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  1. eblanchardcf liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in I woke my Sugar Dragon   
    I'm speaking in general, but you don't need to start over again. 
    Extended Whole 30's don't really fix it when you're finished.The off and on again approach...Whole 30's mixed with binge eating or just minor/major off-roading inbetween is not Food Freedom Forever.  
    It's boxing yourself into a corner. It creates more black and white thinking about food. Whole 30 or Not. All in/on target or falling back into old habits.
    After watching others do this for years now, I am convinced that the original constructs of a Whole 30 are optimum, in every way.
    Elimination protocol of 30 days, a Reintro of about 10 days or longer and done.  Next.
    Immediately create a plan you can live with for the rest of your life. Your personal decisions will be liberating. Maybe you like eating the same lunch every single day, some do. Some like eating the same food 3X aday, that wouldn't work for me but you choose, you decide.
    Read FFF, you'll find ideas for putting your positive food management plan together.  
    My plan is consistent but it has leeway. I can eat full fat plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese, legumes, even some non gmo grains in whole form, fish, fish, fish, proteins of every kind, nuts, fruits and vegetables. What I can't do is eat is deliberately engineered to be craved candy or donuts or bakery items or white sugar, white flour, white pasta. These things cause an immediate uptick in my blood sugar even in small amounts.
    I don't eat them. I don't touch artificial sweetners or soda pops. No fast food or ice cream. I have enough leeway that I don't ever feel deprived.  I eat everything with a protein. Fruit, vegetables, everything is paired with protein. That's my Rx for blood sugar control.
    It works for me.
    Starting over and over again will not make it any easier on Day 61 or Day 91 when you're done. FFF = not doing a Whole 30 Forever.  
    It's going to take work to find your way. I'm consistent but that's my way.  The sooner you can find your way the easier this will be. Create something consistent for awhile until you get your footing back. 
    After an elimination protocol, there is an adjustment period. You're used to reading every label. Find your wiggle room and branch out. You can always prune yourself back before it goes sideways.

  2. brandyontherun liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Life after whole 30-hard to figure out!!   
    If you can't figure it out, seek the help of a nutritional or medical specialist. Actually sit down with someone, face-to-face and work through all of your questions, how to move forward.  I did. Best decision I've ever made for myself. 
    Even with the best of tools, no one can do it for you. There are hours in every day when you're faced with choices and consequences at every turn. Hours when you're all on your own, facing trigger foods or cravings.  There is no simple 1-2-3 toolkit that fits everyone equally.
  3. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by ArtFossil in Dear Melissa: Whole30 Pet   
    No TV! But, I'll get the latest episode on Amazon Prime tomorrow, watch it (won't be available until the next day) and post back here. 
  4. TexasMolly liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?   
    “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”― Martin Luther King Jr.

  5. TexasMolly liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?   
    Is something giving you a big pinch?   This must be the first few days of your W30.
    It happened to me.  I was overly sensitive and a bawl baby.  "If someone told me I had to start over, I'd throw my book away".    I deleted most of my earlier posts.   Some days, I was throwing a ring-tailed fit.
    The Moderators must be very familiar with similar patterns of newbies.   I'm sure they were rolling their eyes and saying, "Oh, brother...not another one today".   Cringeworthy, it makes me want to cover my eyes.   
    I didn't cry or bawl my eyes out over the food changes, but I did while reading the W30 success stories. They spurred me on...each and every day.  I wasn't discussing the W30 with family or friends but I was pouring my heart out on a public forum.
    I know folks who are spending $300.00 a month to belong to a weight loss center.   On top of that, they spend additional hard-earned dollars on puddings, shakes, protein "candy" bars and other artificially sweetened goodies.   Everything has artificial sweetners.
    You should see the end result.  They appear to have a slight case of mange...with their hair looking like twigs and sunken eyes like dried up blueberries.  They appear as dry as a dog bone.  
    When you see someone who's made it to the end of their 30 days, I see radiant health.  Bright eyes, hair that glistens in the sunshine and enormous smiles.    
    If you decide to travel on beyond your W30, well, I can't hardly contain myself here.  I'm more than happy that I did.    My family notices that I smile, dance and sing.   
    Yesterday, after a hike with my dog...she was worn out.   A good song came on the radio and I was dancing for my dog.   Her head was turning sideways as I was whirling, twirling and clapping my hands.
