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  1. The SCD is interesting but the site is loaded with Ransomware. Buyer beware, don't go there. The large red full page with phone number comes up, you call and pay them money so they can destroy your computer forever. SCD is similar to W30, from what I could see. It's an older program and they use yogurt instead of fermented foods like kombucha and kimchi. However, there are SIBO/FODMAP threads here, too - and you won't get a Ransomware page, safe.
  2. Weather peoples calling for more snow today and all week long. It's about 20 degrees colder than normal temps. I need a whole lotta love because the snow started on Labor Day weekend and it hasn't stopped since then. This has definitely been a record winter to remember. I'm just milling around, waiting for a Chinook. The pesky tourists will be showing up soon, thinking the sunshine is free. It comes with a mighty high price.
  3. Have you heard about OMAD. It's all the rage and it's going to solve everyone's problems with weight and it's a new take on IF/dieting. You eat One Meal A Day. Within 1 hour's time, you take in all of your food for the day and preferably, it should be at noontime. The theory goes that you only have one insulin excursion per day. It doesn't matter what you eat, just get it all in there within the hour. When the clock strikes 1 pm, you're done. Next. It's the answer to all of your problems and WINNING. You'll finally get the victory over food and fat. The sky is not the limit. Extreme thigh gap is just a few OMAD's away. You can fried taters, mashed taters, virtually eat a Thanksgiving dinner every single day at noontime. Rolls, butter, punkin pie, whipped cream, jello salad, green bean casserole with those fried onion rings on top. Pizza, pasta, falling back into bread bowls filled with noodles, margaritas with nachos, guinness with pizza and wine with popcorn. The sky is not the limit. If you can dream, you can eat it. If you build it, they will come. A virtual food fest every day at lunchtime within 1 hour's time. The first few days of the OMAD timeline, it will be hard but eventually, your stomach that is normally the size of a football, maybe you can stretch that baby out to the size of a basketball. WLS reduces your stomach to the size of a banana for comparison. So you stuff the football to the gills each and every day. Like magic, you're releasing weight like cray cray shizz. If you believe that I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona and if you'll buy that I'll throw the Golden Gate Bridge in for free. If you amass large quantities of fried foods in a short amount of time you might get a gallbladder attack and it ain't gonna be worth it but maybe you'll be dropping it like it's hot. Cough cough. OMAD coupled with IF which is not technically IF if you do it every single day but nonetheless, you can eat what and how much you want and the theory goes eventually your body will settle in and really enjoy this way of eating for the rest of your life. You're going to be burning fat and dropping it like it's hot. Oooo, it really helps if you'll drink ACVinegar at every meal, too. Alcoholic drinks and're welcome, too. If it's raining nachos UP in there and potato chips are sweeping you off your feet, just go along for the ride. It's all fun really, until it isn't. The football becomes a basketball and so much for healing those hormones. The basketball might actually become a wheelbarrow by the time it's all over but you're healed. Ooooo, pshaw. What a bunch of hooey and bologna. There's always another streetcar coming around the corner that promises you the moon. If dieting really worked, you would do one diet, one time and be fixed for life. One diet is never enough and it never will be.
  4. Food Addiction is real. Food sober. Reaching the 1 year mark is a major accomplishment. Going Cold Turkey with Whole 30 was the first part of the journey. I don't bounce in and out of sugar with insulin excursions. If I did, I would fall back into food addiction relapse. Others may be able to eat sugar at will, I cannot. I used to get plastered every day with sugar. The Law of Addiction = Administration of a substance to a food addict will cause reestablishment of chemical/sugar dependence upon the addictive substance. Instantly. Everything/sugar in moderation for the food addict can end up in a full blown relapse. If you can bounce in and out of sugar with ease, you are not a food addict. In the beginning of a food addict's life, the body will go along with the cycles of food addiction. Gradually, over years, the body becomes less and less receptive to compensatory measures. At this point, the body and pancreas is becoming very sensitive to glucose. You've hit the wall or critical mass. The frequency and number of insulin excursions are increasing and your natural balance is gone. Year 1 is critical for food addiction recovery. It is at this point that many fall right back into food addiction, especially after releasing a major amount of weight. After a relapse,they rebound with every single pound. You've got to push through the one year mark when you are a food addict. You won't be able to return to your old 'normal' way of eating...not without constant relapsing over the months and years. You have to create a positive food management plan that you can live with for the rest of your life. One that is sustainable and without misery. If you don't learn to do that, you live to repeat the destructive cycles of food addiction, over and over and over again. If you can easily bounce in and out of sugar, you are not a food addict. Be happy about that.
  5. The first year of being food sober is the hardest. Your body and mind are going to shake, rattle and roll. The food addict like the alcoholic makes a daily habit of seeking out the food substance/sugar or experiencing anxiety and irritation when they cannot. Food becomes the priority and there's secret eating and/or drinking. Others notice, yes, they do. Only the bold ones speak up and let you know that all you've got on the brain is food and/or alcohol. Without pulling the dross out of your head, there's massive rationalization and how far they've taken you down the rabbit hole. Binge eating and binge drinking. Both can ruin your life. Addiction = Addiction I'm almost at the 3 year anniversary of being food sober. Food and alcohol addiction - both result in a fatty liver, high blood glucose levels, digestive problems, pancreas and heart issues, the sky is not the limit with the side effects. The brain and mental state of well being is in the crapper, too. Food and alcohol abuse ain't pretty. Addiction is very deceptive. It can't be solved with willpower and white knuckling it.
