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  1. Heh. "...most times you don't feel like the world is ending during it..." Now that is a ringing endorsement of a run if I ever heard one! I'm still recovering from Sunday's run. I may also have caught a bug that's going around our office -- stomach stuff plus light congestion, sniffles, and overall body tiredness. Not that I can separate the body tiredness from being tired from the run, but the other stuff shouldn't still be run-related. Could be the combination of the opportunistic viral critters and my body being worn down from the run and from a few weeks of off-target eating and too many house guests. Whatever the reason, I'm a bit under the weather. And having joined a StepBet, I can't completely take the day off, though I did sleep in and skip my workout this morning. That's going to lead to a lot of ten minute walks around the building and stuff like that today to try to catch up. Probably not a bad thing; though my hip isn't sore like it was, the muscle aches from the run have caught up with me nicely. I never mentioned the rest of Sunday when I posted before. Man oh man, it was an eat-all-the-things day. I came home craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and just couldn't shake it. The post-run food was plentiful, and I had scrambled eggs, sausage, grilled peppers and onions, and an apple. Maybe not the best choices, but the best of the ones that were there. I completely forgot to think about bringing snacks along, which I could have by using the drop bag system they had in place. I'll remember it next time. Once I got home, I had pork roast and, trying to emulate peanut butter and jelly, I had almonds and raisins. It got me partway there. Later on I had dried mango and more protein. Oh, and there was a baked potato in there somewhere. I was much hungrier than after my usual Sunday runs, though, which I had not expected. I kept showing up in the kitchen, led by my stomach, looking for more to eat. Not out of boredom, but genuine need for food. And lots of liquid. What finally settled me down, interestingly, was about six ounces of orange juice and a liter of lime seltzer. DH had a similar experience -- he was drinking orange and apple juice for a while, and ate an orange at a time when he never eats them. I realized afterward that we must have both really depleted our glycogen stores more than we have in the past, and our bodies were letting us know about it. Something to think about for longer runs. Speaking of which, I am stilling thinking about the half marathon course. My first thought was to go out and walk the whole thing this weekend, but 13 miles, even at a walk, is probably too big a jump from 7.25. I think instead I'll try for about 8 miles of it this weekend, and then work my way up from there to do the whole thing. If I'm going to do 8 miles on Sunday, though, I need to do at least that much and preferably more during the week. That's going to be hard if I want to run it, but doable if I do a couple of runs and add in walks in the evenings. ThyPeace, I've decided all this is because I like going out on walks and runs, not for the exercise and certainly not for the races. And that reminds me, time for a walk around the building.
  2. I'm voting for the working-harder-means-more-recovering line of reasoning, as it just makes sense to me. And if that's what's going on, then I would think hard about how you're recovering. USA Swimming has a couple of articles about swimmer recovery, the best of which appears to be this one: Art of Recovery.pdf It is broken into sections -- cool down, refueling, stretching, massage, and sleep. I think looking at two time periods would be helpful. First, the time immediately after the workout, when cool down, refueling, ice, and stretching are useful. And the a longer-term consideration of the next 24 hours, when more refueling, stretching, massage, and sleep come into play. Maybe pick two things to change in each of those time periods and see what helps the most. For refueling in particular, I would also say yes, you should eat both protein and carbs. As a swimmer, you are likely to need more carbs than non-swimmers would think. Swimming is intense and for a masters workout refueling may need to start even before you get out of the pool. I've seen plenty of swim team kids with chocolate milk at the end of the lane and in the showers, and though it's not Whole30 compliant, it is probably good fuel for them and for many swimmers. Can't do that during a Whole30, of course. But try some of the things that runners try -- dates stuffed with almond butter, boiled eggs, and lots of water for during exercise. Right after, try potato salad (made with mustard) with extra mashed egg whites or tomato meat sauce with butternut squash, etc. And lots more water. So, how's the ice-stretching-massage-sleep part of it for you? ThyPeace, limping her way through the day after a 10k. Refueled okay, should have done ice on the hip and more stretching. You live, you learn...
