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  1. I think "Melt" is a margarine substitute but as far as I know it has canola oil in it which would not be approved for eating at home....only when eating out and if in a pinch.
  2. Sorry, @Jioia where do you see that you have to eat 3 cups of lard??
  3. Compliant in what way? Gluten free bread would not be compliant with Whole30 but if you are doing reintroductions, that's sort of the point, no?
  4. @criden - check with your honey store and see if they have new pollen. It would be the same premise as the honey if not more effective...but also compliant.
  5. Got it! Just was checking! Resisting wine cravings is just like resisting any other craving you might have. First, make sure you're eating enough and properly composed meals at proper timing. Drink lots of water and then............honestly................just get past it. Distraction, power through, move on. They don't last forever, you just have to move past it. There's no secret way.
  6. Not eating before a morning workout is fine. You're not really intentionally fasting/creating a limited eating window. You can also eat within 15 minutes of the workout if you can find something palatable. There is some benefit to working out fasted. The two may seem similar but it's not the same thing as forcing yourself to maintain an eating window. If you woke up hungry and wanted to eat a chicken thigh before your workout and felt ok doing it, then you would, yes?
  7. @BernieInTexas - I'm sorry you feel that I was dismissive. That wasn't my intent. The trouble is that alcohol is like anything else that we ask you to reintroduce and assess for yourself. As an example, tequila is what is most "paleo". For me it makes me angry and gives me a wicked headache nearly right away. But, ladyshanny, it's what would be the healthiest option! Well....not for me. As you mention, the light beer is what you think might be healthiest for you. What about people that are celiac? Might not be the healthiest for them. It's not different than when we tell people to reintroduce foods and see how they do. Some people can tolerate all dairy. Some people can tolerate whey but not lactose. And for some people, consuming dairy is a dumpster fire. Do you understand how it's impossible for us to make any sort of recommendation for what might be "less bad" as a general statement? That's the point of Whole30, to reset your system and then try all this stuff out and you tell us what is the best option, for you.
  8. Yep, that's all you do. Go to the link she posted and get involved in the conversation there.
  9. It's basically a starting point. So if you and your husband have the same palm, that's fine, but maybe he needs two palms per meal and you only need one. We don't use measurements here that rely on scales or cups or what have you because that is not in keeping with tuning in to your own body. People get fixated on numbers and perfection. It's an approximation and we want you to get used to knowing how much food you need. The template is a good start at figuring that out.
  10. I don't recall telling you to ignore the 15-75 minute pre-workout recommendation, just to try changing the composition. And yes, anything is better than nothing. But you can do better than that. You are specifically seeking out fruits for pre and post workout. Try specifically seeking out the recommended protein and fat pre workout and lean protein and starchy veggie post workout. If "anything is better than nothing" is where you want to hang out, that's fine. But something tells me that you might want better results than "this'll do in a pinch".
  11. That lack of appetite for food first thing in the morning (and even more telling, if you could eat food in the morning but only if it's something sweet) is a high sign that you are not in hormonal balance. Make food that sounds interesting and pallitable to you. Chicken salad on a sweet potato, soup, omelette, salmon cakes. Whatever it is that you think you could get through. And then just keep trying. Make the food, eat as much as you can, take it with you to eat again as soon as you are able. It gets easier! Yes, people eat more fruit in the summer. No, I'm not going to answer how much is the right amount for you. It's arbitrary. For me "more" is a handful of blueberries and a kiwi every other day because we eat maybe one piece of fruit a week in the non-summer months. For you, "more" could be more. Experiment. See how you feel with less. Depending on when your first Whole30 was, remember that you are older than you were and that nothing ever stays the same. In my case, IF worked great for me...........until it didn't and everything went hella sideways. The headaches, anxiety, lack of energy, lack of appetite........I'm sorry.........they are all significant signs that you are not eating enough.
  12. Hmmm...forgive me if my response sounds....erm....aggressive. First, next to NO studies (if any at all that discuss female specific needs/biology) have ever been conducted on women and IF. They are all very much geared to a specific subset of male (young, healthy, athletic). There are limited (or none) studies that examine how IF affects female specific hormones. Second, on a personal note, I did IF for many months. And man, my body was absolutely rockin'. shape of my life, ever! I lost the ability to ovulate, my hair fell out, I had rampant migraines, my anxiety went through the roof, I was highly irritable, my sleep was crap and my skin looked......old. But man, my ass looked amazing. Here's the article we point people to linked below. And you know what? It's not meant to be a statement that there are no women ever that can benefit from IF. Sure there are. There are outliers in every category in life. But my personal experience and the anecdotal information I've received from dozens if not hundreds of conversations here on this forum over the years are that most women do not benefit from IF. It's disruptive and damaging, especially for anyone with underlying health conditions, anyone that is trying to conceive or could become pregnant, anyone that already has hormonal balance issues. We simply recommend that if you are going to come to the Whole30, you give both the rules and recommendations a shot and see how you do. It's all an experiment and the only way to really know if one way or another works for to try it before hacking/tweaking it. Edited to add: even if I didn't strongly disagree with IF for most women, I still stand by the fact that it's not meant to be a way/reason to restrict your calories. If you're going to do it, you still need the minimum amount of nutrition for basic human function which is not less than 3 template meals each day. Whether you stretch your fasting window or not, you still need those three meals + pre and post workout food.