    Oh, I feel good.   I don't remember when I last felt this good.   It almost makes you feel guilty but I slap myself and say "Oh, brother...don't be silly".   This is what "normal" people feel like.   It's exciting.   

  6. LadyLisbette liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Lactose kicked me out of fat adaption?   
    Have you ever been checked for insulin resistance?
    The caffeine in coffee increases catecholamines, your stress hormones.  The stress response elicits cortisol and increases insulin.  Insulin increases inflammation. Habituation to caffeine decreases insulin sensitivity, making it difficult for your cells to respond appropriately to blood sugar.  High blood sugar levels lead to arterial deterioration and increased risk of mortality related to cardiovascular disease. Unfiltered coffee has the highest amount of beneficial antioxidants yet also leaks the most diterpenes into your system.  These diterpenes have been linked to higher levels of triglycerides, LDL and VLDL levels. The helpful chlorogenic acids which may delay glucose absorption in the intestine have also been shown to increase homocysteine levels- an indicator for increased risk of cardiovascular disease which tends to be elevated in diabesity. The acidity of coffee is associated with digestive discomfort, indigestion, heart burn, GERD and dysbiosis (imbalances in your gut flora). Addiction is often an issue with coffee drinkers and makes it really difficult to rely on the body’s natural source of energy.  Ask any coffee drinker about how it feels to withdraw from coffee, and you will mistake their story for that of a drug addict’s… 5-HIA, an organic acid and component of the neurotransmitter serotonin ( the happy chemical) seen in the urine tends to be elevated in coffee drinkers which means they may be at risk for lower levels of serotonin synthesis in the brain.  Serotonin is necessary for normal sleep, bowel function, mood, and energy levels.  It is a vicious cycle as caffeine can disrupt sleep and promote anxiety and depression. We all know someone who tends to be tired, wired and over caffeinated! Elevated urinary excretion of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium have been noted in coffee drinkers. An imbalance in your electrolyte status can lead to serious systemic complications. Constituents in coffee can interfere with normal drug metabolism and detoxification in the liver making it difficult to regulate the normal detoxification process in the liver.  Another issue to be aware of with coffee intake is how certain medications such as levothyroxine (thyroid) as well as tricyclic antidepressants are poorly absorbed, making symptoms worse for patients. Resources:
    van Dam RM, Willett WC, Manson JE, Hu FB.  2006.  “Coffee, caffeine, and risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective cohort study in younger and middle-aged U.S. women.” Diabetes Care (2) 398-403
    Tuomilehto J, Hu G, Bidel S, et al.  2004.  “Coffee Consumption and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Among Middle-aged Finnish Men and Women.” JAMA 291: 1213-9.
    Moisey LL, Kacker S, Bickerton AC, Robinson LE, Graham TE. 2008. “Caffeinated coffee consumption impairs blood glucose homeostasis in response to high and low glycemic index meals in healthy men.”  Am J Clin Nutr  87 (5): 1254-1261
    Lane JD, Feinglos MN, Surwit, RS. 2008. “Caffeine Increases Ambulatory Glucose and Postprandial Responses in Coffee Drinkers With Type 2 Diabetes.” Diabetes Care. 31(2): 221-222
  7. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?
    I want to be known for my tiney hiney and beautiful face said Einstein never. Or Judit or Ruth or Rosa P. or Harriet T.
    The smartest people on the planet knew/know that their brains transcend physical and outward beauty. We live in a beauty and body obsessed culture.
    Your value and self-worth is not measured by the size of your jeans or biceps, or your number on the scale.
    Your worth is defined by how much you love and care for others. The most beautiful person in the room is the one who exudes love and kindness towards others. 
    People are drawn like a magnet to that person.
    Beauty is really a matter of the heart.
    There is no one more beautiful than a child who's fighting for their life in the hospital. A child with disabilities is beautiful beyond compare.
    The tiny child with a smile upon their face, fighting for their life is far more beautiful than a tiney hiney.
    All children are beautiful and they say the most profound things.  They've not been biased through society's norms or limited in their thinking.
    Seeing through the eyes of a child is a glimpse of heaven on earth.
    Don't ruin your true beauty by holding yourself to such a high standard that unless you have an enormous thigh gap or -00 jeans that you begin to treat yourself like an object or machine rather than a human being.