  3. Thanks, MadscienceM. I don't think I kicked Butt, but I accomplished some things. First, I finished!! And second, I RAN THE WHOLE WAY! I'm very happy with both. There was a woman just a little ahead of me who kept a steady pace that I thought I could keep. I could have passed her toward the beginning, but decided not to. That was a good choice, because she kept that very steady pace long after I wanted to do something -- anything! -- else. But she just kept going at her steady pace, and I did my best to keep up with her. That worked until about mile 4, when my stomach started bothering me and she just kept running. So did I, just slower. And somewhere around the 5th mile or a bit later, she really picked up the pace and ended up quite a long way ahead of me. That's okay. I. Just. Kept. Running. In the end, it took me 1:07, so a pace of ... 10:47. Huh. I hadn't calculated it until just now. That's pretty good. (For me.) No wonder they call it a PR course. And it was really a nice course. Flat or downhill most of the way, and because it's on a major road, it was beautifully lacking in side tilts and other things that hurt my various body parts. By the end, though, my right hip was really aching. And did I mention my stomach? Sigh. My first stop was the port-a-potties. Next time a race starts at that particular time, maybe I need to remember to have coffee 90 minutes before that. That usually moves things along relatively well for me. Heck, before a race I could even try some regular coffee, rather than the decaf I usually drink. (My family is hypersensitive to caffeine. We usually don't drink regular coffee. I learned the hard way in grad school when I was awake for three days after finals ended...) Anyway, the race had good and bad points, and there are several things I want to work on to improve. Mostly, I want to keep getting healthier at running. By which I mean that I want to improve my form so that I can go longer before it starts to hurt. DH also ended up running the race even with his sore foot. He was debating even yesterday about whether he was going to run. And this morning he was debating about whether he was going to stick with me and go slow, or strike out on his own. I knew what would happen once he started running, though, and sure enough, he struck out ahead of me and just kept going. Several months ago when we signed up for this race, his goal was to run it in an hour. Today, once he left me, he passed the 1:05 pacer fairly quickly and soon started looking for the 1:00 pacer. (I passed the 1:10 pacer and no one else, of course.) He ended up finishing in 1:00:04. And he also finished in a good bit of pain from his heel and Achilles tendon. We got some ice from the med tent and he iced it on the train ride back to the start and also in the car on the way home. And then he dumped his foot in a bucket of ice before taking a shower. There was more ice, Aleve, and a bike ride to try to ease the pain, as well. He found out last weekend that the bike ride helped a lot. I don't know if it'll help the same day as a race; we'll find that out tomorrow, I suppose. I hope he's not in too much pain. Next weekend I'll have a regular jog in the part, and then the following weekend there is an 8K race less than a mile from my house. I'll probably do that one just for the fun of it, even though it's not really long enough for my Sunday runs. And...the lady I followed for so long today was wearing a shirt that said something like "If it doesn't hurt, you're not doing it right." There was a 13.1 on the tail. ThyPeace, it makes me think about half marathons. I think I could do one. And the one that people have recommended to me ends about a mile from my house. I have run parts of the course already in my usual weekly runs. Hmmmm.
  4. No need to give fruit up completely; I love fruit too! It took me a long time and several Whole30s before I started to be able to identify when I had had too much fruit. Watermelon, in particular, leaves me with a sugar hangover if I have too much. If that's the worst of my overindulgences, though, life is much better than it was! So I'd suggest just doing a trade -- reduce the fruit you have and add some veggies instead, and see if it makes a difference. Sleep, oh sleep. If you want your body to function, it must have sleep! Or at least, that's how it works with my body. Do you sleep more than two hours longer on weekends? If so, I suggest trying for 20 minutes earlier during the week, for a whole week. See what you do on that weekend, and then adjust again. I still sleep a lot on weekends, but have found that if I can get 7.5 hours of sleep each weeknight, I sleep long the first night of the weekend, but wake up earlier on Sunday. I take that as my measure of sleep success. It definitely doesn't always work yet. This week, for example, I've been way under on sleep and have to be up early both days of the weekend. Naps, here I come! Especially after the 10k on Sunday. ThyPeace, never experienced the lead legs because she wasn't working out intensely when she started Whole30 stuff.