  6. Food Sober After months or years of sugar abuse, the brain and body has learned to live with a consistent supply of sugar. Your brain chemicals are all shuffled around. It's the same with alcohol, little difference. Everything is out of sync. When you deprive the body and brain of sugar and/or alcohol, there's more wild swings UP and down. These side effects can drive someone back to binge eating or binge drinking. Going Cold Turkey can cause those with the best of intentions to throw in the towel because of acute withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Making it through 1 year of being food sober and/or alcohol sober decreases the chance of a full blown relapse. I knew that after seeking help for food addiction. The chances of relapse are less than 50% for those who can make it through a year of being food/alcohol sober. Those who can make it through 5 years of being food/alcohol sober the chances of relapse are approximately 15%. Quitting drinking or binge eating outweighs every negative side effect from both of them. Food and alcohol are everywhere. Binge drinking is risky behavior and binge eating is, too. Alcohol and food, when they crossover into fully vetted addiction - they rule your life. They become the priority. Recovery from addiction is not a road you have to travel alone.
  7. We'll always have google-fu, my friends, and that is like having the answer for everything. I have relatives who treat it like a genie in a bottle...what should I do about this and that. Google fu takes care of everything.
  8. She's a beauty, ain't she now. What I wouldn't give to be lounging on the beach soaking up the sun after 8 months of snow and blizzards. Matt, you speak Spanish. You'd have to come along and read the menus for me.
  9. There's nothing to fear. You could conduct a Whole 30 without one single egg and zero red meat. You could eat fish, fish, fish, chicken and turkey, and use avocados for your fat if you're fearful of coconut oil. Add your fresh produce and you wouldn't be raising your cholesterol numbers. How do you normally eat, that's the question. It's the sugary foods and refined foods that mess with cholesterol the most. But there are those who've been doing this for years who seldom if ever eat red meat. There is nothing in ISWF that says you are "required to eat alot of meat" or clarified butter (ghee) or bacon or eggs. There are so many options, there is nothing in ISWF that says you're required to eggs every single day or at all. You can be completely compliant without meat or eggs or bacon or ghee or coconut oil. I think some confuse Whole 30 with extreme atkins. A side of bacon, a pound of butter, a dozen eggs, burgers or gut bombs, and a spinach tennis ball every day. Thirty days are just a drop in the bucket when you're looking at the cholesterol big picture. I have relatives who've had a few heart attacks apiece and their cholesterol is next to nothing and yet, they were put on statins. Their joints ache so badly, they're in pain all of the time but their numbers are more than perfect.
  10. I read that a decision will be made about nut cheeses, too, in May 2017, after Paleo f(x).
  11. Food Drunk = Thrill Eating Bender Being drunk on sugar, flour and fats - 3 main ingredients in any dessert or pastry or bakery item. Can you get boozy on sugar? Yes. I used to get plastered every day. I always felt drugged after eating massive amounts of sugar. Then I would lay down and sleep it off. You can get drunk on food without a single drop of alcohol. Especially over the holidays. I am allergic to HFCS. For real. I used to go over to my friend's house and eat all of their Christmas homemade caramels. We call them carmels. It's a HFCS concoction of HFCS, more sugar and sweetened condensed milk. I could not quit. They were wrapped in wax paper and I would eat all of them. I would act nuttier than a fruitcake, sing at the top of my lungs, dance and act wildly happy. I would have to go home and sleep it off like Otis, the town drunk on Mayberry. Throw myself across the bed and sleep it off for hours and hours. I had compensatory measures, trying to clean my palate with salad and vegetables afterwards. Wipe that slate clean. Clearing the decks with vegetables didn't last long and I'd be right back it. For my lunches, I ate raspberry filled donuts, dark chocolate covered orange jelly sticks and swilled entire quarts of chocolate milk to wash my lunch down. That was my normal. For breakfast, I ate HFCS gummy bears with coffee and cream. You think I want to go back to that? Ahhhhh, hail nooo. I've been on some major thrill eating benders. It's not bragging if it's true but I'm not bragging. That. Makes me really sad for myself. Open. Mind. Insert. Possibilities.
  12. The pros and cons of recovery. Keep your WHY nearby. Remember when you were eating all the things in the unconscious mode. Your brain and body did not help you out one iota or stop that process at any point. The thrill eating went on for months and months and not one single time did they step in and help you out. That's why I call them a couple of nitwits. Can I trust them now? No. I know given half a chance that they would do the same thing to me all over again. If you relapse often, you've got to find someone to help you. Sit down with them. Face-to-Face. Relapsing for the 100th time tells you that your ways aren't working. Find health professionals and support groups to help you recover from this serious problem. At this particular time, I can't say that full recovery is possible. There's no such thing as a perfect recovery. I do know that keeping my WHY nearby has helped me, too. Alot of things could've gotten in the way of recovery but I keep moving forward. Food addiction doesn't resolve itself on its own. It gets stronger over time. Happy Days - not all were happy, goodbye Joanie. If you have a problem, find help NOW.