    A woman of strength and integrity has no fear of old age. When she speaks her words are wise and kindness is the rule for everything she says.  
    Look for that beautiful person in the room, wherever you go.  
  8. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by Tom Denham in Totally overwhelmed by time spent preparing food   
    Maybe you need some quick meals so you can coast a bit. Yesterday I ate 4 eggs fried with 3 big tomatoes for meal 1. I was in a hurry for meal 2 so I had a can of tuna packed in olive oil over a big serving of Bubbie's sauerkraut. I love cold sauerkraut and this meal took 1 minute to prepare. I went to Walmart and got canned octopus, red onions, and bell pepper to make an octopus salad for meal 3. It took maybe 10 minutes to chop the onion and bell pepper, slice some tomatoes, and then mix these ingredients in a bowl with 4 cans of octopus. Then I added a can of green olives, apple cider vinegar and a good dose of yellow mustard. I let the ingredients sit together while I worked for a while and then ate. So basically, I got 3 meals with 15-20 minutes of prep time for all of them. 
  9. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by ladyshanny in Monk fruit and Monk fruit extract   
    April 20, 2017 - As per the updated "SNEAKY SUGARS" download, monk fruit extract and anything that it appears in is not compliant.  
  10. MrsWinstonSchmidt liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Weird hours, help me plan!   
    Alrighty then.  See Mod Shannon's thread about breakfast ideas and there are so many other threads about GrabNGo meals.  Just google Whole 30 Grab and Go, that will get you right in the pocket.
    There's always a wide mouth thermos filled with a great soup or dish you've made for that afternoon meal.  I'm telling you,  you can turn your life and energy levels around - rebuild your metabolism by turning everything upside down on its head.  Ooooo, we haven't got the time.  I'd like to be a fly on the wall of the doggie day care and watch your changes, day by day.  You've got nothing to lose and positive changes to gain. Daily.
    Oooo, before I go,'s only 30 days but these changes within a few weeks, your hair, and skin and face....everything looks different, you won't even recognize yourself within a few weeks.  You'll ask yourself, why O why didn't anyone tell me this before. Then you'll pass it on and help someone else.  It's all good and fun.  Really. 
  11. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by jmcbn in March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!   
    There are only five cities in the South - Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork & Waterford. Donegal is a town, within the County of Donegal. If you drove through the North you must have flown into the International Airport at Aldergrove or George Best Belfast City Airport.
    Technically I'm in the North, but actually I'm a little further South than you currently are the way the border works, and just over to the East. I was over in the West for a few days for Easter & travelled round the Inishowen Peninsula which is in Donegal County. It's one of my favourite parts of the Ireland, although it's hard to find a bad spot!
  12. TexasMolly liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?   
    23 January, 2012A guest post by Robin Strathdee, the newest Whole9 team member
    This Spring, I discovered the ridiculous connection between refined sugar and seasonal allergies and, let’s be honest for a minute, it really ticked me off.  I mean, come on!  A couple of swigs of (albeit waaaay too sweet) organic strawberry lemonade and poof!  I’m ALL of the seven Spring dwarves – itchy, sneezy, scratchy, stuffy, puffy, drippy and whiny.
    As I was loudly and enthusiastically complaining to my patient husband, I realized that (for me, and maybe you too) switching to a Whole9 eating style required the loss (pretty much death) of my old eating patterns.  And whenever there is a loss you encounter the five stages of grief.  Sure, I’ve joked about mourning the loss of cupcakes…maybe more than once… but I never really gave it much thought. Then, as I really contemplated it, I realized that every stage of grief was (and still is, as things adapt and change) identifiable in our lifestyle transition.
    This is especially applicable to those of who have are just beginning a Whole30 program.  Switching up your eating habits, even for 30 days, takes major adjustment.  You’ll notice that every area of your life begins to change, and some changes are easier than others.  Take heart knowing that the rest of us are right there with you, no matter how many times we’ve done this.
    The first stage of grief is denial – denial of the loss and isolation from usual social contacts.