  5. Hi PARyan -- Thanks for posting this! I think it's an interesting question. I was never a fully competitive swimmer either, unless you want to count 8th grade swim team. I was a synchronized swimmer in college, and a life guard and swimming instructor. On top of all that, I'm far from a Whole30 expert. Nonetheless, here are a couple of thoughts: - 3000 meters is a good solid workout; far more intense than most people who are non-swimmers would realize. I think you may not be getting enough food, based on what you said. Glad you added potato/starch, and I think you should also add more protein. You might want to add some vegetables to your breakfast, rather than fruit. Some people find that the fruit isn't so helpful, and the hardcore Whole30ers will tell you that it encourages your body to make the wrong kind of glycogen (which is stored in your liver rather than in your muscles). - How's the sleep? If you're under 7.5 hours a night, try dialing it up to at least that and preferably more. - Make sure you are salting your food and eating lots of veggies to get your potassium. And hydrate. You sweat a ton when you swim, even if you don't notice it. And at least for me, my body seems to process tons of pee while I'm swimming! (TMI, I know...) - Since you're doing masters swimming, does the program also include weights or strength training? If so, make sure you factor that into your plans. Good luck with the swims! I miss that form of exercise quite often, but it doesn't work into my schedule these days. ThyPeace, recovering from Easter overindulgence.
  6. My, it's a better point in my life than that last post was. I have a staff of about 60 people (and a larger organizational oversight role for about 500 people). Of them, there is one group that reports directly to me rather than through an intermediate supervisor. Those folks started to quietly tell me to go get some sleep and a beer about two weeks ago, so I know the stress was showing to them, too. After all the crazy stuff was done and decided and the associated work complete, I took last Friday and this Monday off from work and now feel much better. Not that the time off was exactly restful with guests starting to arrive on Tuesday and the last of them staying through today. We had 14 people at the house at peak, but most of the time there were just six of us. My parents and sister (the extra three) are generally very helpful, so a lot of cleaning and outdoor work got done. And oh, the cooking! Still, Sunday afternoon after the rest of the guests left, I took a bag of chocolate and Jelly Bellies, lay down on the couch and ate them, and then fell asleep for a 2+ hour nap. Everyone else in the house did approximately the same thing, though DD watched TV instead of sleeping. She had just returned from spending the week in Chicago with my ex, where they did various fun things including seeing Hamilton. She slept for almost 12 hours that night instead of napping during the day. So.... lots of stress, lots of really bad food choices, and lots of unwinding and recovering. By Monday morning, I felt utterly horrible, of course. I'd gained more than five pounds since the previous Tuesday and running felt like I might fall over dead. I ran anyway, but less than usual -- 2.9 miles instead of 3.5. And I ran again on Tuesday... sort of. I walked, jogged, walked again, jogged a little more, thought about throwing up, walked some more, etc. Made it 2 miles. Golly. This morning, I gave in and just walked, and tried to be brisk and have good form while I was doing it. I've lost the five pounds I gained, and that five pounds motivated me to refocus and get back to my goal weight, which is another five pounds away. I'm actually aiming for under that, as I really want my goal to be my max weight, not the "I can almost get there" weight it had been. Monday was also the start of a new Whole30 for me. I'm not eating perfect template meals yet; the mantra that's running through my head is "get clean, then get hardcore." This week is about eating clean. Next week I'll go for perfect. So, back to running. Oh! I missed a few. Last week, I took Friday off to do shopping for the weekend and spend time with family. So the first thing I did Friday morning was get up and go running. Since it was before the feasting, it felt fine. DH and I had wanted to go on Thursday, but it didn't work out. And because of the festivities on Easter, I knew I wasn't going to have time to run then, so I ran on Saturday instead. The 7.25 miles was a really nice break, and the weather was lovely. I really enjoyed the time outside. DH is still working through his heel troubles, so didn't come along. Instead, about an hour into it, he caught up with me on a bike and stayed with me for the next couple of miles. It was a nice way to spend some time together. As usual, I ran a lot more than I do when he's not with me. The timing of that is much better when it's the end of a run instead of the beginning, though! I never did look at my time for any of the runs, but that felt like it was a relatively good (for me) time. One of the other things that I decided to do is to re-join StepBet. I have relatively easy step goals -- just over 10k for a regular day, just over 12k for a stretch day -- so all it will really do is encourage me to take a few extra evening strolls on weight training days. I think that's a good thing, though. And one last note in this very long update. On Sunday morning, I will be running a 10k. This one, to be specific: I'll be the one slogging along in the back trying to stay ahead of the 14 minute mile pace that kicks you off the streets. ThyPeace, looking forward to it, actually.
