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  1. You can have roasted nuts. You just have to make sure that they weren't roasted in a non-compliant oil, which is entirely possible.
  2. Traditionally, there aren't any other ingredients in bonito. It's smoked tuna that's been dried and shaved.
  3. It's the same thing. Cumin, comino, same spice, different language. If you've ever watched Guy's Big Bite on the Food Network, he uses the names interchangeably in the same episode. I guess I just don't understand what's so confusing/complicated about it.
  4. Get a big head of romaine lettuce and put your taco stuff in the leaves. Taco night, done.
  5. There have been chefs and bakers who've done the "taste and spit" method for their work. Just tell the chef why beforehand.
  6. Don't think of it as breakfast and think of it as meal 1. Whatever you'd eat for lunch (meal 2) or dinner (meal 3) - have it for meal 1. I don't like eggs nearly enough to eat them 30 mornings in a row, so there were days/weeks when I would have blended soup, chicken breast, and coffee with coconut milk first thing in the morning. Or steak and green beans. Food doesn't care what time it gets eaten, so we shouldn't be so worried about what is or isn't "breakfast food".
  7. This isn't a weight loss diet, first of all. Whole30 does not advise counting calories, so I don't know where you got that. Are you exercising? Getting enough water? I know you said that your clothes still fit the same but is your sleep better or you have more energy?
  8. Califia Farms makes about a dozen different flavors of creamers. The two unsweetened varieties are compliant, but the rest are sweetened. Neither poster mentioning ingredients specified which flavor of creamer they bought.
  9. Unless you are living with liver and/or kidney failure, your body already has a functioning system to remove toxins from your body. Trying to mix and match Whole30 with some other product/cleanse/fasting situation isn't really in the spirit of the program. So, while those ingredients are technically compliant, you need to let your body heal on its own without giving it something else to deal with.
  10. The little leafy bit makes them really look like garden peas, which are out. For really clear pictures on the differences, I found this article
  11. ^^This exactly. My friend's daughter is ridiculously allergic to all legumes and nuts. When we were first figuring out reading labels for her, we quickly discovered that "may contain" means there's probably a bit of that ingredient in there and to avoid it. "Processed on the same equipment as soy/nuts/etc" is touchier and we tend to avoid those too. "Processed in the same facility as" gives a bit more leeway and she tends to be okay with those products.
  12. May contain something non-compliant? Why risk it? Just get a different product.
  13. Working out/running always sucks early on in the Whole30. Just keep with the pre and post workout foods, and tough it out. Maybe shorten the runs a bit so you're not making yourself feel like you need to just lay on the floor afterward. Once your body's figured out where its fuel is coming from, your runs will pick back up.
  14. Yes, you can have raw cashews. But you'll be better off in the long run if you plan to bring a little cooler bag with actual food: protein, veg, and fat, if you know you'll be out and about all day. Nuts and seeds aren't the greatest and are really easy for people to overeat.
  15. We also can't forget that "monk fruit extract" is a highly processed product. It's not a juice. It's a product. Sweeteners are non-compliant on Whole30. Fruit juice is a grey area, but if someone came here saying they juiced apples and then boiled the juice down to make a syrup for their coffee, all the mods here would say that, while technically the ingredient is compliant, it's compliant on a technicality. Leave out the sweeteners. It's only 30 days.