    I’m sure we all remember the day we stumbled across that magic piece of information, the proverbial straw, that convinced us once and for all to go full throttle into this diet-style. Chances are that the information was so novel, and so impactful, that in a single moment it trumped our old habits and made this healthier eating plan a priority. We cleared out our cupboards and cleaned out our fridges. We replaced our usual BYO work lunches of frozen Healthy Choice meals and leftover spaghetti with grilled organic pasture raised chicken and steamed broccoli with coconut oil and gluten-free soy-free tamari.
    I’m willing to bet all your friends noticed the change. I’m also willing to bet that you fielded way too much, “Don’t you miss bread?” and, “I could never give up pasta!”  There were probably even a few, “All that saturated fat will give you a heart attack!” and “Eating so much meat will give you cancer.” folks in the mix. But we would hear none of that. Oh, no! We had found the light and it had overtaken the darkness of cupcakes and chocolate pudding in our hearts.  So we answered their comments with our vehement reassurances of, “Oh I wouldn’t change a thing! This is so easy. I don’t even miss my afternoon half-caff, all skim, no foam caramel macchiato with extra whip. Really! I’m fine! This is awesome!”
    Eventually, though, that enthusiasm becomes hard to maintain.  As much as we have convinced ourselves that giving up all the food we’ve ever known and loved is no biggie, it’s hard to withstand the constant ogling and questioning.  It’s no fun to be the girl eating the salad with no dressing while everyone else stuffs themselves with the pasta of their choice.  And so we start to pull away a little.  Soon, we’re not going out for drinks after work and we only put in an appearance at the monthly office birthday party.  We’re looking and feeling better than ever, but we’ve distanced ourselves from all but our closest (and maybe even those) friends and family.
    Next, we get angry.I don’t know about you, but this stage was pretty intense for me. Here’s how it usually went down:
    Get stressed out by something. I have two preschoolers, a new business, a house, a husband, a dinosaur of a dog… pick one, any one. Convince yourself that you deserve a treat. Can you say, “coping mechanism”? I’m trying to do this less, but it’s always a hard fight. Eat something you know you shouldn’t. In the early days it was usually pizza, but now that I can’t tolerate ANY gluten (insert curse word), it’s usually candy of some sort. Have terrible, horrible reaction. Get really ticked off because all you want is to eat like a normal person for one stinkin’ day, crapdangit! Now, for me this is kind of a rinse and repeat process with each new food group I grieve.  Cupcakes were pretty hard to let go of. The holidays were a fairly continuous cycle of the above steps. I know some people who do this as a whole, for their entire diet, and then are done. It works differently for everyone, but everyone feels the rage now and again.
    Next up is bargaining. This is where we begin to compromise our standards.Okay, so we’ve moved from complete denial through complete ticked-off-ity and now we’re ready to bargain. In my house, this bargaining took the form of compromise.  “Okay, so I know I can’t eat real donuts without serious consequences, but what about coconut flour donuts?” You Google every food you’ve lost, only adding the prefix “paleo,” and try to resurrect the ones you love in more acceptable form.
    This is where the little cracks slip in and before you know it you’re having Gluten-Free Friday – everything is game-on as long as it’s gluten free (I may have done that once or twice).  You waste half your budget on mysterious flours said to have magical properties that, if combined in just the right way, cooperate to produce a slightly more glutinous reaction and some black magic juju.
    This leads to three things a) bags under your eyes from late night muffin-baking sessions; 2) bags on your porch filled with the failed results of said sessions and, c) the stark realization that no matter how hard you try you will never be able to achieve the same double mondo chocolate chunk cookie you made before.
    Whole30ers: Watch it with this phase. Use the food lists in your Success Guide and online to help you fight the urge to compromise on the rules.  No matter how much you want to compromise during this stage, it’s not worth bailing on your Whole30. And don’t think no one sees you standing in the kitchen late at night, sneaking a little honey into your Super Paleo Crunch Granola. You see you and the guilt will eat you alive.
    And so you cry. Enter the sadness phase.No matter how much healthier you feel eating this way, it really is sobering to know that you can’t go back to what you used to do without serious consequences – physical, mental, emotional. When everyone at work goes out for cupcakes, I can get a cup of coffee. While everyone dives into the pizza at lunch, I eat my leftover pot roast.  Sometimes it is lonely, and sometimes it is depressing.