  7. Summary of the week: I ran, I skipped a run, I ran. And it was good. And actually, yesterday I walked a lot to keep DH from running too much. He was grumpy about that. But he isn't in pain today. I consider that a success. My Achilles tendons have started -- or really increased the frequency -- of a fascinating popping sensation, like something is rubbing against something else. I'm sure this is not a good sign. However, they don't hurt or even ache. It just feels odd. I think I need a different shoe-insert combination. Or maybe just legs that are better designed for running, but that remodel is going to take a little longer. Alternatively, at some point I'm going to find a doc who will refer me to a physical therapist to help me with my weird little aches and pains. I'm sure they're all fixable. I just need some expertise to assist me with it. ThyPeace, working on some very high stress projects at work. Where I could also use some expertise to fix it. Sadly, none is forthcoming.
  8. I wouldn't go all cardio for a month because you'll potentially lose muscle that you would rather hold onto. Instead, I suggest backing off on strength workouts -- focus on perceived exertion rather than the reps and weight moved. The same is probably true of your cardio exercise, actually. It's likely that your perceived exertion will really vary for a while, in comparison to what you think you should be able to do. Just go with perceived exertion and you'll be fine. Also, get lots of sleep. And lots of water. ThyPeace, really, like go to bed an hour early.
  9. So I'm not much of a runner -- 9 miles sounds like a really long way to me. (I can do 7 alternating walking and running.) However, a pounding headache and upset stomach after a run sounds like something that could be caused by dehydration, excess sun, or electrolyte imbalance. All of which could be tied to a change in how you're eating, yes. All of them can also be fairly serious if pushed too far, too. So definitely ease off and see how things go. The goal is to keep running, after all, rather than falling over. ThyPeace, which is why I walked with my healing-from-injury husband rather than let him run too much as he would have if I'd let him go on his own.
  10. In addition to the excellent suggestions above about fat, think about your protein and carb sources. Think of it this way: You need to replace all, or at least most, of the nutrients you were getting with the highly concentrated sources of calories you had with the shakes, yogurt, and peanut butter. So how about a baked sweet potato or two with some ghee on it? Or a beef stew with carrots, onions, taters of various kinds, parsnips, etc.? Add avocado and olives to every salad, double the chicken too. Etc. So yeah, more food, definitely. Get used to chewing a lot! ThyPeace, remembers the days of college -- swimming three hours a day and growing two inches at the same time -- and the eat-all-the-food part. Never going to see that again, but it was fun while it lasted.
  11. Hi @crossiter -- I'm just trying to make it above about 100 grams of protein a day. I tend to slide below that pretty often. I had never really eaten pre- or post- WO meals, so was trying to do that. I used up my protein powder and bars that way, but, meh. I dunno. I end up wandering around looking for food. Probably the fructose and other sweeteners in those things are what does it. Of course, this morning there was sliced chicken in the fridge when I got back from my run. Did I grab some? Nope. Forgot completely, even though I thought about it when I walked in the house. ThyPeace, a person of significant adherence to routines. This can be both good and bad.
