mile down the road and have your shoes, too...while all y'all are still looking UP.
  3. The eclipalypse will be over in 24 hours. They've been prognosticating for months that we can kiss our tiny hineys goodbye. I'm planning on being here after pesky goes home. There's already been 4 crashes in 3 days.
  4. Oooo Tiny Hiney I wish to collect as many years With you as possible We'll pursue a solitary pathway Through the green meadows With only this one dream That you will follow behind Tiny Hiney Big Moon rising Blooming over trees so piney Whiny Tiny Hiney
  5. Nuts are fats. What kinds of proteins do you normally like to eat. Are you eating all eggs for a special reason. There are so many proteins. Fish, beef, poultry, bison and others. You don't ever have to eat eggs if you don't want to.