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  1. If you're having properly constructed template meals, you shouldn't need to eat something before bed.
  2. It's Trader Joe's...they don't have a butcher or fish department. Everything's prepackaged except certain produce like bananas and potatoes.
  3. You don't need to eat meat for breakfast if you're happy having eggs. I do a lot of green beans or asparagus for breakfast, quickly sauteed (more like slightly blistered) in a screaming hot pan. I don't know why, but I tend to like my veggies in the morning to be either soup (Mel Joulwan's cauliflower soup is probably my favorite soup in the entire world with her zucchini soup not far behind) or finger-foods. I typically put the soup in a big coffee mug and drink it.
  4. Can you stop at a store somewhere and get some eggs? All of the convenience stores and supermarkets that I go to carry hard boiled eggs. Or you can get regular eggs and scramble them in the microwave (this is assuming you have access to a fridge and a microwave). A can or two of chicken or tuna could also work...might not be the tastiest meal, but it'll keep you full.
  5. You could have picked up a bug or there could have been something non-compliant...the only way you'll know about the chicken is to call the restaurant and ask. I found that when I eat something that I'm intolerant to (legumes are on my no-no list since I did reintroductions), the reaction happens a lot faster than the next morning, though.
  6. You don't have to worry about your toothpaste. That, and whether or not you need to be worried about your mouthwash, exfoliating sugar scrub, face wash, etc, have all been discussed in previous posts here.
  7. Go to another doctor. Wanting to vomit after a bite or two of food (when you haven't been eating much to begin with) isn't normal.
  8. If you have trouble with MSG, yeast extract contains naturally occurring MSG (so it's technically allowed). But if it was a toss up between drinking some bone broth and drinking some of those cubes in water, I'd go with the bone broth since it'll have collagen and minerals that will actually provide a positive benefit. Those cubes just taste like broth, mostly thanks to the MSG.
  9. Is it possible that you're oversalting your food? Lots of people undersalt moving from processed foods to cooking fresh ingredients for Whole30 so maybe you're going overboard when we tell people to liberally salt their food?
  10. Also, part of the reason an emulsification in mayo works is because of the egg yolk. If you're using cartoned whites, it's not going to behave the same way. If you're that worried, just make eggless mayo.
  11. You can also take the weekly cookup concept and just use your own recipes with foods/spices you can have. It doesn't have to be complicated. Trays of roasted or grilled meats and vegetables (grilled requires more active involvement), prep up sauces or make sure that your fridge is packed with olives and other good fats. Simple. Mix and match when it's time for a meal.
  12. Organic bouillon...are you talking about the cubes of bouillon? I'd be surprised if there was a compliant one out there, organic or not.
  13. Why do you feel guilty? All the food was compliant, and it wasn't even that "barely compliant" food like Larabars or dates rolled in coconut. You live and you learn; tonight you won't make your serving of dinner as large, that's all
  14. Electrolyte water is the same thing as unflavored Propel (which may be easier to find and cheaper than anything at WholeFoods). It's probably an even better bet for electrolytes than coconut water which, let's be real, is juice. I can only drink that stuff cold because to me it tastes like I'm drinking sweat. Considering you want the electrolyte water to replace the salts you've lost through sweating, it makes perfect sense, but it either has to be super cold or cut with something, for me. Even as important as it is...just can't do it straight if it's tepid.
  15. It's just that brand you're using. Switch brands. I'm sure they're adding it as an anti-caking agent, but there are plenty of spices and spice blends that are literally just the spice.