  12. Just back from this week's long run. I'm sitting with my feet and lower legs in a bucket of ice water. I am not yet convinced of the benefits, but hey, it's a good reason to sit still for a few minutes. The end of this week was similar to last -- too much stress and not enough free time in the evenings. So no 4 mile run, but I ran both Thursday and Friday mornings. Maybe a total of 5 or 6 miles between the two mornings; I didn't really keep track. I worked until after 8pm on Thursday and Friday evenings, so by Saturday I was wiped out. DH and I slept for 12.5 hours. It was much needed, but sleeping that long after our usual wakeup time kind of messed with bedtime last night. Hopefully we can get things closer to on track tonight. I went about 7.5 miles in 1:41 today. It felt really slow. Actually, the running felt fine, but I walked a lot more than I did last week. I definitely run more when DH is along. He didn't run today because of the ongoing sore feet, though he says they are getting better. He's still hoping to run the 10k with me on April 23. I have a feeling he'll re-injure himself then, but hopefully with a lot of the self-care he's doing now, it won't be as bad. My toes are now completely numb and I've finished my post-run snack (ham and frozen grapes; not exactly what's recommended, but it's what was available), so it's time to take a shower. ThyPeace, planning to spend the rest of the day alternating between cooking, cleaning, work, and homework.
  13. Interesting. I just recenly used up some egg white powder (along with a non-compliant protein powder). I'm not doing a Whole30 at the moment, so was testing stuff like this to see if it helped me get the right amount of protein. So far, I am not seeing any benefit to using it. Now that I've used it up, and tried out various protein bars as well, Whole30 foods seem to work better for me. ThyPeace, still looking for ways to get enough protein, though.
  14. So let's see. Last update was more than a week ago, hmm. I guess I've been a little busy. So last week. Ran on Tuesday morning, the day after my last post. I did a shorter run than usual -- maybe 2.5 miles instead of 3 -- because of time constraints. The less intimidating run (fewer hills) meant that I ran the whole thing. It's bee a while since I ran continuously for that long. And it was nice because this is a route I used a year ago. I really struggled with it then. Now it feels like an easy day. And I had to laugh. There are two women who I used to see all the time when I ran that route. I used to be walking half the time, gasping for breath and really miserable. This time I met them coming back and passed them. I mean, wow. I run faster than those two? That blew me away. (They can probably keep it up forever, though.) The end of last week didn't work out so well for running. A combination of timing issues and DH's sore feet saw me getting in two and a half walks instead of a long walk and a 4 mile run. There was a little jogging in some of the walks, but not much. So by the time the weekend rolled around, you would have thought I would be raring to go. Instead, on Saturday afternoon I rolled myself up in a blanket and took a two hour nap. I was wiped out -- stress from a long and very difficult work week, combined with staying up late to wait for my stepson, who came for the weekend. Did I mention that it was DH's birthday on Sunday? It was. He had hoped to run a 5k for his birthday, but the sore feet prevented it. Instead, Sunday we went out for my slow 7.25 mile run-walk. DH only did 6 of it. He was surprised at how much of it I actually ran, and I was surprised at how slowly he wanted to walk the walking parts. Turns out he was trying really hard to minimize impact on his heel, so was kind of walking on the ball of his foot. That requires a shorter stride and so a slower walk. I finished my distance in 1:33, about three minutes slower than usual. As usual, I came home feeling as though I could run more, or do the whole thing again, except for a niggling feeling in one knee. It felt like I needed to pop it, or something -- like it was off track. The next day, not only was that knee sore, but there was a spot on the outside of my thigh that felt as though it was bruised. And the other ankle felt almost like I'd bruised it where the shoe was tied. Maybe I tied it too tightly, not sure. Plenty of aches, that's for sure! So since I was aching and my stepson was asleep in the basement, I went for a walk with a little jogging on Monday. It felt good to do something light that still got blood flowing to the running muscles. Tuesday, yesterday, I did my regular run, albeit slightly shorter than usual -- 2.8 miles instead of 3. I walked the slanted part of the sidewalk at the beginning, as I have started to do on each run. I think that helped avoid some of the aching. Today, though, my Achilles tendons ache. They hurt when I stretch them, which means I need to either stretch more or not at all. I'm just not sure which one yet. All in all, nice solid times outside. I am really enjoying the slightly warmer weather. Yesterday I wore shorts and two layers on top. Took the top layer off halfway through the run and didn't miss it. Suddenly there are many more runners out than there were in January. ThyPeace, wishing for younger tendons, joints, ligaments, and cartilage.