    At one point, I stopped cooking, stopped caring about food at all. I didn’t eat enough of anything, I couldn’t work out the way I had before. I didn’t even want to. My kiddos survived on grass-fed hamburgers, steamed broccoli and frozen peas. But they survived. At this point, it’s okay to cry and to actually mourn the death of your old lifestyle. Change – especially such a big lifestyle change – is not something to be undertaken lightly. In fact, I don’t trust those types who just fly through the transition. It’s not natural.  But eventually, fairly quickly actually, this phase passes and normalcy returns.
    And finally, you accept and you adjust.
    Once you’re done feeling sorry for yourself, you begin the phase of actually adjusting to your new lifestyle. This is where you learn what does and doesn’t work for your family and where you’re willing to make compromises (ahem…peanut butter). You learn how to become more efficient with tools like the crockpot and meal plans. And, you begin to make the connection between your ability to control what you eat and your ability to control how you feel.  This is where you feel fully comfortable in your new skin. You’re able to explain your diet decisions without too much science or shameless proselytizing. You can simply answer “yep” when someone asks if that’s a Tupperware container full whipped cream, and if you are indeed going to eat it. All.  With a spoon.  This is acceptance. This is comfortable. And this? This is good.
    Robin Strathdee, our Whole9 Director of Communications, has a B.S. in Print Journalism from Missouri State University.  She has used her education and training everywhere from corporate conference rooms to her own kitchen table – where she authors the blog Confessions of a Paleolithic Drama Queen – and is currently pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams as owner of a freelance communications company
    - See more at:
  13. SugarcubeOD liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in To cheat or not to cheat?   
    I remembered the archives,  this answers my question. Thanks again for your understanding, SugarCube.

  14. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by Tom Denham in I'm a vegetarian cooking instructor who must cook grains and beans...   
    Teaching people to cook tasty veggies is an important job and I am glad you have accepted the task. I appreciate that your job calls for you to prepare ingredients that are not allowed during a Whole30 and that you need to taste them. However, you can't know with perfect assurance how the off-plan ingredients affect you if you don't eliminate them 100 percent for 30 days. So I would say, you are adopting Whole30-style eating, but I would not say you were doing a Whole30. Frankly, I don't think you should worry about that. My guess is that you will experience most of the benefits of doing a perfect Whole30. Unless you continue to face nagging issues that you suspect are food related, I think you should just carry on as you are doing. 
    Let me offer a little perspective on where I am coming from. I have not personally done a Whole30 in over 2 years. My first Whole30 lasted 4 months and I probably had several 30 days periods that were perfect over the following year, but I do not worry about perfection anymore. I call what I do Whole30-style eating. I eat perfectly according to the Whole30 in my home and I happen to eat most of my meals at home because I work from home. However, I don't worry about a little dairy or beans or the addition of sugar when I am away from home. I figure that over the past month, my compliance with Whole30-standards has been above 95 percent. and that is average for me. 
  15. Kabob liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    Throw it in the trash.
    "When she first started making kombucha, someone told her that they were good for septic systems so she was flushing her old mushrooms down the toilet.
    A couple years later the septic tank guy came to empty out her tank, and he opened it up to stick the hose in to start draining it, but he couldn’t. He was totally baffled and had to get out his knife and hack away at the large, tannish, leathery thing that was floating at the top of the tank! She was quite sure what it was and she was quite sure she was not about to tell him! Can you imagine? A kombucha mushroom the size of a septic tank! If only someone in the sci-fi industry knew about SCOBYs!"
  16. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by jmcbn in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    I get good carbonation even in my first ferment - it's from all the excess yeast. See below on bottling day just this past Sunday...

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    That's a good idea! No, I don't get breaks at all. I leave for work at 11:30, work 12-8 straight through, then get home around 8:30. I work front desk at a doggy daycare/pet store and that's just when I get hungry/ is the slow hour. 
  18. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by Tom Denham in Work Out in the Mornings but Not Hungry in the Mornings   
    If you are going to do Body For Life, do BFL. If you are going to do Weight Watchers, do WW. If you are going to do a Whole30, don't mess it up by trying to blend it with other programs. Every detail of the Whole30 program has been designed purposefully to maximize your health and it works. I've been here for 5 years and despite eating more food than most people I know, I have not gained back the 30 pounds I lost starting in 2010. 
  19. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by Tom Denham in CalifaFarms Coconut Almond Milk - compliant or not?   
