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  1. Hi @Stacie0725 - if the ingredients are compliant then they are fine. Very often nuts are roasted in peanut oil. You might want to check the ingredients before consuming. That said, nuts are not ideal for regular consumption (bloating, indigestion, poor Omega ratio, hard to stop, cravey) and are recommended as "limited" which could be construed as one closed handful every other day or so. If you are needing to snack between regularly spaced meals, then you can assume your meals are not large enough to get you through. You should be able to comfortably go 4-5 hours between. If you are "planning" on bringing the nuts because you know you have to go do errands after work and it extends meal time, plan to bring something more suitable such as a hard boiled egg, meatballs etc. Our recommendation if you do need to eat between meals is protein + fat or protein + veggies. But you really should be trying to compose your meals and plan your day such that you don't run into needing snacks while out running errands.
  2. Yes, you're right. Once you're fat adapted there's no more "hangry". No stabbing, shooting stomach pains. It's more like you're just ready to eat. Not to say people don't get hungry or that their stomach doesn't start to feel hungry, mine does right now! It's just not as noticeable as "I MUST EAT RIGHT NOW OR PEOPLE WILL DIE!". Sometimes if people don't recognize the hunger as being valid because it's not as intense, they decide they don't need to eat and that can morph into nausea as well as general appetite reduction. It becomes a viscous cycle. That's why, whether you necessarily think you FEEL hungry at the 4-5 hour mark or not, we tell people to eat.
  3. Nope, xylitol is a sweetener, as is glycerine. Non-compliance aside, gum is not a good idea for anyone. It stimulates the digestive process but then no food is sent in so it can be confusing to the body.
  4. That's exactly what it's there for! Just know that this specific area of the forum is not moderated so if you need help/feedback, you'll have to ask for help.
  5. Stroke volume: the amount of blood your heart pumps in each beat....or stroke. Am I right @kirkor?
  6. I would say to go back to whole30 until it normalizes and then start reintro again. Grains/gluten can do this. Soy can do this. Of course see your Dr if you are worried.....we are not medics.
  7. You are NOT a loser or a failure and I will challenge whomever to a duel if need be! LOL. Seriously though, this program isn't a walk in the park and you are not the first or last person who made a decision that caused your Whole30 to end. But you're back here now and if you can look back and assess the situation of what got the best of you, what the emotions were, what sorts of meals you'd previously eaten, was there social pressure, were you tired etc. you'll be able to navigate past that. Most of Whole30, besides the food elimination, is learning new food habits and relationships. This one you didn't win but that doesn't mean you can't and it does NOT mean you failed. Press on!
  8. Eggs as protein are as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping; 3-4 as a start for most people. Or less number of eggs and another protein. Did youhave vegetables or fat with your breakfast? How does 4oz of chicken or 6 oz of meat relate to the size of your palm? Did you add fat to either your lunch or your dinner? Check out the meal template linked below (or google "Whole30 meal template" if you're on mobile device) and make your meals to match. If you are going to eat salad, you need a veritable wheelbarrow full. We recommend the 2-3 cups of veggies per meal be cooked and/or sturdy. Salad greens are great but they don't really cut it unless you add other things to them. Eating this little amount of food would cause a headache. For me anyway.
  9. Avocado serving is half-to-whole avocado. No need to really measure that guy. Olives and coconut products are 1-2 heaping handfuls. Coconut milk is 1/4 - 1/2 can. Oils and oil based sauces/dressings are what the thumb refers to. You just sort of.....blur your eyes and see if your thumb and your serving are around the same size. Same with protein. Just sort of eyeball it. It's really just a starting point anyway, you'll get to know how much food and what composition YOU need to go 4-5 hours and fuel you throughout whatever activities you have in your day. The fact that you are on Day 25, don't seem to be experiencing anything negative like pervasive hunger or lethargy means that you are probably doing just fine, however it is you are managing to "measure".
  10. Most people resolve that initial headachey stage within the first week. That said, if you aren't eating enough overall, it'll just keep on keeping on. What have your meals/timing/portions looked like over the last four days?