  15. Friday I took the day off. There was a meeting at school for DD -- she has had a drop in grades in the last month or so -- and I wanted to make sure that I had as much time as was necessary for the meeting. And I have some school work of my own to do. And I had to deal with a work issue that needed a couple of hours of work and a lot of thinking. I was feeling more than a bit stressed after all that. It was a nice day, though. Upper 50s, no great wind, some sun. And I had the day off. So when DH came home to go to his physical therapy appointment, I put my workout clothes on and headed out the door. I made it 3.75 miles before DH finished his PT and came to meet me. And then, because I was still feeling good, we went home and I took a shower, and then we walked downtown to get supper. We actually went first to the running store to get a little green nubbly ball for DH to use on his poor aching heel. And then we found some supper. Which took far longer than it should have, because I really did want fish and chips and DH really wanted to just go eat at Cava like we always do. It took a lot of negotiation and extra walking to end up where we did. It was upwards of 7 miles between the formal workout and the dinner walking and the fish was excellent. ;-) DH was walking slowly because of his heel pain, and was surprised the next day when the combination of that and the little nubbly ball seemed to have really helped. I hope it does -- he's really been suffering from that. He even skipped his regular workouts some of last week, in addition to not running. And on Sunday, he slept for two extra hours in the morning. I really should have grabbed something other than my iPod before I cuddled up with him, because I was awake the whole time. That's okay, though. I knew that he would wake up if I got up, and he seemed really tired. I'm hoping that was part of the healing process. Anyway, we did eventually get ourselves up and out. Since it had been snowing and cold in the morning, it's just as well that we went out at noon. We did the same run I'd done on Friday and then continued for another mile or so to a little shopping center that has a salad place we like. (Chop't, for those in the area.) DH had suggested that we do that, and then backed away, but hey, we did it anyway. And I learned that it is not possible to run comfortably with a large salad in my stomach. Obviously I suspected that would be the case. Because of DH's heel problems, I wanted there to be a lot of walking on the trip anyway. So we walked almost the whole way back. Even so, by the time we returned, DH was having a good bit of heel pain again. He iced his feet as soon as he finished showering, and then worked them with the nubbly ball. Later in the day he tried out an ice bath for his feet -- up to about the middle of his shin. There was a good bit of howling and shrieking involved. I'd say it hurt a ton. Two hours later when we went to bed, his feet were still cold. However, this morning he said his feet hurt less than they had last week and he was able to do his regular workout this morning, so maybe it did some good. I just sent him a reminder to ice his feet again while he's sitting at his desk today. As for me, I feel fine. Nothing hurts. I'm not surprised, as Friday and yesterday were both much lighter workouts than I've done recently, and I missed last Tuesday because of the snow. I bet I'd run my best 10k ever if I ran it today. (Yes, I know. I've never run a 10k before. So it would be hard not to!) We may miss the 5k that DH wanted to run next weekend, and I'm fine with that. It's a really long way from the house and I'm pretty sure DD, who will be with us next weekend, will not want to ride along. ThyPeace, could really be happy with run-walks like these for years and years. They're just ... nice.