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  1. “If part of your immune response is always allocated to repairing gut irritation, you are essentially sick all the time.” -Robb Wolf
  2. Food addicts have fewer dopamine receptors because their brains are trying to compensate for having chronically high dopamine levels which are triggered by chronic overeating and chronic food rewards. Many assume that food, alcohol, substances are responsible for the damage they do to the brain. New scientific research says that the 'damage'- may have been there to begin with....already engineered and geared towards addiction. Many other factors enter in along with environment and genetics. The only real antidote is exercise. It won't cost you a dime if you take it back outside. Exercise is the safest way to increase dopamine levels in the brain.
  3. Yes. All of your questions can be answered by reading ISWF. If you google Whole 30 with your questions, they've all been answered on the forum, too. Meal timing, hormone healing, snacks, the Whole works, in entirety.
  4. I don't need cream in my coffee. Come inspire all of us with your good decisions.
  5. Last call for alcohol On the train headed For nowhere fast Want to buy a ticket Creating nightmares That will forever last Trading your dreams And kids For addiction It will stick around Until the end Addiction That faithful friend
  6. Addiction Recovery comes first. You have to WANT it more than you NEED it.
  7. You're developing an addiction all along. Losing your lung and heart function or your pancreas and kidneys are knocking up against the rocks... If you're a're looking bankruptcy directly in the eye. Like many addicts of every kind... Just deny it and put it off until it really hits.
  8. Addiction Recovery Got 2nd hand smoke in the house? The kids are smoking your cigarettes...putting them at risk for COPD.'s a helluva way to go. Patients feel like they're literally drowning in the end stages. Want to be tied to an oxygen tank for the rest of your life? You'd better lay those cigarettes down. If you can't do it on your own, find help. You don't want to go out like that.
  9. As the disease worsens oxygenation goes down and carbon dioxide levels rise. Blood gas abnormalities acutely worsen during COPD exacerbations and often worsen during exercise and sleep. Because most patients have a significant smoking history, most patients have many of the other illnesses associated with smoking, especially cardiovascular disease. These patients also have high risk for smoking related malignancies. Poor lung function often interferes with or prevents treatment of the other diseases.
  10. More than 80% of patients with COPD have a history of cigarette smoking. A few patients have it because of chemical inhalation exposure. Weight loss can also occur in severe COPD and is a sign of severe disease with a poor prognosis. At one time, we distinguished different types of COPD, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. All patients with COPD have an element of each, although one component will usually predominate in the individual patient. Chronic bronchitis is defined by a chronic cough that produces sputum. Emphysema is defined by enlargement and destruction of the airspaces in the lung. When the physician examines a patient with very severe COPD one finds decreased breath sounds, wheezes, crackles at the lungs, and distant heart sounds. The patient's diaphragm in limited in movement, meaning the patient cannot take in deep breaths. In extremely severe disease, the chest size is increased. Patients lean forward to use all the muscles of the chest and neck to bring air in. COPD can progress to cause heart failure, as the right side of the heart cannot pump blood into the damaged lungs.
  11. Addiction Recovery Oooo, don't be so hard on yourself. Go ahead and give yourself permission to keep on smoking and drinking and eating multi-crap. Making excuses and massive rationalization, that's addiction. Go ahead and keep spending yourself into the ground, racking up debt on your credit cards. You deserve that new boat or recreational toy. Buy all of it. Amass that debt, there's always tomorrow. Gamble it all away. That's addiction.
  12. Out of much love, I can get a water hose and put that cigarette out for you. Got COPD? How long after smoking are you safe from COPD? Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Dr. Ronald Crystal, Pulmonary Disease Specialist say Dr. Gupta: Is there any point where you can say, “Okay, you haven’t smoked for 25 years, 30 years, whatever it may be. You are in the clear”? Dr. Crystal: You are never in the clear. It depends very much on how much you smoked. So if you smoked, you know, one cigarette a day for maybe a year, probably your risk is very little. But if you smoked a pack a day for 20 years, then 20 to 30 years later you are still at risk. Dr. Gupta: So once you have COPD, you kind of have it. This is going to be a diagnosis that you carry for the rest of your life? Dr. Crystal: It's a diagnosis you carry for the rest of your life, but what you would like to do is if you stop smoking, is be able to stay at that level and not progress. Choices and Consequences "You're developing COPD all along, and losing lung function and, like many patients, just deny it and sort of put it off until it really hits."