    Technically this product is not non-compliant, but it is far from what we want you consuming during a Whole30. By combining coconut cream and monk fruit extract with almond milk, this is sweet. We want you  eating whole foods or as close to whole foods as possible and this is a processed product that is sweet. Just don't go there. This is too much like conventional foods and if you consume conventional foods during your Whole30, your results will be lame. 
  20. Hope for Lisa liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in Did you find yourself sweeter and kinder after Whole30 reintro?   
    I'm back. That was a bizarre 4 hours. I felt like I just got suxed through the TV set and I was in some other realm.
    Everyone else was having fun on the forum and I could only look through the windows. It appears to be fixed now.
    There's no place like home, no place like home. Just don't say beetlejuice 3 times, whatever you do.  
  21. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by Hope for Lisa in April 7th Start Date   
    Ok, I'll hang in there as long as it takes to kick start my metabolism. Hopefully, sooner than later. Ha. Protein, veggies and fat as prescribed by plan. Hoping the progesterone and sweet potatoes aren't throwing me off. 
  22. Hope for Lisa liked a post in a topic by MeadowLily in April 7th Start Date   
    You absolutely must abide by your doctor's orders and continue with the Rx's for you.
    Simplify. If you have to wait 1.5 hours after meds, that's still going to work but get your Breakfast together then. You're familiar with the Whole 30 Breakfast template.
    Here's what I like to say to myself so I don't throw a monkeywrench into our complicated lives. 
    Template.  Template. Template.
    Saying that to myself is flipping the switch. It snaps you back into your desire to make real changes.
    Visualize the template and what needs to be on your plate - 3 X aday.
    Say it outloud. It's putting one foot in front of the other.  Minute by minute and day by day.  This is how you will rebuild Lisa's metabolism and this is how Lisa is going to get her mojo back.
  23. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by Hope for Lisa in April 7th Start Date   
    What do you mean "simplify....".  Sorry.  But, when I wake up, I have to take synthroid 45 minutes before I eat or take Prilosic, so after 45 minutes, I then take the Prilosec, then wait 30 minutes according to dr., so I usually have to wait at least 1:15-1:30.  Is this a big issue?  Just doing what the pharmacist and the endocrinologist said about timing b/c they said the synthroid won't work if I take the prilosec too close to it.  Then GI doctor said to take prilosec 30 before breakfast.  (I've already reduced from 2 to 1 prilosec through program.)
  24. MeadowLily liked a post in a topic by Hope for Lisa in April 7th Start Date   
    Thank you MeadowLily.  You brought tears to my eyes.  I've tried for maybe 8 years since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism just to be a healthy weight.  Every diet and plan the doctors, including my functional health doctor, told me, only to put it back on.  I definitely know HcG isn't good for you, even the homeopathic I used, but it worked, and I was desperate.  I did it maybe over 4 years, 4 times.  Haven't for 1.5 years though.  It worked short term every time.  I don't want to do that again, and so I went to a functional health doctor, who has me balancing hormones, including DHEA, and trying to decrease stress (I just retired from VERY stressful job).  I've done liver cleansing, belly fix, on and on.  I'll lose a few lbs. but it never stays off.  Everyone else loses, not me. I've even done the fitbit plan, as mentioned above, and according to fitbit burn WAY more then I eat.  That wasn't good either.  Makes no sense.  Does the fitbit not really take into consideration the burn of people with my medical conditions?
    Anyway, I read this from the site and it kinda makes sense: "We definitely all get wanting to get there quicker.  But it sounds like you may have a fair ways to go and often times with having a fair ways to go, come other things like hormonal disturbances/disruptions.  If you have any underlying conditions or even just years of the oh-so-common calorie restriction or lose-gain cycle that so many of us have, your body may not quite fully trust what you're trying to do at this point.  It may (will) take longer than just a couple Whole30's to get into gear."  I can hang in there for 30, 60 or more days but at some point, I need to lose weight.   I can't even fit into many of my clothes.  So, what is title of book you are recommending?
    One thought I had was to maybe change micronized progesterone since it is made from peas?  Don't know if that is stalling me.  Need to talk to doctor.  Anyone else have this problem?  Also, one other thought is I eat sweet potatoes every day.  Maybe with my insuline resistance, that is throwing me too?  
    Love any thoughts.  I'm going to stick with this, but any help making it also help fat burning I would greatly appreciate.