  11. I had a leftover chopped up sausage, potato salad and a baby cucumber for breakfast this morning. Yesterday: orange cranberry turkey burger, sweet potato cubes and some sliced bell pepper Day Before That: brined chicken, steamed (cold) brocoli, mango and avocado So basically I just pull whatever is in the fridge out, put it on a plate (in your case maybe in a container) and eat it. Go to my food instagram (@stuffonaplate) and take a look. Most of the plates you'll see are leftovers and almost 100% of the time, I'm eating that food cold.
  12. Aw, @MaryBaby - that all sounds like you're in a really tough spot. It also sounds like you need intervention treatment with a person that you can talk to face to face who is trained to help you deal with this. Not an internet forum run by volunteers. You said you went to a therapist and a psychiatrist, are you still under their care? You say you need to do it again and yet although you participated in the Whole30 rules (I assume), your binging carried on anyway so what is it about doing it this time that you feel may be different? It's fair to note that although the Whole30 can help people change their relationship with food, it is a food-tolerance and elimination plan. It was never designed nor purported to train/teach people to deal with significant eating disorders. We are here to help you get the most out of doing an elimination protocol but you won't get binge/purge coaching here, we are not qualified. One final note, it IS completely normal to be addicted to food. SO many people are addicted to food. The manufacturers make it that way on purpose. The addiction that average people have to oreos or donuts or potato chips is physiological whereas your binge/purge addiction is psychological. Unfortunately there's a difference.
  13. oil? I looked at the allergen info because I couldn't find the ingredients list and it indicated an allergen of soy.
  14. Hi @KelliW - I'm so sorry but based on the quick googling I did, those burger patties aren't going to have been compliant and will have at least contained soy if not gluten and dairy. Did you ask to see ingredients? And what oil they cook them in? I hope I'm wrong but it's probably worth it to confirm. Soy is a major gut disruptor as is dairy and, of course, gluten.
  15. The need for sleep, sleep deprivation, insomnia and being overtired all manifest as cravings for sugar. Just so you know. Just.......go to sleep.
  16. Wow! I've never had a chicken thigh that big! As @ArtFossil said, just do the measurements by your own palm. Normally when we hear about people eating one or two thighs and counsel them to eat more, it's because their thighs came from a normal bird, not the pterodactyl that you got your hands on!
  17. This isn't necessarily true @Ginsky. You don't need to start a new thread to announce your date. It would be a bit silly to have 30 one-post threads all from different people saying "starting June 1!". @cristinamt is right, we encourage people to group up. If you want your own thread where only you post, you would do that in the "Your Whole30 Log" section. All other parts of the forum are open season!!
  18. This is the same link that is posted directly above your post and discussed by a moderator. Edited to add: Here is the link to the standard rules surrounding kombucha and labelling.
  19. This thread is almost 2 years old and Tom is no longer moderating on the forum so I doubt he'll see this message. He did give advice about adding vinegar, what other advice are you looking for? Google is usually a pretty good resource for finding recipes/instructions on how to make things that might be unfamiliar to you.
  20. It's pretty hard to give feedback when we don't know anything about what you ate, how you exercised, what your sleep was like, how you composed and timed your meals, what (if any) underlying health conditions you have, how much water you're drinking etc. All you've really told us is how the scale has been changing. Are you in menopause? How are your periods? How bezerk did you go on off-plan foods during your stressful time? Are you feeding yourself pre and post workout meals? What are you doing as workouts and how often?
  21. This has been asked and answered by our headmistress herself. I'm on my phone so I can't find it.....but the answer was to cook your shredded sweet potato in a frying pan and skip the waffle-texture/shape for 30 days. I'll try and find the official ruling tmw.
  22. It's alright. Most everything you can think has been discussed at least once. The search function here doesn't work great but Google is excellent and you'll almost always get forum results first.
  23. This has been discussed endlessly here on the forum. Before posting new questions, have a quick google search of "Whole30 + your question". I just googled "Whole30 starbucks and got at least half a dozen forum hits that should have decent information in them. I have merged your topic with one of those in order to keep the forum clear. Also note, @cristinamt - you always, always want to check the ingredients of the item that you are looking to consume. Even if it says it's fine here and even if Melissa Hartwig herself says something at Starbucks is compliant, that information ages and might not be true anymore or even might not be true in your area.