  13. Looking back, there's more work to be done. Addiction Recovery is never done. Think you've got all of the answers and tools? Pride comes before a fall. Just when you think you're inches from a clean getaway, life pulls the props out from underneath you. Going back to our original factory settings. That yellow-bellied lily-livered sapsucker gets in there and starts messing with the dials while you're sleeping. He never lets sleeping dogs lie. Keep one eye wide-open. Be a watchman on the wall.
  14. Temporary weight loss success is amazing until it isn't. Food Addiction Relapse
  15. Making plans for the weekend food explosion that is going to happen at your house. Planning on starting over again on Monday. Has that changed everything for you then? It doesn't have to rain taco chips. Don't let potato chips sweep you off your feet.
  16. Food Addiction Dry Drunk = Dieting and Over-restriction Recovery Food Sober = Reasonable restriction Food Addiction Relapse Recovery comes first. Repeating my strategies and following my positive food management plan with consistency keeps me food sober. It keeps my brain from returning to autopilot and eating. all. the. things. in the unconscious mode with a total relapse. A total relapse is allowing the brain and body to rebound with every single hard fought pound of weight releasing - full blown food addiction and wild swings UP and down until it all comes undone.
  17. Got endless excuses and massive rationalization? Take full responsibility for everything you do. Holidays, birthdays, celebrations are endless. There's no such thing as the perfect headspace or perfect day to start. You can't fix a broken brain with a broken brain. Constant restarts won't fix it either. Do it right the first time. Your heart knows the way.
  18. This could be the day that you stop doing that destructive thing you do to yourself. It only takes one day and one decision. You have to mean it with everything within your being. You have to WANT it more than you NEED it. When you reach that point, you mean serious business with yourself. That is the point of no turning back. No more looking in the rearview mirror, wishing for change. Change will be yours if you WANT it.
  19. Out of much love for you, I can walk into a bar and pull you off your stool. I can drive you home and put you to bed. You're a road hazard and danger to yourself and others driving while drunk. Out of much love for you, I can try to talk you out of bellying UP to the buffet table or booking an ocean cruise on a sailing buffet table. Eating your way across the U.S. or many countries. But if you don't want it as much as I want it for you, I'm blowing smoke and vapor. Blathering and foaming at the mouth to the Universe. A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. I can hear it in your words. Out of the abundance of your heart your mouth is speaking. It says that you enjoy food or alcohol addiction more than you want recovery. It's a leaverite and I must leave it right there. But I can't go down that road ever again. I can't engage in those destructive activities. We are bent on survival and I'm at the point that recovery means more to me than aiding and abetting those with the desire to stay on the sailing buffet table, cruising back into dock and starting over again next week or next month. Starting over and over again would crush my spirit. I can't go back to food addiction. It made my life a living hail.
  20. Starting over and over and over again is a side effect of doing things in the name of weight loss that you never wanted to do in the first place. Food Addiction Recovery is going to take true grit along with Face-To-Face help. Years and years of starting over? Your ways are not working. Food Addiction Relapse is less than 50% for those who can make it through a year of being food/alcohol sober. Those who can make it through 5 years of being food/alcohol sober the chances of relapse are approximately 15%.
  21. You have to WANT Recovery more than you NEED it. There are places that recovering food addicts or alcoholics cannot go. For real. There is talk we no longer listen to or can be engaged with.
  22. Dry Drunks start over every single Monday. They eat their way through the weekend with "Cheat Meals". Cheating their way through life and cheating themselves out of food addiction recovery. Truth. It takes 3 years of being food sober before the body will quit fighting so hard against you.