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  2. Sugar in its various forms is probably the least problematic thing you can reintro, since it mainly has a negative psychological component for people, as opposed to physiological like the other things we eliminate for the 30 days. Especially if you're planning to use it in sauces or marinades. It's when you start adding it your coconut milk ice cream & cacao nibs that it might be something to keep an eye on.
  3. Some threads:"lyme+disease"
  4. As a beverage it's discouraged, but as an ingredient in a sauce or marinade then have at it!
  5. Me: Ok not really (that's Monstro from Pinocchio BTW ) but here I filmed this just now ... it's fairly typical:
  6. Trash that stuff; it isn't doing you any favors lurking in a closet.
  7. For tried-and-true bodybuilding diet advice that also aligns with Whole30, look in to Vince Gironda's steak & eggs diet.
  8. I would. Think of it as a learning opportunity.
  9. What lifting protocol are you following? Does it utilize linear progression or periodization? Either way, it may be time to deload. With your weight training and cardio, you can definitely eat at the larger end of the meal template. Even though you are small in stature, your palm size is still *your* palm size, so the rec stands. As far as not letting larger amounts of protein and fat push veggies off your plate, well, don't let it. I mean, sounds simplistic, but with your weight training experience you know that sometimes you just have to get it done.
  10. I add salt to my water and it is so yummy. Although when I'm doing outdoor activities with friends and share my water bottle, they think I'm weird.
  11. That's the thing about a 100%-compliant Whole30 --- you never really know until you know.
  12. Without seeing what your food budget was before, it's hard to say for sure, but just skimming your sample food list, it looks like you could swap in other things for the grassfed steak, Tessamae's, and RX bars to save some cash.
  13. It's not the difference, but the total amount of carbs. Eating under 50g per day does it for most people, but some people can kick over with up to 100g. And as a reference point, this is the amount in a full pound of sweet potatoes. So it looks like you are one of the people who enter ketosis at higher levels of carbs. (which would get you labelled as a lucky duck by many keto fans ) Keto breath can come and go. Some people never get it. But some tips I found from another site: Drink lots of water because water helps flush the excess acetoacetate through urine rather than through breath. Alternative: drink peppermint tea, which both hydrates but also has a minty flavor that can help mask. Eating lots of green vegetables (large quantities, according to Peter Attia "a bowl the size of my head") helps bring acid/alkaline levels in order. (It's unclear to me still if or how this relates to acetoacetate production but this is one of the few across-the-board suggestions that I've found). Your meals look awesome, I wouldn't change a thing.
  14. What does the ingredient list include?
  15. Lifting weights and doing cardio while undereating can indeed accelerate fat loss, but you can end up miserable in the process. As the Confucius saying goes, "Man who chases two rabbits catches neither" --- if you want good performance in the gym you need to eat to support it.