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  1. Good point re: the combo of outdoors + fun focus! As we focus on a new topic each month, our goal is also to continue to incorporate all the other areas we've explored thus far. And guess what?? This is the HALFWAY point in 2017!!! We've covered nutrition, personal growth, sleep, stress management, healthy movement, and the great outdoors. That's quite the list! How would you rate yourself re: how well you have all those 6 areas handled? Are you kicking butt with your nutrition, but could use a little touch up on your sleep habits? Are work and family life going well and stress-free, but you've noticed you're just not getting exercise like you "know you should"? Use this halfway point check-in as an opportunity to recalibrate yourself, to make sure your daily habits are aligned with your long term goals.
  2. What kind of workouts do you do? It might be your food, it might be your amount of starchy veggies, or it could just be you were expecting too much from the timeline and just need to reframe your mindset about it.
  3. Weird that they could fit caramel flavoring under the natural flavors umbrella. Science!
  4. Some discussion here:
  5. Heh well, the theme stuff is fun, but it's also to give other people examples to draw from. "All roads lead to Rome" y'know
  6. Crock pot is my best friend -- prep/cook once and get multiple meals. Other batch-style stuff I do is grill or bake multiple chicken thighs at once. Also make lots of hard-boiled eggs at a time so I have them on hand throughout the week. I batch prep stuff for cooking later too, so kind of a hybrid batch/immediate cook ... so like I'll dice a bunch of zucchini and then cook portions of it as needed. Also I'm a huge fan of frozen broccoli and cauliflower. They can be steamed as-is if you're pressed for time, or roasted if you have a little longer time and want more flavor.
  7. Had a cool "natural environment" experience last night --- went to a friend's house who has a projector and a nice blank wall, and a group of us watched a movie outside! Good advance training for August's focus on Socialization & Connecting with Others too
  8. Other W30 peeps using a pressure cooker with success:
  9. Why?
  10. Ya @ArtFossil nailed the explanation of the staggered reintro, but re: your 2nd point, some further Whole30 vs. paleo distinctions would be stuff like the recommended meal template (composition and sizing), the timing for M1, snacking recommendations, use of convenience foods like RX/Lara bars, pre- and post-workout food recs, potential inclusion of raw/grassfed dairy items, hydration guidelines, etc.
  11. In the book, or on the internet in general? Short answer is that most flours/thickeners are not interchangeable due to different physical properties such as solubility and moisture absorption, but most nut butter should be okay to swap. However, what are these recipes? Technically-compliant flours are only allowed to be used in very specific contexts:
  12. Brilliant!
  13. go for a WALK not a work ... guess I need to get outside more ;-)
  15. It won't affect it at all. Carry on tomorrow following the recommended template.