  13. My guess, @Mackle is that you are currently stuck in a no-man's land. The fruit you're eating is allowing your body to access readily available energy which inhibits fat adaptation. Pre-fueling and post-fueling with fruit doesn't give your body any chance to properly access fat stores. Whether you've been doing it successfully for a year or not, I suspect that in the framework of the Whole30 you either need to drop it temporarily or do some serious tweaking with your meals. The fact that you are only eating 2 meals means you're missing the nutrition of the third meal. Intermittent fasting is not recommended but if you are going to do it, the idea is to eat an entire day's worth of food in the feeding window. It's not an excuse to cut out an entire meal. May I ask why you do IF? The "tiger blood" that we refer to comes directly from balancing your hormones. It is exceedingly difficult to balance those hormones if you are missing nutrition and dragging out the fasting period. It is completely possible that "what worked" for you prior to Whole30 isn't going to work now. Would you be willing to set aside what you've always done and try something else? Because if not, unfortunately you're just cramming Whole30 into an old framework. Might not be suitable together.
  14. You may be undereating. Spinach, when it's chewed down or cooked, amounts to very little. The recommendation is 2-3 cups of veggies per meal (cooked or eqivilant). Unless you ate 3 cups of cooked spinach, you are lacking in that department. Mid day snack because you were hungry was a good choice. What was your fat with your lunch? Was the serving of stroganoff the equivilant of 1-2 palms of ground beef? What did you eat yesterday? What was your previous diet like? Did you used to rely heavily on these energy drinks?
  15. You can do the salmon cakes without almond flour. Can you eat pumpkin? Canned pumpkin is a good substitute for the sweet potato in that recipe and I've done that sub more than once. I'm not sure how long the list of foods you avoid is.............but you can easily do the Whole30 very simply. Protein, steamed, roasted or raw veggies and fat servings. You don't have to get fancy and most of the seasoned members don't do "recipes" as often as they just make food.
  16. Yes, no alcohol at all. Not even that which is in vanilla extract.
  17. We don't generally tell people to power through. It is impossible for us to offer much feedback given that you haven't indicated what you've been eating, fluids, stress, daily exercise, sleep habits etc. If you can give more detail we might be able to assist. Day 2 is pretty early to be feeling tooooo terribly draggy unless Whole30 is a massive departure from your regular intake. If you used to rely heavily on sugars and caffeine then yes, this is going to be a struggle at first. I've removed your link as it seems spammy. You'd need to tell us what the ingredients are in the specific product you want to use. I looked on the eboost website and they all appear to contain sweetener at a minimum. Further though, we definitely don't recommend that people use products like this, compliant or not. They are not keeping with the spirit of the program.
  18. No alcohol would be permitted on Whole30.
  19. How does a computer program that has never met, talked, seen you, know exactly how much fat (or anythign else) you should eat? We really, really discourage this sort of tracking because it puts your focus on an arbitrary app rather than getting you to check in with yourself. YOU will know how much to eat because you should be paying attention during a meal and in the hours afterwards. This is a self experiment where no one is an expert except for you. We really encourage you to turn away from this sort of thing for 30 days. As you'd said, in your pre-week you were hungry after 2 hours. This is a sign that either your meals were too small or not composed well for you. This is the sort of data that you review and then make changes based upon. That said, if I eat chia-anything, my digestion is a mess for days. Nuts and seeds are recommended to be limited. That's a closed handful every other day at most.
  20. Fat is one of the greatest components of breast milk and what keeps the baby full and happy for longer stretches. Just like adults. If you are breast feeding you need to be eating at least 4 full meals each day and ensuring you have plenty of dietary fat. A couple suggestions that get tossed around quite a bit are to drink a can of coconut milk throughout the day, eating cans of olives etc. Make sure that you are having plenty of fat.
  21. Based on a quick google search, the foods highest in oxalates that would be eaten on Whole30 are rhubarb, spinach, beets and nuts/nut products. By steering clear of these, you would be fine? Or is there something I'm not understanding about how it would be difficult to do a Whole30 while avoiding high oxalate foods?
  22. This ingredient list containing pea protein would not be Whole30 compliant. Also, eating a bunch of starches glued together with yeast, food-gums and oils would not be in keeping with the spirit of Whole30. Leave this product behind for 30 days.
  23. Hi @Cindy5048 - welcome! The Whole30 vegetarian version certainly can be done, best of eating to you! Just wanting to clarify though that your comment about going to "try and give up wine" would need to be "am going to give up wine for 30 days" as these rules don't fluctuate for anyone. I'm sure I may have misread your statement but just wanted to clarify.
  24. You don't need to add actual sugar though to make carbonation. Fruit juices, cut up fruits and fruit puree work just as well and would not be non-compliant from an ingredients perspective.
  25. Hard to say without knowing specifically what you've been eating. List out a couple typical days of food intake including portions relating to the template, specific veggie types/quantities, water intake, exercise, pre and post workout food, sleep habits and stress. Also include any underlying medical conditions you may have.